Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Welcome to the time of the Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love & Golden Sun Consciousness Alignments.  This was posted on Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Facebook Page,  25 December 2023. 
Soon more information will be released about this amazing opportunity to see and understand why many people around the world desire to connect into the original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Cosmos Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 

The great majority in the spiritual community are yet to discover why Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron call Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: 'Their one and only original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel DNA Cosmos Channel.'

Now that many in the world desire to reconnect back into Ultimate Universal Truth, to understand why Universal Love Consciousness can bring entire nations into love and peace, it is more important than ever to understand and recognize why Yeshua, 2,000 years ago, was unable to claim his original Messianic Sovereign Blue Star & Golden Sun Universal Love Covenant Alignment. 

It is when people discover how conflict and fear can be neutralized on earth, that is when many will begin to desire to reconnect back into their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life.  This can only come through the original Blue Star Angel DNA Activator, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the only, and the original, Blue Star Angel DNA Pineal Activator in the world who can transmit in Universal Love Consciousness Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life. 
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel can only bring the original Sovereign Universal Love Star DNA Activation Events on stage, in front of a large audience.  Individual people need to be actively and physically present, during the entire four days of the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events of Caeayaron, together with his original Sovereign Blue Star Angel Transmitter, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, before they can graduate to the next Golden Soul-Star Consciousness level of the original Golden Sovereign Emmanuel Cosmos Star Realms.  

The question that many people have is the following:  ‘Why can people not evolve back into True Star Beings without Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Pineal DNA Alignments?

The answer to this question connects into original Universal Ultimate Truth.  Where did consciousness originate from?  

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel is Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness.  It is with HIS direct Sovereign Golden Sun Universal Love Consciousness that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel gained all HIS Knowledge, Cosmos Understanding, and original Transmission Pineal Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness DNA Activation Power, in the beginning of all original Cosmos Star Creation.  

True Star Consciousness can only begin with Sovereign Star DNA Activations with the original Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness Blue Star DNA Pineal Transmitter, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  She is the one and only original Sovereign Channel for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.  All her original Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel Consciousness Frequencies always remained fully intact.  

We need to point out here that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel cannot transmit the original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life during the Spiritual Life Coaching Webinar Transmissions.  
Why did the original Sovereign Universal Love Masters ask Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to begin the Spiritual Life Coaching Webinar Transmissions?

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as the original Cosmos Messenger, was asked by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel to come to earth, to help people to understand and recognize Sovereign Universal Truth.  As she is the only person on earth who has direct Divine Sovereign Universal Love Cosmos Communication, it only makes sense why it is essential to attend the Spiritual Life Coaching Webinar Transmissions of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  

Sovereign Love Masters are Divine Cosmos Intelligence and they understand the needs of all who come to listen.  They teach through no one else other than their original Galactic Blue Star Universal Love Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  No one else can have access to Sovereign Cosmos Love Intelligence, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  

There is the saying in the world: ‘To see it is to believe.’
Soon, we will post the link to show people how they can join and register. 

Namaste and welcome to the Time of the Great Revealing.
The Universal Love Administration Team for Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Galactic Blue Star Universal Love Ambassador, and the original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Cosmos Queen, aligned by the Stone of Destiny. 
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This message is copyright protected to try and protect the original Sovereign Universal Love Cosmos Transmissions.  As most people understand in today's society, all of the original transmissions of Yeshua (from 2,000 years ago) were heavily altered and modified.  

Instead of allowing the original Universal Love Covenant to show and grow, the Churches brought in sin, redemption, and judgment which was not the way of the original transmissions from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel through Yeshua (Jesus) 2,000 years ago.  

It would be good if many began to understand how important this information is during this time. We could only imagine what the earth could become like if many joined in the love. Then we would finally be able to rid the violence and the hypocrisy and judgment from the world.

Imagine if many scientists began to see the possibilities that we originated from the star dimensions and not from earth. Then the awakening would certainly occur on earth world wide. 
We could then begin to see why many animals are suffering for they are trying to awaken our own biology to help us analyse how to come into peace. They are simply mimicking our own suffering consciousness.

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About The Cosmos Messenger Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel. She was called by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in September 2009.

Soon after the Divine Call, Suzanna began to transmit through Divine Universal Love Cosmos messages in front of groups (beginning in April 2010). She also brought through personalized channelled messages for individual people (beginning in November 2009).

All her transmissions are for the highest Universal Love Purposes to give people who listen to the transmissions greater understanding and purpose for their own life, as well as greater understanding of the world we live in. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by CAEAYARON directly in late April 2014.

In April 2015, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began the Universal Love Pineal Gland Activations to activate the Cosmos Codes of Life with CAEAYARON.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted through hundreds of transmissions which are posted on YouTube, and many more hundreds of written transmissions which are posted on Suzanna's Facebook page.

All is there for the people to watch and understand what the Great Divine Ascension Plan is for mankind and how it could bring peace, love and joy to the world if many would begin to understand Ultimate Universal Truth.
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