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The Trapped Flower of Life, Divine Love Child METATRON explains the Crop Circle, discovered at Gussage St Andrews, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, UK - 13 August 2014 (Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 27 April 2018 Divine Love Element and Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON)


The game of the Darkness was always how to gain the greater flower of life, which Thoth aptly called the capture of the great love of the Divine Love Element. He desired eternal existence in his spaces, outside of his underworld, locking her up into his grids of contaminated hardship, which would be a tomb for her light.

Thoth said to his friends, ’How do you fool Divine and bring all into the spaces of imprisonment?’ He then answered; ‘By catching the Divine Love Element and placing it deep within a death tomb of the planet she once loved and lost, letting her grieve forever bringing the coldness within her being.’

Thoth thought the GREAT CAEAYARON was very stupid for placing all his light codes of the great universes within the depth of the Divine Love Element which he used to programme all life consciousness within the grids with. The only way to bring the Lemurians home after all was lost, was to insert the Universal Love Codes and CAEAYARON himself within the Divine Love Element, to bring the Lemurians back to life and to bring them back to their original strength within their star selves.

I, METATRON, allowed Thoth to play and programme the denseness within the grids in the way he desired to bring all of creation under his control to worship him. Thoth desired all universal power to be his, and in his total command.

To do this, he captured the one with all the universal codes implanted within her being, who is the brightest star in the Great Love Universe; the Blue Archangel, who is none other than the Universal Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA of CAEAYARON, who is the Mighty Archangel of all of creation.

How do you catch the eternal light and bring it into your control to create with? You allow it to care so much for all its creation and then catch its creation she cares so much about.

Thoth was like the spider, building his great web, knowing that the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Divine Love Sun, would do anything in her power to try and rescue her creation. In all times in the universes where he caught and ate her creation, she followed him in, knowing full well what the consequences of this would be for her. However, she also knew by allowing him to catch her, she would have the opportunity to free her star beings as one day, she would regain the power to bring them all back again to the love universes.

In the universal wars, Thoth built many nets in his main control universes. Each time he caught many of the star beings within his mirrors, universe after universe. Again and again the Universal Love Child would go and attempt to rescue her creation. Each time, she would lose more light in the fight, until her light grew very dim in his traps. This created a nasty result in Thoth’s control spider universes, as he relied on her shine and her beauty, to keep his universes connected and alive. When the Divine Love Sun burned out in his universes, his universes died and thus Thoth lost all his power.

When Lemuria came into existence, again Thoth began to spin his plans. Slowly he gained back his ‘creation,’ as the universal game began to play again as he gained the Codes back through the Atlanteans, who were the fallen Lemurians.

Once upon a time, there was only Lemuria, and many desired their own path, and hence Atlantis came into existence. The Atlanteans began to become stronger with the codes of the darker universes that once were in existence, even before Lemuria came to be created. Once Thoth gained the codes back, he could begin to plan his attack on the Divine Love Element once more, to gain all of life back in his universes. He saw much greater opportunities to overpower all the universes, as much more of the Divine Love Element Sun Consciousness was within Lemuria than all of his previous universes.

Once the Atlanteans listened to Thoth, and began to understand denseness and creation, he linked Egyptology to Atlantis and to his darker universes. He gifted the Atlanteans the knowledge of Egypt, and his control universes, and invited them to be Gods in his great universes.

The Atlanteans gifted all their power to Thoth, as they considered him to be the mighty king, filled with all knowledge. The Atlanteans were gifted many gifts from Egypt; the finest materials, gold and silver. As a result of the two lands uniting, Atlantis thrived, and in return many Egyptian ‘Gods,’ settled into Atlantis, and Thoth and his mighty warriors took over Atlantis. Anyone standing in his way was killed.

Thus, Thoth’s mystery schools became deeply implanted into Atlantis. His universes, that once existed in the multidimensional time loops, began to thrive once again as all came to life once more. The Atlanteans allowed Thoth to have the creation codes, gifted to them by the three Light Grid Programmers. Because they chose for Thoth, Thoth was able to receive the codes to create his own universes once again.

