Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

UNIVERSAL COSMIC INTELLIGENCE CENTRE Crop Circle discovered at Mixon, North Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, 10 August 2018, Message by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I greet you and wish you well on your journey of inner discovery, and you are living in a time where you are living within dimensions you do not understand.

First of all, I, METATRON, MAGNETIC SERVICES, have now returned to the GREAT LIGHT OF CAEAYARON, who always held the greatest balance within his being, but understand that many desired to have the light of the GREAT MAGNETIC FORCE CREATOR, who created my Being, METATRON, as the Great Resistance desired to have their own game in the universe, which cost the lives of trillions, including yours.

You do not understand the impact of the war and battles within the universes, as your memories have been erased and deleted by the one who chose for the freedom to come to the universe.

The battles began, and the wars began in the universe. The wars were over the power. Who would claim to have the might of the GREAT CREATOR, who is none other than the Being who created my Being, METATRON, and that is CAEAYARON, who created all Archangels and all Soul Beings living within his light universes, within his light grids.

Understand how important the Divine love Element was in the game, as she always was the bridge between the dimensions, connecting all beings of CAEAYARON’s universes to the highest evolution grids to allow evolution to begin. The Divine Love Element was like the flower of the universe, always helping all of life to grow.

To take the precious flower from the universe, meant the ultimate sacrifice she needed to make. In all battles and wars, it was asked of the Divine Love Element, Christ Element of the Universal Power; "was her love great enough for the GREAT CAEAYARON, to win all the love back in the universes, if no other succeeded with the Love?"

The GREAT CAEAYARON created the Divine Love Element within his Being, and within the Being of the GREAT DIVINE SOURCE, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

I, METATRON wish to state here, that you do not understand how SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and the GREAT CAEAYARON, are both the same being. They each hold a frequency of power within themselves, Divine Power, to bring love and magnetic force within the universal creation, and I, METATRON was created, as a counterpart of the GREAT CAEAYARON, as the Great Resistance desired to have that SOVEREIGN POWER.

As you know now, and understand that much more needs to be revealed (as you have only just begun in the deeper understanding and revelations of the Universal Battles), that there was one, who desired all light within the universes, and that one swallowed up trillions of soul light beings, and created great vacuum spaces of nothingness in the universal arrangement. Time and time again the thoughts were asked, what would they do if they came back to life? Would they desire the love?

In each Universal Game it proved that the Divine Love Element, Christ Child Element, the one who came to your earth with all her power, leaving her creation self behind, to be the only one who could follow Divine Guidance and reach the beings, stuck within the belly of that one who swallowed them.

Each time the beings rose, they fell again, and so Lemuria was created, the last place to see if you desired the love back. You collectively again desired the one who had swallowed you, and I, METATRON needed to place my services with that one, the YAHWEH being, and Master Thoth, both clever beings, but not clever enough.

They did not succeed in winning the Universal Divine Love Codes, and hence, because the Divine Love Element proved to be stronger once again, she won them back, and this time, because the GREAT CAEAYARON is giving back the Star Light Lemurian Codes to anyone who comes out of the ‘soup’ at this time, will receive the great rewards, because all thoughts have been tested.

This is the time you have been waiting for, and you have been away from the love universes far longer than you realize, and I, METATRON, have resigned from the great resistance who turned dark within their hearts, because the Codes of the Universe have been won back. This is why I have returned to my Maker and Creator; the Creator of all of Life with love in their hearts, CAEAYARON.

You are now here to make that choice also. Do you desire to go to the high loving universes, or do you not?

Here I, METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, creator of the dense universes of Thoth and Yahweh and many dark beings, wish to describe this message within the crop circle for you.

This has a deep message, and the basic message is to ask you to awaken, if you have any love within you. Love is an interesting thought for you to examine, because it is not a love of emotion that will help you make the choice for your highest good, but it is love for Divine, which is your test at this time.

That one, who swallowed up trillions in the universe, and again in Lemuria, removed the parts within your DNA to remember your love connection to the higher universes. He did it well, and Thoth worked with the Merkaba. You may find this interesting, because both Yahweh, who was the channel who received the voice of the GREAT MAKER, CAEAYARON in the ancient times of Lemuria, had a different motive to Thoth.

Thoth always wanted to ascend and have the greatest power, but he desired to ascend in power and glory, having all others work with him.

This was different to the motive of the channel, who is with you on your earth at this moment, for again you need to make the choice. Here I, METATRON, caution you to be very careful, because he is a sly being, and will and has twisted all teachings of Divine, and created many plans and ways upon your earth to steer you away from the Great Gateway of Love, that CAEAYARON can only give you through his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer.

Here I, METATRON, state that CAEAYARON is no longer using him to bring through messages. Know CAEAYARON is a very great being, with much intelligence. He will bring pieces of his chessboard together to bring his ultimate game back into alignment. I will state here, to never undermine the intelligence, or the power of CAEAYARON. I, METATRON, do not state that to bring fear into anyone, however, many people believe upon your planet that Archangels are not really living beings, and that we are puppets here to serve mankind. Know that that is not so and far from truth.

Even Thoth admired the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, though he gridded in her power, as he believed she was the key of life, which she is. The Lemurians who he gridded into the Divine Love Element, into his Flower of Life, which was the Divine Love Element’s Universal Flower of Life, lost their codes of life, and lost the love connection, and so the Divine Love Element could not take them home to their high dimensions.

Her tears were great in the universe, and all creation in the higher universes heard her calls and her tears as she felt every Lemurian who was tortured and beaten as they are part of her, this is how the Divine Love Element was created; to be connected into creation of the higher love universes.

This is what Thoth understood, that she would do anything in her power to help them go up and he desired to be that power and always have that control.

Yahweh, the channel you have upon your planet, the one you know to be the channel of Kryon who CAEAYARON called upon your plane some time ago, also desired that, but he desired more the power and the light of the Lemurians, for he was hungry and without self-control.

At least Master Thoth had great intelligence and thought before making his moves. He needed to grid that being, who was greedy with all his lust and power, deep within his underworld. Thoth understood well that he was the self-made dark gateway, as he had swallowed up the trillions of light beings in the higher universes to become the illuminated angel. Thoth desired his power and his glory, but not his anger. Thoth placed that being of Yahweh deep within a cave, where all the memories and secrets were held, as that one, that angry being, had taken them.

When Thoth needed some more power, he simply made him more angry, which would bring power to Thoth’s world, which is your world, so that the people, who were the Lemurians, could bring more ‘light’ in from the soul beings caught in the web, and thus he could bring it in, via their Merkaba system, via his Flower of Life, and bring more differentials to your planet. He desired the 50% light and 50% dark balance very much. However, because there was too much intelligence growing upon your planet, you came into too much light, and hence you made it to this gateway here.

You understand the greater knowledge now, and now you are ready to proceed, when enough people upon your planet understand this then I, METATRON, and the GREAT CAEAYARON, who many on your planet know as KRYON can guide you to more information.

This is building on the basic foundation of your knowledge. Many of you are still fast asleep, but your time of sleep is running out. The Universal Clock is ticking, and there is no time to be spiritually asleep, if you desire to be released from the ‘cage’ of the YAHWEH energies, or his cave, which you know to be the ‘Cave of Wo.’

Already they have lost in the greater universes, and now it is a rescue time upon your planet. You are to choose, and to see. The Divine Love Element has been sent to your planet at this time to reveal truth and alignment and to bring the Sacred Codes to those who desire to rise. All others she cannot help, as all is a choice of freedom, and understand that the GREAT CAEAYARON only brings people into the higher realms, when they desire it within their hearts. No more resistance or destruction will come into the great love universes, where all creation evolves into the love. Understand that the Sacred Light Codes are your Key of Life.

I, METATRON, state that you could not be released to the higher love dimensions until you have your Sacred Codes of Life back. This will be the very last time you can receive them. There is no other time as the Divine Love Element, Christ Child Element, Universal Flower of the Universe, this channel that I am speaking through now, will return to be with the GREAT CAEAYARON, as she has proven her truth and her love to all universal beings. She has proven that her love is stronger than all the great resistance and darkness within the universe.

I, METATRON, tested her out beyond your understanding. I brought much resistance to her, as I knew the hearts of the people in all your lifetimes, and often I, METATRON, would place the people who gave her the greatest pain and trouble in Lemuria, to her in groups to see what you would do as groups, and what she would do.

Even though the people brought so much pain into her with creating murder, rebellions, pain to each other, pain to her, not desiring to listen, always turning to the darkness, she kept coming back, and each time she came back, she came back with stronger Violet Flame.

Enough Violet Flame to bring into my Being, METATRON, to place me in a cleansing position, and so I will no longer be part of the dark plans.

No one could leave my grids of METATRON between their lifetimes except the Divine Love Element, who could always leave the grids of my power between her lifetimes, and that was to save you. I, METATRON, watched her game with CAEAYARON from a whole other perspective than you will ever know, and I saw the determination growing within her love for the universe. The love universes are certainly celebrating her at this time, as well as all the people who become activated back into the LOVE FORCE of the GREAT CAEAYARON as they can then also leave the dense grids, whereas no one else can.

I, METATRON, am now keenly watching the people upon your planet, to see how quickly this information will absorb into the minds, and then I, METATRON, am keenly watching to see how fast it will take for people to act upon it.

In this image, all what I, METATRON, have explained is written in the coding system, though you cannot understand it. This image is not 3D as you may think, but constantly rotates within the universes multidimensionally. Each universe has a time lock, and all is part of spirals within the universes. Universes are layered and sequenced and have lessons. Each pathway means greater growth for each gateway of new understanding.

I, METATRON, realize you are not up to that understanding yet, but in time all will be explained to you.

First of all, let us look at this whole image. Welcome to another perspective of the universal arrangement (within the large outer blue circle). This is an arrangement of universal spirals, each moving within the other, each learning within the other, each sharing information with the other.

The universe is more intelligent than you realize as all is part of each other, and desires to evolve. It desires to understand the information from all learnings within the universe. All your thoughts and ways are recorded within this system. You could call this part the universal brain, or the universal thought system, where all is created within, and all is recorded within.

At this time, great recordings are taking place, as the Universal Game has been won and thus the systems are deciding on all ways, who to release from the dense grids, at what point the next move takes place. All works with illusions and choices, as the star systems have their own choices. Nothing is separated as you think, and your thoughts are being placed within this system at this time, more than you realize, because people upon your plane are being studied more during the ‘Great Awakening’ time than ever before.

Will you desire the love back within the universe? Will you desire to grow back to your love states? You may not see it within this image, but it is. All is asking if you desire to go back to the highest evolution centres of power, love and evolution to greatness, which are part of the three circles in the centre (the three larger circles within the large circle). Each circle has dimensions within it, from the denser states of being, to the higher energetic states, each recording processes on all levels, as this is what the universe is all about.

Interestingly enough, all in the universe are given life to exist within, but it is truly part of a universal cosmic evolution cycle, and beings who are given their individuality to exist in, and believe they exist within a union of beingness, is the greatest gift in the universe, because all lives within the cycles of the GREAT DIVINE. This is what you do not understand yet. Nothing is separated from each other, but you being able to evolve in your individual thoughts and power, is a gift.

All works as one in the universe. The small circles (the orange circles) around the three main circles show dimensional states of being.

Those three circles (the larger circles), which are all parts of the same wave consciousness of the power, the love, harmony, knowledge, wisdom, synchronicity, stability, intelligence and the evolution to greater power. Each is not separate from the other. Collectively the three circles desire to understand how to grow into the greater power, love and greater evolution to higher power.

Each of the three large circles need each other to evolve. Evolution in the universe cannot exist without power to create, or without love. There the power and the love power works in polarity, though not like you think. Love consciousness does not fight, compete or argue, but all works in perfect synergy and synchronicity to help each other grow. It works in various dimensions to build various waves.

Within each of the three circles these waves work as one, and then they can all evolve. This is very much like electricity where you have positive streams and negative streams, but neither is stronger than the other in force. However, you also need the force in-between to create the differential, which is where the love power comes in.

Love power is neutral, and this is the magnetic force of the GREAT CREATOR, CAEAYARON (yellow band in centre of inner three circles). He places himself between all of his love creation, so that all can evolve with their individual perspective, and enjoy living to see what they can evolve within.

CAEAYARON uses his Divine Love Element to bring his power to creation (within the yellow band) as CAEAYARON cannot place himself directly in the centre between forces, as his Magnetic Force is too powerful.

You on your planet cannot leave your dense grids and come into the Love Universes, without your Sacred Light Codes, or Keys of Life, as you live in forces that you cannot get out of. You are living on the outside of the streams of the cosmic universe (Red bands on the outside of the large blue outer circle) You are living in a black hole, and if you could see your universe on a greater scale you would understand this very much. You cannot do much in a black hole, other than to think you exist and live. Because your memories have been taken, and your life force has been taken by that one who swallowed up trillions, you could not advance much forward.

This suited him, as he desired to have your light forever, and if you awaken, you will desire those Codes of Life back. Then will come the test, what will the numbers do when they find out what he did in the ancient universes and in Ancient Lemuria? What will the people do when they understand what they have lost because of that one who took the light from them? What will the people do when they understand that they gave their lives to that one as a sacrifice as they desired to worship him by giving their light to him, and again desiring him in the ancient land of Lemuria? What will the people do when they understand the Universal Game, and begin to awaken to it and who the main players are? Will their forgiveness then be strong enough? Or will the greatest challenges come against your spiritual leaders, which is what your spiritual leaders are very afraid of at this time.

