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THE SOVEREIGN UNIVERSAL POWER, WHO WOULD GAIN IT? Crop Circle discovered at Yarnbury Castle, Wiltshire, 24 June 2018, England. Message and Explanation from METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON (KRYON), 14 March 2019

Greetings, I am METATRON, and I AM MAGNETIC SERVICES AND FORCES, and I am here to help you understand your earth density greater. Know, I, METATRON needed to resign from the services of the resistance as they have lost, and the love has won. Now, I am here to reveal the greater density game of the universe.


I, METATRON, am now in service to the love universes; that being CAEAYARON who created all Light Grid Universes for all life to exist in the love. Because of the great rebellions which came within the universes, CAEAYARON created my being, METATRON, to allow density to exist within. All HIS love HE removed from me to allow resistance and density to grow within me.

If HE had allowed HIS love to be within my being, METATRON, I, METATRON, could not have ‘evolved’ to become my own personal identity and neither could the dark dense universes claim this as a ‘fair’ game, as I, METATRON, then always would have desired to side with the love universes, and that I, METATRON was not to do.

Therefore, NOTHING OF LOVE COULD EXIST WITHIN ME, except for the one who was sent from the high loving universes for the ‘Choice’ to return to the love to happen; that being, the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer.


CAEAYARON cannot hold density within him, unless a large part of him came within me, METATRON, to allow the Lemurians to go back to the higher love dimensions, should they so desire that at this time of the Great Alignment.

A large part of HIS being came within my being, METATRON, to become imprisoned by Lucifer, after the Great Fall of Lemuria as the Yahweh dark channel was always the Lucifer self made dark gateway. A large part of CAEAYARON also stayed in the love universes, within HIS own Light Creation Universes.


Cosmic rules state that I, METATRON, cannot shift the Lemurians upwards; the ones who originally held the codes of the love in Lemuria through the three ancient Light Grid Programmers. Those were Reuben, Harmonic Light Frequencies, LAEYARAESEA, Divine Love Element, and Ishmakael, Sacred Light Geometry Codes.

The humans, which are the fallen Lemurians on planet earth, can only be shifted upwards by CAEAYARON and the Divine Love Element Universal Light Grid Programmer, as those universes; the love universes are HIS and not mine.

This is why, I, METATRON, cannot help you ascend to the love universes, as I hold NO LOVE CODES WITHIN ME, and the Divine Love Element is NOT PART OF MY BEING, METATRON, but belongs to CAEAYARON.

Those three Light Grid Programmers held the codes down for the Lemurians. LAEYARAESEA, who is today with you, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, was the only one to be able to reach into the Universal Light Grid Codes of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.


It was those codes from the Divine Love Element, CAEYARON needed, to bring life into existence, and bring my being, METATRON into existence. Thus, only the Divine Love Element could come into the universes of CAEAYARON, and my being, METATRON.

The other two Light Grid Programmers, Reuben and Ishmakael, were not to become dense into my grids, for otherwise they too would have become ‘swallowed’ into the denseness if they had come to my universes of METATRON.

The Divine Love Element would be the only Light Grid Programmer who would not be swallowed into the denseness, because she held the Codes of Life from CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and my being, METATRON. This is why, in between her lifetimes, she was able to reach into the Higher Creation Love Grids, to gain the Violet Flame for the Alignment, to help the people to come to this time; that of, the '13th Gateway'.

Reuben and Ishmakael did not hold it within them as such as The Divine Love Element ‘gave’ the Codes to them. They received it from her. They could not create the Violet Flame away from the Divine Love Element.

Therefore, they could not become part of the Lower Dense Grids, for otherwise the Alignment could not happen for the Lemurians in your day.

The Activated Lemurians, who have the Sacred Codes of Life back with CAEAYARON, need Reuben and Ishmakael to be outside of the dense grids, to help them become part of their higher star systems once again; should the people listen and desire to listen and receive their Lemurian Light Codes once again with CAEAYARON.


To create a pathway for the alignment to happen after the Great Fall of Lemuria, CAEAYARON gave up much of himself to the one, the Great Rebel, who desired to have all HIS power and the power of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

To gain all the power of all the universal love creation, the Yahweh being created an Archangel himself, that being Lucifer, well before Lemuria came into existence. Lucifer became a powerful vortex; swallowing up all that was good within himself, to create defilement within the love forces.

