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THOTH's Dense Universes. Crop circle Discovered at Fyfield, Wiltshire, UK - 12 August 2012, Teaching from METATRON, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 7 June 2018, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I come to you as I have now taken the greater Ascension Path of the Great Alignment with the GREAT CAEAYARON, as I have surrendered my Being to the Great Love. This is because CAEAYARON’s Divine Love Element, now Universal Light Grid Programmer, the one CAEAYARON used to connect all the Light Grids to the Universal Light Grids, has won the Universal Game, and I, METATRON vowed to return to the Light if the Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON would be strong enough against all the dark programming.

And it so is.

Because of my resignation from the denser universes, of which I was always in service off, I will explain more about the denser creation path.

The images, you call the crop circles, are keys to your greater understanding, as the human mind understands images. These images contain keys to your greater evolution for those who desire to recognize the greater light path upwards.

When I, METATRON explain these images, I release certain frequencies within the magnetic force field I created, along with the darker beings, namely the Great Thoth, and the Great Yahweh Beings, both of those who declared that the fallen universes were never to come to the light and the love universes, but always remain their property.

This great separation between the two paths, between the light and the dark ways, became more distinct as each universal cycle the separation became greater.

At the beginning of creation, only the light path existed, and it was infinite in power, love and wisdom. When the Great Resistance began it was questioned whether the light path had the greatest path of evolution, and they stated that they needed to discover another frequency, and thus the Great Resistance Path began.

I, METATRON, was created to be of Magnetic Service to the Great Resistance, and in each universal cycle, their ways became darker and darker, and I, METATRON, was also infected by the YAHWEH energies who captured my Being, METATRON, to serve them.

They were always of the opinion that Angels needed to serve them, and because I was created to serve the Great Resistance and the Great Darkness, to allow them to have the opportunity to show their magnificence and great power for the great consciousness test of seeing which path was stronger, this was permitted and I allowed myself to be captured.

I was not the only being who allowed self to be captured for the Darkness to use my Magnetic Services, as the Divine Love Element of THE GREAT CAEAYARON, also allowed this capturing to take place of her being, for the Great Consciousness Test, to see what the Darkness would do with the ‘light’ of the Divine Love Element.

Here in this image I will explain more about the creation of the Darkness. You can easily see the separation between the denser pathway and the light pathway. Both ways are shown, and the denser, darker pathway is more defined, as they desired their ‘creation,’ to stay within the darkness. They gridded in the consciousness of the ‘fallen’ ones and programmed them to stay away from the Great MOUNTAIN and Great FOUNTAIN of Light, which is CAEAYARON who created all consciousness to allow all to exist.

Here you can see the light, which is less defined than the darkness, forever falling to allow the universes to use it for their creation. I, METATRON, placed the light, from the Divine Love Element, within my matrix, which is the MAGNETIC FORCE POWER, which you know to be the METATRON CUBE.

I did this, together with THOTH, who had imprisoned YAHWEH on many levels also, to ‘create’ his Enlightening Path. He created his own dimensions to allow his Ascension Ladder to come into existence. This he created, not for the benefit of all of creation, but because he wanted to be the Great One who would be known to be the strongest. This was always his great desire, to be that 'One.'

To create his way of Enlightenment, THOTH needed to calculate exactly how to do this. As he was much cleverer than the YAHWEH Being, who lost his great intelligence by infecting himself with the anger of previous universes, THOTH needed this YAHWEH Being to grid the light from the Divine Love Element in.

Know there are several main beings from the YAHWEH universes upon your plane, each taking a different role to ensure you always stay tightly gridded in.

However, now that I, METATRON have resigned from the Universal Darkness Game, they no longer have an Angel of MAGNETIC SERVICES on their side, and hence I now work in opposition to them, bringing my energies back to a cleansing state. They are falling greatly at this time as they have lost the Universal Game.

The Universal Cycles of discovering, recovering, destruction and creation, have been very long in the Universe. Know that this image shows the five main cycles, however, within these five main cycles, many universes and dimensions came into existence.