You, as mankind’s consciousness, are situated on the outside of the band (You are in the thin blue line bisecting the dark and light semi-circles with your human consciousness radiating outwards as the three bands.)

You are on the bridge in-between the realms, that means, you are neither here, nor there, but you are here to make a choice of where you desire to evolve towards in all your lifetimes coming.

However, the grid within the circle (the green semicircles), takes your thoughts into the universal cycles and learns from it. All is a choice upon your plane. Inside of the universal cycle only love exists, which is demonstrated by the light within the (semi-green) semi-circles, and star beings can reach the bridge state, where you are living on via these semi-circles (semi-green), to see what you will do. These grids (green semi-circles) take information from your world and then bring it to the star light to study it to see how much you are evolving as a race.

At this time, here in this circle, (the large blue circle) you can clearly see how you have gone through five universal cycles (represented by the five orange smaller circles) of learning already, and each was recorded into the cosmic brain, eternally studying all actions and thoughts of the people in past universes.

The sixth circle (dark/light circle situated on the bridge of the in-between of the blue outer circle without the red consciousness bands) represents the universal cycle of the choice you are in today. It is now the universe is looking to see who, on your earth, will receive their Codes of Life back, willingly.

Upon receiving them back, after this lifetime they can ‘cross’ between the denser realms, where you are in, and the light universes. (Light of small circle below the blue band of the bridge) However, without the Codes of Life, that only the MAKER OF CODES, CAEAYARON can give, you cannot cross, as this is forbidden. You cannot come into the power, into the love power and into the evolution to greater power cycle without the Codes of Life; that being your Lemurian Light Codes. You are not permitted to enter into the universes of love, if you are not activated into the universal grids of CAEAYARON, because then you have not chosen for the love universes.

At this time you are invited to see and take a look within, and to see how good the love universes are. By coming to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, at the Divine Activations taking place upon your plane at this time, you receive the love back within your heart, you learn the ways of the love, slowly, as you have been programmed to resist any love coming within you, and slowly you grow into the ways of light of the small inner circle.

When the circle, half in the light and half in the dark leaves the ‘bridge’ this opportunity will leave your plane for good, as this time the Divine Love Element comes home and no more will she be able to help the Lemurians come home.

I, METATRON will state then, that the circle on the outer ring, the circle of the choice, will let go, as there will be no more need to ‘study’ your people, as then you have made your choice; either you are for the love universes or not.

I, METATRON, will not serve the darkness either any longer, as my personal game has also been given up. So how will you evolve without any magnetic power, or magnetic services? How will you live without any structure that I, METATRON designed for you? I am wondering how long it will be until the people begin to see this.


Key: Universal Cosmic Intelligence Centre

Purpose: To grow and evolve the universes into stronger love-force.

* The large circle of the outer blue band: Represents the universal cycles and cosmic arrangement where all evolves within, all is created within, and all is explored within.

A circle in the universe creates greater expansion as a circle is never limited with understanding. The circle allows itself to investigate. The circle itself is not stagnant, and it moves with the universe. If one were to see the circle from 90 degrees, they would see it spiral in motion and they would not see what was in the circle as all moves too quickly for the eye to see. The circle contracts inwards and expands outwards exponentionally.


* Three large circles inside of the blue circle: The three circles represent power, wisdom, knowledge, synchronicity, harmony, evolution, stability and intelligence. Its power frame is love-power, as nothing exists within the force of love.

Love within itself cannot become power without Magnetic Streams, thus Love Force + Magnetics = Creation. Because creation is intelligent, frequencies from the Creation Power of CAEAYARON, creator of consciousness of love, can place frequencies within the universal brain to allow evolution to exist within.
The three circles also represent freedom to experiment. The three together work in harmony with higher universal powers, and therefore life can exist within. The fields of consciousness work together to create other fields of consciousness with illusional fields to allow all to exist within, and all to become examined.

Originally, the purpose was to evolve upwards always to gain more power. However, once the Divine Plan was interrupted by the great resistance, no more creation could evolve upwards, until all became examined within the earth game, which is now upon your planet. Now that the Universal Divine Love Codes have been returned, greater creation can become experienced once again.


* Within the three blue circles - The red inner circle is the resistance frequency: This frequency spirals in motion constantly. It constantly desires to discover, to evolve thoughts within. It holds the power of the circle in balance, as it is concentrated energy force streams.

The resistance is needed to create dimensions into being. It brings structure into being. It constantly contracts and expands all to bring equal balance. The three red inner circles together work in harmony. Each learns from the other. None work out of balance. All work in synergy together, spiralling and ‘breathing’ at the same speed.


