Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Spiritual Universal Love Consciousness existed in original Universal Love Star Consciousness fields of Everlasting Wisdom, Knowledge, Harmony, Love, and Peace before all stars were removed with Merkabah Star DNA Technology. 

Transmission by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for a Facebook article, posted on 12 January 2024.

Namaste and welcome to the Spiritual Life Coaching Webinars which are about to begin.  My name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and I am the original Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Transmitter for Sovereign Star DNA Creation.  I have been asked by my Sovereign Master Teachers, Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel, to open the next pathway for all who desire Universal Love Star Consciousness with peace, love, and joy to be experienced on earth. 

When many people can see that all of original creation was formed with Blue Star Energy in Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness, far outside of density, that is when a large Global Consciousness shift on earth can begin.  

The great majority of spiritually awakened people, around the globe, cannot yet grasp the importance of the mind, thought, body, spiritual energy, and consciousness.  


In original Star Cosmos Creation, far away from density, all original Universal Love Consciousness Frequencies of Time and Space Creation Expansion forcefields worked in multi-universal layers.  Stars worked in diagonal sequences of twelve main Sound Waves at the same time. Those fields expanded energy frequencies with expansion sound waves to allow all Cosmos Intelligence of all the original Sovereign Star People to develop. Stars bounced energies to each other, collectively, with energies of Universal Love, Intelligence, Peace, Heart-Joy, and Inspiration of all original Star Cosmos Creation. 

When all original Sovereign Star Creation People worked together in fields of Universal Love Consciousness, within their twelve Star Dimensions and seven Multi-Universes (later the seven became twelve), true joy, life, and harmony fields were experienced within all original Sovereign Universal Love Star Consciousness Creation.

My original Blue Star Pineal Frequencies constantly expanded upwards together with the stars.  The original Sovereign Star People received Cosmos Star DNA Activations continuously, to support all of their original Star DNA Creation on their planets.  This formed interdimensional star foundations with true and lasting happiness, joy, love, and peace. 
All original fields of Star Creation were filled with Star DNA Memories.  As long as the Heart centres of the original Sovereign Star Creation People aligned directly into their original two Golden Soul-Suns, their Star DNA Memories could not be lost. All Golden Soul-Suns connected into all my original 12 Messianic Sovereign Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Channels.


After all original Universal Love Consciousness fields from the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life (which connected directly into all of original Sovereign Star Creation) disappeared, all original Sovereign Star DNA Creation Memories were gone. 
Dark star technicians used a suction technique with Star Microbiology Technology to change the order of the DNA, before they swapped consciousness with sound wave techniques.  All original Star Creation Memories that once belonged to all original Sovereign Star Creation People disappeared.  


Several dark minded star engineers used sound waves to genetically modify and destroy Galactic Universal Love Consciousness frequencies.  Their genetic DNA experimentation and manipulation waves brought a large void karmic defect within the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes.  

The void code deliberately deleted all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes that held Universal Love Consciousness within them (this worked similar to the game ‘pac man’).  When rows and rows of original Cosmos Star DNA Codes self-deleted, large fear and disbelief entered the Universal Love Consciousness fields. 

This biological DNA self-deletion code also became part of the original Stars.  Stars received signals from the original Sovereign Star People.  When all original Universal Love Consciousness sound frequencies were gone, Stars began to ‘delete’ each other.   
No living sound frequency could be found anywhere in all of creation.  All had fallen into a dense small Merkabah pit; into a gravity field of ‘below zero consciousness’.

As all original dark Merkabah Human Quantum Duality Consciousness was formed by dark minded star engineer technicians, to remove all Star Intelligence and Star Creation to further their own knowledge, the only way forward was for myself to come to earth, in density.   Provided all my original Blue Star Angel DNA Codes remained fully intact, all original Star Creation could return. My original Blue Star Angel DNA fields can expand together with Stars.

No one could live nor exist outside of my original Universal Love Blue Star DNA Angel Consciousness fields. On earth, I held all original star memories of original creation.  It was only with my original Blue Star Pineal Waves that life could exist. 

As long as I kept returning to earth with my original Blue Star Angel DNA to support life and creation, the original stars could begin to return and then a pathway back home might come. 