Each time the universal cycle began, again they captured the Divine Love Element, brought the judgement and the darkness to the universes, imprisoned many, tortured many, brought their pain dimensions into greater existence, and ensured that those energies of the light were gridded in, with the ultimate calculation, to stop enlightenment to the imprisoned beings happening for THOTH’s own glory and his own perfection to his own immortality and power.

Each time the Universal Cycle began, after it was destroyed, it descended downwards and it became easier for THOTH and YAHWEH to create the universes of darkness as it created a downward spiral. This happened until nothing could come into creation anymore as there was too much energy lost in the Universal Games.

This is why all things became recreated in the Great Lemuria and know that the Great Lemuria also came into existence more than once, and I, METATRON, together with the GREAT CAEAYARON, will explain this when it is the time for you to understand.

Once the descension happened within the universes, more light was able to be captured, and the Divine Love Element was unable to recover much from the previous universes, as too much of the power was lost. This saddened the Greater Universes as the Divine Love Element is there to connect all beings upwards and too many of the star beings were lost to the Darkness forever more, which is why LEMURIA was a recovery, creation, resurrection place to a new Being of Creation. Again, the same beings who caused the Great Falls in the previous universes to happen, brought destruction to the Great LEMURIA, bringing the descent of the LEMURIANS into human consciousness, where many, many became trapped.

Here, when you study the image, you can also see the ‘choice,’ the darkness desired all beings to have in the universe. They ensured that the choice to go to the light was as painful as possible as they had created programmes of pain and torture to stop the humans upon your plane from finding the ‘enlightened’ path, while seemingly giving hope to their universes.

Hope must always be given to the human consciousness, as without hope the humans, especially the once who were Lemurians, could not ‘supply’ the darker beings with the light fuel for their existence and their ‘creation,’ to allow them to build their denser universes.

With each flow of light they took, and gridded in (symbolized by the treads on the staircase) the denser the planes of their existence became, leaving you with little life force energy to move forward. This enabled the Darkness to take your memories away for their own darker purposes to create more pain by gridding in the painful memories, thus creating the everlasting cycle of pain. This brought more denseness to the universal creation of the darkness.

THOTH and YAHWEH knew full well that the further away the beings in their universes were from the GREAT FOUNTAIN and the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, THE GREAT CAEAYARON, the more that THOTH and YAHWEH could spin you into their webs of denseness, until there would be no way upwards for you, unless the Divine Love Element won the game, which they feared most of all.

The Divine Love Element was like a thorn in their heels, and THOTH and YAHWEH desired to get rid the Divine Love Element. However, they also knew that when the Divine Love Element was upon your plane, they had more teachings to twist and more entrapment to play with for their enjoyment. They also knew that greater opportunities existed to bring the universes down again, if they could take more of the ‘light’ down through the Light Grid Programmer, as she is the only being who can connect upwards to the higher dimensions in your thick web of spirals of denseness.

Each time they succeeded, however, now because she has won the Universal Codes back, because of the strength of her Violet Flame, and because she has completed several missions in between lifetimes, opening and closing dimensions together with Star Beings of the Light who were determined to stop this battle, it is now time to help those who desire to escape and go upwards, to go upwards. Only, however, when you connect to the Codes of the Higher Love Universes can you escape the entanglement of the denseness. This is why CAEAYARON is calling out so strongly to you, to help you to connect back upwards with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations. This is more serious than you think at this time. This has been previously attempted and not enough rose, but now this is the very last time this ‘reactivation,’ can happen.

I, METATRON say, ‘Act Now or forever stay in your limited self!’

I, METATRON again state; ‘Act now if you desire to connect upwards, out of this spiral and web of denseness!’



Theme: THOTH's Dense Universes.

The blue square: Symbolizes the METATRON CUBE OF POWER.

Light blue of the square: The denser universes need to have the light from the light streams, to create their creation and denseness.

