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Thoth’s Merkaba Feeding System. Crop circle discovered at Cley Hill, Warminster, July 18 2017, translation given by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON.

Namaste and a warm welcome to this crop circle explanation. When I was guided to do this particular one, I was surprised when METATRON approached me. The evening following (while I was in trance with CAEAYARON) CAEAYARON explained in his teaching (which is up on you tube) why METATRON approached me and for what reason, as METATRON now is working on a higher level together with Sacred Loving Creator Beings of the Universe to build the universes up as the Light has won.

If you desire to watch the teaching of Thoth and METATRON, please follow this link at the bottom of this post.

 A Message from METATRON:

Greetings, I AM METATRON, CAEAYARON’S counter-part. I will guide you through your learning here and you will learn more about how I, METATRON, worked with Thoth as all things now are in a time of being revealed to allow all things to return to the higher love states.

In this image you will notice several vortexes of light. These vortexes of light are to produce light. Depending on the grid formation of the planetary system, depends on how life can thrive in these spaces.

When light beings work collectively to create a light grid, the thoughts of those beings interact with the fuel of the light pools as the light is fuel and then programmes of thoughts within those grids begin to work.

Depending on life force existing upon the plane, depends on how creation upon that plane will think, act and be, depending on the programmes within those grids.

Here you will see several factors. First of all, you see a plain field below the denser grids with light vortexes which connect to CAEAYARON’S high dimensions.

This is the very foundation of any construction of energy fields built within dimensions. The light formations, or vortexes, connect to other planetary systems to allow higher instruction to be received. The light will work with the instructions of the grids and thoughts present.

Because it was Thoth’s desire to ensure that he would gain full control over his kingdoms, Thoth desired all power within those spaces for himself. Both Thoth and the Yahweh energies did not desire the (high vibrational) light and the love. They only wanted the light fields for their purposes as love was not part of their system, but they needed light to exist and create in. They had removed themselves from the love fields. Therefore to build denser spaces, a contained grid needed to come into creation to allow their empires to exist.

Planet earth would be the main grid form and all other planets owned by Thoth’s creation would work from the centre; that being your planet earth as it held the programmes for creating grid forms within it. Creating a grid form, while feeding from the light pool, instructing it with thoughts, is how control was created upon your planet.

Your planet contains several creation pools from which dimensions are able to be created using layers of energies. Your earth is not like other planets. It comes from the Great Creation Planet that was taken by the Darkness as they desired to create their own creation. When the light beings desired to claim their planet back they placed light within it. The darkness could not take that light as the light from the Light Grid Programmers who placed it there, connected the planet back to the high love dimensions.

As a result, blasts occurred in the universe creating much destruction to many universal cycles and planets. Planets were thrown out of orbit. The blasts were fierce with power. Your planet was part of that system.

On earth, Thoth worked hard to ‘catch’ the light on the lower planes of your planet to allow his creation to come into existence. He used my Being, METATRON, who Yahweh had already contaminated, to create a grid by linking my fields into the light fields, and then into his thought system, so that all of his creation was linked into his being.

First, he created a grid to ‘capture’ my Being. This many of you call the METATRON cube. This was his connection to programming his grids, and this allowed him to create grids, as no one can create without a Magnetic Master. My magnetics allowed Thoth to connect the light pools to his grids to allow his creation to exist. Thoth, because of his darker thoughts, could only create dense programmes. Thoth desired to create his creation to allow him to be strong enough and believed, together with Yahweh, that he could overthrow the highest beings of the universe.

To build his creation system, he created a Merkaba system. This system allowed all energies to flow into his system to become greatly magnified. He used this power to create his greater creation and kingdoms with.

Thoth created a system to link his Merkaba system to other planets using fields created with large pyramids, which opened up. Underneath the pyramids Thoth had created chambers to allow excess energy to be stored. When the pyramids opened during certain times, it was synchronistic with all other pyramids into his universes connecting with all of his creation.