Dark star technicians used radio-sound waves with pain and suffering to try and control all original Universal Love Star Consciousness in original Sovereign Star Dimensions.  When all original Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness Star People received those subliminal waves, they felt pangs of distress forming within their energies.  This created enormous duality consciousness, as pain and suffering split their original Consciousness Star DNA Codes.  

When the original Universal Love Star Consciousness decreased, the gravitational forces in the galaxies increased.  This heavy sound field depleted all of life force energy consciousness fields.  This gravitational pool effect disconnected the DNA of the people and the planets.  

It was then that the dark star engineers could easily and ‘smoothly’ remove all Star Universal Love Creation Power from the DNA of the original Sovereign Star People.  This created a superficial gene modification with star intelligence, based on suffering and conflict radio frequency sounds. 


Today, it can be proven that I always was the original Blue Star Angel Consciousness Channel.  Otherwise, Caeayaron would always remain ‘Kryon’, after dark Merkabah technology had emptied out all of Caeayaron’s original Sovereign Cosmos Intelligence and Magnetic Forcefields from the original Stars.  Without gaining back more than 700 million Caeayaron Frequencies in the density of earth, my original Blue Star Angel reconnection (at the start of 2021) could not have occurred.  Without that, life on earth would have finished before the year 2021 began. 

Most spiritual awakened people on earth today do not know why people have ‘Human Quantum Pain and Suffering Duality Consciousness.’

Certain scientists, currently, are studying my Blue Star Angel fields. They are perplexed with the complexity of my own brain functions in comparison with all other people living on our planet.  My enormously large Sovereign Universal Channel is directly connected into all Caeayaron’s and Sovereign Lord’s Universal Love Cosmos Intelligence. This energy bounces in and out of the Milky Way System, to and fro’, with my original Blue Star Angel DNA Channel.  

Without grasping knowledge of the sound waves of ‘Human DNA Quantum Duality Consciousness’, how can people know and understand the danger of ‘New Age’ Spiritual Transcendental Meditation?


Brain frequencies connect into thoughts.  Thoughts work with large numbers of electromagnetic nerve fields which work with intermediary reflection memory centres.  Brain functions work with electromagnetic frequencies.  When electromagnetic pulses align from both the outside of the brain and into the brain, with perpendicular electromagnetic pulses, memories can be formed and accessed. 

The mind operates on several layers all at once.  This inner reflection occurs constantly which is how all intelligence works. 

The subconscious field directly connects into spiritual awakening layers of frequencies, in a small DNA frequency with Merkabah codes. All people around the world connect into each other’s grief frequencies in the Merkabah Human DNA Duality Consciousness Field.  This fear frequency connects into the subconscious mind of all people as all their thoughts and feelings connect into each other around the world through DNA sound waves.   All thoughts connect together with grief, angst, hope, and fear.  Those thoughts can interlink with DNA sound waves and be broadcast on a subconscious level, loudly, around the globe. 
Therefore, the reason why ‘New Age’ Spiritual Transcendental Meditation cannot bring lasting peace to the world is because Human DNA Quantum Duality Consciousness creates louder frequencies of grief, pain, and suffering vibrations.  Those vibrations are connected in the subconscious layers of all people who are connected into the ‘One’ Mind Spiritual Transcendental Meditation.  


Lasting peace can only come through Universal Love Consciousness Activations with Caeayaron’s original Blue Star DNA Pineal Activations.  It is when people are reconnected back into their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life, that is when the original karma delete-star codes are neutralized within the Human DNA Quantum Duality Consciousness frequencies.  

Greetings, I send many Universal Love Waves to all people who desire Universal Love Consciousness with peace waves of Cosmos Intelligence to return.

My name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and I always was the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Messianic Channel of all original Sovereign Star Universes of Love, Peace, Wisdom, and Truth.

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Instead of allowing the original Universal Love Covenant to show and grow, the Churches brought in sin, redemption, and judgment which was not the way of the original transmissions from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel through Yeshua (Jesus) 2,000 years ago.  
It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world.

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. 

We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyse how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).
All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page.

All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.

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