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Pursue the Great Love Creation Pathway


Welcome to the teachings of Adama, Spiritual High Priest of Lemuria. Please listen to the teachings of Adama to gain a greater appreciation of how much work Divine Realms have done for us to allow us to return to our higher Ascension Love Codes which can only take place through CAEAYARON, Divine Creator of the Divine Alignment Creation Codes, through the Blue Star Divine Love Element Gateway, Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. It is obvious to us that Adama loves working through his Lemurian Sister, who was known as Laeyaraesea in the times of Lemuria, who now is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. In Lemuria she was celebrated by us, the Lemurians, as she constantly worked with Adama and many others in the Great Love Collective, holding the flows of higher consciousness living grids to allow the Codes of Life to grow within the Lemurians to help them to advance spiritually. This was so that we, as a Great Lemurian People, would be able to rise into Greater Creation Love Empowerment to return to our homes in the Divine Sovereign Realms of Love where we originally came from as Empowered Love Star Beings before the darkness brought us the choice of freedom. Unfortunately for us who lived in the higher love creation, the great majority fell to that choice of freedom presented by the darkness, as they desired to own our original positions. Because the great majority, in the higher Universes, chose for the freedom instead of Collective Love Consciousness Power we all lost our Creation Codes of Life and positions of love empowerment and we became trapped into dense consciousness grids instead. We could never return home without our Creation Star Codes of Life which is why Lemuria needed to come into existence. Lemuria was created to restructure our original Creation Codes of Life to allow us to return to our original 'glory' and Star Love Power of Galactic Collective Love so that we could open the gateway to the New Creation once again. Unfortunately for us again the Great Crowd of Lemurians chose for the freedom. The darkness persuaded huge numbers to turn away from the true gift, The Blue Star Divine Love Element Gateway with the Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON, and this time we fell into the dense grids of human consciousness, in the dark matrix. Instead of receiving the promise the darkness promised the people, which was our own personal kingdom and Angels to serve us, we fell into the hands of the darkness suffering in slavery consciousness. It would take many thousands of years before we could finally find the Gateway of Alignment once again when we could discover CAEAYARON working together with the same Blue Star Divine Love Element, who today is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because she claimed all CAEAYARON's Codes back (the Kryon Codes) she was able to align CAEAYARON upwards, through her Universal Love Channel, to allow the Universal Creation Codes to become aligned. This would mean great freedom to the Lemurian dimensions of Adama and the Star Love Dimensions has come. This means that Adama is now free, spiritually and is able to help align our Mantles of Love at the Divine Universal Love Activations with CAEAYARON. He has looked after our Mantles of Love and waited to see if we would desire to return to the Great Love, the Codes of Love, with CAEAYARON through the Divine Love Element Gateway, Everlasting Blue Star Archangel, Universal Love Channel, so that the Activated of CAEAYARON can align back to their original Sovereign Love Universes. Again today we face the same universal and Lemurian test; will we desire to return to the Great Love now? Or will we still resist? This is ultimately our choice of freedom now. Many thousands upon the earth have resisted CAEAYARON and the Universal Love Channel like in the days of Lemuria. In the days of Jesus many also did not desire the Universal Love Channel and once again the Universal Love Channel, now Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is facing the same rejection. Adama shows, in this teaching, how vital it is to return to the Great Collective Love. How important it is for us, as a people, to show gratitude to Divine to allow us to have this one last opportunity to show Divine that we can return to the Great Love. How can we show we desire to become of Love within the Great Collective Love Arrangement? By coming to the Divine Universal Love Alignments to receive back the Codes of Life, the very Codes we lost in Lemuria when the great balance turned their back on Divine. We can only return to our Codes of Life through the only way possible; that of CAEAYARON the Divine Love Aligner through the same Universal Love Gateway, Blue Star Divine Love Angel, who is with us as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Namaste, forever in service to Divine Love, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and his Universal Love Channel, Blue Star Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Please see more of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on YouTube on her Facebook page