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The growth of our consciousness, the human’s choice, evolution to reach deeper or staying limited? Creating our own reality.
Post on Facebook 22 August 2016

Following on from the butterfly, the being we are and how we can transform into beauty and love, giving love and light to all our earth and spreading the deep gifts within us, we also have the choice to stay very limited in our own thought zone.

Many crop circles explain the limited consciousness of our belief systems and some of the symbols are very deep.

Following our deeper evolution, within ourselves we have the keys to bring love and light to our plane.

Our plane has many dimensions, which we cannot always see with the human eye.

This circle for instance, shows how complex our own dimensions are, not only as a dimension here upon our plane with many dimensions of growth, but also the multidimensional aspect self, for everything is an illusion, and we ourselves are an illusion, though we think we truly exist upon our plane.

We are here to understand deeper consciousness, deeper awareness and deeper discovery.

What is limitation for instance?

What is deeper growth?

What are our gifts, for they are hidden deep below the surface of our being because of our fear, again limiting us to grow into our deeper self with gifts we have to create greater love for ourselves and for all humans.

Star beings, call crop circles also Star Circles, as they are messages from the stars. Each of the circles are urging us to awaken to our true self, our beautiful self, which doesn’t only live upon the earth as the physical being, but also on the higher dimensions.

Thus, this circle is very deep and the deeper you understand yourself as a beautiful being, the more meaning this has.

It describes our human evolution greater as there are many stages of our evolution and is encouraging us to think, as all crop circles, or star circles do.

They encourage us to think and then to examine our belief systems.

Where are we stuck with our thoughts? Will we let it go with the flow as the shape of the circles encourage us to grow and to flow, to see our different possible realities?

It also shows we are infinite beings. The squares on the outside of the circles show our limited thinking and all thoughts which try and hold us down into our limited selves, whereas, when we learn to explore ourselves greater, we can truly reach within us greater and become more of flow, of growth and of deeper understanding.

This is true evolution, when we can grow into our full beauty and shine to others. Again we shine in our greater butterfly forms, without restrictions, having the courage to go deeper into all meanings.

All symbols, all messages reflect a greater part back to itself because of the illusion, and nothing is true reality.

Our reality is constantly created by our self beliefs and those beliefs are either unlimited like the flows of the circles, or limited like the little dense squares.

We all create our reality, where some see darkness, others see light, and it is now time to free ourselves into love and beauty, to allow ourselves to explore greater and see the greater self of our being, which is illustrated by the circles.

We are here to understand and explore our multidimensional selves and our greater gifts and come into the greater flows of knowledge and gifts, which are totally unlimited, to create a new reality for all of us.

This is showing how deep we are as human beings. Nothing we think is real is really real. For there are deeper truths to all truths, and all dimensions have truth and on our dimension mysteries are being revealed right before us.

However, the question is posed, are we ready to go deeper within the knowledge of the infinite expression of our being to see what is before us?

Or will we stay closed and boxed in like the little squares.

As you can see, the little squares have no growth. There is no expansion. Whereas the human who desires to understand themselves to grow into greater growth, has greater vision, greater understanding and is constantly growing into higher consciousness because they can see reality from all aspects.

This is much higher consciousness than the human who carries on life within the small dense box, for they do not see too much at all outside of their lives.

It is about understanding ourselves, reaching within ourselves and having the courage to go deeper within us.

On the deeper level you could look at a whole other aspect, the greater multidimensional self part of a greater being, creating different parts of self expression of unlimitless and limited beings to create higher aspects to grow with and evolve with.

In reality there is no separation and all perspectives are illusion because we all exist within the one.

Namaste, love and light and eternal blessings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