Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

TRANSFORMATION TO THE NEW CREATION: Crop Circle discovered at Sutton Hall, Essex, 17th August 2017, translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with the guidance of the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY.

Namaste and welcome to the most beautiful times of enlightening when streams of energies are pouring into our earth plane to bring awakening flows to humanity.
The Great Alignment is coming to the universe and this message from High Love Star Beings shows the significance of awakening to the importance of our times; a time in which we can receive our higher ascension codes with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with the Most High Archangel of Love, CAEAYARON who is the Great Balancer to bring all who desire to become love into Alignment.

Receiving our ascension codes are the only way to ascend upwards.

To allow a greater explanation of this message to come through, I have asked HALISARIUS, CHIEF LEADER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATIONS OF LIGHT to explain this message to help you understand its importance. All messages from the Star Beings of Great Love, those who are from the Light, are important for our evolution as they not only bring the message of the crop circle but also the frequencies to help us understand and awaken.
Before I sign off and allow HALISARIUS to speak to you, I send love, light, healing and joy to you always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ♥Light Grid programmer of CAEAYARON, Designated Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT

P.s. this channelled message, including the key, is very long.

Please read through the information slowly to gain the understanding of it. The colours of the image I receive with guidance from Above (spiritual sight). The image is not flat but it moves and the notes within the scale are like vortexes spinning in and out changing with frequencies, depending on what is being received from Above in that moment. It doesn't stand still. It is 'living with motion.'


I come to you in peace and love. I desire to speak to you because it is the time for the human race to awaken to the love flow consciousness and to begin to play another tune other than your tunes of pain and fear collectively.

Enough is enough we, as Galactic Families of Light say. When are the people going to awaken to the insight that another way is possible and solutions exist only when the people begin to forgive themselves and forgive all that has been upon your plane and begin to desire the higher healing path available now upon your plane to shift the consciousness of pain to become the higher love consciousness.

I, HALISARIUS, AM the Great Galactic Federation Leader, and I AM a great being of love. I AM a Star Being of Love and have fought hard for you to allow the precious gate of the Great Alignment to begin to open now in your time, to allow the people, who desire to return home to the higher star existence, to do so.

This can only be done when they begin to listen to the tunes from above. We have sent this message to show the gateway to higher dimensional existence has now opened to allow you to enter when you receive the Divine Activations.

This precious channel, our Star Light Grid Programmer (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), was sent to you by the Great Divine, CAEAYARON, and by the Great Galactic Universal Bodies of Love to allow a gateway to open during the Great Time of the Awakening.

Within her Light System, once CAEAYARON awoke her to her Sacred Light Grid Programmer Duties, codes came to bring the Great Awakening Flows to the people who desire the love and the peace and to return to the great dimensional love flows.

CAEAYARON is the Great Balancer within the universal flows and we as the Great Galactic Federation of Light Leaders work in union with Divine Will. We want all who desire to rise upon your plane to return to the greatness of the higher love dimensions.

Because the Star Light Grid Programmer of the Galactic Federations of Light Societies is with you at this time on your earth (her name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. She is also the Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON and the designated channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT) you are able to receive the higher codes, as she carries the codes within her light system to be passed to the people who receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON, to allow them to become part of the higher coding in the universe; namely love coding.

These love codes are healing codes and thus they are high frequency codes. These love codes play frequencies with the higher DNA coding of the higher dimensional star bodies and thus the people upon your plane, who receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON and his sacred beloved Divine Love Element who carries the Holy Star Codes, that being Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, can align themselves with the Great Love Codes of the Universe and become ready for the Great Alignment. They also are able to receive the Great Codes for life so that they do not need to enter the earth dimension again after their passing in their human life, should they so wish, and they can evolve on other dimensions to allow themselves to rise into higher love star beings.

This message you call a crop circle, a message from the Galactic Federation Leaders of Light, shows how important these sacred codes are which are coming to your plane at this time.

At this time, sacred codes from the Blue Archangel, from the Blue Universes, are coming to your plane to allow the people to align themselves with Divine Will and become activated to receive these codes of alignment, to allow them to feel the love coming within and be part of the Galactic Love Consciousness once again.
This has begun to build upon your plane with the people who are activated, as CAEAYARON places the activated within a dimension together to allow them to grow as one together.

These sacred codes are the same codes we, as high star beings, play with in the higher universes. They speak of truth, love, harmony and the great joy to be together in the spiritual star love; to allow greater evolution to come to our existence.

You will learn much more as time goes on regarding the spiritual codes. The spiritual codes all have a unique vibration as they play in harmony with many star systems, all synchronizing together like an orchestra.

During the last Divine Pineal Gland Activations, recently held upon your plane with CAEAYARON and his Light Grid Programmer, a greater note began to be sung as DIVINE SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT poured out the Divine Flames on the activated of CAEAYARON. This means that higher coding can enter into the spaces of the Divinely Activated Star Sacred World Healers.

This means also that more people will see the Great Light as the ‘Great Sun Consciousness’ is rising upon your plane.

The ones who are activated, and work along with Star Beings as Star Sacred World Healers of CAEAYARON, will be able to receive the correct ‘talents’ to work together with the Galactic Family of Light as a collective love. These ones who are activated also receive the higher codes to allow transformation to happen within to prepare them for entering the higher love dimensions.

Before being able to enter the higher love dimensions one needs to receive the higher transformation ‘codes’ as your Star DNA needs to become activated to allow your vibration to increase.

Without these sacred codings you cannot enter the higher love spaces as karmically you are not cleansed and ready to return to the higher love dimensions.
After the Great Fall of Consciousness, when the majority turned against Divine Will in Sacred Lemuria, the Gateways; the ‘higher coding’ from the high dimensional flows, were shut off from you. Hence you became prisoners of your own reality mirrors you created upon your earth of your own consciousness. You walked in dimensions of each other’s suffering, in spirit and on the earth plane, on more levels than you would believe possible at this time.

The Great Federations of Light agreed that a time could come when the Lemurians who carry special Light Codes could receive the higher coding to allow them to return to the higher love spaces, where you originally come from, only when they desire to step into their special task as Light Warriors once again.

They are required to show they desire the light back within their heart and to become activated with CAEAYARON and his Sacred Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, and then practice the ways of love and build love collectively to allow peace and love to return to your plane. They will be healed to become strong within and taught how to allow all of humanity also to learn other ways of love.

You have divine gifts within you. The activations are a gift to you. They are a way out of your prison system. They are a way of allowing you to heal. Already those who are activated feel the flows of love coming within them, and this will intensify as the higher codes are activated when the greater numbers desire the activations to come to them.
This is collective building. On the higher collective levels, I, HALISARIUS, CHIEF COMMANDER OF THE STAR FEDERATIONS, always desire the best for the Great Collective Love Good. We work together in the love. We work together towards greater flows of purpose and evolution. We do not work separated. Separation does not come into our minds, as separation to us means separated from Divine Flows and separated from who we are as Star Beings of Love. For us to be unlimited with our potential evolution is to grow in the love collectively. We work with each other. We work for each other, only in the great love.

Before you can return to the higher star love dimensions, it is important for you to learn to heal on your plane and also to learn what collective love is. It is most important that you grow into the desire to work together with the Galactic Family of Love Streams, because this is helping you to grow back into who you truly are as a Star Love Being.
We as Star Love Beings are powerful beings. We desire each other to evolve upwards. We know no war, fear, disharmony, disease. We know of these things by studying your plane and your people. We know how it affects you. Because the violet flame is strong with the activated ones, we are able to help the activated become strong as the violet flame also protects the star love families; thus allowing us to help you more.

