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‘Energy evolves,’ Translation of crop circle at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, 30 June 2006 by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤
Article posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 8 September 2016
Namaste and welcome to the next lesson of a crop circle. This crop circle takes us deeper into understanding energy flows as all in existence is about energy evolution. Everything spirals, including our own energy body. Nothing ever stops expanding. Nothing ever stops growing for all grows and expands constantly.

Here are two energy spirals and both show how they feed off each other, powering each other up and growing with each other to learn and become more perfect. They mirror and program each other in complex ways, showing possibilities and expansive equations to each other.

If you were to look within the vortex, you wouldn’t see the vortex going straight up. You would see it on a lean.

Nothing is truly separate, for separatism doesn’t exist within the universe and nothing else other than thought, which is energy, exists either, for all has begun with a thought and still is a thought.

Dimensions shift, energies grow and expand and greater dimensions are created again and again, until it, the energy, gains such a shift and a growth within its expansive self to create another universe of greatness.

All begins with a simple thought of energy, but energy always expands. Why? Because it seeks to understand itself greater and therefore it evolves into strength and greatness until it is able to birth itself once again in a greater sense and this is how universes begin to become created.

Energy vortexes are very great with intention and purpose. It isn’t a thing. It isn’t nothing. All energy vortexes have strength and consciousness. It relates to other energetic vortexes and creates higher purpose together. It feeds from each other, creating greater dimensions of growth and understanding, all pursuing one thought and that is to achieve ultimate strength and perfection to create greater than it already has created in the past.

Energy can expand also into the future, as future does not exist; neither does the past and neither does time as we know it. Thus all energy can go backwards or forwards into ‘time’ or to achieve a particular purpose. It is determined to grow and expand and it desires to stay on track.

When we look within the energy vortex we might see nothing, but it is filled with magnetism, too powerful for our own bodies. This magnetism is pure creative force and it is found all over the universe. It is drawn upon to create greater forces and is able to be used to go to other places within the universe also.

When we begin to understand the power of the universe and the intelligence of the universe, it is then we begin to understand the meaning of greater power. However, our consciousness could not possibly begin to comprehend the power of the universe and we are not permitted by the higher star beings to understand the true power of magnetism at this stage in our evolution, because we would abuse it and destroy our planet, including the planets surrounding us. This is pure creative force and might.

It is able to be used to shift dimensions and also time, for time does not exist within the vortexes of these energy chambers, as it were. They are not empty but filled with records of the past, present and the future of all dimensions. It understands its own power and it patiently waits until the power is strong enough to create more.

Namaste, I always send you love, light, joy and healing flows, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