He created everything that was good into the opposite and called the opposite of ‘good’ ‘good’ for his universes. He did not desire love within his beings, and therefore eliminated all love within them by giving them lessons of punishment and torture, until they forgot what love was.

This is why SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT could state to CAEAYARON after many universes were destroyed, ‘Is there no good in any of creation?’

SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT desired to rid all of the memories including CAEAYARON, as HE held all those memories within HIM, but the Divine Love Element pleaded on behalf of the trillions who became lost within Lucifer, and also for CAEAYARON HIMSELF.

She did not desire destruction, but desired another opportunity to gain life back for them.

This is why LEMURIA was created as a ‘Resurrection Plane,’ to help you gain your Codes of Life back, and to give you a ‘fair’ choice.

Did the collective desire the love of CAEAYARON this time or did they desire the denseness and the darkness? In other words would the Lemurians choose the knowledge pathway away from the love?

Unfortunately for you, the Lemurian Collective desired the power, the knowledge and the denseness, and therefore you fell hard into the dark hole. You are in the dark abyss, and there is no way out for you, unless you gain your Codes of Life back.

I, METATRON, did not desire that defilement of Lucifer within me, however, because I was created to be the Angel of Denseness and Resistance, Lucifer was placed deep within me, especially after the fall of Lemuria.

This is why I, METATRON, created a grid together with Thoth, to grid Lucifer in, but I, METATRON, could still claim the power of Lucifer, as he was placed deep within me so I could grow mightier.


The only way to gain the Lemurians a pathway back ‘home’ to the dimensions of CAEAYARON, should you come into this lifetime together as Lemurians, through the maze and the wilderness of the mirrors, was if CAEAYARON gave up a large part of himself to Lucifer, and the one who created Lucifer; that being Yahweh, the ruler of dark star systems, who desired the greatest rebellion in the ‘heavenly realms’ to happen.


CAEAYARON knew the Divine Love Element had been deeply imprisoned within the Flower of Life of Thoth in previous universal battles, and again would become deeply imprisoned within the denser earth grids, once the Lemurians turned dark within themselves and desired to have the power of LAEYARAESEA, for her power in Lemuria was great.

Because THEY DESIRED TO BE THE UNIVERSAL LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER, AND HAVE THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSAL LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER she became the ‘Christ Child’ gridded into the Flower of Life so the leaders of the darkness could ‘share’ the knowledge of the Christ Child.

Thoth desired all his faithful Atlanteans to have a part of his kingdoms and therefore they created the Merkaba System in Ancient Atlantis to grid the Christ Child into the flower so that they could master the universe together. ‘No more Light Grid Programmers,’ they stated together with one united voice.

They forgot however, who gave the Divine Love Element especially, to the Lemurians and the Atlanteans for them to evolve with, and that was CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. In doing so they chose for the darkness.


They created grids and created the Flower of Life Thoth had created originally in his own universal dimensions and connected it deep within Atlantis.

Also, he connected it into his lower grids, as he desired to bring his ‘lower’ creation upwards, into the Flower of Life, held in Atlantis, and then connect it into his kingdoms and to become the Sovereign Ruler over Yahweh, and over other dark systems and then to gain all control over all the universal reigns.

However, Yahweh, the one who originally created the battles, also desired to have the Flower of Life, and the Codes of Eternity held deep within the Flower of the Universe; that being, the Divine Love Element.

He created his own codes together with the Spin Doctor within the Rejuvenation Temple deep within his own Cave. He created the Cave of Creation, and spun a deep web, to create a place where all ‘souls’ of the Lemurians would be kept deep within.

This created large anger within Thoth, who had already placed the DNA of his own ‘creation’ into himself, on the lower and ‘higher’ dimensions, and then also had placed the Atlanteans within himself, which originally were Lemurians, as the Atlanteans had turned away from Lemuria. Therefore, Thoth thought he could create his own master race like this, to win from Yahweh.


