Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

"Controlling the grids with thoughts and illusions" Crop Circle discovered at Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey, UK - 19 July 2016, Translated by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 13 July 2018.
Namaste and welcome to the Great Awakening Times, allowing us to examine all as all is becoming revealed to us to help us choose. This is because we are now living in the time of the greatest 'choice.' THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON has returned to us to allow us to have our Codes of Light, our Lemurian Sacred Light Codes back if we become activated with his Divine Being, which happens at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.
METATRON explains here more about the Universal Game, and how the Darkness played our planet and our people.
Please stay in forgiveness because at times this information coming through may be difficult for us to swallow. I know it is for me personally. I stand in the forgiveness, but also in the great joy that all this knowledge is coming through now, knowing that the collective love consciousness can rise into ever greater strength now upon our plane.
Please read this post carefully with much patience, as this is ancient knowledge, helping us to understand how we have been controlled by the darkness for so, so long, and then we need to be in the forgiveness.
Namaste, I send you much love, healing and strength to forgive all, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Designated Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON.<3<3

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I, METATRON will clearly state here, that I worked for the Great Resistance who became very dark within their hearts as they desired to overtake all Great Sovereignty within the universes. I, METATRON worked with them to bring them services of my great being, METATRON, as I am MAGNETIC POWER.
As the Great Darkness became darker, their exploration to understand density became greater. They desired to understand how to control the grids more, and the thoughts more, as all thoughts are contained within grid formations.
THOTH understood, once a grid becomes owned with the darkness, then more denseness can come within grid formations, which is what THOTH, great master of exploration of thought control consciousness, desired to have. He understood the power of the mind and the power of the thought, and he desired to create limited grids. However, to do that, he needed a greater power ‘inlet,’ which is why he needed the YAHWEH universes, as the YAHWEH universes had built up the power needed to control the many universes he desired to have.
The story of the universe is great and complex. The more darkness was placed within a grid form, as the grids of density became layered on top of each other, the more THOTH and YAHWEH had control over those ‘universal cycles,’ and could extract power from those ‘universal cycles,’ to create greater ‘depth,’ of density for power they could use.
One grid they could never own was the grid filled with Universal Power, that being the Crystalline Grid. In Lemuria, Thoth and the one who was the gateway to the Yahweh universes, the one who was given large responsibility by the Light as a test to see whether the people would still desire the darkness, tried to own the Crystalline Grid.
Gaining the greater power of the Crystalline Grid would have meant total authority over all the universes. The Crystalline Grid of all Consciousness belonged to the one who Thoth admired the most, for she had the greater power of the Lemurians; that one was the WORD, the LOGOS, the CHRIST CHILD, the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER.
Density to the darkness meant greater power, as the greater the density came into existence, the greater the power could be extracted. Thus, the universal cycles became denser. Your world is dense energy, meaning that it became easy to extract energy from the ‘cells’ within the grid forms of planet earth, as all of mankind had fallen into dense states, unable to return to the love dimensions. The people on your planet became trapped in the spaces of dense thoughts.
One thought can create great power, depending on where that thought travels through with consciousness. If the thoughts on your planet are concentrated in fear and anger processes, then the dark beings were able to extract much energy from it, since all thoughts of mankind magnified upwards to their own dense universes.
Here in this crop circle, you can understand more about the control of thoughts. In the middle of the circle, you can see a being, far removed from the love, as displayed by the hollow eyes, desiring to create greater control of the dense thoughts, as then greater energy can become extracted to the THOTH universes.
Know that THOTH had imprisoned YAHWEH and so THOTH had control over the universes. Here you can see THOTH in his splendour and greatness, desiring to control all his universes. He had created 7 universes from the 7 rays of the higher universes, as each ray held significant power, allowing the darkness to create a different set of geometry codes to imprison more thoughts of beings into the universes. Of the 7 universes he had created with very dark beings, 7 other mirrored universes came into existence, making it 14 on that level. Know that this is a simplified version as he had also created mirrors within those 14 universes, creating dimensions to allow those trapped universes to become more magnified for all his own glory so that he could bring more worship to himself.
Hungry he was for eternal power, and eternal glory for himself.
The trapped universes did not understand how trapped they were, like your planet earth. You cannot see this either, and hence the greater extraction could come into existence, as when beings on a planet do not understand how controlled they are, greater energy can then be extracted, using grid forms, connecting it into a greater grid form to allow the connection to take place, and magnification to take place, for greater power to be created, to bring more pain and suffering to the pain planets.
