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Step with Great Courage onto the Pathway of Life


Welcome to the Time of the Great Consciousness Shifts. After Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces her personal journey, The Divine Masters and the Universal Love Purpose, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who is the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, the same Divine Father Jesus brought through 2,000 years ago, comes through the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL to bring through HIS Divine Message and HIS Divine Purpose. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL brings through how HE desires the people to rise into the Eternal Love Freedom and how HE has sent HIS ONE Divine Love Messenger to us so that we can become guided to the ways of Divine Truth, Divine Love to gain our eternal freedom. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL speaks of the Great Treasures, the same Great Treasures Jesus spoke of 2,000 years ago, and this is why the UNIVERSAL LOVE ACTIVATIONS are necessary for us if we desire to rise into Divine Love and Divine Truth. HE explains how HE sent the Great Aligner, CAEAYARON, to our planet to work with the WORD, who in this lifetime is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to bring Alignments to the people with the Sacred Codes of Life which are the true treasures of heavenly gifts. They will lead us to eternal freedom. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL speaks of the Great Messenger and the Great Universal Forgiveness which has taken place, because of the ONE HE created to walk in between dimensions; that being the GALACTIC STAR UNIVERSAL LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL speaks of her crucifixion, 2,000 years ago, and how it was not Divine Universal Love Purpose to bring punishment to the ONE Messenger like many churches have claimed, since that time of 2,000 years ago. THE GREAT FATHER clarifies that no sacrifice was 'needed' to 'pay for the sins of mankind' and that the churches are NOT the way of love. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL speaks of the Awakening of The Word, the ONE Messenger of Divine Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and the difficult journey she has to bring the Divine Alignments to the people. Please awaken to all what the churches have done in the name of 'Christ' and begin to see that the churches have created war after war because of the power they held, all in the name of 'God'. Please ask yourself, as you awaken: * If the churches really bring the people to eternal love and freedom. If you are a true spiritual seeker then you will begin to see by going into their belief systems with a forgiving heart. * Then ask yourself how Jesus would return at this time and who it would be? * Ask yourself what Divine Mission Jesus would be on, once he was called by Divine Love. * How would the people react if the people discovered the lies the churches spread about the virgin birth, sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus, and that Jesus was a Divine Love Messenger, a man living with the people to help them, for the purpose: - To guide them back to Universal Love Freedom, - To help them understand the Divine Treasures and the eternal blessings of the treasures, - To help them understand True Divine Love, - To free them from slavery and judgment, - To help them to understand that only ONE WAY to eternal freedom exists, - To help them understand how 'humanly' Jesus was, - To help them understand that NO SACRIFICES were necessary for 'salvation', - To help them understand that he was The Messenger, The Voice for THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, and that ONLY he was created and sent forth to the people to allow them to hear Divine Truth Alignment. - To expose the darkness that existed within the spiritual foundations, - To help the people understand another pathway of consciousness other than pain and judgment, - To help the people gain strength and empowerment so they would have a voice to speak out and act on their own desires, - To work towards the Great Alignment, the Pathway of Life so that the people can truly return to the realms of life; the Great Sovereign Universes, where eternal freedom exists. - To help the people understand that THE GREAT FATHER would return to call the ONE in the future, once it was time for the Great Alignment to happen. He knew it was likely he would return as a woman, as it would be the New Creation Cycle that would return. He prayed the people would listen, once the darkness had infiltrated Divine Truth. It is time to awaken our dear friends. Namaste, may you find TRUE LOVE and DEDICATION in your heart, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who DESIRE the ETERNAL LOVE to come to the ones who DESIRE peace within themselves and PEACE for all of mankind. For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: