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Consciousness Flows, crop circle Markbury, Bath & North East Somerset, UK, 7 July 2007, translation by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ as guided by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY.
Posted to Facebook Crop Circle Translator - 17 September 2016.
Namaste, I send much love and light to you. All things are about finding greater consciousness and flow. In each lifetime we live we work with our flows. Our flows are about understanding what is good for us and not good for us. It is about finding the balance of the love within us and understanding what is not love within us and then transforming the not so loving parts to the love.

When we understand ourselves, our deeper love flows and often the greater we understand greater love, our greater resistance will grow fighting the love flows, creating deeper understanding within us.

This is how we can build our total truth within ourselves, and our ‘shadow’ selves dissolves into total love when we choose the higher ways of forgiveness and surrendering to the love flows, which is what we are here to do, to become more of love. We are here to find our greater self, to always flow in the ways of love and peace.

In each lifetime, we are constantly being asked to understand our deeper path and what it is we are creating upon our plane.

We create with our balance. If our greater balance is love, that is what we will manifest within our lives. If our greater balance is pain, fear and anger, then that is what we will manifest also. Constantly our flows are asking us to go deeper within us and examine all in our life.

Our deeper spiritual path is to find our authentic self and to go deeper into our personalities of truth and of love. We are asked to show ourselves as who we truly are and not being afraid to shine our greater gifts, for then, when we do shine our greater gifts by deeply forgiving, surrendering to our flows of love and light, we become greater light to the parts within ourselves which are not of light, but are the shadow parts.

All is about balance. As is within us, also is within all the dimensions of the universe. Here we are playing this game and we are not aware of the dimensions we are affecting. We are affecting 12 star dimensions with our thoughts and our ways which is shown in the circle with twelve bands of consciousness. Once we heal as a collective and awaken humanity to love flow consciousness, all twelve dimensions can rise higher into the light as we affect so much outside of ourselves.

The bands show growth bands of love and flow we have within us, all connecting to the universe for we are all thoughts of the Divine, and not separated, which is shown by the continual path to the outer circle. The first band (orange) is about recognizing we have our deeper spiritual path. The second one (green) is walking the spiritual path. The third one (gold) is recognizing that we are part of Divine and we are one with the Divine.

This is when we realize our unlimited selves and are willing to step deeper into our dimensional flows, which is the outer circle, stepping into our deeper creator spiritual gifts, understanding we are affecting 12 star dimensional planes and we are part of the Divine.

Once we understand how important our flow is within our life, our spiritual path rises upwards, and with each realization we create a greater flow of love and abundance within us, as all is about learning to work with energetic flows of love and peace.

We are all connected to each other. Nothing is apart. We are working as one with the higher dimensions. The outer band shows we are all connected to the Great Divine and that all thoughts are part of Great Divine.

You can also see how the DNA will grow greater into the love expansion. Each of the twelve bands are part of DNA vibrational growth. The centre is the two strands of DNA as it currently is. When they spiral upwards, the DNA begins to increase with power and with love to bring us into deeper awakening frequencies of power and of love within our 12 dimensional DNA strands, bringing us into the higher dimensional consciousness which is our deeper star consciousness.

Namaste, love and light, and always peace and harmony I send to you, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 

Keys to the crop circle:
Showing: Flows of Consciousness

The yellow in the circle – showing our light consciousness, which we all have because we all come from the light dimensions.

The blue in the circle – showing our shadow selves.

The two circles in the middle – finding our greater balance, finding our authentic selves which we can find by greater awareness, deeper discovery, great forgiveness for all our shadow selves, past, present and future. There is light within our shadow parts and there is shadow within our light parts, and all needs to come to a greater realization that we are light and love and then it will be one circle of love flows.

Circle around the blue and the yellow: shows we are part of a flow consciousness. The lines from this line to the lines on the outer circle shows we are all part of the Divine and we are not separated at all. We are one consciousness and separation is only illusion.

The twelve small circles – shown in yellow. Each small circle shows a star dimension we are affecting and it also shows our own multidimensional selves, for we live on many levels and we are here to find our shadow selves upon our plane in order to ascend upwards, which in turn helps us ascend to higher star levels in the higher dimensions also.

This is the power within our healing at this time, to ascend all our multidimensional layers together, to create the great oneness for our greater creator selves, once we ascend together, for we are one here upon the earth also, as we are one in the greater spaces. We need to become more of love to set ourselves free. That is why we need the healing from CAEAYARON to open ourselves to the greater love of who we truly are.

The bands
The orange band: is when we reach a deeper recognition of our deeper spirituality. We recognize we are spiritual.

The green band: is when we acknowledge our deeper spirituality and walk the higher path of healing.

The gold band (third band): is recognizing we are part of Divine and that we are all here to reach collective love together as one.

The outer circle: When we step into total oneness with Divine and we become truly one, stepping into our deeper union of love together. This is when we realize our unlimited selves and become truly free from what we thought we were and grow into what we truly are, which is our Divine selves.