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Finding the True Path of Eternal Freedom


Welcome to the Teachings of THE SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL. HE has returned to us, like HE promised, 2,000 years ago through Jesus, who was then HIS Designated Channel. Now THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL has returned to us, through HIS Designated Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who has been asked by Divine to speak for HIM to allow all Divine Truth to become revealed. In this message, after Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces herself, THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL begins to speak through her. It is obvious to the listeners, those who are intuitive, that what Suzanna channels through with THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL is not her human wisdom but it is Divine Authority coming through like the people would have witnessed also, when they listened to Jesus channelling THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, 2,000 years ago. We can truly celebrate this Time of Universal Alignment when Divine Truth is truly coming through. We can celebrate this Time of Universal Alignment because we can investigate the Divine Truths of Jesus with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, and the Great Promises THE GREAT FATHER brought through about the Messianic Kingdom and how religion has twisted and omitted Divine Truth, all to gain their own power. Namaste, in the peace and love always, The Administration Team, for the GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL, CAEAYARON & The Blue Star Divine Love Element, who has always been the Chosen Messenger sent to the earth from Divine Love, The Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Please find many more Universal Love Teachings on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's facebook page: Copyright �2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Please feel free to share for spiritual healing and educational purposes.