Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

⭐Message 1 of 3: Awakening to the Great Alignment Time. Crop circle discovered at Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire, UK - 22 July 2014,⭐Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel   with the guidance of CAEAYARON (KRYON) and HALISARIUS, Chief Leader of the Galactic Federation of Light Society Council.

Namaste, I have been asked by HALISARIUS to give translations for 3 crop circle messages to you, as each crop circle message relates to each other. They all talk about the same theme; To help us awaken during this time as this is the Great Alignment Awakening Time.

Each is connected to the Great Awakening Story; our evolution story of mankind. Our personal and collective evolution is involved and each one of us needs to understand our awakening journey as now Divine is asking us to make a choice, or at least consider the choices being offered, even for those who choose to not believe in spirituality.

Each person is involved here upon our earth dimension. Our awakening story goes well beyond our earth dimension to our distant past as all things are an illusion. This is what the Great Star Beings desire us to know.

Nothing is what it seems on our plane and time is also an illusion. ‘Reality,’ doesn’t exist upon our plane. Nothing exists like we think it does except beams of light which we are being asked to explore.

Our human consciousness is more powerful than we realize. Together we are the ‘creators,’ and this is our awakening story. Here we explore the strength of our power and how we have created our illusion of pain and fear together over many, many lifetimes.

Our greater task then, once we discover the power of collective consciousness is how to heal to become stronger beings in order to come back to the love foundation to create peace and love for ourselves and for each other. This is why the messages come to us. They are asking us to Awaken.

Many teachings are coming in at this time from Divine also asking us to understand our ancient past and asking us to please understand that we are connected to our past. Our past involves our current time line and our future paths. 
These crop circle messages relate to us the common theme,


As a channel I am guided to speak to you through words and vibrations. These vibrations awaken you on a deep cellular level to help you remember who you truly are. You are a being from the past. You are a star being. We do not originate from planet earth as many believe we do. According to the higher teachings, we certainly do not come from the monkey as many believe on this earth.

This planet, our earth, is called by Star Beings (and also CAEAYARON speaks about this in his teachings), the *in-between planet.*

We are beams of light, projecting our thoughts to each other in the hope that we awaken each other.

What is beautiful is that the crop circle images, the messages from star beings above, are like vortexes. They sing a song to us to awaken. They do not stand still as we think they do and each one has a key, a vibration for our awakening.

Each crop circle message is a unique vibrational experience. Even though the crops are harvested and the image disappears in the physical dimension, the images still stay in the vibrational spaces so if you are clairvoyantly gifted, you may just see the image up above you as it is large and constantly rotates, playing and singing a tune to you.

Each message has unique vibrational messages; messages that go very deep into our cellular memories and levels. None of them are simple as all layers are multidimensional, as we are too multidimensional.

⭐Theme of this crop circle message: The fall of dimensions

In our first message, which I was guided to share with you, is the message of how all our dimensions and planets fell greatly due to large star wars over power taking place. If you scroll down this facebook page, you will see the power struggles in the universe in the messages from the stars.

⭐Yellow pendulum image: Here you see a pendulum type image showing how all frequencies suddenly fell from the higher love dimensions of no limitation and freedom to denser stages.

⭐Because of the fall, time-space changed within the universe. No longer did we understand ‘freedom.’ As a result we discovered struggles and density. After many struggles in our space-time dimensions of falling we ‘fell’ greatly and became human. We fell into our dense DNA system, suffering from disease and amnesia states.

⭐The blue circular lines being hurtled down: Signifies the dimensional fall downwards with unknown velocity and with unknown destination.

⭐The rectangular shapes at the end of the circular lines: Are weights at the bottom of the circular lines. They show the speed at which the dimensions fell. The shifts were rapid and sudden. Time shifted. The universal balance shifted. Universal forces shifted and changed.

⭐The circular shape at the bottom of the middle circular line: Shows the slow down, almost like a landing. It slowed down. It also works like a balancer depicting where the others fall with the force created in the universe. Depending on where they would fall would depend on their evolution struggle back upwards and their lessons for evolution.

Please move on to message 2 which is part of the same theme, also posted on this facebook page.

Sending you much love and light, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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