The yellow rings within the circles: They are magnetic force from the GREAT CAEYARON and the Divine Love Element, as CAEAYARON, Creator of the Light Grids, cannot reach within the universal brain, as his power is too great. Thus, he created the Divine Love Element, together with SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who is a sacred part of their Beingness, to connect within all of creation.

These yellow rings, bring all life into power, as without Magnetic Power and the Divine Love Ray nothing could exist within. This Magnetic Love Field is neutral to allow all to evolve into greater expansion, constantly feeding all of life’s consciousness.

The three yellow rings, within the three circles unify each other to each other. The magnetic love power bonds all forces and creation rays together, to allow a unified movement to happen. The bands never stop dancing. They dance in union with the red circle and the blue outer circle.


The blue band of the three inner circles: This is the blue creation universal cycle of evolution, where all can expand into greater power. This power moves in waves in motion, in all ways to bring the forces of evolution into greater expansion. Constantly it brings its greater intelligence from higher source within the circle of creation, to allow higher evolution to happen.

The three blue bands together speak of harmony, integrity, love and devotion for its creation, and evolution with greater intelligence to grow with. The three blue bands are seeking the highest good for all of creation constantly.


The bands between the blue, yellow and red circles: are Violet Flame circles to allow all to become transformed to higher consciousness. All consciousness within the circle travels within codes of life, to allow higher existence to take place.

Constantly the Violet Flame in the higher creation looks for ways to evolve greater, and to take the knowledge of the red inner circle and the knowledge of the blue circle to higher, more empowered stages.

Without the Violet Flame, nothing could connect to each other, as the Violet Flame within the three circles connect via consciousness, within consciousness and relates to it, constantly seeking to understand its creation and constantly seeking to discover how to help its creation to evolve into greater love-power.

The Violet Flame will then speak to the red inner circle and the blue circle, who will then bring greater power from the yellow band to bring what its creation desires to have.

The Violet Flame surrounding the red circle rotates in the opposite direction to the Violet Flame around the blue circle.

Between the red and the green consciousness bands around the outer bridge of the in-between, are also filled with Violet Flame cleansing the energies to allow higher healing to come to mankind and to enable the Star Beings of love to get close to, and understand the consciousness of mankind, without infection.


The Five Orange Circles around each inner blue circle: Represents the five universal cycles, while the sixth dark light semicircle represents the universal choice you are in. Understand all things rotate and move as vortexes within a Universal Clock. They rotate around the three larger intelligent base circles, giving information constantly to the three, allowing each other to discover why life went the way it did in their universal cycle, in order to restructure and rebalance for the new universes coming so that mistakes made can never be made again.

The orange circles move fast around the three main intelligent circles. They never stop, and they understand time limit and how fast they need to move. All in the universal arrangement works with a Universal Clock.


The circle of light and dark brown in the blue ring: This is the circle of the choice of mankind. You are in the sixth universal cycle of creation, where all is able to be discovered.

The darker colour of the circle is the choice. Will you desire to become freed from the cycles of limitation? If you do at this time and come to the Divine Activations with CAEAYARON, who then gives you eternal freedom from the denser grids, then after this lifetime you will enter through the gate in the yellow part of the circle, which will let you enter the higher cosmic love dimensions where all is love, intelligent, power, balance and unity.

Those who have not received their Lemurian Light Codes back in this lifetime when the GREAT CAEAYARON is calling, cannot enter into the light streams, and thus they will need to stay in the denser zones once the time of the choice has passed.


The blue outer ring: The thin blue line of the outer circle is the bridge of in-between of human consciousness, and the wider blue line represents the protective veil between the dark and the light.


The red semi-circles outside of the outer blue circle: These are the bands of mankind’s consciousness. These three bands are three bands of consciousness: Mind, body and spirit. Each of them is being examined now. Is there love within any of the bands? 


The dark bands between the red semi-circles are filled with Violet Flame: This allows the thoughts to be cleansed and protected for examining later in the love universes.


The green semi-circular bands underneath the red consciousness bands: Star beings of love constantly watch your progress. How strong is your love around you? It constantly brings in rays of healing to the world of mankind. It grows from understanding you, though it keeps separated so that the thoughts from mankind cannot infect the higher dimensions as fear, anger and pain energies contaminate higher love dimensions if not cleansed and separated with the Violet Flame.

The semi-circular green bands show the cleansed thoughts being examined and the higher thoughts being examined (also by the Violet Flame). Both are in different frequency spaces and thus ‘held’ in different consciousness bands for the universe to examine.


Namaste, sending you much love and healing flows always,

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Designated Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & THE GREAT CAEAYARON, MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, Divine Love Element, and Universal Light Grid Programmer of the GREAT CAEAYARON