Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Our life, defined like a puzzle, with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (description of crop circle, Cley Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 9 July 2010 )
This article was posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 25 August 2016
Namaste, I send much love and joy to you. In our many lifetimes, we meet many obstacles. We often cannot find the solution to the issue until we learn to stand away from our lives and look at the puzzle from far away and understand it to be like a puzzle, each piece fitting into each other, knowing that nothing, not one experience we have, is out of place.

It all has meaning and deeper learning for our evolution towards our greater journey.

Our lives are like one puzzle upon another. Each angle we look at we see another possibility or another solution.

All lessons are learned and then healed. The more evolved we become, the greater our healing journey becomes because we recognize the benefits from this great giant puzzle of all our lifetimes, and we are able to look deeper within us.

Hence the top bit of the puzzle describes the greatest healing journey, when we can heal all our lifetimes and leap towards the next puzzle.

In many of our lifetimes, and including this lifetime with our issues, we may feel restricted, unable to move.

This is demonstrated here with the locked in feeling of the puzzle. How do we feel when we feel locked into situations? We must learn to decipher the next move upwards. The next move upwards takes strength, courage, determination, love, forgiveness, independence and a deep intuitive awareness.

We create foundations for our own lives. From a higher level on the higher spiritual realms, we already create possibilities and situations for us to have in our lifetimes, including this very lifetime. This is created for us to evolve up higher and ascend to greater realms to experience greater things.

The experiences we create for ourselves on a higher level depend on our evolution progress and also depend on our level of current understanding.

The greater we can learn to ‘heal’ and figure it out, the greater our struggles often are, learning to see not what is ahead of us in the logical sense, but the possibilities before us. The greater struggles are given to us to heal all other lifetimes, collectively, to move on to higher grounds of learning. Thus, we may be forgiving situations in this lifetime that have caused us pain for many lifetimes, bringing in healing for all our lifetimes, all at once.

Looking at the puzzle and our lifetimes, the puzzle is asking us not to look at the obvious for there are many other possibilities on the higher path, to build that stronger foundation, to open the door to a whole other layer of possibilities.

Layer upon layer of the puzzle, doors open before us.

The average person here upon our plane does not understand the healing journey of life. They will not seek higher understanding. This puzzle is helping us to think, ‘outside the square,’ as it were, and look up higher, think greater, more expanded.

Learn to see the less obvious and strive to become greater than what often we think we are.

It is also helping us to understand that possibilities can be created. We are our own creators of our reality. Learn to think before making the next move. What will our next move create? How can we open the higher doors for ourselves? We are all our own manifestors of our lives.

Learning to understand how each thought builds upon another, creates our ‘reality’ in our lives. Learning to think thoughts in union with the higher buildings we have already created on our higher dimensional levels, learning to accept we are here to understand the giant puzzle of life and then climb above it to create unlimited beings of ourselves.

The shape of each puzzle piece is interesting, as it shows much healing needs to be achieved before we can see the greater possibilities and greater solutions.

Yet, the large piece on top shows that we can achieve it greatly in this life and go to the next dimension, for many of us are ready to go upwards. It depends on our desire within us, it depends on how much we want to know ourselves, it depends on our will to understand life and to let go of all our pain of our lifetime and past lifetimes and become more of love.

How many times do we still need to suffer, it asks? Do you not see that you do not need to suffer at all anymore but you are able to climb to the next possibility? It is there when you change your perspective of life.

The shape around the puzzle, is also a limited shape. It isn’t round and flowing, but limited, keeping the perspective limited with healing possibilities. Once the shape becomes round and flowing, it becomes infinite.

This is when the soul is ready to explore greater possibilities, with more infinite wisdom. It becomes more deeply united with all its spiritual aspects, which is what the ultimate game is, becoming united with all spiritual aspects.

The healing happens when one learns to wake up and sees there are possibilities outside of the logical sense and look at the higher spiritual possibilities.

Higher spiritual possibilities are more difficult to see, as at times they do not seem logical at all. However, the moves on the logical basis without looking at the spiritual basis create more obstacles because we are on a deeply spiritual journey, and we cannot move to the next part of our puzzle until we learn about our spiritual selves, for then the moves become free as dimensional shifts occur.

Each time a person grows to a higher platform, the possibilities grow and the lessons grow.

On a spiritual level, when a person learns to see everything as their creation and that by forgiveness and learning to flow and grow, greater possibilities can become created, for the flow then isn’t restricted anymore, but becomes flowing with infinite wisdom, for this is why we create obstacles in life in the first place, to become more unlimited, to grow with an expanded view, to understand higher possibilities, to look within possibilities greater, to look at each thought and to stand away from the puzzle, learning to look into our lives with a whole new perspective.

Love and light and many healing rays of joy and peace I send to you, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

The picture with the colours show the following:

Yellow: (lighter shading on the crop circle) represents the healing journeys that empower us. Yellow shadings are the greater spiritual awareness journeys and they allow us to move upwards on our healing journey.

Our greater goal is for the whole puzzle to become yellow for a stronger foundation to build the next puzzle upwards. Each little square is part of the greater shape and represents new possibilities, healing and new perspectives as all individual shapes and yet one together, representing the greater growth of the soul journey.

Blue: (darker shading on the crop circle) represents the deeper healing journey. Blue is for healing and learning to see deeper within oneself with deeper expressions of love. These areas need deeper discovery of who the individual is and its greater purpose, going towards the next stage of healing.

Green: surrounding the crop circle is the colour of the heart chakra, as love is to heal all our journeys.

Red: (in the border) represents our deeper foundation, to understand that we are not restricted but unlimited.

Orange: (in the border) represents our deeper feelings, having the courage to feel and flow and forgive deeper to find our greater power and love for ourselves, giving us a stronger empowered self to heal greater.