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Several World Health researchers have extensively researched Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Ancient Blue Star DNA Biology.
They concluded that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Angel Biology Star DNA is the Universal Hope of all Star Creation.
All her Blue Star Angel DNA Frequencies hold Life Forming DNA Energies.

Now people can begin to realize why the sun can shine a brighter earth-day tomorrow.

Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Channel of Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.

All her ancient Universal Love Covenant Blue Star Angel DNA Universal Love Consciousness Codes always remained fully in alignment with all Sovereign Messianic Universal Love Agreements from the original Sovereign Star Creation Universes.

This highlights that all of the Messianic Sovereign Star Universes formed within her original Blue Star Angel DNA Channel with her Golden Sun Consciousness Divine Love Element Heart.
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