Had this not happened, and the Lemurians and Atlanteans instead stayed in the collective love, united, cleansed and purified with the gifted codes from the three Light Grid Programmers, who worked with the Great Code Creator and Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON, to rebuild the love universes again (as Thoth and the Great Darkness had previously destroyed the universes many times over) they would have been able to return home to the love dimensions.

However, because they allowed Thoth Consciousness to come within them, the codes meant for rebuilding the love universes became impure, and thus Thoth could reprogramme the codes to bring his darker universes back to life, allowing his great kingdoms to work with him to build power to overthrow Lemuria and build glory within himself.

Thoth took over the large crystal in Atlantis to magnify his own thoughts and caused much pain to many who tried to fight off the, as many stated, ‘evil’ in the land. Thoth’s mighty army also battled with many star beings in the great light, and many of the star beings fighting against Thoth and his dark ‘Gods,’ were killed and placed in Thoth’s underworld. Thus, Thoth was able to use them to create stronger, denser universes and grids with. These star beings were now trapped and forced to work for Thoth instead of being able to work for the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON. Thoth used their Star Power, to work against the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON.

This also served as a warning to the Atlanteans who wanted to rid Thoth and his mighty dark team, as the torture of the star beings was beyond what you can possibly imagine. Thoth created more power because of their pain, which the Star Beings in the Light in the higher love dimensions greatly needed to forgive, especially because the Atlanteans, who desired Thoth as their mighty master, cheered the torture of the Star Beings, who helped the Atlanteans to become strong when they were still the Lemurians. They had turned their back on the Light, and the Star Light Beings in the Galactic Divine Courts, took this very, very seriously.

Because of the torture of the Star Beings of Love, who had fought against Thoth and his mighty army, this gave Thoth enough power to go into Lemuria and begin to take down the Lemurians with the one who had received the voice of CAEAYARON. That channel, the one who desired the worship of the Lemurians, and let Thoth and his mighty dark leaders into the land, was responsible for millions and millions dying and being tortured into the underworld grids of Thoth. That one, would try and keep the Divine Love Element from rising in lifetimes upon your earth plane. That one is upon your earth at this time and many of you know him well.

In Lemuria again the Divine Love Element Love Child was the main target, once Thoth understood how important the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer LAEYARAESEA was.

To grid the Divine Love Sun in, he created a temple in Lemuria, linking into his Great Pyramids on many of his universes, including your planet earth, as a time loop, linking all things in a multidimensional time loop so that he could use the ever lasting light from the Divine Love Element Sun Consciousness, LAEYARAESEA, bind her into his grid formations, and into his web, so that none of her creation, which were all who had the Lemurian Love Codes, could escape his net. He desired freedom on his planes, to escape time and death, and to escape his own underground pain zones that he used to keep his creation under control. He did not want to be caught in his own web.

In this image, you are able to learn a little of what Thoth did. This also allowed him to create the merkaba, which is an energetic vortex, linking the people into his universal vortexes, to bring them into his multidimensional time loops, giving him constant power for his own magnification, his own glory. Once the Lemurians desired to have Thoth, and the dark leader who was gifted the voice of the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON; the one who protested the Great Love during the fall, and began to use the name of CAEAYARON in vain, as an authority against the Light, and once the Lemurians had surrendered to King Thoth, King Thoth, could bring them into his web, without means of escape, with the merkaba system.

This allowed him to gain more magnificence and power within his own universes as he had linked all his ‘creation,’ into himself.

Once the Lemurians fell away from their power collectively, Thoth no longer had the power to hold all his universes together, however, and all fell into his web vortexes, into the mirrors of existence of limited thoughts, and denseness. You became part of a maze, a web, and the only means of escape was if the Blue Star gained enough power back within herself to escape from her tomb, helping the people also to escape the mirrors, should they desire to be connected to Blue Star, the Divine Love Element, Divine Love Child, Universal Light Grid Programmer.