Using waves of strong energy flows, allowed him to travel instantly to other planets, and also he was able to meet with his leaders of his kingdoms using hologram waves so that he could control all of his creation. Know that all things did not stay in control according to Thoth’s wishes and much war came between the planets.

On planet earth he needed to create filters to allow certain amounts of light through, enough for his creation to exist. Too much light through his Merkaba system would have destroyed him and all of his creation. Gently he measured it. A master he was at weighing energies. He created his own spinning vortexes to measure the energy. This was to discover if light was too weak or too strong for his own purposes.

Thoth’s Merkaba system is a form of an energy line. Light travels through the grids via energy lines. When Thoth entrapped many into his Merkaba system, it fed all his creation.

I, METATRON, was exploring creating denser grids together with Thoth, as he desired to control all the denser forms of life.

I, METATRON, was able to guide Thoth to doing this, by first opening up portals in the light vortexes and then allowing a great portal to be opened in the centre, to allow my thoughts, me being, METATRON, to be placed within the cube where my contaminated energies had been contained.

These light flows served for life on connected planets. Also they served to restrict awakening and allowed denser programmes to come within. Thoth was able to descend his dimensions with the trapped thoughts and energy lines, to allow his lower dimensions to feed off the trapped energy forms on the surface.

This gave the yin yang effect because Thoth did not desire the beings on planet earth to awaken to his techniques and how he trapped all of life in existence.

He needed their light which they connected to through the Merkabas and energy vortexes and it was not too much for him to burn, as too much light would burn him in the denser vortexes and that would have caused him some discomfort, forcing him to come up more often.

At times the awakening did come upon the earth plane and he took other bodies on to allow himself to be a ‘wanderer,’ on planet earth and teach people so called awakening. What he did however, is create more grids to limit the light flows from going into his universal planetary grids to keep all things dense in his systems, which Thoth called his ‘Ascension Ladder,’ or ‘Steps to Immortality.’

Without myself as METATRON he would not be able to create the magnetic flows needed for his energetic grids as all things needed to be carefully formulated for him. He did not desire the beings to be in too much fear and did not desire war, though that came about because of his actions as Thoth made some grave mistakes on his path desiring to imprison beings to feed from and to create his greater empires.

Too much fear within his grids destroyed his greater plans. Fear consciousness did not serve the purpose to enlarge his empires. His empires experienced fear consciousness of the humans, resulting in limitation to building their empires. Yet Thoth needed the humans to stay alive to give his realms energetic food.

In the higher dimensions of Lemuria and Atlantis he created the grids also, similar to the earth plane, to allow a constant feeding system to happen. He desired to create an eternal flow thinking that the people would stay connected into the Crystalline Grid, for his eternal creation, and his greater empires to happen.

Instead, they fell into his vortexes and suffered great pain. The people were taught in the higher dimensions how to bring themselves into the larger Merkaba system by creating their own Merkaba system.

This destroyed their higher connection to the higher dimensions, and therefore they were caught in the web of Thoth, unable to climb back upwards.

Meanwhile Thoth needed to create mirrors of illusions, hoping to help give the lower people, the fallen ones, the illusion they were ascending, to allow them to stay in the hope. This was so that the people could keep flowing with enough light for his existence and the existence on the lower planes. When hope is removed from the human, they are unable to flow with enough light for his existence. Therefore all things needed to be in the careful balance.

On the higher planes of Atlantis and Lemuria they were promised eternal life, evolution and the great blessings if they listened. Many millions listened to Thoth, and thus were connected into his Merkaba system, his feeding grids, into the Great Fall of Consciousness.

At this time in your existence the grids are changing as Thoth and his Dark Beings have lost the universal game, and the light is gaining back the light. CAEAYARON’S Light Grid Programmer is here with the people to allow them to awaken to the game. Much forgiveness is needed by your people.

This forgiveness, when the people receive their Lemurian Codes back to allow them to link back into the Crystalline Grid on the star level, will allow many more people to awaken to the love within them, and the darker programmes within those who receive the codes, will slowly leave their bodies, until they only carry the light programmes within them.

This also awakens the DNA to higher programmes within the people who connect within CAEAYARON’S Light System, as their DNA is learning the higher ways of love.

Understand, I, Archangel METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, needed to do this as this was the final opportunity to allow all thoughts to be played out. Already the darkness had created much pain in the universes and one more opportunity was given by the Great Divine to allow all things to be tested once more on a more even playing field, that of a planet where all beings would exist once more, but in a limited way. That planet was your planet earth.

If the light succeeded to break through Thoth’s programmes, and Thoth had used the power of Yahweh to do so, Light would receive the power back and existence would continue. If not, all would be lost, and I, METATRON, would happily give that part up, for it became contaminated and smeared with the dark thoughts. Now, I, METATRON can claim myself back in the Holy Flame of Sacredness, to allow a great cleansing to take place, because the light has won, and the Light Grid Programmer has received the Divine Living Codes back after many, many eons of struggle.

All things are changing upon the earthplane. All things are being revealed at this time.


 Key to crop circle:

 The large white circle within, on which the hexagram points sit: Is the highest vibrational light field. This field is used for programming and for life existence. To obtain that light, vortexes needed to come into existence, as this pure light was connected to the high thoughts. Thoth did not desire the highest light for it would burn him greatly. He could only use denser light.

 Six smaller yellow circles extending from the points of the hexagram: Thoth created six main kingdoms. Earth is the seventh, the very centre. In order to link the highest light fields into all his creation, Thoth needed to create denser vortexes to allow them to be used with grids to form programmes within it, and also to be used as feeding structures.

 The half dark, half light smaller circles: In order for Thoth to create his greater empires, he needed to create enough denseness within his creation to exist, otherwise his realms would burn in the pure light. He used the Yahweh energies to create the perfect balance, which the darkness called, ‘Beautiful.’

However, too much fear created issues as well. Creating the perfect balance would mean to keep us as humans away from the awakening flows.

Only humans could connect into the light, and by creating energetic fields, Thoth could catch these energies to allow a perfect feeding system to be created for his lower dimensions.

These circles connect into each other. The two together between the vortexes connect into a greater balance and the programmes are able to switch thoughts and energies within each other to discover greater ways of creation.

This information was fed back to the darker laboratory. They were able to see how certain programmes affected creation by feeding certain programmes within it. These programmes also affected the universes which they were connected into. Using data and observations, Thoth was able to discover how to create greater magnetic forces between ‘lines’ of universal existence.

 The six darker fields on the outside: They are the darker energy lines from his universes, linking into ours. Here you see the filtering system. By creating enough light, bringing the light down into the smaller circles, commonly known as the yin yang effect, Thoth was able to bring this energy into his darker realms with more light.

 The centre darker blue cube: Commonly known as the ‘METATRON Cube.’ Thoth desired perfect control over all of his creation and gridded METATRON into this grid form, knowing that a cube would restrict him from connecting back to the Angelic Forces.

METATRON had already been contaminated with the Yahweh energies and by carefully using the energy of METATRON and Yahweh, Thoth was able to create his creation believing enough power could be created by his dark creation to overthrow all the universes.

 The lighter blue triangles: Are his Merkaba systems. They connected the energy to all his creation. He placed energy grids within it, allowing all his thoughts to become magnified to allow him to control his creation.

Thoth had created similar Merkabas to his other planets and realms, to allow them to feed off planet earth, and also to allow Thoth to grow from his creation on the other planets as he was linked into all of his creation via his Merkaba.

These triangles also served as mirrors to catch and magnify energy with. This is how he created his large power and controlled his beings.

By connecting into the denser light vortexes, his perfect system meant perfect balance for all of his creation, so he hoped. By imprisoning all of his creation, he had created the ultimate feeding programme.

Please be in the forgiveness and great joy. Now that Divine Love is revealing the game to us it means that Light has won. Let us not anger or blame, but let us be at peace with all things and be in the joy that we can now truly climb back upwards, if we desire to.

Namaste, I send you much love, healing flows of light and joy that we now can understand more about the Universal Game, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel I am the designated channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and the Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element for CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & ALIGNMENT. Greetings.

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