But, because Yahweh, the channel who had the gift of CAEAYARON’s voice, but turned dark, created his own cave and webs within the Rejuvenation Temple, now all that Thoth had created became the property of Yahweh. This was because Thoth could not have the Lemurian Codes, the Codes of Power. However, the channel who turned dark within himself, did have the Codes of Power as he received them from LAEYARAESEA for the game to be ‘fair.’

In the Rejuvenation Temple, the dark channel, the channel of Lucifer, began to spin his own thoughts, and desired to have the greatest power of all. He began to devise plans to take all the power within himself, including all of Thoth’s power.

The battles that began to be built right there in Lemuria and Atlantis, became part of your earth systems, and the star systems as many battles continued. In Lemuria all times existed multidimensionally, much more than on your time line on earth. There, whatever was created within the Rejuvenation Temple, came into existence.

The wind blew wildly in Lemuria and Atlantis, and danger was brewing. Already all the codes of the Lemurians had become part of the Lucifer gateway, deep within his cave, which CAEAYARON calls the Cave of Wo through the KRYON channel.


Because CAEAYARON had ‘created’ these Codes for Power for the Lemurians, together with the Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA, CAEAYARON now fell deep downwards, as HE carries those Codes.

Those Codes also included the Universal Divine Creation Codes. They all fell down deep into the abyss, and without rescuing those codes, no life could exist within the universe any longer. All would become a distant memory.

The Divine Love Element did not desire life to stop in the higher love universes, as her love for the higher love universes far exceeds all. She has the memories of all of creation within her. She is the Code of Life in the higher love universes.

She needed to bring through new flows within your earth grids, to allow the Lemurians, who connected still within the Crystalline Grid, to be able to climb upwards spiritually and energetically, otherwise they would be tortured forever and ever by the one Jesus called the greatest blasphemer, the same opposer who took the lives of trillions of star love beings in the higher universes, all to glorify himself.

For the Divine Love Element to rescue these Codes of Life was difficult as she would be sent on mission after mission, to rescue the Codes of Life, and the Lemurians, who were stuck within gates of time.

I, METATRON, played a crucial role in testing the faith and the love of the Divine Love Element, and often enjoyed that game. I enjoyed pushing the people and the programmes held within them, but also saw the hate against the Divine Love Element.

I, METATRON, am grateful to the Universal Light Grid Programmer for not giving up on her mission; that is to free the Codes of Life, the Universal Creation Divine Codes of Love, CAEAYARON, and the Lemurians who desire to become free from the eternal Cave of Wo.

This is why CAEAYARON came through the KRYON channel, to allow the people to awaken. Without that, CAEAYARON would have never been able to awaken his Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, nor give the Codes of Life back to those who come to HIS Divine Activations, as then you become part of HIS Archangelic Universes again and you leave the Denseness of the Cave of Wo and the darkest Abyss in the Universe.


Know, that I, METATRON, always held all life within me on the lower levels. As CAEAYARON holds all life within HIM on the higher levels, I, METATRON, always held all life within me on the dense levels.

Thoth desired to have me, to own me, and so did Yahweh, as he truly desired destruction, and though I, METATRON, desired also to have Sovereign Universal Power, I did not desire destruction, so I often played Thoth against Yahweh, in order to also win my game, and that was to keep my identity separate from Lucifer’s, who I did not desire to swallow me.

If I, METATRON, allowed Lucifer to take my power over, you would not have been able to come to this part, so you need to be very grateful that I, METATRON, proved to be stronger than Lucifer and Yahweh, and Thoth, for otherwise you would not have been able to have the opportunity to grow upwards back to CAEAYARON’s Love Universes; should you gain your life codes back.

Here, I, METATRON, would like to explain more about the crop circle image here, as all things I have discussed are appropriate for this particular crop circle.


There are four main battles in the universe, and always has been since the great rebellion in the universe began. These four main battles have battles within them and know that there were five main cycles of universes existing within the four main battles, which have larger plays within them than you realize.

Each time a main cycle was created, the dimensions were recreated to see if the players would work together more in unison to create collective love together to win the wars, but in none of the cycles, in none of the ‘tests’ which took place, did the people join together in the love strong enough to win the wars.