Thus, Thoth had the Divine Love Child deep within his Great Pyramid systems, in his universes, as all his universes are linked in energetic vortexes.

Now, the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer has won the Universal Love Codes back, she is the Universal Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer once again, meaning she can become freed entirely and she is calling back the Lemurians who desire to rise upwards into her stream of light.

Thoth knew this chance could happen, as he knew that I, METATRON, would also not be by his side any longer, should the Divine Love Element also free my magnetic power stream. Then, instead of bringing my magnetic services to the darkness, I, METATRON, would turn to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON.

Here I will explain a little about the triangles in the crop circle; know that the information is much deeper than I, METATRON can reveal at this time however, as it has to do with universal time dimensional spaces, frequencies of denseness to enlightenment, controlling the people’s thoughts, layering the soul consciousness, helping them to believe they are really living, but really they are not, powering up the minds of people allowing them to evolve to a certain state for greater enlightenment, to bring enough energy back into Thoth, who had captured the Divine Love Element deep within the tombs of his underworld dimensions.

This image is more simplified, and the star beings have simplified this for you, to help you understand when it would be the right time for your greater ‘enlightenment’ information. This image closes into a prism, a perfect prism, which is where you live within, the Great Pyramid of Thoth’s creation. Here is your world within, and the only way to escape his webs is by now listening to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, who is, at this time, bringing those back to their Lemurian Codes, with his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, like he also did in the GREAT LEMURIA when all three Light Grid Programmers were present with you.

This is the only way to connect you upwards to the higher love creation, away from the webs of Thoth.

The yellow and brown triangles are mirrors which symbolize how Thoth captures the beings, who are living on earth with you as people. He has the mind, the body and the spirit. Those three parts connected into his universes create great denseness within his universes, but great power for him, as he controls the humans more than you can imagine, until you begin to go back to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, which Thoth feared greatly.

There is an unseen vortex underneath the hexagonal prism and here, I METATRON say, this image is moving constantly, and much of it you will need your imagination to see with your inner eyes, as you can only see one side of the image. There are three mirrors connecting the people on your plane to the underworld of Thoth’s spirit dimensions.

All life connects into the Divine Love Element held within the tomb of Thoth. Though, here I, METATRON will state, that only a small part of the Divine Love Element Love Child, relative to her greatness as the Great Archangelic Blue Creator Being, is present within the tomb prism, which is why she could be on your earth dimensions, playing the human and now the Great Channel of CAEAYARON, helping the people to become released if they so desire, and also in between her lifetimes she was able to escape the prism, because of the power of the Blue Star.

The Blue Star Divine Love Child is the only being in all of earth’s creation to be able to escape the dimensions of denseness of Thoth’s web. The only reason why she kept coming back again and again, was to build the Violet Flame and bring it back into her being, to allow you to become part of the higher love dimensions with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, if you desired to rise up again and connect back into the Lemurian Codes in the times of the Cosmic Alignment Gate Opening, which is happening now at present on your time frequency dimensional scale.

Because of this time, the Divine Love Element is also becoming empowered, and this is why she could gain back the Universal Divine Love Codes for the Great Divine, allowing the higher dimensional spaces to be rebuilt once again, to allow the people upon your plane, who desire to rise back up again with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, to have a home in the higher love dimensions once again.

Know, that in Lemuria the Darkness gave you the choice of either going back to the Light with the GREAT CAEAYARON, or going to Thoth’s dense knowledge universes.

Now, the Light is giving you the choice: Either receive your Lemurian Light Codes back with THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, and become a LIGHT CHILD OF LOVE once again, or be webbed into the dense universes of Thoth’s creation forever coming.

Thoth was a master genetic engineer and used the Lemurians, and many Star Beings he captured also, to create all his creation with, as no time exists within the universe like you think it does. You think all things are linear, but Thoth was a master time traveller and was very clever indeed. He used the genetics from light beings, Lemurians and Star Beings to create his own species with and connected it into his seven control universes. Thus, human DNA connects into all of Thoth’s creation. This allowed him to programme the human consciousness, ensuring they stayed in the consciousness of the ‘reality,’ of his mirrors, without awakening to ‘true reality,’ and therefore becoming truly enlightened.