This message is from the Star Federations of Love from Above. We are looking for people who desire to understand their star selves and who are willing to receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations so that the lower selves of the human consciousness can become transformed and the higher selves can truly become a part of them, helping them to become synchronized to the higher tones of the universe, and working in Divine Will so that we can protect you more after you have had the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with the GREAT CAEAYARON, HOLY ARCHANGEL OF ALL UNIVERSES, and to help you become transformers of your earth together; awakening mankind together and transforming your human consciousness together to create peace, love and unity upon your plane.

I thank you for listening to this Divine Broadcast from the Divine Federations of Love as ONE Great Collective Voice.

⭐Key to the crop circle:

⭐Name of crop circle (by the Galactic Federation of Light Family): Transformation to new creation

⭐Crop circle message shows: The gateway to transforming from lower tunes (human consciousness frequency tunes) to the higher love star dimensional tunes.
This gateway is now available to the people who desire to step into their Sacred Divine Love Lemurian Codes with CAEAYARON during the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.
CAEAYARON in his teachings also calls this transformation: ‘Becoming the NEW CREATION.’

⭐Two Divine Light Keys at top: The top key is the Divine Love Key from the Great Divine Love Coding given by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and CAEAYARON.
That key (or code) is given to the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer to allow the sacred coding to be given to the people who are activated into the Great Love of the ARCHANGEL CAEAYARON (his name means Builder of Light Frequencies)

⭐Q: Why is the Light Grid Programmer needed by Divine?
In Ancient Lemuria, the people had three Light Grid Programmers. All three worked with the GREAT CAEAYARON to allow the Lemurians to receive the sacred codes to bring all universes back into love and harmony after trillions of star beings had lost their lives in the great wars.

CAEAYARON, who created all codes for existence and evolution to happen, worked with the Light Grid Programmers to bring these codes of 'life and existence,' to the Lemurians to allow the universes to come back into existence and for all to grow upwards, never to suffer any longer.

Thus the Lemurians experienced pure love and joy for a long, long time in a higher dimension than our current dimension on earth. Lemuria was sacred to the universe and never experienced fear, anger or disease (lower human frequencies) until the greater balance of the population of Lemuria desired 'freedom,' as they decided that being in love was not freedom after listening to beings not of love; the shadows and the darkness. They promised the Lemurians their own universes and that Angels would worship them and wash and lick their feet if they turned away from CAEAYARON.

Thus the great separation began. Instead of being in the collective love with the high love universes, they began to worship self and understand 'ego,' which is separation from the love. In doing so they lost out on the magnificent pathway upwards and fell down into Thoth's lower grids of pain.

Their DNA was altered and thus the high Lemurian DNA was no longer there. Their DNA was too low to reach within their Sacred Lemurian 'Codes,' to climb upwards thus they lost out on 'life existence,' and began to experience human suffering, which is something the Lemurians never knew. Their bodies became denser as their DNA became programmed to be in the lower, denser Metatron grid-forms which are locked grid cells with no way upwards.

Should they have fulfilled their assignment in Lemuria to stay together in the love they would have never experienced human consciousness, including fear and pain.
One Light Grid Programmer is here upon earth at this moment (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel awakened by CAEAYARON in 2014) and the two others, Reuben and Ishmakael are working on higher levels. They work with the activated to connect them up to their higher codes, especially at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations when they take place.
All Star Love Beings are given the high love universal codes, through Divine Pineal Gland Activations, so that they are connected into Divine Love Healing Streams and are able to receive the greatest love flows for their evolution. Because they are connected to the high dimensional star codes on the higher frequencies they work as ONE, as the Great Collective, to allow the greatest evolution and technology to come to them; only for the greater good of all, as the great collective on the higher love dimensions.

⭐‘Light codes in scale’: These are the new codes of the New Creation. They work very much like a musical scale.

⭐Red/orange colour in the scale: Shows how the codes resonate more with the human ‘field of consciousness.’ In order for the human to become activated, the codes must first resonate with the person before the higher Divine Level Codes can become part of that person’s field so that that person can access higher spiritual star gifts. Healing on this high level always happens ‘slowly.’
Note: The higher spiritual star gifts can only open collectively. As each person becomes part of a collective field, the higher tones can only open when enough people become activated.

