Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Namaste, heart

We are helping to bring love and peace to the world by bringing a community of love and helping to heal the world, and all it is connected to, of fear and anger, as was also the life mission of Jesus, who was the channel and Light Grid Programmer of the great Father of love in The higher dimensional Heavens; SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

We are not a cult or a religion, for religions twisted the words of Jesus to gain power for themselves while presenting themselves as the voice of The Great Lord Emmanuel, who is accessible within the heart, as well as through the beautiful person who was Jesus; the only channel, voice and The Way of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, though Jesus has been reborn into human form millions of times; always with the same purpose, including the life times of Moses and Gandhi and many other outspoken leaders of the heart.

CAEAYARON is activating people back into this love and light crystalline grids, as he is the highest Archangel in the love and the light and he created all consciousness and angels and light grids for beings to play in, and experience separate life through. He does this for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. He is also known as Kryon, though this was never his name, for his true name would only be blessed to the Divine Channel and Light Grid Programmer, who in this life is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. As with religions, many have sought to control and own him/her for their own power, outside of collective love consciousness.

CAEAYARON, and our Great Lord and Father, are bringing through the universal truth and the pineal gland activations to the people so they can start to rise in great love and evolve away from their lower self-anger, fear and pain, while having their karma, which locks them into the Thoth grid mirrors of ARCHANGEL METATRON, neutralized. I, and many others, are already activated and the changes in our lives are already huge, as can be seen in the comments on the facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and website testimonials section.

The love has only just started to rise on the planet and all have 14 more years to become activated into their great gifts and keys onto the narrow path before the Ascension Gates close. Those activated by 2020 will gain the codes to hold down the great beam of light coming to earth around 2020, and will have the opportunity of ascending into higher collective love consciousness universes than ever before, which all others will not be able to. To do this they demonstrate collective love consciousness on earth after activation, for all things are magnified upwards into higher dimensions, and all things are one.

This is 100% Divine truth, and the truth and science of where we came from, how we were created, where we are, and where we are going is all available on the channellings of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's youtube page and website.

The beautiful choice is now for all unactivated people reading this to make; will you reject this information and CAEAYARON, and therefore the great love, or have the courage to investigate further, feel into it, explore and may be even become activated into the love, knowledge and greater self that you are. Only the meek of the heart will harmonize with this Divine truth and have the strength to act upon it at this time, instead of going into the judgement of the lower self.

During the activations all receive a beautiful manual for their own growth, and to manifest that which they desire in their life. There is then no longer a need for the activated to do anything, but go and enjoy the rest of their beautiful lives with family and friends. It’s all about building self up to greater love, health, wealth and abundance. People fly in, become activated, and leave again, and that is it. No church or temple to visit, no requirement for donations, no need to ever come back again or do anything for the universe. Many love the experience and planet and universe so much that they come for greater gifts and energies time and time again, and follow the facebook and youtube pages of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel because they feel the love greatly and are so grateful at how their lives have become more beautiful and abundant, however. All reap what they sow and all dimensional selves are connected in more ways than we understand. All things we do here are magnified up greatly to our higher dimensional selves which we evolve into later

Much love

Stephen heart