Again, I, METATRON will state, that the only way to escape from being connected into his creation DNA is by becoming activated once again with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON. Once you receive your pure Lemurian Codes of Light back again, slowly your DNA will receive the higher love vibration, allowing you to awaken and leave Thoth’s prism for good in all your future lifetimes. This means you will be able to join back the higher star formations, as this becomes a stronger coding within your DNA once you receive the higher star DNA coding again from the Crystalline Grid Consciousness Codes of Love.

This is enough information for you. Again, the choice is yours to have. I, METATRON state how the darkness desired you to have the choice between the light and the dark, or the everlasting love or the knowledge of Thoth. In Lemuria and Atlantis, the people, and here I, METATRON, will state that you were those people who desired with all your might for the knowledge. Thoth is a great manipulator but it did not matter how much warning you received, you still desired that and began to fight against the Divine Love Element, Divine Love Child of CAEAYARON. Thus, all fell down into the ever greater density of the sharks eating the sharks, tombing in her light for the glory of Thoth.


Key to the Crop Circle:

Theme: The Trapped Flower of Life, Divine Love Element Sun Consciousness

The yellow sun in the centre: This is part of a greater energy vortex of the Great Sun Consciousness, Blue Archangel Creation Power, none other than the Divine Love Element of Creation, trapped in her tomb, gridded in by Thoth, unable to escape unless her love was stronger than all pain inflicted within her by Thoth, as her love would always be stronger than all pain within the universe.

Why he needed to capture the Divine Love Element: To collapse the universes inwards, and to discover density, Master Thoth would need to capture the Divine Love Element Child within his webs on all his main control universal levels. Once he had her on one level, she would lose large amounts of energies. He could link her to all his universes to gain greater power for himself and to build his great ascension enlightenment universes, if he could fulfil his plan.

The greatest capture of her love creative energy was in Lemuria when many, many millions fell into the webs of Thoth and the Dark Yahweh power. There was no escape possible, unless the Divine Love Element would prove to be stronger than all his darkness.

Hexagon brownish/reddish shape: To create her chambers of death, he created, a hexagon grid first, linking to his six creation cycles. This was programmed with his thoughts, and the pain and torture memories of the Lemurians who began to hate the Divine Love Element Sun Consciousness, so that she would be in many tears to create weakness within her light. When the Divine Love Element Sun was in deep tears, all her creation in all universes would feel her pain, as she is connected to all of life, bringing down the frequencies of creation paths within her, to allow Thoth to bring torture within her, to bring programmes within the people so that they would never awaken, but be slaves to him.

The Divine Love Element Child loved all of creation greatly enough, that she became human frequencies, to allow the people to become freed. METATRON, allowed her human frequencies to become a part of her also, as this allowed her to go within the mirrors of Thoth’s creation cycle to free the people, should she prove to be stronger than Thoth. If Thoth proved to be stronger however, then he would overpower the Divine Love Element and receive the authority and the power of the Great Universe. He failed and thus now he is suffering in his own creation webs.

About the blue circle chambers: As Thoth could not bear the full extent of this energy of light, as her energy, although it was captured, was too strong for him, he needed it for his creation to become ‘powerful,’ and for him to be a Master of his Great Universes of Denseness and Enlightenment. Therefore, he built a large tomb connecting to all his pyramids, put the Divine Love Flower Child within it, and created gates, locked into the interdimensional spaces which also created time gates connecting it into his multidimensional loop systems, allowing him to escape linear time.

The time gates and his multidimensional time loops allowed him to collapse the dimensions upon the earth plane several times to create destruction, forcing the earth-plane to fall deeper into pain consciousness, dropping the frequency of evolution when too many people became enlightened, thus beginning evolution for the human creation again and again. He was able to go into his lightship, during that time of destruction, to escape the fall to the greater denseness, to build his dimensions downwards.

