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Time Creation Cosmic Forces -30 April 2022


Welcome to the Universal Cosmos Teachings from Star Cosmos Scientists. Guatrama transmits through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to bring across a message about Star Forces and Time Expansion. Why is this information important for people to understand at this time? Because the earth itself is changing as cosmos planetary shifts are taking place right now. Right now, in the galaxies, planetary fields are shifting which are affecting the universe. Guatrama explains why life force energies are much larger on higher star dimensions as their star planets have no dense forces to draw life force energies down into the ground like planet earth does. As well, Guatrama explains that thought fields expand with creation. Guatrama here also explains the different time zones of other planets. Please watch this teaching as most will find it enormously fascinating and interesting to watch. This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to broadcast to all people, across the world, that a way out of dense duality conflict is possible, but only if the right amount of people awaken to the importance of these messages. Namaste, sending all who watch Universal Love Waves from Divine Love, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I am the Galactic Cosmos Transmitter for Divine Star Love Frequencies to help mankind move forward to becoming a peaceful race. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. All information is copyright protected to protect against any alterations of the Global Ascension Programme or the written transmissions or the meaning of the information. Thank you for wanting to be part of healing the earth by distributing the information. Please find Suzanna on her own Divine Love Ascension Facebook page at: Please find Suzanna's own website page at: Please find many other of Suzanna's transmissions on her own YouTube channel.