The only being who persevered was the Divine Love Element. However, during her attempts to rescue the Star Beings who were lost to the darkness in the cycles of the universes, her power became weaker and weaker, as the darkness had gridded in her power within the Flower of Life, which works on many rotations and dimensions.

Each time another cycle came into being, the previous universes linked up to the ‘new’ Flower of Life, and therefore drew power from the previous universes, while linking it into their current universes, and thus, her power was greatly drained.

Know she linked into the power of CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT so Lucifer, Thoth and Yahweh had infinite ‘free’ energy.

All fell downwards, and Lucifer created a mighty vortex, which was unstoppable, thus Lemuria was created to see, on a more even ground, what the people would do.

Again, they turned against the Universal Light Beings, and the Divine Love Element who held all the Codes of Life within her. Without those Codes of Life, there is no life for them, except eternal denseness within the Cave of Wo of the one who created the Cave of Wo in the Rejuvenation Temple in Atlantis.

This has been a battle then, and you are involved. The question is, now you are able to be here, living on the bridge of life, will you see it on time, or eternally become swallowed into the lower dimensions? That is your choice.


I, METATRON, desire to be straight up, which CAEAYARON cannot do, as HE is the Divine Judge, whereas I am not. I never stated I am a Being of Love, which was not my purpose. My purpose was to work for the resistance, and so love was taken out of me, in order for the resistance to have their ‘opportunity’ to test all their sides, to see if their side would be stronger than the side of the love.

My side, the side of METATRON, has FAILED. I no longer hold the power of resistance, and therefore, what will you choose for? For I am now working for CAEAYARON, thus, if you do not act quickly, you will become part of the dark alignment coming; that of the Lucifer alignment.

This is why the collective either needs to choose for The Divine Love Universe, that is by coming to CAEAYARON with his Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA, and receive your Living Codes, the Codes of Life back, those Codes that Thoth could never have, OR become part and stay part of the Lucifer realms eternally. Those are the shadows and the winds of darkness.

This is why the call of CAEAYARON is becoming stronger and stronger, and I, METATRON, also am calling the people greatly. When CAEAYARON calls this a rescue mission, I state, that the term rescue mission is not strong enough for the operation earth mission at this time

Four battles of the universe were always about the power. Who could claim the Power of the Universe?

1. Was it, Yahweh, who created Lucifer?

2. Was it Thoth, who claimed my being, METATRON, as his Archangel, but I was not his. I, METATRON, worked along within him, and he knew much. He was known as the ‘enlightened master’ in his ‘enlightened universe,’ but know, he was never a master of love, only of knowledge, as love cannot exist within my being, METATRON.

3. Was it my Being, METATRON? I desired to have the power of Yahweh, Thoth and the Divine Love Element especially, as she was the original Universal Flower of Life, and the Flower of Life, with her Divine Love Element gridded in tightly. That would make me the ultimate winner of the Universe if I could have her bow down to me, as then CAEAYARON would be in my services.

4. Or would it be the Divine Love Element? Only, if she endured all the pain all the darkness would throw upon her, would she be able to bring the Codes of Life to CAEAYARON, and the Universal Divine Codes to SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

Upon doing that, all the Lemurians who desired to be part of the higher creation, could rise into power collectively, along with the Divine Love Element, within the MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON.

The Divine Love Element won the game. Her love for the Universe proved to be the strongest. She never gave up on coming to the earth with the Violet Flame and went into the most painful spaces the Lemurians were held within, to allow them to connect to a higher grid to ‘protect’ them from the torture of the lowest dimensions within the underworld of Thoth and Yahweh.

Now you have come together in this alignment. Will you desire your own Codes of Life back? Or will you deny these messages, thereby denying your own eternal life of freedom?


The only being of love who could come into my being METATRON, as she held both the codes of CAEAYARON, and my being METATRON, was the Divine Love Element. The people upon your planet, are mightily ‘blessed’ she never gave up. How much of her love she needed to give up, to bring you here? How much pain she needed to endure to bring you here, you have no idea.

In the ‘heavenly realms,’ she had no struggles, other than to bring the Living Codes of Life to all of creation. For her, that was wonderful. The more she rose, the more power grew within her.

Here on this earth, all power was taken away from her. How many times did she need to run away from the ‘hunters’ desiring to go after her and rid her, to stop the people from rising to greater gifts of love?