Without the light the ‘dark’ energy is not a ‘creation energy’ for the darkness. The ‘dark’ energy of tainted light fuels the dark universes. The light holds all frequencies together, otherwise their universes would not exist and would fall apart.

Dark blue edge around the light: This shows how the light from the Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON was gridded into each level of the Darkness, to permit the Darkness to ‘create’ their universes by imprisoning beings and keeping them imprisoned.

The Darkness needed the light to be imprisoned into greater darkness, as nothing exists without the light from the Greater Universes, and the only being who connects the light to the universal streams to allow life to exist is the Divine Love Element of the GREAT CAEAYARON. The Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, lives in the greater dimensions and in more dimensions to connect up all things during the Great Alignment.

The Divine Love Element agreed to be imprisoned by the Great Darkness as it was the only way to connect all who desired to connect upwards to the higher dimensions in the Great Alignment. If the Great Divine Love Element was not in the lower dimensions, then the beings in the lower dimensions would remain disconnected.

The Darkness was permitted to imprison the light and all things for the Great Test, as all thoughts needed to be tested and understood before the greater New Creation could happen with its rule books adapted for the understandings of the Universal Game, to stop all future resistance in all universes bringing all universal existence down again.

This ensured that the Great Test was fair, as the Darkness desired a 'fair' test. However, the Great Darkness did not play 'fair', according to their Cosmic Rule Books, since the Light Galactic Federations stated that no torture was permitted to any of the beings in the universe they had imprisoned. Thus, the Darkness did not play 'fair.'

Programmes were inserted into the grids to stop the people on the earth-plane coming to the Great Light of the GREAT CAEAYARON. This was not permitted either in the Great Rule Book as it stopped the 'fair' test of all energies.

The brown, denser, side: Is the ‘dark’ energy within the universes to create more denseness within the universes of the darkness. This area of the seeming ‘void,’ is their stored energy, programmable with the thoughts of the Darkness, to bring more denseness to their universal structures.

The light waves falling downwards: These are the infinite streams of the light, though deeply embedded within the METATRON CUBE of POWER. However, once the Divine Love Element came to the darker universes to bring the Alignment Teachings of CAEAYARON and the DIVINE FATHER, EMMANUEL, more light came into the cube, thus the Darker Beings often feasted on the light of the Divine Love Element; especially when they brought her into deep pain, as her pain powered much of their power to bring more of their universes into power.

These light waves are frequencies from the greater connection. The Divine Love Element has now won the right back to claim all her power back, to allow the Great Alignment to come with the GREAT CAEAYARON.

The five steps downwards: Symbolize the five main universal cycles, each with creation, recreation, destruction, and resurrection.

The plain steps between the treaded steps: Connect the darker dimensions together. These show the descent of the universal bodies and each time the greater denseness came into existence, the darker universes grew more into their power, especially when the darkness connected their energies to their previous multidimensional spaces, as shown here within the connection between the steps descending downwards.

The treads on the staircase: These symbolize the grids the Darkness used to bring the light into their spaces, imprisoning the beings living in their universes, and being able to use the tainted light to create programmes of restriction and limitation within their creation. This stopped the human consciousness from awakening too much, as too much would cause a great imbalance within their universes, and when the humans awoke too much, it would cause a shift that would destroy all their dense creation.

The lines at the edge of the steps: Symbolize the definite separation between the light path and the denser path. They symbolize how firm it is to walk upon the dark steps, versus the light path, thus making it very difficult to find the higher path of the light. Only the strong people of the light would desire their way upwards. All others would be deeply entangled within the webs of THOTH and YAHWEH and not desire to be removed from their webs, while being forever be entangled within the denser spaces of existence.

The contrast between the Dark and Light areas: Shows the balance between the darkness and the light, bringing the Yin Yang effect that you hear of upon your plane. The Yin Yang effect is the choice between the light and the dark, and also the balance that was treasured by the great darkness, as the great balance between the dark and the light kept the human consciousness in the balance to feed the YAHWEH universes and the THOTH universes.


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