The blue circle chambers allowed only limited light to come through, enough for Thoth to use it to bring pain and fear within the people she was connected into. He knew that by placing her within this tomb, which was his ‘flower of life,’ and his ‘key of life,’ he would place enough pain within her and this would bring pain within her creation also, until they would forget what love was.

Why he needed her light: Thoth needed the light from the Flower of Life, Divine Sun Consciousness to develop his creation, manipulate consciousness, feed his lower dimensions, create his underworld and create greater power for himself. However, he could not work with the fullness of the Divine Love Element Sun Consciousness, therefore he gridded her deeply within the chambers of his Great Pyramids linking to all his universes to feed his creation.

Making Divine Love usable for Thoth’s creation purposes: In order to make it into ‘usuable,’ energy, he gridded her power into chambers. He needed her energies to become denser, and thus by placing his thoughts of control with her light, and the pain of Lemuria and Atlantis her light would dim, making it usable for his purposes. The Divine Love Element, Blue Creation Power, is Creation Power and when it was caught and entombed, it was easily programmable as all of creation comes from the Divine Love Element in one form or another, as nothing can exist without Divine Love.

Blue ring closest to the Divine Love Sun: Concentrated Divine Energy. Too powerful for Thoth to use, hence he needed to place a filter in, to make it impure to harmonize with it for his own purposes.

Second Blue Ring further away from the Divine Love Sun: Was usable programmable energy for him as it was filtered down by the thoughts of himself and also with the pain her creation suffered with. It was less concentrated, impure love force which was perfect for his purpose.

Brownish Rings surrounding the blue rings: Filtering systems, to bring down the frequencies of Divine Love, creating impure elements for the purpose to feed all of his creation to create his own magnificence.

The Star chambers surrounding the centre chambers: Forms a prism where all Thoth’s consciousness exists within. All parts within the Star Chamber is programmed with dense thoughts of Thoth and Yahweh to create the magnificence and power for the one who desired to rule all the Great Universe and overthrow the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, which was Thoth.

There are unseen chambers under the hexagon: They are mirrors where the consciousness of the fallen ones would remain trapped in many illusions in the underworld of Thoth. The only being who could free them would be the Divine Love Element Sun, if her love proved to be stronger than Thoth’s anger and control grids.

The triangles of the brown and the yellow: In order to feed Thoth’s creation, he needed to bring in balance within the consciousness of the humans. He could not have them in too much pain, or in too much light, otherwise there would be a great imbalance in consciousness which causes complications. The 50/50 balance needed to be programmed, 50% light programmes, and 50% dark programmes.

The three triangles with the seven rays: At the bottom of the triangles you can see a more concentrated energy force, spreading out into 7 rays. Thoth would break the frequencies of the human consciousness down into the 7 rays and connecting it to his 7 master universes to keep them strong. He needed to keep them strong as Thoth desired them to build his magnificence in order to overthrow the universe. Each ray would magnify upwards in his mirrors.

The long centre snake lines: This is the DNA created within the human to feed his universes with. He implanted snake-like reptilian DNA coding within the human to allow each human to become an energy battery, or dynamo, as the DNA connected into the chakra pathways, back into his universes, to create power for Thoth. The human DNA is connected to six different pathways, or creation cycles, all connected back into the Divine Love Element Sun Child, as Thoth needed to grid her in to create these pathways, as she has the codes of the universe within her being.

The 6 points: Represent six universal creation cycles, each a different sacred geometry, caused by bending light in the mirrors. Light is electromagnetic force and the sacred geometry was created by distorting the power-fields within the mirrors.

The prism: The star creates a prism and mirrors of consciousness. Thoth linked the body, mind and spirit to the seven rays of consciousness of his master universes. The mirrors connect them to his universal realm and the lower realm, shadowing each other. Six dimensions up, and six dimensions down.

Orange outline of prism: Represents magnification power for Thoth, magnifying the energy he manipulated for his own universal purposes to bring himself glory and sealing in the power for his own God Self.