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Regarding the below crop circle, CAEAYARON, (KRYON) has channelled through to me more information on what the twin set of 9 gates are. (transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤
Posted to Facebook Crop Circle Translator 17 September 2016

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The Crystalline Grid has nine gates of consciousness. One side has the power building side and the other, I, CAEAYARON, call them resistance gates.

Resistance always builds power once resistance surrenders to Divine power. Thus all things are balanced and creates power within itself.

These gates of consciousness are also gates to help you understand your deeper ascension flows. Within this, you can monitor your own progress to help you ascertain where you are on the ascension process.

❤ ❤ Gate 1: ❤ ❤
The first gate is about life consciousness. Within this gate, all life consciousness is able to exist, as all exists within the codes. All DNA is held there of all things upon your plane. All existence exists because of the codes. All mountains also have codes, all animals, all trees, all insects, all clouds. Anything that exists upon your earth has codes within the Crystalline Grid, otherwise it could not exist within your dimensions.

❤ ❤ Gate 2: ❤ ❤
The second gate is coming to a greater awareness of consciousness (Self Consciousness). Awareness that one lives, and one is able to have intelligence.

❤ ❤ Gate 3: ❤ ❤
The third gate is coming to the realization that one has a greater purpose. This is when a person begins to question about the universe. What is its purpose? What is intelligence? Why is that person here?

❤ ❤ Gate 4: ❤ ❤
The fourth gate is about coming into the heart of love. Having an understanding of love consciousness brings a person deeper into self awareness of their deeper spiritual path. Not only love for self, but also love for all of life. When one understands this love and loves deeper, into the greatness of all that is, the greater gate opens to their ascension path.

❤ ❤ Gate 5: ❤ ❤
The fifth gate is understanding collective consciousness. This path is recognizing that one can achieve greatness with the numbers collectively. Already many upon your earth understand that collective consciousness is vital to create new change upon your plane. This is an important step towards understanding how change can be created.

❤ ❤ Gate 6: ❤ ❤
The sixth gate is transformation of energies collectively, gained through the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of my Being, CAEAYARON. This is when you come into the greater awareness of consciousness, and collective consciousness turns into love consciousness. Together you can create change upon your earth. You recognize it, and also recognize that in order to manifest greatness, one must first heal themselves vibrationally. This is why the Divine Pineal Gland Activations are necessary for you to step into this step together.

(This gate has opened for those who were pineal gland activated with CAEAYARON and who are now working collectively as Sacred World Healers opening portals of love to bring healing to self and mankind. This collective gate opened in October 2015.)

The Lemurians worked at this level. They always worked with the love frequencies and they worked together to create greater love power.

❤ ❤ Gate 7: ❤ ❤
The seventh gate is bringing love consciousness to mankind. This is the next gate because at this level you will want to educate many people about the power of love consciousness. Already you are creating change, but you are feeling the need to educate millions around the world to stand in collective love together. This is when the greater numbers begin to flow into love consciousness. Many will not understand it, and they will come into the greatness.

Many paradigm shifts will happen at this level also because you are recognizing that greater awareness is needed for the plane. You are recognizing that the only way to achieve this is through the healings of the Divine and you desire the Divine path.

❤ ❤ Gate 8: ❤ ❤
When this happens, the 8th gate opens. This is when you will step into your greater multidimensional selves, to understand yourself from a higher level, to understand the illusion of self and to be able to manifest together with unity and love. Separation is becoming less and you are evolving into one loving self. You are manifesting from your higher selves and understanding how to do this work collectively, constantly working at becoming stronger and more loving.

❤ ❤ Gate 9: ❤ ❤
This opens to the ninth gate. The ninth gate is a total understanding of an unlimited self. This self is able to bring consciousness into anything collectively. Collectively you have found the power to create, manifest and you are stepping into your greater manifestation powers as creators. You are now unified and understand the illusion and you understand how to create the illusion. At this level, you are able to change all things upon your plane, to rid anything that does not agree with your vibration as your vibration is of love and nothing else will come into your consciousness.

This is all part of the Great Awakening Race. You are becoming creators, and you are becoming ready for the next dimensional expansion, of becoming part of the greatest star families to expand into greater universes, into greater existence.

Our dear friends, study this material well for it will show how great your ascension is and give you a guideline to all that is coming. It will help you to grow and it will help you to see how you can grow.


Note: This explanation of CAEAYARON, has given further understanding within this crop circle.

The five golden lines within the Crystalline Grid represent the five levels of ascension achieved by the Lemurians. The codes for the 7th gate, are represented by the seven green lines for they were already downloaded into the sacred light code carriers of Lemuria, ready to help people awaken in the times of the Great Awakening. These are the codes CAEAYARON is opening us to now with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations to bring love consciousness to mankind. ❤ ❤