How many times did she need to watch others being tortured too, because of her sacred ‘gifts’ to bring life and beauty to the people?

How many times was she burned, nailed, hung, drowned, stoned, along with many other Lemurians? But all these things she never needed to endure, whereas the people who were ‘stuck’ into the Cave of Wo, they all fell into the denseness and the darkness because of their collective choice.

This is how I, METATRON, see it. Though I will state, I played mightily along with the resistance, desiring to see how strong her love was for her CAEAYARON, as I too desired to have HIS great power, and I desired to have the Divine Love Element working and serving me.

But that I never got. It did not matter how much I offered her, she never gave up loving her CAEAYARON, which was a deep-seated memory within her, until now, during the Great Alignment, when HE is truly rising upwards.

So besides Thoth’s war, and Yahweh’s War, there was my own war as METATRON. I played Thoth and Yahweh to gain my own power, but I could never get the Divine Love Element.


Gaining the Divine Love Element was the ultimate trophy here within these four battles. Whoever would gain the Divine Love Element to ‘bow’ down to them, would win all the Codes of the Universe, the Divine Creation Love Codes, of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and the Codes of Life of the Lemurians; the original star beings who had fallen into the depths of Lucifer.



But the Divine Love Element never gave up her love for CEAYARON. She never bowed to Thoth, Yahweh, or my Being, METATRON, which is why I, METATRON, needed to resign. Without my power, Thoth fell deeply into his own lower grids, and he has no power on the upper levels any longer.

Yahweh also is falling greatly, because I, METATRON, have reversed the Flower of Life now, and CAEAYARON is gaining all HIS power back that Lucifer took, which means that HE can power up his Divine Love Element, who in your day is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


So, all Codes of Life are safely held within CAEAYARON now, as she has won them back. All Divine Universal Codes of Creation are safely held within SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, as the Divine Love Element has won them back.

It does not matter what you, the Lemurians choose now, whether you are for the Divine Love Element Pathway, or against; all Codes of Life are safe now.

CAEAYARON will rise now and bring his Alignment through and bring his greater love into the Divine Love Element, which the Activated of HIS Being will feel greatly.

All others will fall downwards as the grids are shifting and shaking. The density within the denser grids will emerge greater, as the light is being transferred to the light grids.

Large pools of light are being transferred now, to allow the Alignment to happen, and the KRYON channel cannot do anything about it now; though he tries hard to stop the Divine Love Element from rising. Many others are trying hard to stop her from rising, but it is now too late for the darkness.

All love universes are safe, and the Grids of Power upon the earth have now been connected to the higher grids, to enable to passage for the Divinely Activated of CAEAYARON to safely travel to the higher star dimensions, like always was promised.


THEME OF THE CROP CIRCLE: The Sovereign Universal Power, who would gain it?

THE SMALL YELLOW CIRCLE IN THE CENTRE OF THE FLOWER: Is where the ultimate power would be held; The Power of Sovereign Rulership.

Depending on who would win the game, would win all the Codes of Life and the Divine Universal Creation Codes back. This is also where the Christ Child, Divine Love Element was deeply gridded within.

The Divine Love Element is connected into the power of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who are the ULTIMATE POWERS of DIVINE CREATION.


GREEN LEAF: 1ST DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT: Who would always battle for CAEAYARON, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and the Lemurians to gift them back their Codes of Life to become freed from the Cave of Wo.

Also, she would battle for the earth, which was part of the original Blue Creation Planet, and the freedom for all higher star beings.

For the game, CAEAYARON, would place a ‘seed’ of light within the Divine Love Element and was not to interfere with the universal game.

Divine was permitted to guide the Divine Love Element to her greater gifts, but it would not be until she reached the 13th Gateway:

• CAEAYARON could truly rise.

• SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT could strengthen the grids of the earth.

• The power lost to CAEAYARON and the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT would be transferred back to CAEAYARON, through the reversal of the Flower of Life who would give it to the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, to help the Divinely Activated; the ones with the Promise of the Eternal Realms of Love, rise with their Codes of Life; provided they are activated through CAEAYARON by the Divine Love Element, who is in your day, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Know, CAEAYARON knew that the Divine Love Element would win the game in this round of the Universal Game, and therefore was able to assure that all those who were Activated with his Divine Being, were able to become part of the highest love dimensions, if activated before 2020.

BLUE LEAF: 2ND METATRON: I, METATRON desired to overpower CAEAYARON, my counterpart, to bring my own rulership into creation.

I, METATRON, desired to have the Divine Love Element serve me, and then, therefore, I would have gained the service of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, as HE cannot create anything without his Beloved Divine Love Element, who is the pathway of all creation.

Unfortunately, it did not matter how much we threw at the Divine Love Element, her love and power for the universe endured. Therefore, I, METATRON resigned as per Cosmic Agreement, and Thoth and Yahweh are losing all power now, as all power is being transferred back to CAEAYARON to help those rise to the love dimensions, who desire to return back to the love universes.

RED LEAF: 3RD YAHWEH: Yahweh created Lucifer by bringing trillions of Star Beings of the original Love Universes, into the belly of Lucifer, thus giving them as a sacrifice in the belly of the explosive volcano of Lucifer.

Yahweh revolted against the Divine Love Universes by bringing in the choice, and therefore, the Divine Universal Realms call him: the ‘father of freedom’ and the ‘father of the choice,’ which brought destruction to all star and spirit creation universes, but the ultimate freedom was for himself; to eliminate all cosmic laws for himself.

By removing all laws for himself he could do anything he liked without ‘consequences’ to himself. He said to CAEAYARON:


BROWN LEAF: 4th THOTH: Thoth desired all enlightenment and knowledge. He worked along with my Being METATRON.

I, METATRON, worked Thoth against Yahweh often, as Yahweh tried to infiltrate my thoughts to take over my power, but I, METATRON, would not allow that, although he infected me with his Lucifer energies.

THE TWO LIGHT YELLOW LEAVES: (These are difficult to see, please look closely) Symbolizes the Lower Alignment and the Higher Alignment of the universes.

Who would win the ultimate battle would always be the question? It would only be seen in your time now, of the Great Alignment. Should the Divine Love Element win, then CAEAYARON would be able to bring alignment to HIMSELF, thereby freeing all of creation.

Should the dark dense side win, then all power from the love universes would be ‘swallowed’ into the density forever, and no more love would exist within the universes, as then it would have proven that dark, density was stronger than all the love within the universes.

If the Divine Love Element could not withstand all the pain of the darkness, then CAEAYARON would have needed to give up:

• HIS, CAEAYARON’S HIGHER untouched self.

• The DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT untouched self.

• SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT would have needed to give up all DIVINE SOURCE.

• All HIGHER LOVE STAR REALMS, OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSAL BATTLES would have needed to give up their power to the darkness.

METATRON CUBE OF POWER: (shape where the leaves are held within) All was held within the METATRON CUBE of power, to allow METATRON, my being, to gain more power within the dense universes while the wars were going on.

None of these battles could have happened in CAEAYARON’s universes, as no density is permitted in the higher love universes. Hence, there are other universes, outside of the dense universes held in place, in case the Divine Love Element would win, for then all the love universes could rise upon her winning back the Universal Creation Love Codes, WHICH SHE HAS NOW.

If she lost, then all their power would also become ‘sucked’ into the density, as they would become part of the Cave of Wo, forever held by the darkness.

Be very grateful the Divine Love Element did not give up, for otherwise nothing could rise again. All would have become destroyed eternally.


All life within my Being, METATRON, was held within the Merkaba system, to allow the denseness to rise by extracting the love from the Flower of Life, Christ Child, gridded in by the Lemurian people living upon your earth.

This could happen, because she was the Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA, in Lemuria who gave the Lemurians the highest power Life Codes from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and CAEAYARON.

By turning away from the love, the Lemurians would always be connected into the Flower of Life, Divine Love Element, gridded in, however, they agreed to it, whether known or unknown, to sacrifice their own power, including the power of LAEYARAESEA, to the darkness; that being Lucifer as that is what Lucifer wanted; to have all the Lemurian Light Code Carriers within his Cave of Wo of Yahweh, including the Divine Love Element, to become the ultimate source of power. Know that Yahweh was the original designer of Lucifer.

Understand also, that all throughout your times, it was believed by the Yahweh being, that the Lemurian Light Code Carriers were only the Jewish people. Hence, he desired to have them all bow down to his authority.

This is what the dark channel ultimately wanted; for the Lemurians to sacrifice themselves to him, so that they forever would be in his power, to eliminate all the love from within them, for then the Divine Love Element could never give them back their Codes of Life and bring them into safety of the CAEAYARON’S LOVE UNIVERSES for they would not desire love back within them.

Therefore, the Divine Love Element would not be able to reach into their hearts, if the Yahweh channel had succeeded in his mission.

SIX SMALL CIRCLES OUTSIDE OF THE GRID: These are the main dimensions, within the denseness. They are made of light and dark.

You could say, these are made of 6 dimensions of ‘light’ but without the love, and 6 dimensions of darkness, or density, as all is created with ‘balance’ within the dense universes. One side of the circles is light, and the other side is dark.

In the cube of power, there are two hidden circles. These relate to the Alignment, the higher or the lower, but would remain unseen until the 13th gateway was finalized. CAEAYARON’s pathway is now becoming stronger.

Within the small circles are key holes. The Divine Love Element needed to find the keys to be placed within the keyholes so that all could be reversed at the time of the Great Alignment. These keys were found within the Universal Divine Love Creation Codes.


Thoth desired to have the ultimate 50/50 balance within the humans, to extract light from the people to allow his 6 enlightened dimensions to grow.

In order for his 6 enlightened dimensions to grow, he also needed the denser dimensions to allow the pain to be there, which is where Yahweh was greatly involved, because when the people would ‘pray’ to a god, they would extract power from the Flower of Life, which gave Thoth greater power to play with.

Know, that I, METATRON, have no love within me, as that was not desired by the density and the rebellious universes.

They desired to understand universes without love, and thus I, METATRON, was NEVER A BEING OF LOVE, NOR COULD I HAVE LOVE WITHIN ME, except for the Divine Love Element, who carried both the CODES OF LIFE OF CAEAYARON and my BEING, METATRON.

No other from the love universes was permitted. Understand, this was the original agreement made by the dark, rebellious being, Yahweh, who placed within his ‘law system’ that became part of the Cosmic Laws, that should the Lemurians choose for his dark gateway, only ONE LIGHT BEING from the highest love universes was to come to all his armies of darkness, as he claimed it ‘unfair’ if more would come.

THE LUCIFER CREATOR claimed that only one light being from the highest love universes was needed to prove all his darkness was 'dark,' so ‘How could that be fair, if more than one entered the dark abyss?’ he stated in the Divine Universal Courts.

Know, the CODES OF LOVE were removed from the Lemurians by the darkness, upon entering the Human Template. These were COLLECTIVE LOVE CODES OF POWER, thus you could not escape the dense grids between your lifetimes as you no longer were part of CAEAYARON'S Love Universes without your Codes of Life.

The people were unable to create love and peace upon planet earth, and win the war against the darkness without those COLLECTIVE LOVE CODES.

This is why the darkness was against the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT RISING, as she has those CODES OF POWER WITHIN HER to give to the Lemurians, who desire to become part of CAEAYARON'S love universes in all universes coming.

Upon the Lemurians becoming reactivated into those CODES OF LOVE, they leave my grids of METATRON, and enter the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, which are the grids of CAEAYARON.

Thereby, they CROSS OVER ENERGETICALLY TO THE HIGHER LOVE DIMENSIONS, here upon your planet, while they live their human lifetime, before entering the star dimensions as they become energetically and spiritually transformed back to star beings with those Codes.

They will feel the large energies of love coming within them and feel the beauty becoming part of them. They will feel how much love the universal love has for them, because they are connected back to the love universes.

They receive more power for healing, love within their hearts, higher energy light bodies, greater healing gifts and far more intelligence collectively to gain greater love and peace upon your planet.

Understand, originally the Lemurians were star beings from the higher star love universes, and they fell downwards into density. Know, the Lemurians did not come from the monkeys.

Upon their activations, they gain a whole new CODE SYSTEM, and much love and power is brought into them, especially when the Great Collective begins to rise into the love and desires those Codes of Life back.