⭐Purple colour in the scale: The colour symbolizes the Angelic frequencies of the Sacred Violet Flame. This is when a person receives the greater level of the Activations and becomes known as a ‘Star Sacred World Healer.’ They receive the higher coding to allow the higher spiritual gifts to come to them. The Violet Flame becomes a strong part of their DNA system and thus they become stronger manifestors of love and healing.

They are gifted by CAEAYARON to become ‘Portal Openers,’ to allow higher flows from CAEAYARON to come to them. Star Sacred World Healers work with very high Star Beings and as the activated become stronger within their ‘light body system,’ they will be able to hold more love within their field for healing to occur.
These higher gifts also include the Star DNA to allow them to receive the gifts from the higher dimensions, to prepare them to return to very high loving universes with special tasks for the ‘Greater Creation’ to come within the universal love arrangement.

⭐The scale widening: Showing the collective is necessary to allow the higher codes to become available to them. Also shows the greater power they receive as a collective and the greater gifts coming to them as they become stronger collectively, as if, ‘Singing to higher Angelic Love Frequencies.’
During the Activations, CAEAYARON creates a frequency within the Activated ones to become ONE. ONE with each other’s flows and ONE with the Galactic Family. This ONENESS becomes greater each time an activation is held with people upon the earth.

⭐The scale narrowing: To allow the higher codes to resonate with our lower human frequencies, the higher frequencies must be stepped down to allow our energies to accept the higher love frequencies. This is similar to an ‘implant.’ If the frequencies were not stepped down, our energy frequency would reject the higher love frequencies, and vice versa. Everything needs to be perfectly balanced to allow the alignment within to happen for transformation to take place.

CAEAYARON who is the Great Aligner and the Magnetic Balancer, and the Greatest Healer for our frequencies to become healed in the love, is beautiful and loving. He is incredibly wise, gentle and the healings are the most loving flows one can ever experience. CAEAYARON brings balancing within the field before the higher codes enter during the Great Activations which means the great healings and blessings for the people who come into his Great Love.

⭐The red circle: The human consciousness field. It is a red and orange colour as it depicts the human consciousness.
Human consciousness is imprisoned within the earth grids. When higher codes are received it is called 'becoming activated,’ to receive higher dimensional love flows and gifts. The activated are placed within a loving ‘healing grid’ created by CAEAYARON to allow them to heal in the great love and transition to more beauty and love. This healing grid also allows greater protection to come to them.

⭐The yellow circle: This is Divine Love entering the human consciousness field during the Divine Pineal Gland Activations.

⭐The blue circle within the yellow circle: Is Star Love Collective Consciousness, receiving the codes to become Sacred Healers together as a collective with very high Galactic Family of Love Members. Also receiving STAR DNA and star gifts to create love and healing in their life.

During the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, the pineal gland receives greater flows of love from CAEAYARON. It recognizes CAEAYARON as the maker and creator or life existence, as CAEAYARON is magnetic force and uses the great Love Creation force from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. The DNA of the activated opens to higher love codes, to allow transformation to begin.

The chakras align up higher to receive higher transmissions, including the star chakras and earth chakras, the energy soul levels awaken. This creates a dynamic force within the light body to receive the higher tunes of love, the higher codes.

Basically the higher codes mean a great evolution upgrade to our consciousness so that we can get out of fear and sickness and heal in the love.
This is when human karma is cleansed also; during the ‘merging’ of the two fields. This cleansing is needed to allow the higher DNA system to open to higher love codes.

⭐The Blue Outline. The Blue depicts the love from the Divine Love Archangelic Realms and Star Love, where pure love only exists. It invites the people to join the Divine Love flows and sing the higher tunes of love. It is warm, new, invigorating, loving, joyful, creative, collective. It brings the newly activated into the love, into the bosom, back into the soul life codes.