Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

⭐Message 2 of 3: Awakening to the Great Alignment Time. Crop circle discovered at Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire, UK, 4 May 2017 ⭐Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel   with the guidance of CAEAYARON (KRYON) and HALISARIUS, Chief Leader of the Galactic Federation of Light Society Council.

The struggle between the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ has been immense. Now we have come to the Alignment Path, which is a gateway that opens every 26,000 + years. Depending on the awakening frequency on a planet, depends on whether the beings on that planet can travel through that gate to go upwards, once again, to an ‘enlightened’ stage, without density and the ability to explore greater love evolution.

Also, depending on our own vibration and whether we have received the correct frequencies, which we can only receive from the one who made the correct frequencies, CAEAYARON, depends on whether we can go through the gateway.

⭐Theme of this Crop Circle mesage: Gateway upwards to the higher dimensions. It shows that it now is possible to come out of our dense states of pain and suffering to go to the greater love states. This is the bridge that CAEAYARON speaks about often in his teachings.

⭐The yellow light circles: Are dimensional shifts of enlightenment, wisdom, love, evolution, freedom from suffering.

⭐Seven light circles: Seven dimensions shifts are showing like a greater ‘staircase’ to the higher love and wisdom dimensions.

These dimensions are much higher than our current earth dimension. The yellow light dimensions explore greater life, greater love, freedom from limitation, awakening, spiritual wisdom, freedom from suffering. We do not carry our human burdens in the higher dimensions.

⭐The lower red circles: Are the lower dimensions that have held us into the fear illusion as all is illusion upon our plane.

It has allowed us to explore sickness, death, suffering, disease, aging, which are not a natural state of our existence as in a natural state we are beautiful star beings.

We have come here to learn, to choose and to awaken to who we are so that we can grow together in love and into our collective love states, to bring awakening and peace and love to our race. Again, seven dimensional learning paths of denseness are showing.

⭐Seven red circles: Here the seven mean the opposite to the light vibration. Seven dimensions of learning frequencies of pain and suffering.

⭐The blue circle in the centre: Shows our earth dimension. As shown here, to Star beings and CAEAYARON (KRYON) we are in a realm of 'in-between,' meaning we are neither in the higher dimensions, nor in the lower dimensions.

We are in the 'in-between' stage, or also called the ‘VOID,’ to learn to understand, to awaken and then to make the choice where we desire to grow towards.

⭐The yellow line in the centre: Shows the gateway to the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions. At this time it is our personal choice where to go to on our future lifetime journeys.

We can either choose to go upwards to the higher love dimensions, or downwards to the lower dimensions, which is not advised by the Galactic Federation of Light and by CAEAYARON and all Divine Beings who have great love for us.

Our choice is also called the 'bridge' as we are in a realm, spiritually speaking of 'in-between,' or the void.

During this time, the Great Awakening Time, the Divine and the Galactic Love Beings are showing us through their messages that the Universal Love Clock has begun to tick which means that that gateway, the one that opens every 26,000 + years, has now opened to those who learn the ways of love.

⭐Message of the gateway: It is time to awaken collectively and become collective in the love together, singing our ancient songs of love and peace to each other. It is time to choose to go upwards into the love if we want to have peace and love for humanity.

Everything, especially our ‘in-between’ state, is an illusion. We travel here on this ‘in-between’ plane in dimensions together, exploring each avenue.

Nothing exists except in our collective consciousness. When we change our consciousness collectively, we will begin to realize that nothing exists. We don’t exist here on this earth either. We are faint memories of our distant selves. This means that when we stand together in the love collectively, we can change our illusion, which is our greater task to discover.

⭐The smaller circles on both sides of the circle: Shows the balancing thought consciousness.

Depending on which side the greater balance will go to during the time of the great alignment, which is now, will depend on the future lifetimes coming for the majority of people here upon this plane as we all hold a collective responsibility to bring light and love to the people.

⭐The light circle on the left: Once the gate closes, it will be the decision point as to whether humanity can enter the higher spaces to learn higher love and light.

If enough people awaken to collective love, and enough desire to receive the Sacred Codes from the giver which is CAEAYARON (through the Divine Pineal Gland Activations which began in 2015) then humanity will be brought upwards as our power to bring enough awakening light will be great enough.

People then will receive greater awakening flows of love and peace so that we can learn to awaken as a race. This means that the future will be much brighter and people as a whole will receive greater healing in the higher love vibrations.

⭐The red circle on the right: If the collective does not choose to awaken to spiritual love and receive their power light codes back from CAEAYARON, then the collective has chosen for the dimensions of pain and suffering. This will be the path for humanity into the future and they will fall deeper into density.

They will not be able to come onto the enlightened path. The next time this gateway opens is in approximately, or more than, 26,000 years. This means the people will sink deeper into pain.

⭐Why it is important for us to know: Because we have the choice to heal in the great love and learn the higher ways of love now, during the Rising Sun Consciousness in this lifetime.

We can refuse it as freedom is our greatest gift in the universe.

We have a collective responsibility to awaken each other to the great love and to the GREAT CAEAYARON at this time. He promised to return to call us back and he has.

⭐Please note: At this time it has not yet been decided which way we will go as a race. The ones who are activated are released from their human karma and will not need to return to our ‘in-between’ dimensions in future lifetimes. They will go up through the gateway climbing up the dimensions of love as shown in the image as they are released from their human karma with CAEAYARON. He is the Great Aligner and only He can do that.

Please read the third message in this theme which explains the gateway and choices more.

Sending you much love, peace and joy, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel  

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