CAEAYARON is asking, ‘How much do the people desire the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT now?

By showing you have love for the DIVINE LOVE CODES, you are able to progress towards the higher love universes.’


Thoth needed to grid Yahweh’s power in for Yahweh desired full destruction, and this would also create destruction within Thoth’s universes, which is not what he wanted.

He desired to be the ‘light’ and the ‘way’ and replace LAEYARAESEA, but he never held the Codes of Life within him, which restricted him greatly.

Because Thoth has lost his grids, Yahweh could rise on your planet to enter the destruction plan.

To stop him from doing that, CAEAYARON came through the KRYON channel, as this is the being who created all of Lucifer in the realms of the universes.

This is why, CAEAYARON, worked with the KRYON channel, to stop the Lucifer pathways from growing, thereby cutting of life energy source to allow you to have the opportunity to choose for the love dimensions, otherwise you could never open to that choice.

Once the DNA of the people was ready to accept the higher grids and the higher love, CAEAYARON could come to the Divine Love Element when it was safe for the magnetic grids. Otherwise destruction for the earth would have been certain.

Know how well KRYON was gridded into the magnetic grids by the Yahweh Being, who desired to teach CAEAYARON, or KRYON, the ultimate lesson of humility by watching HIS Divine Love Element suffer and the Lemurians suffer in the earth games.


Now that all Codes of Life have been won back by the Divine Love Element, all those universal pathways also become aligned upwards. Therefore, all can become more aligned upwards, and create shifts within the alignment. All things are examined now by the Divine Creators, and all pathways of all of life are examined.

Know the Flower of Life is connected to all previous universes, as the previous universes also imprisoned the Divine Love Element. Therefore, I, METATRON, am able to bring all universes and dimensions together now, to reverse all the power and give it back to CAEAYARON, to allow all to rise upwards.

SIX PATHWAYS LEADING TO THE CENTRE (six yellow lines within the grid): These six paths all connect to the centre to gain power and to extract power from the Divine Love Element, for light to exist upon your planet.

Know all light on your planet comes from the Divine Love Element, who is connected to CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT within the Flower of Life.

If the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, was not gridded in within the Flower of Life, within the lower dimensions, nothing would be able to exist on your planet, as she is life force in the higher love universes. Therefore, life upon your planet is a greater gift than the people realize.

After this lifetime however, all within the Divine Love Element will be taken from the earth to the higher love universes, as the higher love dimensions will grow with their greater creator universes.

All who have their Codes of Life back with the Divine Activations of CAEAYARON, will forever live in the eternal love universes and be free from all density and pain, like was always promised.


This is a good question, and it is one that needs to be answered. Know, this Crop Circle does not explain this part, as this Crop Circle explained the four main battles in the Universes.

The main mission of the Divine Love Element was to free the Lemurians from the Cave of Wo, so that Yahweh could no longer hold them, and then together they could come into the Time of the Great Alignment to choose whether they desired to rise together or not.

Because the battles were difficult upon your planet, there were groups of strong spiritual warriors, who desired to rise and desired to work with the Divine Love Element.

Upon her going to the spirit dimensions to gain the Violet Flame, before entering the most painful times of the earth, in order to ‘win’ many battles, she created a grid, together with high star beings, to allow these ones, who desired to win the many battle along with the high universal beings and the Divine Love Element, to rest within.

They received healings and strength. They received the Violet Flame and missions from the Galactic Federations of Light to allow their higher intelligence to grow and to stop them from being swallowed up into the densest thoughts of human kind.

These ones were on spiritual missions and they are the ones who will desire these Codes of Life from the Divine Love Element most of all. They will feel this truth within them, and they will know, consciously or subconsciously, how precious the Divine Love Element with CAEAYARON is.

These ones were kept separate within their own grid, held within my Being, METATRON. The Violet Flame was strong for them so they would not be caught up in the Yahweh Grids of Wo, or Thoth’s Universal Grids of pain.

They would remain strong and many of them remained strong, throughout, though not in all missions, and many fell out of those grids, because those missions were too much for them.


Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Ascension Programme, The Word, Author, and P/A of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.