This is all done with the power of thought. When the pain dimensions, and your planet was one of them, needed to create greater pain to keep the light away from your planet to stop the great awakening from happening, all that needed to happen was focused thoughts from the dark beings on those darker dimensions, to focus their thoughts on the thoughts of mankind’s geometry grids, and then it was carried out.
All thoughts were controlled. This is not difficult as the leaders of your planet were always selected by the great darkness, and once they were able to play with the great thoughts of the darkness, bringing control to the people on your planet was relatively easy as all that was required was great fear and anger to occur.
There was only one being that could never be controlled, that being the Divine Love Element as the Violet Flame was too great within her. The darkness knew that the Divine Love Element would ‘infect,’ other people upon your plane with the Violet Flame, allowing the awakening to occur within them, therefore they lost the game of the thought control.
Here I, METATRON AM awakening you to these thoughts, allowing you to see with your own eyes of spiritual wisdom.
I will explain the following image to you, to help you understand this more. Know however, that more information will be gifted to you later as your knowledge of sacred geometry progresses. We cannot release too much information at this time, as now you are building knowledge. Later you will be able to see much clearer and be ready for the greater information coming. I, METATRON, am here to assist you with the awakening process, as well as the GREAT CAEAYARON. Constantly you must forgive my being, METATRON, for having placed you in the dense grids along with THOTH and YAHWEH, but also know that all things now need to be forgiven, and it is time of rejoicing as all needs to become more released within the universal planes of existence as the game has been won.
THEME OF THE CROP CIRCLE: Controlling the grids with thoughts and illusions.
THE CIRCLE AROUND THE OUTER EDGE: Symbolizes planet earth.
Knowledge points:
* Planet earth is the centre stage of all the universes currently, as all universal games are happening on your plane.
*All other games in the denser universes have needed to stop or halt until your earth game was sorted out.
* Beings on the denser dimensions could not do much, other than exist and wait for planet earth game to finish.
* On planet earth, THOTH created grids to connect into his own greater dimensions as he desired more than anything to become the greatest master of the universe.
* He always sought after immortality and desired to own all the gifts of all of creation.
* He desired everyone to serve him.
* Planet earth’s denser grids allowed him to be magnified upwards, to give his dark leaders more power.
* Planet earth energetically fed his greater dimensions.
* The darkness had dominion over the dark universes and the central point was planet earth.
* Know your planet earth was part of the Great Creation Planet where all dimensions could be created upon. Master Thoth knew this.
* By placing grids in the earth connecting to his own dimensions, he could create further dimensions, thereby strengthening his army of beings.
* All his star universes are represented upon your plane. This also includes the darker YAHWEH universes, as THOTH needed and needs the anger upon your plane to control all forces upon this earth, thereby creating control, anger, fear, fury, sadness, and yet keeping it into the balance of enlightening programmes as well to keep the DNA in balance.
* Once the Divine Love Element rose with CAEAYARON, the DNA on your plane opened the gate to the love gate, and therefore THOTH lost his game.
* When Master THOTH was in Atlantis and in Lemuria, he captured the DIVINE LOVE CHILD, or also called the CHRIST CHILD, and placed her in a grid feeding into his grid system.
* This grid he gridded in deep within the denser grids and built upon it his great pyramid of wisdom and time illusions. The grid the DIVINE LOVE CHILD was imprisoned into was his FLOWER OF LIFE grid.
* As THOTH was a time illusionist he created time gates. He used various time dimensions to bring energies together to create his greater game.
THE HEAD: The head symbolizes power, magic, guidance, rulership and ultimate Godship. THOTH believed he deserved to be the ultimate God which is symbolized by the size of the head covering the grids.
Knowledge point:
* To do this, he took what was most precious, which was the power of the CHRIST CHILD, DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, and placed her within a grid, which he calls ‘the FLOWER OF LIFE,’ as it allowed life to exist upon the denser dimensions where all of life could be in ‘his’ dominion.
THE BROWN COLOUR OF HIS HEAD: Symbolizes denseness and much darkness within his being.
Knowledge point:
*Master Thoth has no love within him as he has removed himself far from the love. However, he has much insight and knowledge, but not wisdom in the love. This is what he calls his ‘enlightening wisdom.’
