Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

About Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great is the Greatest Divine Master who is here to call us to the greater love spaces like he has always promised.  2,000 years ago he spoke through his channel Jesus.  The words the people heard were not from Jesus the man, but from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great.  He, the Great Lord, always promised to return to awaken us. 

He approached Suzanna Maria Emmanuel in 2009 when she was called to be at the Great Sacred White Brotherhood in a deep meditation where Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great first appeard.  He spoke to her and stated that he would begin to work with her.

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great has always stated that her purpose was very important during these times of the Great Awakening and that her journey would be a great journey of trust.  He also has stated, to her in private and in his public teachings, that there is no other channel that he will use, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel as he has used this channel in many of her past lifetimes and also she has been created for this designated purpose.

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great did not share his great importance with Suzanna until 2013 when she was ready and it was 'time' for the people in the world to hear of his Divinity.  He has stated his Greatness and how important he is.  All is part of his Being, and all is part of the Greatest Love, which is himself. 

Who is Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great?

Greetings, our dear Brothers and Sisters, I AM SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. I welcome you to these love healings and frequencies of higher knowledge, higher wisdom, higher power.
I bring you the great rays of Divine Love.  I AM here to bring millions and millions to peace and love.  I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, have been asked to introduce myself greater, and so I will.
Here I will state, that all things we see as beautiful and flowing.  We see you as already perfect. 
Jesus, my channel 2,000 years ago, always stated this too, how perfect the people were, for they were afraid of judgement and being seen less than wonderful by the Divine Lord.
‘Look,’ said my channel Jesus, ‘Look at the beauty of the Great Father in the Heavens. Look at all he has created.  Look at the birds.  Do you see the birds going hungry?  Do you see the clouds suffering? 
‘No, for all is his creation, and you are his creation also.  You are created with the love of his Being.
‘You are part of the Father and as the Father is perfect in the spaces of Divine Glory, you also are perfect in the eyes of the Great Father.’
‘Do not judge yourself, for judging yourself does not make you wiser.  Instead, learn to go into the secret chambers of your heart, into the quietness, and then you will hear the Great Father speak to you.  When you hear him speaking, answer, ‘ My Lord, what is it you have to say to me at this time?’ 
‘Then receive the answer within your heart, for the Great Father knows you and the Great Father is always within you.  Open to the Great Father and open to the greater dimensions of love within you.  Go in peace.’
This was the way my channel Jesus always spoke to the people.  Who spoke through him?  Why did he carry enormous wisdom when he spoke to the people?
Because I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, used him to speak my words to the people.
I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT always promised  I would return to the people,  to bring through greater teachings of wisdom to show how loved they were.
‘When,’ said the people, ‘When will you return, our Lord?’
‘I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT stated through Jesus, ‘When the people are ready  to look to the heavens and recognize Divine truth. 
‘When that time comes, you will see the signs in the heavens speaking to you. You will recognize the Great Lord returning.  In the same way I speak to you now, I will return again.
‘Many of you will not recognize my Being at first.  Many of you will deny my existence and then I will call you.  One by one, you will recognize who I AM.  I AM the Great Lord, here to guide you to flows of love and peace, like you were always promised.’
Here in this lifetime, I have sent my designated channel back to your plane to bring through the words of the Great Divine realms. 
Like I spoke through Jesus, who was a beautiful man, a man with wisdom, I AM now using my designated channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, a humble woman, with much wisdom also.
This time, a woman needed to come to your plane to bring through the words of my Being, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, as a woman represents the Divine Feminine and also a newly born race, a new creation. 
You are a new creation once the Great Alignment takes place, as all your thoughts and your ways will shift upwards into higher dimensional spaces.
You are a new creation once the Great Alignment takes place, as all your thoughts and your ways will shift upwards into higher dimensional spaces.
Like I stated 2,000 years ago, not everyone would welcome the Great Lord back.  People wept greatly when they heard these words.  ‘Of course we will my Lord.  We know you. How can we deny your existence?’
I stated, ‘You will awaken to who I AM. You will hear these words and recognize them.  You will learn to follow Divine guidance once again, once you hear these words being spoken.’
I SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT will use no other channel other than the designated channel of the Great Divine, and in this lifetime it is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
When I first approached Suzanna and I stated I would not use any other channel other than her in this lifetime, she fell to the ground and wept.  ‘Why Lord.  Why pick me?’
I stated to her, ‘Because Suzanna, it is your purpose.  Now get up and learn to love your greater task greatly.’
When I stated clearly to her who she was in one of her past life times, she refused to work with the Divine Realms.  She needed confirmation.  She needed time.  She needed her ancient memories back when she did this holy work with my Being.
Slowly she understood who she was and who she is.  She remembers the lifetime of dedication, of wisdom and also of great pain.  During that lifetime she always brought through the wisdom of my Being, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.
This is why I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, will not work with any other channel, for no other channel has been tested by my Being and no other channel has been created for the purpose of the Divine Task to bring all into Alignment, together with the Sacred Aligner, CAEAYARON.
I will now explain my Divinity.
In the beginning there was only Divine Source, so powerful in all of creation.  Divine exists on all layers and dimensions.  His power is great and he is infinite.  He is without beginning and end.  He is eternal.  His eternal wisdom and love is flowing. 
Divine Source always seeks for deeper love evolution.  Hence he desired to understand himself greater and bring life into existence.
Divine Source is powerful beyond your comprehension.  No life, no Archangel also, can approach Divine Source without disintegration, as all things he touches will not live.
Because Divine Source is pure love, he desired to create and to understand how to evolve itself into deeper love dimensions.
This is why HE created my Being, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.  I was created to be his messenger, to bring his flows and thoughts through to all life, to bring them into deeper harmony of being, of understanding, of flows.
For how else could all things come into existence and understand the Divine Father, the GREAT DIVINE FATHER.  For I AM an aspect of his Great Being.  I AM part of Great Divine Source.
I AM not separated from Divine Source.   Divine Source stepped down, to allow my Being to come into existence.  This is how all things came into existence.
I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, stepped down to create CAEAYARON, who is the Great Awakener and the Great Creator of all thoughts of existence within Divine Source, for the purpose to bring all into deeper flows and harmony.
This is Divine Will. 
When you understand Divine Will and Divine Perfection, you understand truth, love, freedom, greatness. 
This is what Jesus always brought through to the people.  ‘Truth will always set you free from all pain and suffering.  For when you know truth, you understand that the Great Father is within you and the Great Father loves you deeply.
‘The Great Father will never let you suffer when you realize him within you.  For all who recognize this, are looked after by him. 
‘Learn not to see yourself as small beings any longer, but recognize that the Great Father loves you so much that HE wanted to be a part of you, to see you, to understand your life, to bring you into HIS greater love flows.’
So with this great message, I, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, invite you to my great teachings which are available for you to view on You Tube with my channel, my designated channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.