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'The Illusion of our life,' Crop Circle
Discovered at All Cannings, Wiltshire, UK - 30 June 2008,
Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel guided by the Galactic Federation of Light Society and Caeayaron (Kryon).
Namaste, I send you much love and light always. We live in an illusion and nothing that we see truly exists, except the light flows.
We don’t truly exist at all either, not in our human form as we think we do as we live in the higher thought system and we project our thoughts down into our world, to make it seem as if we are here.

We live in pure illusion. Interesting huh What we perceive to be as real, isn’t real at all, but because our brain translates it as solid because of how it interprets the light flows, it allows itself to think that it is truly here. The power of our brain is absolutely magnificent and we haven’t even begun to discover how important it is to our greater evolution upwards.

Here in this image, we are shown the illusion of our world. Yes, a prism. This is why we believe that we are here. The prism is in a form like mirrors, all reflecting back to each other. The light flows into the universe, with our thoughts from above collectively, to play in the game of balance to see if we remember our power within, and to see if we desire the greater love in the universe as all of us are involved here.

In our world, our illusional world, we can create what we desire to create. We are so powerful together as manifestors that we do not even appreciate it, or for a better word, know it. Whether we understand manifestation or not, or understand what light is, or understand the power of the love force within the universe, or understand our greater secrets within, we manifest all things upon our earth, collectively and individually.

Constantly we mirror our thoughts back to us. Here it shows both the light and the dark sides, showing that we can use it to create love and light upon our plane, or more shadows and judgement. It completely is left up to us.

The more that we evolve and the greater the true light from the Greater Heavens shine upon our earth, the more our illusion will become clear to us, as we are here to understand the power of the illusion.

The circles in the centre show another story of the illusion. How all things are not what it seems. For the darkness has looked like light all through the ages, but it wasn’t. It brought so much heartache to the people, all through the times. The light may have looked like darkness to many people too, as many light workers throughout the many ages have suffered as the darkness thought the light was dark and that the dark was light.

It truly is a time of greater reflection and deep forgiveness. It is a time to look within ourselves to see what we are creating within us, because we are prisms too, each one of us. We create our own reality with our thoughts, and we have mirrors too, constantly reflecting back what we believe on a deeper level to be.

Here, in this most beautiful image it shows that we can, when we want to work collectively, create a world of love and peace. It shows how powerful our thought system is.
It is interesting to note too that this prism shows how time and space is an illusion. There are 12 vertical lines on the top half and 12 vertical lines on the bottom half which reflects our 24 hour clock of night and day. The prism also rotates, just like our earth and the expansive space within is also seen as an illusion of mirrors.

Please listen to the teachings of CAEAYARON, and HALISARIUS, who is one of the greatest leaders on the Universal Galactic Light Federations. They are here to bring us more light, to allow us to align to greater love within the universe. When we desire the greater love, and follow the guidance that the greater Divine Masters are giving us, our manifestations will become of love, not of judgement, not of pain, but because we can forgive so much, we allow greater love to come to our plane and create a beautiful world together, because we are the bringers of love and light collectively.

Namaste, it is my prayer that millions begin to listen to the Sacred Divine Teachings. Please understand they are not teachings from me, because I am just a channel of the Divine. I am the messenger sent by the Divine. These are the teachings from the Divine Masters, here to guide us upwards into love and light.

I send you much love and light, always, from my angel wings of love and light to your angel wings of love and light, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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