THE TWO BLUE EYES: Represent the knowledge and the insight to make his moves.
Knowledge points:
* This wisdom he learned from the highest of beings, in the universes long before, including the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT in the higher love universes, when he desired to become the ‘Great Teacher.’ However, because of his greed he turned against the Love Wisdom, and desired his own great wisdom instead for more knowledge, power and glory. 
THE TWO NOSTRILS: Represent the breath of life, as this is what he desired to be remembered for, that he gave the beings who died in Lemuria and Atlantis the ‘breath,’ of life, knowing that in his dominion they cannot truly live, but they are memories of what was.
⭐Knowledge points:
* Thoth, dark leaders and powerful beings, created the human consciousness. Thoth connected his universal beings, including the Lemurians and the Atlanteans to his own DNA path desiring to use his beings as ‘life force energy,’ to climb up his own Ascension Ladder to become immortal. However, instead of rising in his own glorious Godship, he created the darkest vortexes in the universe, and brought all his creation down into a state of not being able to rise.
*Thoth, together with the dark channel who turned millions away in Lemuria alone, and the spin doctor, created a merkaba system connecting all the beings within the merkaba system into the property of the Great Darkness. Genetic scientists recreated life for the Children of Light in Lemuria to carry out the thoughts of the Great Darkness.
*They worked at modifying the DNA, also the brain pathways. However, the love element within the Children of the Light of Lemuria they could not destroy, as the love belonged to the Divine Love Element. 
THE MOUTH: Out of his mouth speaks words of revenge and fury, commanding obedience of his authority over his dominions, whom he has given ‘life’ to on his planets, reminding them that he is the one to serve. The words he speaks are not of Divine Truth, or Divine Love.
THE LIGHT LINES INSIDE OF THE CIRCLE: This is a light pool underneath the thought grids of Thoth. Underneath the thought grids forms the ‘Flower of Life.’
Knowledge points:
*Master Thoth tapped into the Flower of Life and used it for his own denser purposes, extract energy from it, to ‘create,’ his own dimensions and feed his own universes with.
*Understand that much power he has lost now, but I, METATRON, need to explain to you how he has built up his dimensions and pain frequencies upon your plane, to help you awaken to all that is, to help you make a choice of whether you desire to rise to the higher love dimensions with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF CAEAYARON, or not.
* Know THOTH has always feared the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, and has programmed his beings on his dimensions well, along with the YAHWEH beings, to stay away from the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT. THOTH desired to become THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.
THE GREEN TRIANGLE UNDERNEATH THE HEAD, PARTIALLY HIDDEN BY HEAD: Is Thoth’s Pyramid of Wisdom. Also known as the Great Emerald Pyramid. The reason it is called that, is ancient knowledge. Why is it partially hidden by the head? It shows total ownership of the Pyramid.
Knowledge points:
* ⭐EMERALD in the Ancient Times to Thoth meant:
* Immortality, escaping death and limitation and being able to transform into a great god by magnifying himself many times over again, depending on the obedience of his subjects.
* Everlasting ancient wisdom, ancient stories, symbolism, worship, a God Like Quality, a Kingdom quality.
* A symbol of wealth, knowledge, power, eternal, linking it to the wisdom within the greater universes.
* Protection against invasions, especially when EMERALD was imbedded into gold. His other universes also used the EMERALD, and for them EMERALD was also equal to, in many ways, to the PROTECTIVE GOLD to create more power.
* Power to be gridded into words without it being able to be claimed by anyone without permission. Thoth, however knew that the only Being able to override it, would be the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, since he used the Flower of Life, her power, to create the power within his grids. Therefore, the gridding in of her power needed to be very strong.
* Everlasting authority into his universes, into his beings. He created curses within it, and connected it into the many grid forms, forcing beings to worship his command. He also built this in Lemuria and Atlantis, connecting his fountains of light and rejuvenation within it.
* A deep connection to ALL that was him. He desired to be called the EMERALD GOD OF WISDOM.
THE 14 RED FEATHER LIKE SYMBOLS: These are thought frequencies placed by dark beings within the earth grids connecting into the DNA codes, each connecting to his dark universes, both of ‘light,’ and ‘shadows.’
7 universes belong to his ‘enlightened universes,’ and 7 to his shadow universes, making it 14 in total, all with mirrors to enlarge the energetic transformation and amplification to grow other universes within his 14.
Knowledge points:
*The ‘light enlightened universes,’ was to speed up his own ascension. The ‘shadow,’ universes was to gather more power for THOTH, to create more trapped ‘light,’ within his ‘light’ universes.
* Know that when I, METATRON speak of ‘Light,’ this was not the love universes but his own ascension programmes. His light was heavily reduced as pure light was too bright for him or for his own universal beings.
* Seven was ultimately important to him, as seven meant the perfection of his own being, a cycle of completion, ready for the next level upwards to greater knowledge and insight.
* Each of the thought programmes he placed within the earth dimensions, connected into his own universes, which is why the yin yang effect within the human DNA needed to be perfect, both for his ‘Enlightening programmes,’ and his ‘Shadow programmes.’ If the balance was unequal with these programmes, he could not bring equal power within his own universes for his own power to grow.
THE RED FEATHERS: The feathers represent thought grids. The Darkness could bring concentrated thoughts to the earth grids to force certain things to happen. Red, in the greater universes, always reduces higher frequencies and it allows thoughts to become more concentrated matter to be used in the way they wanted it to be used for their own creation, far from the love.
Knowledge points:
* Red symbolizes reduced love frequencies, as love is power.
* Master Thoth, not of love, needed the love-power from the FLOWER OF LIFE GRID, the CHRIST CHILD ELEMENT, or DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, but could not stand pure love as the power of love was too high in frequency for him. By gridding the love in and reducing the love with the frequency of limitation, the redness, he could use the FLOWER OF LIFE for his own creation purposes.
THE LIGHT AROUND THE PYRAMID, THE RED FEATHERS, AND WITHIN THE FEATHERS: Shows the light comes from the FLOWER OF LIFE Grid, as Master Thoth needed the light to do his ‘missions,’ but then reduced it in pools of red, which could also be called, ‘pools of blood,’ as the tears from the Lemurians were like ‘pools of blood,’ he used to reduce the frequencies from the FLOWER OF LIFE.
THE LINE DOWN THE CENTRE OF EACH FEATHER: This is the light feeding into his desired effects. Without light feeding his plans, nothing could come into existence. This is like a vein connecting to all within the gridform.
THE THREE YELLOW LINES IN EACH FEATHER: These are mirrors to create strength within Thoth’s dimensions. He created the dimensions for the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT connections. When THOTH had all three, he could control all beings in his dimensions. This was his POWER OF THREE, according to Thoth.
TWO SIDES OF THE FEATHER: One side (of the feather) is for his ‘Enlightened,’ universes, and the other side is for his ‘Shadow,’ universes. This created a perfect ‘balance,’ for him to be able to extract more power.
THE BLUE COLOUR: The blue represents a pool of water like quality.
Knowledge point:
* The water like quality is a power source to create power over the forces of the elements of the earth; that being, earth, water, air, spirit and fire. It allowed him to create in however which way he pleased to help the beings of the earth understand the power of his being.
THE SIZE OF THE HEAD: Because Thoth was an illusionist he enjoyed enlarging himself to appear greater than he was.
Knowledge points:
* Thoth also did this in Lemuria when he showed the Lemurians his ‘greater self,’ using techniques of holograms and light from his own universes.
* At this point, I show the eyes again, as they show how hollow Thoth is, but able to control people upon your plane and beings in his universes, and control thoughts within people as to what to do next. Thoth was a master mind player, and he used hypnotic frequencies with his feather like antennae as to control all thoughts of your people on your planet.
* Know, that now during the time of awakening, he has been cut off from your grid formations. However, the thoughts of dark programming are still within your consciousness and your memories. You now can release yourself from those ancient programmes and become freed from all limitation, if you choose to return to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON with his DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT who is now rising upon your planet with CAEAYARON. This is why the invitation of CAEAYARON is strong now, to reconnect with your Ancient Sacred Geometry Light Lemurian Codes to be released from the denseness and grow in the Love. Only CAEAYARON can gift that to you through his DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT. Thoth knew this very much.
* I, METATRON, have also been released from the everlasting imprisoned state I was in and now I am no longer of magnetic services to THOTH or YAHWEH but now I am serving the Light Universes, bringing the power THOTH and YAHWEH had created in their universes, to the Love Universes as the Divine Love Element won back the Universal Divine Love Codes.
Stay in the forgiveness. Be well. Greetings, I AM METATRON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES.