Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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James D from Australia, in UK November 2016


What a journey this has been!  Such a rewarding holiday, exploring, healing, learning and expanding.  I would recommend to everyone mixing a beautiful vacation with these wonderful activations.  You will never forget it.  I left Australia a month ago but it feels like three!
The opportunities I am envisioning for myself in the future are beyond my wildest dreams.  Please come and unlock your potential.  Experience these spaces of growth.  Test them out yourself and feel the wondrous excitement of opening up to the power of the universe.
Thank you Suzanna, your courage is an example for us all.  I just know all the work you do will blossom into the greatest change for humanity ever experienced.
Thank you to everyone who was at the activations.  I am so happy we got to experience this together.  I enjoyed everything!
Namaste, love and light,

Danielle from New Zealand, in UK Nov 2016

This was much more important than my conscious mind could comprehend.  There is much more at play in our earth world than we can comprehend at this time.

Even though I have done 3 other lots of activations, this one was the most powerful with greater information, greater healings and greater understanding of why I personally have chosen to come onto this path.

This weekend with the Galactic Federation of Love and Light Society, it felt like a true calling.  When I was younger and felt so much pain, I would look to the others and cry.  ‘I just want to go home,’ I would say.  I would say this over and over again until I finally realized what I was saying and thought that was weird when I was at home.
Today I discovered why I did this.  We were connected to our star selves and our star realms.

For those reading these testimonies with a pulling feeling inside but also some doubt, I get it.  I really do.  I have experienced this much also.  I have also experienced a lot of pain around that doubt and also judgement towards myself.  But with these activations we are clearing those lower dimensional programmes that no other ascension programme can give you, with no other channel.

How long have you been searching and suffering for?  This ascension programme of Caeayaron, through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, his channel/light grid programmer, is your key for healing and understanding you on deeper levels.
Once you reach the deeper levels, then you come to a greater knowing and understanding of how to heal our world.
You must understand that we all have roles to play but we need to come to our collective way to achieve this.  This programme is the only way.  We are never and were never forced to be, or do a certain way of living on this programme, nor are we controlled in any way.

We desire so much the Divine Love energies because we felt it so strong when we were present.
The key is to be present.  You can always feel so much on You Tube and facebook.  I, among many others, was blessed in New Zealand to feel this and grow with the love and truth at these activations and teachings.
Now many Sacred World Healers from New Zealand, including me, have come over to England to be part of this.  We wouldn’t have come all this way if it was nothing.

Please come and experience  this healing journey of Caeayaron and truth.

Thank you Caeayaron, Divine, Star Beings, Galactic Federation of Light, Archangels, Suzanna, Sacred World Healers, Stephen, everyone from all planes, universes and dimensions.
Namaste, love and light,
New Zealand

Glenda, from New Zealand, in UK November 2016

I am so grateful I travelled half way around the world for these activation workshops.  I am not sure how to explain the love, the gifts, the incredible information.

The Divine hasn’t forgotten us, or just left us trying to figure out how to get out of the mess of this world on our own.  The Divine has given us an incredible channel, called ‘Suzanna Maria Emmanuel,’ so we can ascend upwards to the love and the light we used to know.

I have found new meaning to what is going on in the world.  I am able to communicate with my guides on a deeper level.  My ability to read energies has grown.  I can channel.

I feel full of love and light.  I am now affecting the world with light I carry.

I have done so many workshops with many spiritual teachers of international standard.  But nothing compares to the level this workshops is at.

I promise you it will be beyond your expectations.
I would love all seekers of love and light to experience this.  THIS IS SERIOUS LIGHT WORKER STUFF AT LAST.

Namaste, love and light, Glenda Rainey

Sandra, from UK, in UK November 2016

Wow!  Wow!  Wow!
I cannot explain what I have felt, learnt, about this dimension and the higher dimensions.
The energy is so high and I can ‘feel my vibration,’ so much more.  I am so greateful for the teachings so that we can pass on the love for others to come to the activations.
I know I have so much to learn still and so looking forward to future teachings.
Much love, light and gratitude to Suzanna, Caeayaron and the group.

Tina, from UK, in UK November 2016

What an amazing experience these activations have been.  I can’t explain why I wanted to be activated except to say something deep in my being knew I needed it, wanted it and desired it.

From the first weekend, I woke to a stronger me just bursting to get out.  I felt my heart expanding and my thoughts changing.  The love energies I have felt were so wonderful I cannot put them into words.  When you feel energies like that there is NO DOUBT this is real.

Truly, truly beautiful and amazing.  Something that needs to be experienced as mere words cannot express the joy and peace that’s growing inside.

I hope the group meets up again one day.  I love you all.  I will cherish these activations forever,
Truly, Namaste, Tina

Peggy, from New Zealand, in UK 2016

I have now been activated twice within one year.  The second activation group of these weekends was much more intense with higher energies.  The participants have been much calmer and focused then the group of people in my first activation weekends.

The seven months between my activations were filled with calmness in my daily life.  Calmness is possibly not a good descriptive word.   I felt content in life.  ‘How could life be better?’ I would ask myself.

I came to England for the activation courses in November 2016.  Some would think chilly, grey, sometimes frosty conditions would affect the mood.  But, the weather was embracing the warm feelings the participants radiated.
We are encouraged to live our lives ‘normally,’ and bring our greater energy into our lives.  Changes will be subtle, no doubt, as they were after my first activation.  Spiritual lessons have been absorbed during these weekends; they will make themselves known in our times of life to come.
I feel so excited to go home to discover new aspects of my life.  I will see more beauty in this physical world knowing that my spirit is more beautiful, more refined, stronger and wiser.  With an invigorated spirit, life is going to be an even greater buzzing existence of contentment.

Thank you to Suzanna, Stephen, other helpers and the Divine for the gifts which I have been given.  ‘Grateful’ does not encompass all of the deep feelings of thanks I have.
In deep gratitude, love and light,
Peggy C, (New Zealand)

Maria, from Chile, in UK Novembr 2016

We are One and yet we are each of us.  Even one can get lost in one self and it will be just exploring, learning, growing.

It is part of living, to play each of our lives as many, and it is important to also recognize when it is time to back home, when there has been enough exploration, lessons and growth.  One shall just go home, go back to the One that we are.

Stop competition, anger, sadness and all what is not real and remember what we really are, which is Love.

So what does one want?  Well many things, but at the moment, to go home, and is very well known that that home is where the heart is.  My heart is with love and light now, and then, I am going home.  I am standing in the love and the light, and I am feeling the best that I have ever felt.

How?  Well, there is only one way; Love, and one one channel, Suzanna.

In this dark ocean of lies, Suzanna is the sailboat, love is the wind and we are going home.  The heart says come sail with us, with One, with Love.

Let’s all get activated together and let’s go home.

La Vie Su La Cote (Chile)
Star Sacred World healer

Patricia, from England, in Uk November 2016

What a wonderful gift we have been given to bring balance and harmony back to the earth and be able to benefit personally also while being part of this massive collective love consciousness.

The more people who join and become activated, the more power will be given to humanity and will benefit all other beings on other planes.


Namaste, love and light,

Patricia W, England

Kathrina, from New Zealand, in UK Nov 2016

Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation. 

I felt it ….. I knew it ….. way back ….. as a child, as a young person …..

I feel so grateful!!!  I listened to myself, to the calling …. And it was strong and clear!  It is so incredible, wonderful and peaceful.

It is such a blessing!  Being here at this time!  Thank you for strong guidance.  We have been given so much light and love.  We are connected so much stronger to all of us and out there to all the beings in the love and light in the whole universe.

Being part of this and physically here among others for the first ever Star Gate opening, there is no other place I would have loved to be.

Thank you Caeayaron.  Thank you Suzanna.  Thank you to all the Beings in the love and the light.
A small thought for everyone who is reading this: Just surrender to divine guidance in the love and the light.  Your life will change in the most wonderful ways.  Make your way to the next activations.  Do the most loving thing you can do for yourself, your family and the whole universe.

Love and Light, Kathrina H, New Zealand.


Carina, from Sweden, in UK Nov 2016

I felt that the energy rise with great excitement, just before it started, the activation from the Galactic Federation and Caeayaron.

Then I heard a sound in my ear.  It was loud and I saw light balls in a row.

This is really something I recommend for people to do. Suzanna is a great channeller and workshop leader.
Love and light,
Carina (Sweden)

Natalie, from New Zealand, in UK November 2016

Suzanna, you are so strong.  What you are doing for the Universe is absolutely amazing.  A true angel.
I am going to continue to spread my light in the world.  Do portals and work my magic.

I saw wings behind you today.  The light was shining on the pine-nut like crystal and cast an amazing shadow in a circle.  Hard to explain but looked beautiful.

I am very grateful to experience these activations.  My manifestations are really working.  I am seeing confirmation constantly.  You showed me the light Suzanna and I am so grateful to you.
So excited we are Star Sacred World healers – Woohooo!

The work is so glaringly obvious and beautiful.  May many more people come to the activations so we can grow and bring world peace.

I am now stronger, empowered, and confident.  Thank you.  See you next time.
Love, light, gratitude and kisses,
Natalie (New Zealand)

Wendy, from New Zealand, in UK Nov 2016

This has been the most exciting activation yet.  They have all be so great but this one has gone so much further.  The opening of the stargate and the connecting with our star codes has given me such as sense of joy, hope for the future of this world and wonder at what is now becoming accessible for us.

I travelled from New Zealand to England just for this and it has so been worth it. I am so grateful to the Divine, to Suzanna and Stephen, to my fellow activated companions and to myself for allowing this to come into being.

I will go home to New Zealand very happy and ready to embrace my future.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Namaste, love and light,
Wendy G, New Zealand

Stephen, From UK, in UK November 2017

The energies and teachings today were completely non-human, as the DNA vibration and gifts of the beautiful Divine Pineal Gland Activation Level 3 group has risen higher towards star DNA frequencies.

Already the group have started their work for Divine purpose outside of the limitations of their human body, including astrally in their sleep, where they meet up.  Physically the group were also taught to heal using the violet flame and to open portals of power and love all over the world.  CAEAYARON builds his beautiful Sacred World Healers up to do these things independently as well in their own groups, wherever they may be.

CAEAYARON taught the group of the amazing light pools of love energies buried deep within Colchester, UK, and portals were opened for higher love and light gifts which will change humanity, as well as rectifying the nulls and nodes work performed by the darkness in Lemuria which led to the fall of the beautiful light beings to humans of shadows.
Pineal Gland, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras were joined to gain greater collective manifestation and healing power than this plane has ever known.  Even those already activated to level 3 were amazed at the huge increase in power since the activations of last year in New Zealand. Myself, as well as all Sacred World Healers are feeling this whether or not they attended this round of activations.

More than ever it hit home how real and speedily the ascension of humanity is happening as the alignment of all the universes draws closer in our reality.  I am feeling this and my manifestation abilities are happening so quickly now, along with my ability to heal myself and others around me.

CAEAYARON’S Ascension Programme is not only an intellectual exercise, it is tangible, very real and it is happening right now!  I am so grateful to CAEAYARON, the Pleiadians of love and light, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT whose prophesies are becoming real right in front of my eyes, and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for her out of this world channelling and gifts she has blessed me with, along with the rest of humanity.

This is only the start, as CAEAYARON himself has said.  I am extremely excited and in great anticipation of the gifts, knowledge and changes that will occur at an ever accelerating rate to all those who are strong enough to choose the healing of the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON.

I look forward to the day every beautiful human recognizes and chooses the love and the light through becoming activated by CAEAYARON.  Eventually they will all recognize it and it will remain their beautiful free will choice.
Namaste, Stephen

Jacqui, from NewZealand, in New Zealand June 2016

I am completely in awe and gratitude for the weekend of teachings and healings we have received. This is not like anything I have ever experienced.

I have done other spiritual workshops, I have learnt varying healing modalities, and I have even been on another ascension program.

This weekend was way out of the human league, way out of any league imaginable.

This weekend we learnt that we only need to choose the Light with our whole hearts, to choose for the freedom of the Cosmic Laws rather than the ‘freedom’ of freewill which has caused us so much heartache, pain, and misery for thousands and thousands of years. Indeed for thousands and thousands of lifetimes.

We were given gifts we are not even aware of at this time but will slowly open to us as we choose more and more to step into the higher ways of living in the Light.

We were invited to join the Greater Family of Light. This invitation was almost never to be possible again at the fall of Lemuria. We learnt that if not for Suzanna’s immense love, we would have been cut off forever from the Star Realms. We would have been left to descend until we inevitably wiped ourselves out.

So much of how our world was, and is, and can be, was explained, as much as we could handle and sometimes more.
Will we choose for the Light or will we choose to remain in the pain and suffering of the dark programs.
This is the big league now, no more being babysat by the Star Realms, no more will our Star Brothers and Sisters in the Light protect us from ourselves and our ways.

The game has reached the point where we must choose.

The healing experienced by us all this weekend was absolutely phenomenal. It had to be, to support the growth, to propel us upwards.

Will we continue to resist Suzanna and the Light, as CAEAYARON pulls her up and our resistance pulls her back down, only to continue the cycle again.

This is a serious game friends. CAEAYARON and THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY, need us to know just how serious this is.

So there was much forgiveness for everyone, we needed to forgive ourselves, to forgive each other, to forgive the Light, to forgive everything that is and was.

So many tears flowed as we released old programs, uncovered by the Light and Love Suzanna brought through.
What a massive weekend to create a shift in consciousness, a gift of evolution from the Star Realms who are now able to help us greater because we have chosen for the Light.

Now we need to gather more people to live the higher ways, to choose to have the courage to step out of the old programs of fear, and to step into the Light, and then keep stepping further into the Light, into the Cosmic Laws of freedom and Love ways.

We do this by showing the way. By being in the forgiving, by being in the Light, by living from our hearts, and for standing always for the Light.

There isn’t really any way to explain with words the enormity of this weekend’s workshop with Suzanna, CAEAYRON, HALISARIUS, GAIA, THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY, ARCHANGELS, and GREATER FAMILY OF LIGHT members.

I can thank them all with the greatest amount of Love I have available to me at this time. I thank them because I know in my heart all they have done for us. On a conscious level I know very, very, very little, but my heart knows much, much more and is so grateful that they did not let us go.

I love you Suzanna for your courage, your strength and your beautiful heart of Love (not to mention your enormously funny Pleiadian jokes )

Much love and gratitude,
Jacqui Hanson

Wendy from New Zealand in New Zealand June 2016

This has been a truly stupendous weekend, filled with teachings and blessings from the great Divine Light.
It has been such a privilege to be here.
It has been so much that it feels quite overwhelming.
I feel truly blessed to have met Suzanna and to have been guided to these teachings.
I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world.
Deepest gratitude to Halisarius and the Pleiadians for their teachings and gifts.
I will never forget this experience and look forward enormously to the future and what Suzanna will bring through to the world and mankind.
The Light will win and it can’t be soon enough.
Wendy Guthrie.

Sandrine, from France, in New Zealand June 2016

It is with gratitude and love that I will write this testimonial.
This weekend has been a big challenge on my energy level in a great way.
The forgiveness to bring us in higher healings, the heart hugs with Gaia tones to remind us how much we love each other and building the collective love consciousness.
Once more the teachings were amazing, the channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, so strong, growing and so beautiful in the Light.
The bigger picture of the game has brought me better understanding, much more compassion and blessings for Ancient Lemuria and Lemurians.
On Sunday, I felt unstable, emotional, felt challenged on my energy levels.
This instability completely shifted after (and during) Halisarius’s talk.
It was so high and powerful and I felt grateful for Halisarius’s talk about the Galactic Federation of Light Society.
Once more, I am very grateful to have come and received amazing teachings from the Divine, deeper gifts, deeper understanding, deeper love, light and wisdom.
Namaste Sandrine

Toni, from New Zealand, in New Zealand June 2016

It has been a real blessing to be a part of the lessons and guidance received this weekend.
So much has been learned and understood that it seems simple.
How to be in love and light. What more is there to want in life?
It has put the pieces of the puzzle together from things learnt in the past, and what I have already known to be so from all my past lives and experiences.
We understood more fully how much forgiveness is the basis of all healing and how to bring love to all situations.
We learnt to be in the love and light and in doing so will facilitate our growth.
Being activated to Level 3 is an important element of our growth.
Thank you Suzanna for your commitment to channeling these messages for us.

Claire from New Zealand in New Zealand June 2016

This weekend I expected to get similar but slightly more learnings as we learned from other workshops.
So I learned how to forgive on a much deeper level and how this involves forgiving for all of mankind.
And how to be a conscious transformer of energy, and how to work greater with Angels.

These will help me so much with bringing more love and abundance into my life.
However, the most magnificent learnings I received involved my Lemurian self and my star self.
Caeayaron connected us to our Lemurian selves and this was the most moving experience, so powerful as I connected deeply into the Earth to the buried Lemurian Light in Gaia and then my energy returned to my body and I feel so much joy at that.

The other most miraculous part of the weekend was meeting Halisarius, Pleiadian Leader and Leader of the Galactic Federation of Light Society and when he came to the room he brought many other members of the Light Society, which was a very wonderful experience.

We were given a star flame, which was so beautiful.
He returned again on the second day and spoke at length about the Pleiadian experience with the earth plane.
I know now that this mission we are on not only involves saving the earth and human beings but it will bring peace and light and love to all in the Universe.

This is so huge and it is so amazing that we are now knowing this and I can only urge all who go to Suzanna’s page to come do the activations and be part of saving the world.

I know that I am a star being and because I am activated, along with my friends here, I know that I will receive the most magnificent star gifts as the Galactic Federation of Light Society gave them to us.
I am so willing to stand in Light and Love and I will use my highs to transform my life to a higher level and to bring love and peace and joy to this world.
Namaste my dear friends,
Claire Guthrie.

June, from New Zealand, in New Zealand June 2016

Most powerful weekend.
The lessons are so deep.
Forgiveness is paramount.
Forgiveness, Release, Let go all into the flow of Love and Light.
The power of self love.
The lesson of self love so we can love another, so we can bring in Love and Light to others.
The serious game. The seriousness of the outcome.
The love of the Galactic Federation of Light Society.
The Ancient Lemurians and the love and light of life in Lemuria.
The power of Love – of the love of the Blue and Red Star and their transformation into Star Beings.
The power of the Sacred Violet Flame.
The purpose of protecting ourselves.
Ask the angels to protect us, our homes, our families, our cars, our journeys.
So many precious gifts we have received.
Amazing time.
Awesome messages.
I feel my feet are off the ground.
Suzanna is an amazing channel.
Our Divine chose a beautiful soul to bring us to the Love and Light.
Thank you from my heart Dear Suzanna.
Our love to Stephen.
With Blessings
June McHale

Ngapipi, from New Zealand, in New Zealand June 2016

We received beautiful forgiveness statements how to forgive not only ourselves but for all of mankind.
We learned how to hold greater love and light by doing the forgiveness statements.
We learned how we are being watched by the Galactic Federation of Light, and that we are not alone and being supported by them.
We received a beautiful flame from the Galactic Federation of Light, which holds deeper star gifts and deeper codes of love and light.
We gained greater wisdom of how to protect ourselves with love and light.
We received beautiful gifts of manifesting and how to use the violet flame to heal.
We learnt about the love of the Pleiadians is for us. And how much they suffered and sacrificed for us.
That we also have free will to choose whether we will stay in the energies of pain and fear or whether we will choose a higher way of love and light.
We had greater understanding of the pineal gland activations, and how we can bring back the flows of love and peace to our planet, just by getting activated.
More beautiful understandings were given to us of the great fall that happened in the ancient times of Lemuria.
We learnt so much about how to ‘re-program’ our thoughts and beliefs so we can truly focus on and manifest the things we desire in our lives.
We also realized that we carry a Pleiadian code, DNA that can be switched by the Pleiadians.
That will switch our programs from pain and fear to programs of true love, happiness, and peace.
It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say I feel deeply privileged and honoured to have been “Awoken” by Caeayaron.
To have been part of the last workshop in New Zealand.
Thank you Suzanna for all your hard work, all your sacrifices that you have made for us.
And for chanelling all weekend long, wow that was amazing!!
Namaste Ngapipi xoxox

Sharan, from New Zealand, in New Zealand June 2016

We gathered together this weekend for one last opportunity in NZ to be in the presence of the Great Divine and receive messages and information from Caeayaron and other Beings of the highest Love and Light.
Suzanna you worked unbelievably hard to bring messages from Caeayaron, Halisarius, and Gaia through for us all.
We could never have imagined receiving such knowledge and understanding of the game on planet earth, the role of humanity this time, the code makers, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Galactic Federation of Dark.
Information about the role we all played in ancient Lemuria and now how important the activations given by Caeayaron through Suzanna are to us individually and collectively.
I can not describe in words the value of this weekend and I urge all those truly seeking the truth, love and light to watch the messages from this weekend on YouTube and put your name down as soon as you can to be activated to levels 1, 2, and 3.
Join us please as Sacred World Healers.
Suzanna, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May all those seekers of love and light recognize you, support you and help you bring peace and love back to planet earth.
Namaste Sharan.

Gail, from New Zealand, in UK April 2017

If you are searching for a way to heal yourself, your family or your friends but are lost in the maze out there, join us in the teachings of Caeayaron with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Come to the Pineal Gland Activations and learn how simple change can be when we heal together and remember our greatness and our collective love.

We aren’t lost. It is just a step away.

In love, Gail

Star Sacred World Healer - New Zealand

Patricia, from UK, in UK April 2017

The Pineal Gland Activations enable you to understand how the earth was birthed and the challenges that the Light Grid Programmer, who worked with Caeayaron, dealt with.

There are many processes taking place in the universe now to ensure the planet Earth stays safe. Those people who are activated will play a huge part in this, many more are needed so please join us to help in the path of cosmic consciousness.

All are very welcome.

Patricia Star Sacred World Healer - England

Marija, from Lithuania, in UK April 2017

“Do you believe in Angels?

If yes, I invite you to Pineal Gland Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron.

There will be great teachings with great healings from great Archangels of Love and Light.

You will learn the real history of our history of our existence.

What is very important is that you will know how to heal your own Life with forgiveness. And you will feel physically all pain and all worries gone out.

You will find that you are very important and your Life is very precious, that your future is great.

All this knowledge comes when you become activated with Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Star Sacred World Healer - England / Lithuania

Richard, from Canada, in UK April 2017

“The gifts we received during this activation were so immense!

The Universe was changed this day.

GAIA’s codes were upgraded immensely!

The problems of the world are soon going to be gone.

Go into your heart and feel the love, for it is rising!

We are One, through the grid works of the earth.

Do your part, and get activated. This is the greatest thing you can do to heal not only yourself, but the Earth … and the universe!!!

Richard from Canada”

Star Sacred World Healer

Jill, from New Zealand, in UK April 2017

“I have been feeling a huge escalation of feeling and seeing protection around me. I shared one experience I had whilst in town and since then it has continued and I am feeling the magnetic energies so much more as a part of me and me a part of it... I am understanding more that there truly is no more separation and those old layers of pain are literally falling away.

I am seeing chaos and energies of disharmony around me but it is no longer connected to me and I am staying out of it. My heart is literally singing as I remember times of only love... Not pain, and these times are coming back.
Because I am not getting attached to pain and not judging it this means I can truly forgive, create and change these energies, bringing them into much more harmony...

I have done this in so many ways over the last few days with my family and I feel greater changes are coming now.
I have a deepening desire to understand everything around me. The meaning and purpose of all creatures because the separation has gone and I am remembering we are all connected. All holds such beauty and lessons and I am feeling so excited as I write as I am learning so much .. We are all a part of the divine family and that is LOVE...
My trust is growing so much every day and I am able to hold greater love flows.

I am so full of gratitude and my heart is so full of love. I talk to all the creatures and I feel their connections of love. I feel so alive.

I thank you so much dearest Suzanna, Stephen and Caeayaron and all the divine masters for your love and for the Pineal Gland Activations.

Like a flower, we are all awakening to the beauty that we are and which we belong to.
Jill Star Sacred World Healer


Rita, from Israel, in UK April 2017

“You don’t need look far, I’ve always been here with you, I’ve never left you, been there with you from the start “you little Bright Star”. I was there with you when the time stood still!

Now it’s time to wake up, wake up my precious one, come back to the light & love, the road ahead of you is so clear & amazingly beautiful & protected. Don’t be afraid anymore, the doors are open for you now so step in & remember the beauty & love that we always had.

When you feel the calling don’t be afraid, don’t be shy as you are heading in the right Direction. You are heading back to the Divine Love “The Oneness”.

I am here. I’ve always been & never gone! You just had your eyes closed, your ears blocked & your Heart imprisoned.
I always knew it deep inside me, then the calling came & it all made sense.

Thank you Suzanna. Thank you CAEAYARON.

Love & Peace
Love, Light & Hugs,
Rita Boyce :-) ♥”
Star Sacred World Healer - England / Israel

Julie, from UK, in UK April 2017

“Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the most incredible channel you will ever meet. She can do over 20 angel readings, one straight after the other and energies in the room are so beautiful and strong.

I will never forget the great presence of ADAMA as he stood in front of me and presented me with my Lemurian Gown. This was the beginning of past memories which filled my heart with joy because I had memory of being with GAIA.

I am so very grateful to the Pleiadians, I have learnt how much they have done for the earth and humanity and for all they continue to do.

Being activated will bring so much love into your life and you will learn how to forgive and release all your pain and fear.

I will always and forever be so grateful to Suzanna who has done so much for mankind.

CAEAYARON is the Awakening Master, you will never feel love flows like you feel when coming to activations. This is worth more riches upon the Earth, he will teach you so much.

Big thanks to Jacqui and Stephen who are so important.

The Greatest Truth is here with Suzanna and CAEAYARON, this is an absolute knowing in my heart.


Julie K.”

Star Sacred World Healer - England

Jennifer, from USA, in UK Aptil 2017

“I am feeling forever blessed, forever changed. I flew very far from Moon Township Pennsylvania, USA. I followed my heart to the Activations. My lower self and lower thoughts don’t exist in my life anymore. I am free to live in an Abundance of LOVE.

I am eternally grateful to Suzanna Maria for all her hard work. I want to do whatever I can to share with everyone. So many blessings are unfolding before me, I see a life free from pain, sadness. Only Love with the Divine. Only LOVE!!

Thank you to Caeayaron for bringing me back. I feel your love and I know you are with me forever!
I am truly blessed and so filled with gratitude,

Jennifer Goth
Star Sacred World Healer - USA

Zornitsa, from Bulgaria, in UK April 2017

I have found the path leading towards my purpose. Something I have always been searching for. Searching for answers, for my role in the universe. Knowing there was something greater but nothing clicked.

Now I have found it!

To have the exercises to do and follow in my own time at my own speed. To know and be guided how to connect with Angels & the Divine. To be encouraged and to learn from my new spiritual family.

So much has gone in to my head, especially my heart. So much to take in!!

These 3 weekends have been amazing!

Amazing to think of what our future holds, the wonderful ways in which we can go higher and how the love can grow to bring in the crowds.

To build and build on the love that’s growing is so special.

So grateful to Caeayaron and Suzanna. Xx


Star Sacred World Healer - Bulgaria

Ngapipi, from New Zeanad, in UK April 2017

Dear Reader,

These pineal gland activations mean so much more than we will ever know. We have the opportunity now, to step out of pain and fear and suffering, and into a greater reality where we can be and have so much more happiness and love and peace and harmony.

Imagine a world filled with laughter, a world where our children are recognised as the precious gifts that they are, a world where they can truly learn to grow and expand and be happy and laugh, a world where our education system supports and nourishes them, nurtures and encourages them and doesn’t shut them down.

Imagine a world filled with happy healthy people, where there is no more sickness and no more disease, no more watching your loved ones suffer in pain and standing by helplessly as they die. Imagine how great it would be to be youthful, full of life, full of health, filled with love, no more getting sick. Wouldn’t that be great?

Imagine now if you will, whole nations laying down their arms. Where they put down their weapons and say, no more, I refuse to fight this war, no more do I choose the destruction of life, tear homes and families apart. Where children don’t fear to walk the streets & wives don’t cry for their lives. Imagine if we had a world so filled with love and peace. One where we could live side by side in peace and harmony.

Imagine I say that there was no more shortages of food, no more starvation, no hunger, a place where everyone had enough food. Where people’s bellies were filled, and they had a home to stay.

Imagine a world we grew strong together constantly sharing our love. A world filled with peace and gifts abounding and healing for our beautiful Earth.

A place where the animals were nourished loved & protected too.

Our waterways, our earth, our beautiful Earth, healed and thriving too.

I pray many people will hear the call of Caeayaron, Master of Magnetic flows forces & alignments.

For now we have the opportunity to finally have PEACE on our earth.

With his Light grid programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Thank you for listening.


Star Sacred World Healer - New Zealand

Ramon, from New Zealand, in UK April 2017

I have noticed during the past two weeks since the activations that I have become happier, more loving and more confident.

I recommend the activations for others and would say, what do you have to lose?

If you are unsure, as I was, there is no harm in coming to see what it’s about! In the large scale of things, the 3 weekends are not very long and yet they will turn your life around and bring you on track with whatever it is you desire in life!

I feel like I have more of a purpose in life now and I’m excited to get on with it!


Star Sacred World Healer - New Zealand

Cathy, from Australia, in UK April 2017

Many paths have led me to the moment of the great shift I have experienced during Caeayaron’s Ascension Program.

I want the whole world to know and experience the Divine’s great love for all. Ask your angels and guides for confirmation of the deep importance of this truth.

I invite you to join the activated ones in being connected with the Divine codes by the Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

You will experience Self-love & forgiveness, freedom from the chains of being lost, divine missions & unlimited growth & knowledge and blessings.
Star Sacred World Healer - Australia

Kathrina, from Switzerland, in UK April 2017

There is nothing else I’d rather do.
No other place I would like to be instead.
No other energies I would love to be surrounded with!
It is where I have always wanted to come to.
My search for the love and the light has guided me here.
And here I have arrived.

Together we are building strength!
Together we are building and holding the love and light!
Together for so many others to come and join!
It will be beautiful beyond our imagination.
No words to describe.

Our hearts will grow and bond. Our hearts will connect to the one heart.
And we will be all one.

Please come and join us in the love. Be a builder!
Find your inner peace. Find your strength. Find your love!
Join us at the Pineal Gland Activations with Caeayaron!

I am deeply grateful for all that is!


Stephen, from UK, in UK April 2017

It is difficult to describe my post activation life. I now think multi-dimensionally, and I find this easy. I have so many memories of past lives and can put my mind into them to gain even more information. I have much greater flows of love flowing through me and greater magnetic strength. I speak to angels and they debrief me and guide me regularly. I am learning to surrender to angelic guidance and the more I listen and act as requested, the greater my wealth and abundance, peace and happiness becomes. It's like floating down a steam of love instead of fighting against the flow, tides and waves, as humans with my way or the highway thinking do.

At 52 I feel in my 30's and my body is healing and getting younger and stronger in all ways. I have a deep inner peace and the strangest of things happen regularly, which many would say to be fairy tales. My life is healthier, happier, more exciting and abundant and I feel completely amazing.

There are times when memories come up from the past, often millions of years ago, which I need to forgive in order to ascend up higher. I am on a journey of self discovery; like Star Trek, where the beings we discover are part of our selves in different times and spaces. I have a deep inner knowing and I am so grateful to Suzanna and CAEAYARON and THE GREAT DIVINE. Sometimes CAEAYARON takes me up to very higher dimensions. You should feel how wonderful that is! Life is beautiful, and yet it is only just the start of what the Star Sacred World Healers are growing into.

Wishing you love and light


Jacqui from, New Zealand, in UK April 2017 

Can you feel their excitement? Can you imagine how it will be to become connected once more into your Lemurian Light (and life) Codes?

These are the greatest of times and the question is not, ‘will you see it?’ but rather, ‘when will you see it?’

If you come early, your experience will be quite different to those who come later to the stadiums of thousands. While the groups are still smaller, you will be able to connect personally with Suzanna. You will be amazed at the readings she is able to give you from your spirit guides. You will be amazed at her ability to both consciously and deep trance channel for hours and days. You will be amazed at the strength and power of the Divine energies coming through.

I know you will be amazed because everyone who comes is amazed, every single one, even those who have been to all the activations previously held. EVERYONE is AMAZED!!!

The next Divine Pineal Gland Activations will be held in Yorkshire, England.
Please email [email protected] for booking information.

Much love to you always, Jacqui

James, fromAustralia, in UK April 2017

I can’t imagine not having these healings I received, that is how much it has changed me. A new zest for life, greater thoughts, greater dreams for the future and greater love right now.

You can achieve so much just by coming to the Divine Pineal Gland Activations. You will set yourself free, start to heal the earth, heal your families but first and most importantly, heal yourself.

There is a storage container waiting for you with great universal treasures. How to access it?

You need Caeayaron’s blessing, his guidance, It is on offer!

Please join in on the fun, your healing helps my healing and also Universal Healing.

Celebrate and believe that the time is now and this it!

Much Love from Australia.

James, Star Sacred World Healer.

Sandra, from UK, in UK April 2017

To start I was so intrigued about Caeayaron, I came to the lessons with so much fear (that I did not know I held). To find Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron’s Pineal Gland Activation has released so much of me to let me see and feel the true person I am.

I am eternally grateful for the lessons.

I encourage all to watch Suzanna on YouTube to see how great we all can be when we stand in our love, light, power. And once you have become activated, even more so.

It answers so many questions.

It is our pathway, but we all have choice, and to choose Caeayaron, Master of Magnetic flows and alignments into your life, enables you to rise higher, into the love consciousness. Reminds us always to be in our forgiveness of all things to open your heart as it once was so that you can truly be the light that you are.

Please try, it is a real life changer. Gives you freedom. heart emoticon<3

Much love and blessings,


Star Sacred World Healer

Juan, from Spain, in UK April 2017

I had been healing before the activations, but Caeayaron allowed me and us to really know depth in love.
With my heart open I am able to say
‘Come here people so that you know and discover your own mysteries’.
Star Sacred World Healer - Spain

Olivia, from Israel, in UK April 2017

Thank you so much Suzanna and Caeayaron for the Activations weekends. Words are missing to express the uplifting love, joy and gratitude I feel.

So much healing, forgiveness, beautiful teaching and with great fun too!

It is only the beginning for me and I can not wait to return for more. I now feel part of a great family, a great sense of coming home.

With huge gratitude and a rainbow of love,

Olivia Star Sacred World Healer

Tina, from UK, in UK April 2017

To be activated with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is to change your life forever. To learn how forgiveness can [give] you greater peace is unbelievable until you are activated.

Step into your greater heart and feel the flows of peace in your life.

This is my personal testimony from a life of pain and searching, anger & frustration to a beautiful peaceful life. Even the people I see every day seem to smile at me more and are more polite and helpful than ever.

To flow in life with peace and knowing you are looked after by Divine is just so special. To lose judgement of people and see them on a new level helps your life flow.

The gratitude to Suzanna is just so hard to put in words. I am eternally grateful.

Much much love to you.


Niki, from UK, in UK April 2017

I am in deep gratitude to friends who were activated and they passed on their love and appreciation of Caeayaron which opened me to want to know more.

These past 3 weekends have been amazing - starting off with learning so much more about loving the self, where it all starts then learning more about how you can manifest more abundance in your life. Yes so simple but it only clicks in place once you learn from Caeayaron.

Finally hearing about love collectively and how we can support each other and grow.

I am so excited to start this wonderful journey, so many new experiences to have and be open to - it just doesn’t stop!

Thank you so much Suzanna for passing on this wonderful gift and sharing your Love it means the world.


Jules,from New Zealand, in UK April 2017

Within all of us is a curiosity and a feeling that there is more to this life and we go out searching and setting up businesses doing our best, believing it is our purpose.

We don’t like others telling us what to do. And then through our prayers and searching something happens that pulls us towards the light, and fear turns up, we clear it and more fear shows up.

I thought that was my path, and true deep healing and spiritual gifts were what I was using - UNTIL I became Activated with Suzanna & Caeayaron.

My path is so open and beautiful. I learnt how to manifest my heart’s desire in a way never been on this planet before. I could write books about all the healings and transformation in my life. My years of abuse has gone and I haven’t just let go, I was taught how to claim back ALL the energy I thought was taken - I feel a deep peace that my family notice and love so much. I am the person I always dreamed of being.

If you want to experience miracles and be a living loving light with clearer guidance than you have ever had. You are needed.

Suzanna, I feel so grateful, so blessed - my body is lighter and I want to fly. Thank you so much.


Titima, from NewZealand, un UK April 2017

Wow! Words are very difficult. My life is forever changed.
I have been on a Spiritual Healing path for a long time but it’s ONLY these Activations that have finally put me on my Divine Mission Path which I have searched for forever it seems. It is still to unfold but Lord Emmanuel, Caeayaron, Adama, Lord Maitreya, Saint Germain & many other Lemurians have given it to me in frequency.
I didn’t quite know what this Ascension Programme was all about, but I trusted my guides which drew me here and simply by wholeheartedly agreeing to come and never doubting, Caeayaron paved the way and made it smooth as
My difficult relationship and the people around me became supportive. It seems that life indeed was really blossoming in more ways than one.
That was only just the beginning ….. Answers came, things made clearer.
Amazing transformative learnings, how can you beat the true messages of Love and forgiveness. That wasn’t all! The gifts kept coming, too many to name here.
Get out of your heads, open your hearts, let it go, let it flow and you too will be hugely blessed in ways you cannot imagine, if you’ve ever felt stuck or in pain, confused or unsure, this Activation is for You!!
And for those who just simply want affirmation that they are indeed on the right path.

Marie Louise, from Australia, in Uk April 2017

Are you searching for your true purpose, have you ever wondered why we are here, have you ever thought “There’s got to be more to life than this”?


If so I invite you to take a journey, a special journey of Self Discovery, Self Love and Self Forgiveness.


I encourage you to take a journey of peace, no more pain, no more disease, no more suffering, come to the Divine Ascension Healing program.


Come and listen to the divine wisdom and guidance from Caeayaron, Master of Magnetic Forces, Flows & Alignment, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great and many Arch Angels through the light grid programmer.


Come listen to the true one and only Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Come and clear your karma, Heal, Love, forgive and be set free.


Heal yourself and we Collectively Heal Our Earth♥


Marie-Louise Bone

Gail, from New Zealand, in UK April 2017

Whew I felt the great call and had the desire 2 years ago to attend the Pineal Gland Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel from Caeayaron. I had no idea I would end up attending in England.

The issues I overcame to get here from NZ were great but Oh Boy! Have I been rewarded. I had no idea how massive the teachings were to be from such high sources.

I still have no full comprehension of the role our group have played in the universal game or the healing of mankind and the greater realms but I trust that all will be revealed in a perfect way and timing.

Our manual gives me so many skills to move forward and the simplicity is unbelievable.

A future guided by angels. What more could I want. Go Caeayaron.

Thank goodness it doesn’t stop here. I am in for the long haul and the hard work.

Thank you for all the love and commitment Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Stephen.

From my heart.

Gail Watson.

Dennis, from Hiolland, in UK April 2017

If you want to love your life more …

If you want to love yourself more …

If you want to understand the Divine Alignment Plan more …

If you want to leave all the suffering and pain behind, rise up in the love & the light to be in the peace more …

If you had enough of this prison …

If you want to learn about the extra-terrestrial involvement, especially the Pleiadian Guardians of Planet Earth …

If you want to heal …

If you want to be blessed … and blessed over and over again…

If you want to get in touch with your deeper self, your higher self…

If you want to radiate love to others…

If you want to look better every day, get younger everyday, get more beautiful eyes…

If you want to laugh more, be more positive…

If you’re curious about angels, Archangels and what their role is…

If you want to join a group of very special people, growing together in harmony, love & light…

then (please) go to these

Divine Pineal Activations

Xxx Dennis

I am in AWE.

Danielle from New Zealand July 2017

My name is Danielle and I’m from New Zealand. I have been privileged to attend all the activations in New Zealand and in England. I have been so blessed with the opportunity to attend another activation in England.
This morning (whilst in the shower haha) I had a really deep sense of gratitude for everything that has occurred on my journey with these activations so far and even more specifically the past few months since the last activations. I have been blessed with healings, guidance, abundance and courage by Caeayaron and the divine (also through working on manifestation) so much to help me to get to these coming activations that I really don’t have enough human gratitude to cover everything that has been gifted to me.
Thank you Suzanna for making all of this possible and for all the work you do, thank you Caeayaron and all the beautiful star beings, Lemurians, archangels working hard to help us and help the ascension progress forward. Thank you to all the activated also for the support, guidance and the lessons of growth, forgiveness, trust, unity, love, compassion and strength.
To all those watching Youtube and Facebook. Know that these activations, healings, teachings, exercise manual (tools to sky rocket our growth) and experiences are very real. If you feel a desire in your heart or even a slight curiosity please come to the activations because there will be a deep knowing within you that this is truth and it will feel like coming home. Caeayaron is working hard to try to help us to remember and awaken – he desires us to succeed so much in our ascension and also the ascension of the whole of the universe. So everything he teaches comes from a place of love but also allowing us the space to grow into our strength and trust within ourselves.
If you desire to come its not too late – get chatting to Caeayaron and a way will be made for you – then take the leap of faith!!!  ♥♥♥ I look forward to meeting all those going to the activations next week in Driffield!! Woo hoo! Bring it on Caeayaron!!!
Lots of love and blessings to all those reading this

Tina Kane from U.K in Activations 6th August 2017 


This weekend's activations were truly joyful. My jaw was aching from smiling and laughing so much. Thank you so much Suzanna and Caeayaron.

The meditations were very powerful. It felt like Caeayaron was holding my hand and guiding me right through it. I have been working on my thoughts, and with my awakening heart keen and eager the flows I felt were so beautiful.

I am so grateful that I can experience such peaceful and loving flows, it brings the biggest smile to my face.

My heart is full of gratitude for the activations, for the way my life has changed and the person I'm becoming. It brings tears of joy to write these words down, for the activations have been truly miraculous for me on a personal level. I'm so grateful I have been shown how to live in the heart.

What a dream team Suzanna the divine love element and Caeayaron master of magnetics are.

Thank you Suzanna I love you , The world owes you so much.
Namaste xx

Tina Kane, United Kingdom (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Jacqui Hansen from New Zealand in UK Activations Aug 2017

CAEAYARON has just delivered THE most amazing and comprehensive teachings and frequencies of love healings available on this planet!

Two years ago I attended my first Level 1 Activation weekend in New Zealand and I was completely blown away by what I received then. But now these teachings and love flows were way way way way way WAY higher and more powerful than anything I have experienced since then. WAY WAY WAY HIGHER!!!!!!

Wowee!!! The strength of the energies was amazing, the depth of the teachings was even past what we had learned in previous levels of 1, 2, and 3 combined with all other workshops.

Every time I am amazed but really it isn’t anything that CAEAYARON hasn’t said that he will do. He is preparing those who desire to come to the activations well before they arrive and so they are holding flows so advanced even for previous Level 3s. And for those who are here as the already activated ones, well we are experiencing shifts of the greatest magnitude, greater gifts, beautiful blessings, and we know we are becoming more of love.

I am always so grateful and so in awe and amazement at how Suzanna works. She is so diligent, so strong, so loving, so funny, so courageous, so beautiful and CAEAYARON is building her power up so much. There is no one else who would work so hard for so long to bring this programme into fruition, no one and I am forever and ever grateful to her for this.
Thank you SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, CAEAYARON, HALISARIUS, ADAMA, the Galactic Federations of Love and Light Societies, all the Divine and Star Beings of great love, all of our spiritual Lemurian brothers and sisters, and always to Suzanna, my gratitude grows as my heart awakens."

Jacqui Hanson, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


.Donna Richmond from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

I have just completed my 4th Pineal Gland Activation Level 1 and am absolutely mind blown with the incredible growth in the energies. Stunned would also describe it.

Such great teachings came through that now seem so easy to understand and the energies that flowed were so strong, loving yet peaceful.

It’s now the day after and I still feel my body balancing to the beautiful new frequencies.

This is truly the most rewarding, healing, beautiful, loving, real gift anyone could gift themselves.

It’s hard to imagine life now before being activated, although a photo taken prior (to the 1st activation I did in August 2015) shows how much more alive I look now.

So so much gratitude to the channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for bringing through CAEAYARON’s Ascension Program for humanity, a real, actually possible, way to change the world in which we live in.

The collective is growing and so are the healings of humankind and the earth.

So come on people, what are you waiting for (we don’t have forever) I’m sure no one wants to continue to live with so much disease, pain, suffering, fear, and anger anymore when we have been given a way out.

Come join CAEAYARON’s Love Force together as one and make that change.

Namaste, Donna Richmond, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Jill Eivers from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

In 2015 I was part of the first class to go through the 3 pineal gland activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel & Caeayaron. I knew my life would forever be changed but I never knew the extent that this would take and the blessings that would occur.

In early 2016 my brother was diagnosed with a massive tumour and told it was cancer. He was told that he would need surgery and then radiotherapy and that it would be a good idea for him to get his affairs in order.

I was shocked but at a healing circle that Suzanna did I told her about my brother and asked her what could I do. She said she would send him some healing and that I should forgive. I did this on the day of his operation.

I talked to my brother’s higher self and said the forgiveness statement over and over. I detached from the energies of what my brother had been told. I called in Caeayaron and all the angels, and my brother’s guides. I saw light come streaming into his body and all his cells lit up with light and love poured in. I let it go and I felt so much peace and trust come in. I thanked Caeayaron and Suzanna so much.

After my brother had had his operation & his family were waiting for the surgeon to ring. When he rang he said he could not explain the results. He said that when they opened him up there was only a small and easily removed tumour. There was no need for a big operation and no signs of any secondary cancer.

The surgeon was so stunned because of this and so sent the small tumour away for diagnosis. He had 2 people give separate laboratory analysis and both came back with the result that it was a non-malignant tumour which needed no further treatment.

The surgeon could not explain how what he had diagnosed my brother with had disappeared.

I know with my heart that this is totally as a result of the healing which my brother received from divine.

I am so very humbled and grateful for these incredible times and for being here and being activated by Caeayaron & Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the greatest, strongest, and ONLY love channel on this planet.

Jill Eivers, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Raman from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

"This is my second set of activations and I can say they just keep getting better!

I remember before my first set of activations in Colchester I was very afraid and intimidated by it.

I said to myself, what do I have to lose?

So I decided to come along and see what it was all about.

If you’re unsure whether to come or not I would advise you to just take a leap of faith and see what it’s all about, just as I did.

I found that the activations improved many aspects of my life ultimately making me happier and more fulfilled."

Ramon Hagler, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Jo Sims, from England in England Activations August 2017

"Since I have started to become Activated I have been experiencing so many wonderful things and protection from Caeayaron. When I ask for his help, he helps me within seconds, he provides me with a shield of protection.

My family are healing too because of my own activation they are happier and more content.

Now it is impossible for me to feel anger with other people. I do not worry anymore or feel pain like I used to. I no longer harbour negativity or low energies.

I can honestly say I am happy, content, fit and healthy. I stand strong and walk up right. People react differently to me now.

Thank-you Suzanna for your wonderful gift of channelling Caeayaron I feel totally blessed to be able to have this incredible experience and to be able to share it with wonderful people who will be my star family forever.

I am incredibly grateful to be activated and to come home.

Thank you so much Suzanna and Caeayaron, you have changed my life forever."

Jo Sims, England

Karen Savage from USA in UK Activations August 2017

"Prior to the first activation, I was sceptical of channeling and Caeayaron - not of the existence of such a thing, but wary of forces that are called into us as humans.

Was it a good force, or a bad force?

So, when I attended the activation, I could feel the good coming through the channel.

The intent means everything.

The love is strong."

Karen Savage, USA

Linda Jensen from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

Wow!!!! This was the most exciting incredible weekend that I have ever experienced in all my life.
The energy when we walked into the Centre on Friday night, was so  high and loving.
Felt like we were in a huge bubble of love.
The amazing peace and love flows were like I have never experienced before.
It was also the most delightful.
We were laughing so much along with the Channel.!!!!

Suzanna was amazing standing all day channeling with only short breaks.
The weekend was filled with much laughter.
Some tears as people discovered who they really were. This was so amazing,
We saw people able to shed their fear and be given the tools to heal their lives.
By being connected back into their Lemerian Light codes.
I know their is no other way. We are given so much proof that this is so !!!!! REAL

The one that has been talked about for so many thousands of years is really here,
To guide us back home.
I am Soo!!!! Truly grateful to you Suzanna for being the most amazing incredible ,
strong channel that you are. For,all the sacrifices you have made and never giving up.
Love you to the moon and back for ever and ever 

My love for Caeayaron is huge. He has the great love for us and is guiding mankind
Back to the love and the light .What a mighty Being of great love to do that for mankind.
Nobody wants the world as it is. Full of fear ,War , sickness , disease ,corruption, and
all things of the darkness.
This is our opportunity to rise up, to take the higher path. Put your" light boots "on
as Caeayaron says.and be on that higher path.

We all know by now that no human being can do this. They have been trying for
thousands of years.
So time to wake up and realise just what is going on. This is an opportunity of all lifetimes. 

I'm sure not going to be the one to miss out.
So everyone !!! Come to the activations. You will be given the healings, the guidance
and the great love to be able to do this.

I Soo!! Soo!! Love all the mighty archangels for supporting us all.
     I am a ' Star Sacred World Healer' and so very glad and excited to have found my way home.
                    Linda Jensen New Zealand
          From my sacred loving heart to yours Namaste 

Katrina from New Zealand in UK Activation 1 August 2017

What an amazing first weekend of our activations ! We advanced so much faster than previous times ! The energies built up so much more now !

My physical body reacted strongly ! Everything started tingling and shifting and I had a hard time to sit complete still.

My gift of seeing with my inner eye became so much clearer !  So wonderful !

The teachings were amazing and it made so much fun .

I love being in those high frequencies .They make me feel so happy !

Thank you all so much for coming together for those activations .It is the most precious work we can do!

Each and everyone counts and makes a huge difference !


Thank you so much Susanna for making this all possible !

Thank you so much Caeayaron for those beautiful teachings !

Thank you so much Caeayaron for all those beautiful gifts you gave us !

Thank you so much Caeayaron for making our life’s so wonderful !

Namaste Katrina

Julie K from England in Uk Activations August 2017

.Activations from week one to week two have my energy full of excitement!
CAEAYARON gave us a glimpse of the future which has confirmed my knowing that the earth will become peace, joy, love and it feels like the rise of Lemuria. This brings me the greatest joy because it is my heart’s desire.
These activations have been so powerful. CAEAYARON has shown me so much. While he was toning I saw a ray of light touching thousands of beings then I felt like I ascended higher and felt the presence of star beings. Then I was lifted higher and saw a dimension of complete light with a strong love force.
I have had real powerful experiences which I am so grateful for.
I feel my spiritual gifts have grown stronger. I can feel my angels closer to me and my beautiful spirit guide and my spiritual eyes are opening.
Nowhere can you experience this other than with the Great CAEAYARON channelled only with the beautiful Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Here my heart sings.
I hold so much gratitude for CAEAYARON and Suzanna.
I thank all Divine with all my heart and soul.
Let the Light grow forever. smile emoticon:-)
Julie K., England (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

.Tomas Bernotas from Lithuania in UK Activations August 2017

.Greetings, this is laughing ball. I want to share some of my experiences that happened because of Activations of CAEAYARON.
I was taught how to violet flame. I did it very strongly in the Hotel I’ve stayed in and the next day most of the people overslept. I have received great spiritual gifts. I can feel now Angels whenever I call them. I can feel their love and understanding for me.
If you feel like you need healing both physical and spiritual I recommend you feel the loving flows and accept it.
Accept this gift from Divine. My eyes are shining once again as I look into the mirror. My physical body has healed from all the injuries I had in my life.
I have a toolkit to solve all issues in my life and Divine takes care of it as well, so you can shine in the world.
I was taught how to manifest anything in my life.
Thank you.
Tomas Bernotas, Lithuania :-)

Dale Savage from USA in UK Activations August 2017

The YouTube transmissions are a mere fragment of the power of The Sacred Channel.
I came here expecting a life changing experience but received a metamorphic influx of Sacred Energies that took me into a new reality that I can physically feel.
This is no longer a beautiful vision but an indescribably uplifting shift in life purpose, where for the 1st time I know my Divine pathway to Freedom, Truth, Beauty and Love.
Dale Savage, USA


Nel Summer from Poland in UK Activations August 2017.

“Lovely Suzanna!

Feeling deeply affected by the High Energies. It feels so uplifting, happy thoughts, inspirations coming through. My heart is filled with joy and trust, love.

Even when I have moments I slip down a bit, I go back up very fast.

I feel my heart with love towards life and beings grows.

Getting in touch with my other beings in universal connections, expanding my awareness about my own self.

It feels like the activation was a tailor-made fit. Before Caeayaron said, I was imagining being with the man I am in love with and Caeayaron started talking about us here finding the soulmate.

Caeayaron cleared up in my mind more about how the energy works with the money manifesting.

I am so grateful for all the gifts, your love, your lovely Beings.

Expansion & love flow, feeling more free.

So divine to be amongst sisters and brothers who are connected to Caeayaron.”

Many Blessings,
Nel Summer, Poland/England (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Donna Richmond from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

"WOW - this is so real! I have never ever done anything more real than this in my life.

The transformation happening within my body, my thoughts, my family, over this last week has been incredible.

The words being spoken have more love, my energy levels are so great, the ability to transform my thoughts and have so much peace in myself is huge.

I am sleeping so deeply and having profound dreams with deep meanings which I can now decipher much easier and clear the deeper fears associated.

The growth in this short space of time is phenomenal. My awareness has grown so much and I now understand myself on a whole new level. The love within my heart is growing as I forgive more and more on a deeper level.

Learning how to transform fears as they are realised and seeing the power of forgiveness clear them. Job done, they go! Woohoo!

Thank you Divine. Thank you Suzanna xxx”

Donna Richmond, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Vanna Mc Kenzie from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

“I have always known deep down inside that there is a higher calling. Trying lots of different modalities, courses, spiritual teachers in search of the answer and inner satisfaction that drenches the quench for an inner peace and understanding. And believing that I was a very spiritual person, now in hindsight had not even touched the sides of my spiritual iceberg.

What I thought then of my life as a beaming light was in actual fact a very dim torch.

The being in residence in my human body, I now understand was dormant.

For having been activated I now have fireworks for light. I have a vibrating colourful light body that is so alive and happy feeling.

And I now understand the difference of the magnificent feeling of being awakened with activation with Caeayaron through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. It is very great.

Trust and take the leap. It’s life changing.

Our teacher and channel Suzanna is gentle and compassionate and channels Caeayaron in a very loving and understanding (and humorous) way.

The energies are powerful and the lessons are perfect.

I sit quietly and absorb everything.

So very grateful.

Thank you Suzanna & Caeayaron.

Vanna McKenzie, New Zealand

Phil Caskey from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

I came with fear in my heart and a cloud in my mind.

I leave with not only one clear heart but two hearts full of light and love.

Thank you Suzanna, for changing my life.”

Phil Caskey, New Zealand

Danielle Roberts From New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017.

As we enter the last weekend of the second manifestations many deeper revelations & greater clarity has come about to do with self-healing, manifestation & collective love consciousness, for the only way upwards to the higher love dimensions.

The first weekend I learnt deeper all the programmes that are holding me back & the deeper foundations of past lives they originated from which for me gives me greater clarity and understanding of my healing journey, my purpose, & how I’m growing. I have been to the divine pineal gland activations from the beginning. Every time the healings are grander, the power & love we are able to build as a collective love consciousness is grander and the tools & divine instructions are grander.

I’m in great gratitude for Caeayaron for bringing greater instruction to myself & all the activated as we are given greater healing, tools & guidelines on how we can achieve collective love consciousness together. Much of this we are able to do through receiving back our Lemurian Light codes & gifts for manifestation.

If you desire love, peace, freedom, health, abundance, trust, divine love magic, greater divine purpose, greater compassion, security, and greatness for the whole of humanity & our earth with no more fighting, wars, pain, illness then these activations are the only way upwards!!

Caeayaron through his ONLY light grid programmer on this plane & all dimensions & universes is the only one who can bring this to us!

Please if you desire healing for yourself, your family & our world - just come you have nothing to lose.

Freedom was greatly discussed this weekend the energy of freedom contains a great love force within it & with these activations we are freed so much being in greater union with our divine selves.

Today I felt like I was welcomed home despite massive self-judgement & unworthiness - I feel loved & seen by the divine. Thank you.

I have learnt now that there is no longer any time left to be in our pain. Now is the time to stand in our strength & strong love force to be great holders of love & great healers walking in partnership with Caeayaron, Galactic Federation & our star love universes to bring all things upwards.

I am in deep gratitude for our sacred gifts from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, Halisarius & Caeayaron - I feel privileged.

Thank you Suzanna for continuing to carry out these divine pineal gland activations - even when you don’t need to be here any longer - your love & dedication I can’t comprehend in my human mind but I am in deep gratitude for, so that the great life-saving mission can be won. Thank you for helping me to receive my heart of love back.

Danielle Roberts, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Makkala in UK Activations August 2017.

“I feel so incredibly blessed to be here at this time of the activations to receive such great clarity of heart, such relief, such trust and a deep inner knowing and understanding.
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience such great love come within my physical and energetic bodies.

My experience here has built such great trust within me for divine and my guidance has just been flowing like I have never known before.

I have felt my soul calling for such a long time, for greater healing, greater connection and ‘home’. I have felt home, finally, I have begun to recognise my soul purpose. My spiritual gifts have opened more and become greater. I have had my vision opened, I see more, I have felt and heard other people’s souls calling for love.

I can hold greater energy within my physical self and genuinely feel my physical ailments becoming a thing of my past: my body is healing.

I have stepped into a beautiful state of being present and aware in my own life with the tools now to also leave here and heal myself more deeply.

To be able to hold higher energy like I have never experienced before and to shine my light to others.

I now fully understand the importance of these activations and how they can truly heal your own life and more so humanity on a higher level. I feel so blessed to be a part of this energy moving into a collective love consciousness, a whole.

I came here with a great desire to heal and I have sat in such beautiful high energies learning and remembering so much more than I thought possible. I have had so much confirmation. I have greater confidence, a greater sense of self-worth and a deeper love of all. For we are all one and I have a deeper sense of self-love now too, able to recognise the beauty in all of life, through powerful forgiveness.

I have learnt the very real power of forgiveness and how it can transform your life.
I am so grateful to Caeayaron, Suzanna and all of the divine love beings.
Love and truth, Makkala.


Linda Jensen Fron New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

“This Activations Weekend is like an amazing dream come true. Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! a part of something so great and divine.
The Great Sun Consciousness has risen.
We have received precious codes and the great flames of Divinity.
This is the time when it was promised that if enough people could stand collectively in the Love, the great light would shine again.
To have your Lemurian Codes is to have the ability to take us out of the denseness of fear, anger sickness, greed, disease, wars, and all the lower vibrations.
I am now able to stay strong in the love and not drop into others pain and fears as this does not help anybody. I have gained great peace of mind and strength courage and determination to carry out this great mission.
I am so grateful to all the people who shared this weekend as collectively, we were able to have these incredible Activations.
We are now this beautiful Activated Family of light.
The day just flew by, and I could hardly believe when it was over.
Suzanna was amazing!!!!
Thank you Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, Halisarius, Adama, Gaia, and all the Divine Masters of the Light.
This is truly a great time of celebration!!!!
So if you feel the call!!!! Just do it. You will be guided all the way.
Enormous Love and gratitude to Suzanna
Love you Suzanna for ever and ever around the moon and for all eternity.”
Linda Jensen, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Sharan From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

“This weekend’s workshop was full of spectacularly incredible gifts from the divine masters.
Gifts of knowledge, understanding, healing and stepping further, stronger and deeper into our light bodies.
Such a strong sense of oneness for self and for mankind happened this weekend. Suzanna’s delivery is amazing as she brings so much lightness and laughter with every word even when the subjects are actually very serious and important.
Logically my brain is able to comprehend so much more of my life, mankind and the purpose of humanity and it’s challenges at this time.
World peace and a life filled with joy could occur if we all followed our hearts and became activated.
In gratitude to you Suzanna, Caeayaron and all those in the higher realms.”
Namaste Sharan, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Monica Carvajal Salmeron From Spain In UK Activations August 2017

“Each of us are on a different path. How wonderful it is finally to be able to understand which one is the one that will lead me to my true essence and the place we originally come from because we all were made out of LOVE and to the LOVE is where we all will be brought back.
It is impossible to express in a few words all that has happened during the past two weekends but I am sending all my LOVE through every single letter I have written.
May this testimony bring others to the Divine Pineal Activations so more and more people can experience what truly joy, freedom and LOVE is.
May these few words bring a little bit of gratitude to all those who have made it possible, especially to Suzanna for being so strong, hard working and loving.
The knowledge, blessing, and healings have been so incredible, surprising and enormous, that it is going to take awhile to comprehend and give back all the feedback and gratitude they deserve.
What I really say is that the Activations are not just another workshop. Yes, a lot of information is given but the most important are the things that happen, feel and can put in practice immediately.
You can feel the change within you.
You can feel and see people around you changing and healing.
You will not see the power of LOVE in action until you come and discover the gifts that are waiting to be given back to you.
If you want to discover the power inside you, if you want to learn how to heal yourself, your life, your relationships, to help to heal your loved ones, to grow together in the LOVE and to create a new world based on LOVE, peace and abundance, come to the Activations!!
Together we can heal the world!!!”
Monica Carvajal Salmeron, Spain


Edyta From Poland In UK Activations August 2017

“I only have been activated this year, however within first activation the anger was relieved from my body and I have learned the forgiveness. It really helped me to deal with a situation that I was in at the time.
I learned how to cut the cord and let things go. Being in a toxic relationship for years was a very difficult experience. I only realised within activation that I have to go for self love and free myself from an energetic vampire that was draining me and dropping me down.
I feel peace within me and freedom. The activation gave me the understanding of energies within the bodies and how we have to choose people which once we want them to come in, into our life.
I have learned how to release anger and let the peace come in.
It is a beautiful feeling to feel loved and peace within me. I am also very pleased to get the tools to work on the fears that I feel sometimes. I am very grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I received as well as for the whole experience the activations brought me.
Thank you, ♥”
Edyta, Poland


Diane Murphy From USA In UK Activations August 2017

“I have wanted to come to Caeayaron’s activations for quite a while now. I knew from the first few times I had listened to Suzanna that truth was being spoken. I was so filled with excitement when the day came when I was actually called at my special time to be there.
So much Love exists within the people called, Suzanna, Stephen, the already activated people and of course Caeayaron, and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. The Love frequencies on the weekends are truly high and easy to feel.
I myself have had much healing that took place and know in my heart that there is more to come.
My life is anew and has just begun. As it is said, “This is the first day of the rest of my Life.”
Wonderful things are happening and I know will continue to happen. You truly need to be at the activations to understand the great Joy and Love present.
I am so lucky for having the privilege of being activated. Looking forward to more gifts being given to me in my New Life. I am in much Love, Peace, and Gratitude.”
Diane Murphy, USA


Jacqui Hanson From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

CAEAYARON’s Divine Pineal Gland Activation Level 2 weekend 11th - 12th August 2017 was an amazing and simply mind blowing expression of Divine Love in action. The healings, learnings and growth of all those who attended was astounding. Divine always brings more than can ever be imagined to these activations, always different, always higher, and always tailored for those who come. Divine magic is so beautiful and all those who attend these activations receive gifts that will keep coming in over time as the people grow into them. This was only the 2nd weekend so keep tuning in for there are still many more testimonials to come!
Much love always, Jacqui Hanson


Kathrina From New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017


“This has become part of my daily life, of my routine, of my habit, of my thinking, of my acting, of my breathing in and breathing out. Part of each of my cells, part of my whole being.
It is the greater love, the universal love.

This love has become a constant flow who twirls through my whole body.
This love connects me to my own self so much stronger and connects me to my higher self so beautifully.

This love connects my heart with the hearts of my brothers and sisters in the love and the light. And together as a collective we are connected with the great universal love. It makes us stronger in the love. From our dense human bodies we transform into something so much lighter, so much more beautiful.

And there is, after all the doubt, a knowing, an inner deep knowing - this is it! This is what I have searched for, this is what I have been longing for, this has been in my dreams since I was a child! I always knew!

Looking back how I have come here, to this place, at this exact time. It all makes so much sense. It all has led up to it. It all has prepared me for this. All the teachers in my life, they all had a wonderful part in it! They all had taught me an important lesson. Each lesson brought me a little step closer to this most amazing teacher, Caeayaron. Brought (channelled) through so lovingly by his most wonderful unique channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel!

I am no longer searching! I have found what I was looking for and so have many of us! Together we will build up something so much greater we will transform so much darkness into the light. Together we will become so powerful in the love and the light. Together we are the change we have always hoped for! Together we are the high achievers. We bring the light back to earth!

The more we are, the stronger the love and the light will be.

Bring it on Caeayaron, bring it on!

In deepest gratitude to all my divine guides in the love and the light for lighting up this path and making it so easy for me to find - look for the brightest path and you can’t miss it! Ask your highest guides from the love and the light to guide you! Ask Caeayaron to guide you! Just do it!”

Kathrina, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Mirriam Maila From Zambia In UK Activations August 2017


“I am so grateful for what is happening now and a lot has been revealed to me by watching YouTube videos which made the Divine Pineal Gland Activation for me as my priority.

I am not gonna be the same person again.

I am very grateful to be connected to Spirit and given the Lemurian Mantle; by High Priest Adama. It’s amazing that I am Lemurian and I have now come to terms with it.

Before I came for the activations I did not realise that learning about the love and forgiveness energy was mind blowing. So much power to these energies and I am learning to always be in he love and forgiveness to help myself and the rest of humanity.

It’s amazing how much we have missed, what is the foundation of bringing peace to the planet. However, I am now aware of the darkness which is working in opposition but our greatest tool is to be in the Love Machine.

I am learning strongly to love unconditionally and forgiving. Forgiving one person, which was an exercise we did, was so emotional for me. My actors in that drama to teach me to forgive caused a massive shift for me. The cords were cut and now I am able to feel love each time I think of this person. I will be doing this exercise when the need arises. I want to love unconditionally.

The reading from high priest Adama was very motivating for me and there is no turning back. I have found myself. I have learnt much about energy, how it can expand and what can cause it to reduce. I am aware now to be able to be aware of my feelings especially, so that I can stay on a higher vibration to be able to manifest from my heart desires.

The chakra system is another subject I have appreciated and will be aware of what keeps them vibrating higher.

Manifestation power is another subject that was mind blowing. The whole information is LOVE orientated, to lift mankind from the original fall in Lemuria, and ascension will be the result.

I have agreed with the Galactic Federation Society to go all the way with the Divine plan. Tools have been given to us by very high divine beings channelled by Suzanna and I have learnt so much. My being has grown magically and I have a heart that is sacred now, with a lot to benefit from, towards achieving the divine plan.

I am happy to participate and spread the light to my country and invite Suzanna for activations. I have always enjoyed working with people to get them back to health. Now I have a better way of doing it with no side effects. Instead they will grow and heal spiritually.

My guides have been sending me impressions since I started the activations and I have invited them into my life to interact with me closely as I need their wisdom on a daily basis.

I now feel I have found my life purpose and I feel my life has just begun.

I want to say thank you very much to all the beings in higher dimensions and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for all they are doing for humanity.

Much love ♥”

Mirriam Maila, Zambia


Maria Lidwina From Germany In UK Activations August 2017


“I have been on the spiritual path for a long, long time.

I can honestly say I have never experienced so much love and so much healing in such a short time.

And what is best, there is a whole powerful simple toolbox to help grow even further. I feel already free of anxiety and deeper fears although it is only week two in the three weekend programme.

It’s the superfast highway to freedom of any negativity.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel!!!”

Maria Lidwina, Germany


Jacqui Hanson From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

“POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONS happened this weekend!!!
The healings at these activations are so much more powerful than at all others before.
The gifts I have received this weekend have been phenomenal. I have learnt and been gifted the lessons of forgiveness to such a deep level I am in awe of Divine and how CAEAYARON can be so beautiful and so generous.
Issues I have battled with for lifetime after lifetime are being shown to me. I can see what I need to forgive and I have been gifted the frequencies to heal pain so deeply entrenched on so many levels.
I am so grateful for this gift. I can hear my guides so clearly as soon as I step into fear or anger or pain thoughts they give me the instructions to forgive and clear it immediately. OMG, IT WORKS! THIS IS REAL!!! It takes 2 seconds to do it and I feel the peace and love and calm come in. WOWEE!!!
And I am only sharing one part of the enormity of this weekend. The flows, the gates opened, how to manifest greatness, Collective Love Consciousness, so much we learned and so much we received. I am so grateful.
I say to you - GO to the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON and his beautiful channel, Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Learn to heal your life. Receive the Divine gifts. Learn to love yourself and your life. Learn to live your life in communication with your highest guides and angels every day. Learn the new way of living now - it will be way easier than resisting the love flows coming to our plane.
Even if you have already been to the activations you will learn so much more by coming again, I should know, this is my fifth set of activations and I learn so much more every time I come. I certainly wouldn’t fly half way around the world for a third time if there wasn’t any benefit, that wouldn’t make any sense.
I love you always and am so grateful to you CAEAYARON, GREAT DIVINE, HALISARIUS, the Galactic Federations of Love and Light, all the Holy Ones and Star Beings of Great Love who are working so hard to bring us upwards.
I love you forever Suzanna and am so so grateful you are here, always working so hard to get everything moving upwards. Thank you always.
The Great Lord SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT has returned and the activated are rising, this is Divine Truth.”
Jacqui Hanson, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Star sacred World Healer From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

“Wow, I feel so excited. My heart is so full of joy that I feel I just want to shake people and say WAKE UP… don’t be sad anymore… you can return to the love again.
This is the second time I have experienced the power of the Pineal Gland Activations in person and it has evolved up so much higher with every single time.
I have travelled to the UK from NZ because I felt the most desire ever in my heart to heal more. As an activated person I have felt the healings from the UK very much and this time I felt I was called.
I didn’t know how I could explain that to my husband and my young girls, that their mother & wife wanted to travel across the world to receive these activations and healings. I pleaded with Caeayaron - PLEASE help me to explain, please guide me so I can go to the activations. The words came and were met with such pain, fear and resistance. I pulled in my deepest forgiveness (which I had learnt from the activations the first time I did them in NZ) and I cried so much. I knew I had to forgive and I had to let it all go. Caeayaron … why? I asked… I desire this with all my heart. I went outside and I forgave very deeply and I let it go. It truly stunned me how fast I could do this but you see I TOTALLY trust Caeayaron and so I just surrendered.
I learnt to listen & allow the pain & fear from my husband & girls to be heard. I detached from the pain and stayed in my heart of love… in my truth. This allowed them to heal to the extent that within a week when I had another opportunity to speak of my desire to go to the UK, I did so with love in my heart. My husband and my family could see I was coming for healing and so I booked my trip to the UK.
Everything that had tried to stop me from coming had disappeared because my desire was so much greater than my fear.
These activations at level 2 have healed me so much more. My heart has opened more and I have been able to let go of so much more pain. I have received incredible healings for my chakras and spiritual star heart once again.
To watch and feel these healings is to be so incredibly grateful and to have such love for divine and so much to celebrate.
I am learning to let go of so many lower parts of myself, to allow more love.
I have learnt how much energy I can reclaim when I let go of my pain and anger.
I will forever more be a better person.
My greatest soul desire to help other people to find their self-love has become much much stronger and now is my vision and I am asking Caeayaron please please let me serve divine. Let me help the people find love again.
Namaste from New Zealand” (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Marija from Lithuania in UK Activations August 2017

“This is my third activation and each of them is very very different and more powerful and more healing and gifts coming greater.

“What kind of gifts?” you would ask. It is confidence, self-esteem, health, no worries, solidness in my life. I feel free. And I feel protected. Finally I feel my guides with me always. My energetic body blooming, I feel it very much.

People each time becoming more powerful and more gifted already to hold this beautiful power of Divine Love.

I see how Suzanna is growing with every activation. We are more close as Lemurians. We are very happy to be together and grow together in the Love.

Suzanna and Caeayaron’s teachings are very easy to understand. My understanding of energy and how to manifest it in life has grown very much.

I am grateful for everything that Suzanna does for all of us, that we all can experience real Divine Love in separation places.

Come to the activations and you will experience your life back also.

With my love to you,

Marija, Lithuania / UK (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Linda Jensen from New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

“WOW!! Once again today it has been pointed out to us in such a strong way. This is the only way to make the big change happen in our world.
I am just so grateful to Caeayaron. He is the only way that humanity can be shown the way to lead us out of the dense vibration that we live in. This is all so serious now and people, you need to wake up to what is happening.
I am so excited that it is all being made so clear to everyone who is listening, yes this is so real. WOW!! I am so grateful that all those who are following this divine path have Pleiadian guards protecting and guiding them.
This is what I have been waiting for and never really knew. To be shown the way so clearly as to how I can heal myself and to heal others and to be completely guided in this by the Divine.
These teachings are so powerful and loving to take us and guide us to great healing. So we are able to reach out to others with love. I am so grateful to be here, no place I would rather be. I feel so humbled that I am able to be here at this most magnificent time in human history. Incredible shifts of energy has happened today for everyone.
I have had such an incredible day. I feel so excited but also humble to be here. This day is the strongest so far of all the activations.
For me I see more and more what I need to clear and I am so grateful for this, the only way to leave our lower self and climb up. Learning more about the chakras also and great massive healings were given to us.
Once again I am so grateful to Caeayaron and all Divine beings for the healings and incredible teachings I have experienced today.
Thank you so much Suzanna for delivering such powerful channeling. You are truly magnificent and I am so very grateful and filled with love for you always.”

Linda Jensen, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)


Natalie From New Zealand in UK Activations August 2017

"Dear Suzanna,
This is my list of things that have changed in my life since coming to your Thursday channeling sessions, listening to your channeling on YouTube, completing the Divine Pineal Activation in New Zealand and continuing to come to your Activations in England.
I am smoke free. Angels are helping me. I’m living a cleaner and clearer life.
I am more grounded - not as floaty, panicky.
I am more aware of my thoughts and can ground (sometimes), forgive, clear and protect myself more. I step away and ask for the right support to clear the lower energies of victim consciousness and depression. I was so used to those energies. But I enjoy the light so much more!! I’m learning to love life now - I am more alive!!
I have the most beautiful meditations with Caeayaron and see the most unique and stunning scenes in my mind's eye (imagination?) that I have never seen before.
I am able to manifest with Caeayaron & the angels. Caeayaron has given me an opportunity and a magical job where I travel, go to special places, manage a team & am able to enjoy what I love doing - my job.
Caeayaron helps me to control my energies & keeps me aware of other energies - light/dark.
Caeayaron lets me return to the activations every time!  It helps me to become a stronger woman.
My body is healing. I feel so healthy sometimes!!
Caeayaron gives me an abundant life! I’m always doing exciting adventures with my friends in exotic places. I always have money for my life.
I think the most important thing that Caeayaron has taught me is: 
I’m becoming my true authentic self♥
I didn’t know it was possible - so this is exciting! I am so grateful♥

Thank you Suzanna"

Love, Light & Gratitude ♥”
Natalie, New Zealand (Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON)

Richard Sciuk from Canada in Uk Activations August 2017

Thank you great Divine Love that I Am.

I relish the Love. It is so beautiful. I Am so grateful to feel and experience and play in this Love, and to be a part of this great awakening. How honoured I Am to be here now participating in this, the most beautiful awakening. I feel as if I Am part of the most beautiful flower which is beginning to blossom.  This flower is our universe, and how can you say this part of the blossoming is any different than that. It just is. The mystery and beauty of this unfoldment is Love. At this time I feel that spring has arrived and the forces of Nature are unfolding,  and that I Am that. At this stage I feel all the Divine Love puzzle pieces spiralling and harmonizing within me and throughout the universe and beyond. The most beautiful season is upon us and it has been as if the winter has been so long and harsh that mother Earth has been so longing to express herself, that this Spring will prove itself to go down in history as the most beautiful ever.

Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for making this possible.

Richard Sciuk


Barbs Derecourt after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

Dear Suzanna and Stephen - I send much love, gratitude and highest wishes from Beverley!!!
Below I have shared experiences that I had with friends who received Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healings.  Interestingly, I was present at my friend's medicine review, because she has a lot of drugs...and whilst in there she told me that the consultant's room was full (I'd say that it was packed with Pleiadians : ) and she could also sense that they were all taking amongst themselves about the experience. Awesome!  Even whilst we sat in the pharmacy I sensed that they were checking out what was on the shelves...   And later in the garden (garden that as I mentioned below in the 2nd healing) my friend asked for a hug - and she could feel that there were many more than just my energy body giving her a hug - she said there were many beings in that embrace.  And she has also seen my eyes change to blue tones and has also felt 'mesmerised' at times as we talked with each other.  Wow!  The beautiful Star Beings work in amazing ways!
Luuurve, Barbs Derecourt 
Testimonial 16th September 2017
Namaste.  It’s been a month since Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing Attunements in Driffield, UK, and I have been reflecting on a couple of experiences with this beautiful modality that I would like to share.
The first healing was whilst I stayed with a friend who had developed a head cold during the week.  And with my friend’s work-week fast approaching their wellbeing had not progressed.  So I asked my friend if they’d like to receive Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing, which they responded “Yes, after you’ve finished your cup of tea”.  Interestingly, before my tea was drunk, my friend had fallen asleep on the couch whilst we sat together.  During the healing session I observed my friend’s changing breathing patterns, as well as my body’s energy sensations whilst the process evolved.  And when I’d completed, I let my friend continue sleeping because I sensed that the beautiful Angels were still giving healing flows and frequencies.  Later my friend awoke and asked how the session went and so I shared my observations and experience.  And what I found interesting was that my friend was also aware of energies received in two of the correlating body areas that I’d sensed during their healing. 
Thank you Divine Archangels.
The second healing was whilst staying with a friend that has a condition known as fibromyalgia.  For the vast types of pain that my friend experiences (throughout the head and body) is an assortment of prescribed pharmaceuticals; and there are times when the medicines are do not alleviate the pain sensations.  On this occasion my friend was in bed with aggressive lower back pain and so I offered Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing; soon after calling in the Angels my friend had fallen asleep. Once I had completed the process I left my friend to sleep, later heading into town to run some errands before shops closed for the day.  When I got back to my friend’s home I found them sitting on a seat in the garden seat with another friend, and so I asked how they were feeling.  “Great” my friend said “the pain has gone.”
Thank you Divine Archangels.
I give Love and Gratitude to Caeayaron, the beautiful Blue Archangel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Pleiadians, our guides and higher selves - for all that they do for the people and our Divine selves.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Love and highest wishes, Barbs   

Donna Richmond after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017 

"I returned from the U.K 3 weeks ago after attending Caeayaron’s activations with his Light grid programmer & completing Caeayaron’s Magnetic frequency attunements. Since coming back I have been working with these new frequencies on my clients & their response is utterly amazing. Clients with all sorts of health issues have now experienced Caeayaron’s Magnetic frequencies over the last 2 weeks and have felt so different after. The common thing they have all been experiencing is the calm & peace that comes, often the angels can be felt working on different parts of their bodies especially where there was pain or past injury. Some have had a beautiful tingling down arms & legs or feet. As there is no touch from me & I stand away from the table, I’ve found it interesting to be told it felt like I had touched them. They have all felt very calm relaxed, with some reporting it was like leaving their body & going off with the angels. One client I had worked with for many years reported the following morning she had sensations going through her, had more energy & was very excited about the significant change. This is only the beginning & each day the frequency is strengthening, so excited about the incredible power of these healings for humanity. 
Donna Richmond
Magnetic Frequency Alignment Healer with Caeayaron & Specialised Kinesiologist"

Monica from Spain after U.K Activations of August 2017

Namaste dear Suzanna & Stephen , 
I have so much to share with you about the Activations, what happened and what is happening since then. My life has been very challenging since I came back home and now I really realize and appreciate how much I have grown and how strong and how grounded and balanced I am in spite of the things coming to my life. I will take the time to write more about it but something really incredible has happened a few minutes ago and I could not wait to share it with you. 
My mother has had emotional issues for many years. She has not been to doctors or therapits because she refused any kind of help. She suffers from anxiety, depression, insomnia and is really hard for her to take control of her emotions. She always has blamed others about her problems, specially those around her. I did not told her I was going to the Activations or travelling abroad by myself to avoid the drama, fear and pain she usually find in everything.
During the Activations she called me because she had a really hard  anxiety episode and a very high blood pressure. I sent her CAEAYARON's Magnetic healings remotely. When I came back one of the firsts things I did was translating the forgiveness statement. I made for her a forgiveness statement in Spanish. In the back I write a little bit about who is CAEAYARON, how to use the forgiveness statement and telling that all the information and teachings about CAEAYARON are coming through his channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is also the Light Grid Programmer. I also mentioned CAEAYARON's website for more information. I translate her also the grounding and the clearing exercises.
I told her to do the three exercises everyday in the morning and before going to bed. I did not tell her about the Divine Healings or the Ascension plan. She comes from a catholic family and she prays everyday in the catholic way. Just after a few days she was feeling better, more balanced, happier and she told me: This really works!!! Actually she is so excited about it that she wants everybody to do the forgiveness statement. She is so curious that she went to but since she does not speak English she did not understand anything. 
She just came to my office because she wants to gift a forgiveness statement to a lady who is having a hard time and she wanted me to laminate her the way I did with the one I gave her. 
It is incredible!! She is so open about it. I remember the first time I read the forgiveness statement with her she said: What do you say it? CA....? And I helped her... CAEAYARON! It was exactly as CAEAYARON explained during the activations! 
It has been so beautiful and I am so grateful I saw her so happy and motivated to talk about CAEAYARON to everyone. I am so grateful to CAEAYARON for everything he is doing in my life. For me this has been a true miracle because my mother has been so resistant to receive any help. This is a huge blessing in my life that really encourage me to keep working in Divine Purpose. I wanted to share it immediatly because I know how important is to have evidences of the Activations. They really work. Thank you so much Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for making them possible and for keeping faithful. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude. I am so grateful I finally understand all the signs, heard the call and had the courage to come to the Activations for now my life is connected to the Purpose I have been searching for so long. 
I really want to bring people to the Activations so that more and more people feel the healings and the love. I did not know where to start and I feel CAEAYARON's is showing me the way. I do not know if there is a plan about translations but It would be a honor to translate the website or any information that is needed in order to reach spanish speakers. I am sending you the translation I did. If it is ok I would like to make a more beautiful design with colors and giving it to people or after doing Magnetic Attunements.
With my deepest gratitude I send you much Love & Light!! 
Monica from Spain


Dale Savage from USA after U.K Activations in August 2017

There has been no solution to a lifelong social anxiety problem for me. I can never remember a time in my life when being around people has not been coupled with a unease ranging from being mildly uncomfortable to full blown confusion and panic. This has cost me a great deal for I truly have respected and cherished my friendships but the anxiety at times has caused me to pull away from people. This all has changed over the past few years as the transmissions on youtube, the Divine Pineal Activations and the exercises provided have allowed me to enjoy being around people without the anxiety. What a relief! After a lifelong quest for answers it turns out the only solution was an alignment with the Divine by an Angel. Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for fulfilling your Sacred Role as the Divine Channel!

Dale Savage

Danielle Roberts From New Zealand September 2017

Dedication Poem of heart felt love and gratitude to the Blue Star Universes of Love, Caeayaron, Sovereign, Lord Emmanuel the Great, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel:

As my eyes bore into the vast blue sky above,
Oh, how I remember the blue star universes of divine love.
Like a flower unfolding,
My star heart is glowing.
The effervescent grandness of the oneness and infinity of this divine love,
Moves through you like the flow of a peaceful dove.
To be in a world of separation we now not dare,
For the pain we can no longer bare.
It is time for the home coming,
with Caeayaron and the Blue Archangel healing powers to new heights, we are soaring.
The heart of it all the great Sun Consciousness, our great father holding us always in the love and the light,
To return to the great oneness again we will fight.
With humility in our heart we can feel the divine power of this great Sovereign Lord,
with his flames united in our star hearts burning so bright, we can move forward.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Light Grid Programmer for her sacrifice, love and dedication our gratitude and appreciation we can offer, through the divine pineal gland activations we can join her,
On this life saving mission, the love will conquer.
Love, peace, harmony, freedom and divine collective love consciousness will reign,
May this new creation, live forever more, love enduring, no more pain. 
Open your hearts, connect, for you will feel this too, for it is the time to take flight. 
Back home to our star families, one with the blue star love universes,
Oh, yes it feels so right. 

Danielle Roberts. Inspired by healings through the Divine Pineal Gland activations of Caeayaron with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and the new healing frequencies Caeayaron’s Magnetic Frequency Attunements. 

Dale Savage From USA September 2017

Dear Suzanna and Stephen,

Fellow Angelic Spirits sparkling so fine
Grab your cups and raise'em high
This drink is for you and all or your kind
Like y'all it's
Pure Shine
Put into Rhyme
Bubbling rapidly thru hearts in the stream of Time
is a Golden ripple of the Divine
It's Love from an unconditional tide
and in its' wake Heavenly Spirits ride.
One day an Angel flowed into a kindred heart
everything began glimmering shimmering and splashing apart
Crashing twirling something went swirling into the words of these waves
and has been aging in the love ever since they were laid.
Please pool'em into your deepest part
and if you should feel them aglow momentarily meeting your heart
that twas the golden ripple of the Divine
and in you may it forever shine.
This joyful distillation was made possible thru an Angelic Activation
using the Living Waters flowing from the only Divine Magnetic Ascension Channel
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Love Dale  and Karen Savage

Barbs Derecourt regarding Magnetic Attunement Healing September 2017


Dear Suzanna and Stephen - I send much love, gratitude and highest wishes from Beverley!!!
Below I have shared experiences that I had with friends who received Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healings.  Interestingly, I was present at my friend's medicine review, because she has a lot of drugs...and whilst in there she told me that the consultant's room was full (I'd say that it was packed with Pleiadians : ) and she could also sense that they were all taking amongst themselves about the experience. Awesome!  Even whilst we sat in the pharmacy I sensed that they were checking out what was on the shelves...   And later in the garden (garden that as I mentioned below in the 2nd healing) my friend asked for a hug - and she could feel that there were many more than just my energy body giving her a hug - she said there were many beings in that embrace.  And she has also seen my eyes change to blue tones and has also felt 'mesmerised' at times as we talked with each other.  Wow!  The beautiful Star Beings work in amazing ways!
Luuurve, Barbs 
Testimonial 16th September 2017
Namaste.  It’s been a month since Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing Attunements in Driffield, UK, and I have been reflecting on a couple of experiences with this beautiful modality that I would like to share.
The first healing was whilst I stayed with a friend who had developed a head cold during the week.  And with my friend’s work-week fast approaching their wellbeing had not progressed.  So I asked my friend if they’d like to receive Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing, which they responded “Yes, after you’ve finished your cup of tea”.  Interestingly, before my tea was drunk, my friend had fallen asleep on the couch whilst we sat together.  During the healing session I observed my friend’s changing breathing patterns, as well as my body’s energy sensations whilst the process evolved.  And when I’d completed, I let my friend continue sleeping because I sensed that the beautiful Angels were still giving healing flows and frequencies.  Later my friend awoke and asked how the session went and so I shared my observations and experience.  And what I found interesting was that my friend was also aware of energies received in two of the correlating body areas that I’d sensed during their healing. 
Thank you Divine Archangels.
The second healing was whilst staying with a friend that has a condition known as fibromyalgia.  For the vast types of pain that my friend experiences (throughout the head and body) is an assortment of prescribed pharmaceuticals; and there are times when the medicines are do not alleviate the pain sensations.  On this occasion my friend was in bed with aggressive lower back pain and so I offered Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing; soon after calling in the Angels my friend had fallen asleep. Once I had completed the process I left my friend to sleep, later heading into town to run some errands before shops closed for the day.  When I got back to my friend’s home I found them sitting on a seat in the garden seat with another friend, and so I asked how they were feeling.  “Great” my friend said “the pain has gone.”
Thank you Divine Archangels.
I give Love and Gratitude to Caeayaron, the beautiful Blue Archangel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Pleiadians, our guides and higher selves - for all that they do for the people and our Divine selves.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Love and highest wishes, Barbs   

Monica Carvajal, after The Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

It has been an enormous privilege being in the first Magnetic Attunements of the Great CAEAYARON. During two days we have received energetic Magnetic Attunements, knowledge and guidelines of this new modality of healing that is amazing and has nothing to do with the old ones.

Even for a person like me, who’s never had practice before any healing modality, it was easy to understand and follow. The last day we had the opportunity to practice and we all were completely amazed of how real these healings were and the incredible and immediate results they have.

I felt the powerful and loving angelic energy in the room and through my body while I received the healings.

Playing the role of healer gave enough confidence to be completely sure that I could start practising the healings immediately.

I am so grateful to CAEAYARON for gifting humanity with these incredible healings. How wonderful it is to know that people are going to be able to experience what angelic love is.
If you work as a healer or you want to start a successful business as a healer. I would not doubt to become Magnetic Attuned. You will help to heal the world with the flow of love from the Angels.

Thank you CAEAYARON for this gift, thank you Suzanna for being such a wonderful teacher, thank you to all who had shared their experiences. I cannot wait to read the testimonies that I am sure are going to be incredible!

Namaste, Monica Carvajal, Spain


Sharan after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

So much gratitude to Suzanna and Caeayaron at this time for this magnificent workshop filled with numerous unimaginable gifts.

Time & time again we were all given absolute proof of the gifts received from the divine empowering beyond description. I pinch myself wondering how I got to be so fortunate as to be able to attend this amazing 2 day event.

So privileged to have been at this workshop, such an exciting time ahead for us all as we collectively move a step closer to the awakening of humanity to the higher love consciousness.

There is no doubt in my mind that the gifts received are very real.
Suzanna & Caeayaron’s teaching style is filled with laughter & information which clearly allows clear comprehension and easy absorption.

Thank you Suzanna, Caeayaron & your team for bringing this to everyone.
Deepest gratitude.

Namaste, Sharan, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Dennis from Netherlands September 2017 

As a boy, I always liked to think I was superman. Now I feel more “superhuman” because of the powers coming in.

Please come if you want to feel higher healings, (the highest healings) and feel how angels are working with your body, your energy system, and to learn to allow the angels to heal others.

You’ll get teachings from Caeayaron in the most humour full way; making jokes, singing, dancing and even rapping! How funny and wise also because it takes off the seriousness of this serious business… and so allowing for stronger healing flows.
Not to forget the privilege to receive great teachings of the most lovely Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who has this immense experience in healing (with angels).

Dennis, The Netherlands - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Makkala Rose on Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

I feel so privileged to be a part of the initial group to receive the magnetic attunements to bring through incredible healing from the angels and divine, loving beings.

I have felt great shifts happening within my energetic body and whole new flows. I’m so grateful for the beautiful gifts I have received from Caeayaron that I can now utilise to bring healing through for people in person, through distance healings or astrally.
I have experienced for myself incredible healing from the others attuned in the group, my physical body feels better than I have ever before in my life.

I feel so clear, mentally also and I can’t recommend this enough for anybody who truly desires to heal themselves and others. I have experienced stepping out of the way and allowing angels to come through, feeling frequency like never before and seeing my astral body work with such joy.

I can feel and understand now how these new light streams will become the future of healing, connecting through creator energy. I feel very very blessed to be here now, and my greatest love to the Angels, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron for bringing this through for us.

Many, many heart hugs 
Makkala Rose, New Zealand

Diane Murphy on Magnetic Attunement Workshop August 2017

WOW! What can I say about Caeayaron’s Magnetic Attunement. I was so low and now I am so high.

Spiritual healings so engulfed me during these 2 days of lessons. I am truly like a new person.

I thank you Suzanna and Caeayaron for all your Love during this time. All I can say is … I now know that with the Love & Presence of our Beautiful Angels I can help give others the gift of healing.

Namaste, Diane Murphy, USA


Linda on Magnetic Attunement Healing September 2017

Experience 1: A healing for a friend

Dearest Suzanna, I am so excited!

I am sending you a testimonial of a " Magnetic Alignment Healing" which I did today Ya !!!!
My first Magnetic Alignment Healing today was given to a friend as a gift. She has been very unwell for quite some time. Drs were not really sure what was wrong with her. They think perhaps it is her heart but have been unable to do anything for her.

Today she arrived with her husband needing to be helped out of the car, walking crooked and stooped over.

I give thanks to Caeayaron and all the Great Divine Beings of love and light for the beautiful healing that happened today.

The energy came in really fast!!! I nearly cried almost taking my breath away and swaying forward. I then toned !!!! I could hear the tones and they were beautiful and I know that the Angels had a hand in that. Wow!!!

When the healing was finished I asked my friend how she felt and if she had felt anything.
She said "she felt the energy moving all through her body actually moving her." She got off the table after drinking the water that I gave her.

She stood up and started walking and exclaimed, "Look I am standing up straight and can walk straight!!!" She was very excited. She told me later she never expected anything to happen !!!! Bring it on CAEAYARON !!!!!!

I am so grateful and excited for my beautiful friend. 
I too am so grateful and excited for the future.

Experience 2: A healing for a friend

Wow!!!  This morning I felt deeply compelled to write of the amazing  experience I had when I did "Caeayaron's  Magnetic Alignment Healing on my cat Smokey Jo.

A few months ago she had survived a broken leg that had left her weakened in so many ways.

I recently took her back to the vets as the lump she had on her back had gotten very large and she was not eating much at all. We talked and agreed that she was too old (approx.16 yrs ??) for an operation to have it removed. So it was drained and I was to go back when it got big again and have it drained. They were concerned as there seemed a lot more going on with her. But decided not to put her through tests as there wouldn't be much we could do for her anyway. They even kindly phoned me the next day just to see how she was.

Well, oh! too soon, about three weeks later, the lump had grown back and she had become quite weak, hardly eating, and was unable to jump up on a stool which she loved to do. I had even started to think about having her put to sleep!!!! Goodness, I had to erase those thoughts.

Then I thought it would do no harm if I tried Caeayaron's Magnetic Alignment Healing on her. Would I be able to stand behind her to do this???  So I stood at her tail end, and proceeded !!!!!! As the healing came through she stood perfectly still. It was mind-blowing how she just stood there the whole time, then as the healing finished she just walked away.

That was a week ago. Since then the lump has just about completely gone and she is eating really well. She can jump up beside me on the stool, and she !!!, I must say, is a very happy cat.

So everybody out there, more proof of this amazing powerful healing modality of Caeayaron's. Not only can we heal humans, but it seems the animal kingdom is lining up!!!!! I am soooo!!! excited for the future for all of our world, to begin to heal.

So come on everyone join Caeayaron's beautiful 'Family of light'. It is the greatest thing in all the world that you could do.

Namaste and sooo!!! much love to everyone out there who has taken the time to read this.
From Linda 'Star Sacred World Healer' New Zealand

Edyta after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“While coming to England for the Activations I was not certain if I would participate in the Magnetic Attunement course. However, after the last Activation, straight away I knew - I have to do it.

I felt the inner need to participate in the course. Looking from a different perspective I am very grateful I did it! It was one of the most powerful and amazing experiences in my life. I am very grateful for that.

Since the Magnetic Attunement, I started feeling more energies going through my body, I have become more sensitive to energies around me as well as other people.
The first symbol had a very powerful influence on me. Throughout the healing, I felt lots of heat going through my body, which was amazing.

I really believe that I will be able to help and heal my closest ones and people in Poland. There is so much work that has to be done.

My path seems even more direct now, I know I have to help people becoming healthier not only through Health Coaching sessions but also bringing peace and love that is so badly needed.

I am very grateful for all gifts I received, I can’t really understand everything that is happening to my body, however, I know within time I will get all the answers, whenever I am ready for it. :-)

Thank you Suzanna ♥”
Edyta, Poland

Donna Richmond after the Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“WOW! What an experience. The 1st ever Magnetic Frequency Light Stream of healing attunement with Caeayaron and his channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

This was the most phenomenal healing energy experience I have ever had! Having worked as a Kinesiologist for the past 9 years, feeling healing energy on a daily basis, I can honestly say that nothing comes close to the beautiful, powerful divine angelic healing frequencies I have experienced over the past 2 days and am now attuned to.
We played with the beautiful angelic energies, testing them, seeing how powerful, strong and real they truly were, leaving absolutely no doubt to the capability of this new light stream of healing.

Feeling so grateful to Caeayaron for gifting this to humanity for all who desire it. All you need to do is get activated with Caeayaron through his one and only channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, for without the activation you won’t be able to hold these high frequencies.

I would strongly recommend this to everyone who wants to heal self, their lives, their families, humanity, the earth, and especially those in the healing profession regardless of whatever it is they do.

This is the greatest most powerful healing tool humanity has ever been given and it works with the collective love consciousness, meaning the more people attuned and using them, the more powerful they become.

Woohoo Caeayaron! Thank you thank you thank you.

The activations alone have helped me heal myself of age-old injuries, my family, my clients, have a thriving business plus so much more and now this - WOW, we are so blessed to be living in these times.

Thank you Caeayaron, thank you divine and a huge thank you to the channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for the Superhuman effort that went into these past few days.”
Namaste, Donna Richmond, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Mirriam Maila after the Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“I am very grateful that CAEAYARON gave me the privilege of receiving the Magnetic Attunements. I am happy that I can draw people to the angelic love with these attunements. I feel very happy that CAEAYARON and the angelic beings are able to free humanity with this lovely system.

It is such a holistic package.

Distance to healing is not a hindrance to healing anyone and this makes it even more special. Anyone is at liberty to access it as long as they quieten their ego. I will ask the angels to bring love into my being.

Personally, I am humbled at all these revelations.

Looking at how much people are suffering physically & emotionally, this spiritual healing is such a huge miracle for humanity. They will easily help people to choose to go for activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Magnetic Attunement healing is unlimited and this is so much LOVE.
Thank you Caeayaron for the gift.

Much LOVE”
Mirriam Maila, Zambia / UK

Ramon Hagler after the Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“I have never done any spiritual healing before attending the magnetic attunements with Caeayaron.

All I know is the magnetic attunements are very beautiful and the feeling you get during the attunements is like no other I have experienced in my life.”

Ramon Hagler, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Barbs after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“Are you thriving? Is vitality buzzing within? How do you feel about your life? What do you see in your world today?

Do you perceive that by healing yourself, your beliefs and healing journey also transforms the world in which you live?

During Caeayaron’s Magnetic Attunements with Suzanna, we were opened to the most beautiful, healing light streams with the highest Angels - wow!

In the workshop, with many other Activated people, I marvelled at the teachings (rememberings) and healing flows that I experienced. How magnificent to feel the angel energies building and flowing through my being as we gave and received healings to each other.

The sensations were incredibly high, yet gentle and powerful at the same time. And when the people formed into two groups (one of which gathered in a separate building) we got to experience distance healing frequencies .. just as powerful and loving!

As I received healing flows, I became aware of many sensations with my energy and physical bodies. I felt my inner sight opening more as I felt more aware, this is something that I appreciate greatly; as well as the beautiful love energies - thank you!

As I continue to grow into my self love, and heal with the help of the most loving Angels - I see greater possibilities of Caeayaron’s magnetic healing frequencies for others - for people that desire to heal and thrive in beautiful lives. Does this sound like you too?
We now have a real possibility of growing into our greater selves and experiencing deeper love connections in our relationships, with real healing transformations.

Please start investigating the possibility for your self. Go to to find information about the Magnetic Attunements with Caeayaron, and the transformation Divine Pineal Gland Activations through the most gifted and loving Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

I’m so grateful for my healing journey and how that shows up in my life. With the help of the highest love Angels, I see a world that will one day be free of illness - how amazing that time will be! To live in unlimitedness …

I’m immensely grateful to the Great Divine for the love, healings, gifts and awakenings and to be healing in this Divine Love Movement with fellow activated people that also want so much for themselves, those they care about and the world.

Thank you Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the beautiful Pleiadians, Galactic Federation of Light and all of the loving beings for all that you do for humanity and the Universe; and for the opportunity to learn this new healing modality of the highest & best!!!

Infinite Love,
Barbs, New Zealand / UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Linda Jensen after Magnetic Attunement Workshop August 2017

The Magnetic Attunements with incredible flows of Great love was for me the most wonderful gift I could ever be given.

To trust and have complete faith that if you follow these Divine teachings, you will be guided all the way. The Great flows of energy I experienced were both powerful and beautiful.

I am excited and also feel very humble to think that I am in the first group in the world to receive these Attunements from Caeayaron. Caeayaron the Great Magnetic Master of Flows Alignment and love.

We are also in this group as a “Collective Love Consciousness” so it is wonderful to know that we are all connected on a higher level as we do this great work.

The day’s teachings were delivered so clearly with lots of humour and hands on work with Caeayaron through his Light Grid Programmer Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

I feel such great joy and excitement as this is only the beginning for me as a most exciting and amazing journey of healing.

I fully recommend these teachings to all those who want to heal themselves, mankind, families and the world we live in.

Soo!! Soo!! filled with love and gratitude to Caeayaron, Suzanna and all the Divine Beings of Great Love.

Love you forever and ever for all your hard work and dedication to the Love and the Light.

Linda Jensen, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Richard after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“Wow. If you don’t believe in Angels, you will after a Magnetic Attunement with Caeayaron.

We all felt as if we were actually lifted off the ground as the Angels did their thing.

Tears of bliss and gratitude were so abundant.

The power of love is so apparent.

Thank you Suzanna and Caeayaron and all of the beautiful Angels and Star Beings.


Richard - Canada, Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron

Tomas after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“After the attunements I feel like my healing abilities, violet flame power increased many times, I just feel that it is very easy to be the bridge between Divine realms and earth spaces and allow Divine to heal mankind, myself, through me.

All of us have received incredibly powerful symbols, so we always have to ask for very gentle healings to come through.

I appreciate the gifts I have received from CAEAYARON. My heart is very grateful and joyous. I’m grateful for having teams assigned in helping me being a bridge of healing to others and myself.

So if you feel the calling to let the Divine heal another through you, please come and join. The healings are just miraculous. The healer and the client feels amazing afterwards.

Namaste and many blessings :-)”

Tomas Bernotas, Lithuania


Niki after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“Loved feeling the energy, the heat and peacefulness. Yes definitely appreciate all that Caeayaron is showing me - it’s amazing.
Do feel a bit anxious that I don’t know very much at the moment and feelings of inadequacies. But will work on that. Ground and clear.
Do feel that I am glad that I am here and want to be here. A calling.
I look forward to learning and feeling more. To heal my son’s skin and will work there first.
I would say to definitely come to these magnetic attunements - to learn more to be in oneness - to grow in love for the angels and Caeayaron - the universe.
Thank you.
Niki Rutt - UK, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Jill after Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“Firstly, I feel so grateful that these attunements are here because I have been waiting for so long for this to happen - I mean lifetimes and lifetimes.
I am so excited to be receiving these attunements and to know that these healings are THE HIGHEST available to mankind.
I feel so grateful that as a human, once I am activated and now received these magnetic attunements, I can link my energies and that of my client up to such high frequencies and then the Angels and star beings can bring in the healing that is perfect for that person.
I feel relieved that I as a human, can step away and allow the angels to heal. It is not me that does the healing. I am a divine gateway to link people into this incredible healing.
When I received a magnetic healing I felt such incredible strong love come right through my body. My whole body felt peace and an incredible loving flow of self-love. When the toning started I felt these energies flow to wherever it was needed and I cried with gratitude.
I felt so light and I know that much pain had been let go for me. It was so easy for me to receive this love and this is something which I had never experienced before.
The feeling of deep trust and deep love allowed me to receive this. I felt so relaxed and comforted and my respect and devotion to divine love has grown so much deeper.
When it was my turn to bring through Caeayaron’s magnetic healing I felt so completely supported by my divine team of angels. I felt guided in every step of the way with Caeayaron’s teachings and then the angels guided me in such a loving way that I knew I would be able to do the work that divine is asking his attuned people to do now.
When I received a healing from distance I felt an enormous forgiveness come into my heart. I saw star beings and I was in the universe I felt. My heart ached and I felt myself so supported by all the star beings as they forgave with me. It was so powerful that I felt it was like my heart shuddering with sobs but it was such relief to let go. Then slowly a deep calm and peace came over me and I felt love pour throughout me. I felt it connected me deep into the earth and I knew I had received something which I will never forget. It enabled me to forgive more and let go. Thank you<3
I am so grateful to understand also that I am doing this all for divine. Not for the people, for divine and I will always take my guidance from divine and not for what the people say I should be doing.
I feel very strong guidance and support. I am so very excited to be able to do this divine work for all who are looking for this healing.
Thank you so much.”
Jill Eivers - New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Tina Kane at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"I am very grateful and honoured to have been present at the Magnetic Attunements, with Suzanna and Caeayaron. For all the new information and teachings I received, I am also grateful.

It is so wonderful to have learnt techniques to heal people and help the greater universe.
Caeayaron, please help me grow strong in these techniques as they are so beautiful and full of love. The gift of healing is so special and should be treasured and respected.
What a wonderful gift this is for healers and for mankind.

Thank you Caeayaron.
Thank you Suzanna."
Tina Kane - UK, Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron♥

Carina at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017  

"I am so grateful for receiving this very high magnetic healing attunements of Caeayaron.
I felt the loving vibrations frequencies coming down from the angel's realms.
This is the healing for ascension which really works and is going to replace all other healing modalities.
Thank you Caeayaron and Suzanna who make this possible for humanity.
I felt so strong frequencies when sending healing to a person on distance, and when I received as well. Wonderful!"
♥ Carina - Sweden, Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron


Vanna at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"Caeayaron’s Magnetic Attunements are an extremely powerful energy shift. You can really feel life changing on a multi-dimensional level.
They feel like the most powerful feeling of internal universal love. A space where you just always want to BE.
I’m extremely grateful to have received these blessings and gifts
Thank you with much Love Caeayaron and Suzanna for your guidance. I can’t imagine life without it."
Vanna McKenzie - NZ

Ana at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"I’m so glad of everything that I’ve received on these days. I really felt my energies changing a lot! Increasing a lot and becoming softer.
I’ve learnt a new light stream of healing that is so powerful and simple at the same time.
I feel so blessed and I hope to be able to grow in my abilities, for helping my self, other people & GAIA.
Thank you Suzanna! Thank you Caeayaron! Thank you beautiful angels!!"
Ana Valeria Baravalle - Argentina

Jo Sims at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"I feel completely grateful for Caeayaron’s Magnetic Attunements, they have been wonderful.
I have felt the shifts clearly happening with me and it was all clarified by my other classmates as they experienced the same frequencies.
I truly appreciate the gifts I received from Caeayaron, I would recommend others to become magnetically attuned, it is a wonderful gift, to feel happy and content.
Thank you so much Suzanna and Caeayaron."
Jo Sims - UK


Danielle at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"The magnetic attunements are like nothing I have felt before; Caeayaron and his team of archangels take you into the highest spaces of love to receive the highest love magnetic forces to be brought through our energy system to gift to the people that desire the greatest healings of the angels and greatest archangel Caeayaron bringing the greatest flows of peace and love.
There is no other light stream healing like this on the plane; no other channel can bring this attunement through, there will be no other teachers of this healing modality, only the Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
I’m so grateful for all the guidance and guidelines we have been given to stick to so that we stay out of our ego and do this work humbly for the universe, being the bridge only for Caeayaron and his team of archangels like the blue archangel ( Suzanna ).
Through our learnings we got to experience feeling true high love flows through us to be given to another for healing and also being a receiver of healing to understand that these flows are very real.
I cried buckets of tears of joy, gratitude, love and a deep acceptance from the highest angels, also a sense of great freedom in those high spaces.
The beautiful thing we learnt about this light stream of healing is that all of us as healers are connected and working together as a love collective with the divine (Caeayaron & blue archangel) so we are not doing this as a human. This means the highest love flows can come through on behalf of the universe to bring all things upwards on this plane and all dimensions.
If you are a healer or/and desire to heal your life, I recommend going to the activations and also receiving the magnetic attunement workshop as you won’t find these healings anywhere else on our earth or with anyone else.
I look forward and I am very grateful and feel privileged to have received these gifts and I wish to share it with as many people as I can.
Deepest gratitude to Suzanna blue archangel, and Caeayaron for without them we would not be here and we would have no healing path upwards.
All my love, Danielle ♥♥♥"
Danielle Roberts - NZ, Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron


Julie at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"Here I feel like I owe my very existence to CAEAYARON. The teachings and Magnetic Attunements have blown my mind. I am so very grateful and feel extremely privileged to be here.
I promise with all my heart to fully respect the symbols and teachings I have experienced. I have been on journeys with star beings which was amazing. CAEAYARON tapped us into Suzanna’s Light Field then I travelled up very high into light spaces. My consciousness was in a very high light beautiful space then I seen energies mixing together and I had the understanding it was all the energies in the room combining and was shown how we all connect into oneness. We did exercises on distant healings and it worked out really well.
I feel like I owe all of Divine so much I don’t know where to begin to pay them back.
CAEAYARON will teach you so much more than you can comprehend. I feel so excited because we can learn to magnetically heal people and the beautiful Mother Earth.
Thank you so much CAEAYARON and Suzanna. This experience has been truly Amazing.
Love and Light to the Universe, Mother Earth and all of mankind.
Suzanna, you are Amazing. I love you. <3 <3 <3"
Julie Kane -UK, Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron


Hamish at Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

"The gift of Magnetic Healing ourselves and others is the most precious gift possible.
The beautiful energy flow from Caeayaron started healing health issues within me immediately I connected.
To have the ability to heal others is the most wonderful energy imaginable.
Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, an amazing person, facilitator, and Tower of strength."♥
Hamish McKenzie - NZ


Linda at Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“This Activations Weekend is like an amazing dream come true. Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! a part of something so great and divine.
The great Sun Consciousness has risen.
We have received precious codes and the great flames of Divinity.
This is the time when it was promised that if enough people could stand collectively in the Love, the great light would shine again.
To have your Lemurian Codes is to have the ability to take us out of the denseness of fear, anger, sickness, greed, disease, wars, and all the lower vibrations.
I am now able to stay strong in the love and not drop into others pain and fears as this does not help anybody. I have gained great peace of mind and strength, courage and determination to carry out this great mission.
I am so grateful to all the people who shared this weekend as collectively, we were able to have these incredible Activations.
We are now this beautiful Activated Family of light.
The day just flew by, and I could hardly believe when it was over.
Suzanna was amazing!!!!
Thank you Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, Halisarius, Adama, Gaia, and all the Divine Masters of the Light.
This is truly a great time of celebration!!!!
So if you feel the call!!!! Just do it. You will be guided all the way.
Enormous Love and gratitude to Suzanna
Love you Suzanna forever and ever around the moon and for all eternity.”
Linda Jensen, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Sharan at Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“These last two days was a true celebration for all of humanity, something we could not imagine would happen in our lifetime.
Those who attended received the greatest gifts possible. Gifts we have waited for thousands of years to receive, making this the most magnificent weekend of my life.
A truly life changing experience that words won’t ever do justice to, when trying to explain all the gifts we received.
A new collective love consciousness and the bringing of peace and love to humanity is now very real in all our lives.
We no all Know we can collectively achieve this. So important was this weekend. We are now armed with tools & knowledge to collectively work on bringing us back to live in the heart once again. Knowing we are working with divine, protected as we work.
Don’t miss out on the experience of your life.
Namaste, Sharan”

Donna at Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“This has been the most incredibly beautiful, mind-expanding, life-changing weekend I have ever experienced. The energies got more powerful, the information and the evidence of the real-ness of these activations grew immensely & a deep sense of realisation, that yes, as a collective we can change the consciousness of humanity.
Liken it to being asleep for many thousands of lifetimes and waking up to the realisation of who you are and why you are here at this time.
The end of the day brought an enormous ripple of peace through me. To now be able to look at life through wide-open eyes & see things for what they are. To not buy into pain or fears of others ( which would only increase them) but recognising what needs forgiving & releasing to allow healing to happen. Wow!! What such an empowered state of being to be in, who wouldn’t want that?
Desire the change in your life & come join us, get activated by Caeayaron & his only channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to truly help end the pain & suffering etc … and to bring the love, peace, joy, abundance & harmony into your life.
So much gratitude to Suzanna, Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, Halisarius & the Divine Love team for this priceless opportunity.
Donna Richmond, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Vanna at Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

Week one:
I could feel something in the first attunements, it was nice. Looking forward to week two.
Week two:
The second attunement was more intense. The tingling and warmth and pineal gland opening was amazing, was peaceful, was loving. What is happening to me? Bring on next week.
Week three:
OMG, I’m ALIVE. Such beautiful attunements. The inner light and feelings I now feel are delicious. There’s NO GOING BACK.
Come Join Me. You won’t regret it.
Much Love and Respect Suzanna & Caeayaron and all light beings, Galactic Light Feds.
With All my Light Hearts
Vanna McK ♥♥♥”
Vanna McKenzie, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Ana on Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“I want to express my infinite gratitude for everything I’ve received, learned, developed, shared… in the three Activations & the Magnetic Alignment Attunements.
This experience is not possible to express in words. It’s immense!
I feel that I’ve received millions of blessings & so much love! That I can’t begin to even express.
We received many many gifts from Divine! Our frequencies grew individually & collectively, we developed our spiritual abilities, our deeper chakras & our wisdom, in a deeper way.
We learned about abundance & manifestation.
We received our Sacred Lemurians Codes back, and many, many blessings & so much Love!!
Thank you once again Suzanna. What you have done & you are doing is immense!
My eternal gratitude!”
Ana Valeria Baravalle, Argentina - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Monica on Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“I see people all around suffering, getting sick, arguing, and complaining about everything. I see people giving their power to things that are not visible but become so real to them.
Have you ever seen a calorie? Do you ask your bank to show you your physical money when you get your paycheck? Do you question how it is possible that a little device shows you a person that is thousands of miles away from you? Why do you believe in atoms if you have not seen them ever?
I have become a Sacred World Healer and one of the first Magnetic Attuned Healers on this planet. This is the first time I have attended a spiritual workshop and also the first time I have received training as a healer. And I have to say that real things happen and you can see change happening in your life and the result of the healings immediately. So, if I could do it anyone can do it!!!
What is holding you back? It is time to get your power back. The experience is so incredible, beautiful and funny. It is amazing feeling the love flowing between people.
You really do not want to miss this opportunity. Who would not want to heal his life, their loved ones and having an incredible abundant life?
Thanks to all that have attended the Activations for proving that another way of doing things is possible.
Thank you Suzanna for being the most precious teacher in the world. Thank you to her team for your hard work and making me feel so comfortable.
Thank you Divine for the infinite blessings.
Monica Carvajal Salmeron, Spain - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Makkala at Divine Pineal Gland Activations in UK August 2017

“I have felt my entire life I was being guided to something particularly special but I could never have imagined it would be this. I am so grateful I came.
I arrived with doubts in my mind and fears of unworthiness but that was so quickly washed away as I realised I belong here, now, at this time and I leave with a sense of wholeness and the greatest warmth in my heart.
I feel like I have received a part of myself back, and I have, much more beautiful and insightful and loving than I ever could have realised before coming here to the activations.
I am able to truly heal my life and my past lifetimes. I can step out of pain, fear, anger and regret so much more easily now that I understand everything as energy and frequency. And how to transform that to bring in more love, acceptance, peace, integrity, authenticity, joy and abundance. Feeling the greatest freedom of all.
I have an understanding of who I played in past lives and how they connect with me now. How my sense of wonder, internal inquiry, childlike play and desire for adventure and deeper investigation all have great roles to play in how I can bring through greater love for people and shine my light so that others will recognise the call in themselves to become activated.
This really is a life saving mission and I could never have understood that until now and the huge importance it holds.
My heart is so excited about what we can do and create together for the future. How deeply connected we can become and how magnificently we can heal as a collective.
I have seen truth.
Watching Suzanna channel is absolutely profound and hearing Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, Gaia, Halisarius, Adama, & Sarah, and the angels speak through her sparked something so immense within me. The teachings were beautiful, I have so much clarity. Question after question was answered that I didn’t even have to physically ask. It felt very personal and my heart will be forever filled with love and gratitude to Suzanna, Caeayaron, and all of the divine love beings.
I have never done anything more valuable for my own life and in turn, the lives of everyone around me. It is such a great privilege.
Most pure of love and greatest of thanks,
Makkala ♥♥”
Makkala Rose Pallesen, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Barbs UK After Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop of August 2017

I have a personal appreciation for this beautiful healing modality in relation to my menstruation experiences.  Because on occasion, not always, the level of pain during the early stages of a period may lead to vomiting and near fainting.  For me, pharmaceutical “pain relief” has stopped being a consideration due to my stomach expelling it soon after swallowing.
When I’m being woken from sleep by the onset of menstruation, I am now able to call on Caeayaron and beautiful Archangels to help myself.  And I have found that within a few minutes of starting my healing session, perhaps within one minute, the pain has halted – it has been that effective.  Thank goodness!!!
And this brings me into deep gratitude for being able to bring these healing flows for myself in partnership with the highest Archangels.  Thank you so much Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for bringing this powerful healing modality to the people. 
Infinite love and gratitude, Barbs 

Nel At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop of August 2017

Magnetic attunements were so powerful, feeling the energies pouring from the symbols.
I like how we were getting up and up connecting to other dimensions, the oneness, universal love.
I enjoy the expansion happening.
I could see my light body expanding so much that’s why I feel so tired and completely brainwashed. I feel the new programme being installed in my brain.
New software. New frequencies being running in my body.
I can’t wait for further experience.
I will continue the exercises to strengthen skills.
It was so great to experience the distance healing so vividly.
We have been introduced to so many techniques and awareness about energy use.
I felt great healing happening in my body and my cells vibrating in a different speed.
It was interesting to learn about crystals.
We are so blessed to have Suzanna, who is so loving, light-spirited person.
Thank you so much.”
Nel Summer, UK / Poland - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Sandra At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017 

Thank you so much Suzanna and Caeayaron, for the gifts and shifts which have been amazing.
The intensity of love you feel when working with the energy is all-encompassing, it lifts you to heights I never imagined and I am greatly thankful for the love from all the love and light.
The teachings are amazing, and I am grateful for learning my boundaries and how my energy fields work and merge with others and the lessons.
To receive the energy flows from the attunement was so ‘blissful - heavenly’ like being loved on so many levels and I felt so light as if the flows merged with me and transformed me into ‘light’.
Thank you Caeayaron.
Thank you All the beings in the light.
Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.♥
Feeling so humbled and in much gratitude. OMU
Sandra Wosko, UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Sonja At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“I received many gifts of healing and I will bring it into my healing work with crystals.
In the exercises I can feel and understand the Angel “work”, the Angel Healing is a careful and beautiful work.
Thank you for everything.”
Sonja Beber, Germany

Patricia At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“We have been taught a great lesson by Caeayaron. All the guidelines are very important and enable us all to trust the angels and then ourselves to share this wonderful healing with those who need it.
I feel very privileged to be able to learn from the angels and be a pioneer for Magnetic Healings and will be very pleased to pass on our information about Caeayaron and Suzanna!
Look forward to using this fabulous healings.
Patricia xx”
Patricia Wiggett, UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Marija At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“I feel privileged to be between the first people of Magnetic Attunements with Caeayaron.
I felt healing happen within my body. I learned how to feel energy and work together with angelic flows.
And Suzanna is a great teacher and great master of energy flows. She taught us how to feel angelic energy.
Indeed I am a student of the University of Love and Light on Planet Earth!
I am very proud to be a healer with Love flows.
Love and Light,
Marija Laurineniene, UK / Lithuania - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Garry at UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“I feel these gifts are amazing. Felt my heart pulsing. Felt a real clear smooth energy flow through me.
Being able to bring symbols of healing to people and the amazing power it has and the speed the healing happens is great.
Very appreciative of these gifts, it’s an honour.
Tell the people about the amazing healing gifts. It will benefit them greatly to heal people so much more powerfully.
It’s easy to do and they will receive gifts for it. They will take in stronger healing flows to benefit their own lives.
Garry Jones, New Zealand


Danielle At UK Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop August 2017

“WOW - This weekend the great prophecy of the Great Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great came into being - when the flames of divine love would be returned to the people. This weekend so much insight and understanding came in about how all of the new/old ancient ways of great love, peace, harmony, abundance & divine love magic will come, no question about it, into being.
We are in a time now where the great ascension will speed upwards. At these divine pineal gland activations, we are receiving frequencies to become the love holders of these sacred divine codes.
I have had the privilege of coming to every activation since 2015, every time it has grown, all things divine promised has come to pass - no human could or has achieved this before - only the one true channel of Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great has had the dedication and drive to allow all this to come into being.
It will continue to grow. I wasn’t consciously too aware of spiritual knowledge or understanding as I grew up, but today I have been able to join the pieces of a puzzle together to see that I was given clues by Caeayaron all along - he fulfilled his promise to awaken us.
I feel a deep knowing of all of this to be the highest truth here at this time.
The love, peace, harmony and desire to help all of the universe to ascend, for me to go home to my star realms and the whole of humanity to grow has been greatly lit within me.
Many of you will have a deep desire for healing your life, healing humanity, desiring a greater love, freedom, peace, purpose to living, to find your way out of the dense fogginess. Then I hope/desire these words to speak to your heart and may you come to these great healing activations to regain your life and all that you are, back for you and all of creation.
We can only say so much in words about the evidence we as the activated have come to collect, digest, harmonize and understand. Come to the great mountain of love to feel, understand, know for yourself.
I feel so privileged to have been accepted in the greater universe to participate in this great life saving, new creation building mission. I’m so grateful to Suzanna for never giving up - today we saw her tears of joy & great gratitude as she achieved her sacred mission to bring divine love back to our plane and to be once again growing into her Blue Archangelic self.
I’m grateful to Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, Halisarius, Galactic Federation of Love & Light Society to have kept supporting me through my self-doubt, insecurities, fear, pain & unworthiness they have brought me home to my divine heart of love.
I’m so blessed. Thank you♥♥♥
See you all there next time. I’m free now! Do you desire to be free?? ♥ ♥”
Danielle Roberts, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Phil From New Zealand At The UK Activations August 2017

“I came to the activations full of fear.
I left fully activated and full of Love.”
Phil Caskey, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON

Jo from UK At UK Activations August 2017

“The Activation weekends have been amazing. My life makes sense now I have been connected home.
We all need to be woken up. Children are being born awake as star beings and are struggling to fit in at school and in public. Even the education system needs to wake up.
Mental health is at its all-time highest and the drugs are not working anymore. People think they are going crazy but they are waking up.
In a few years time, people will have no choice but to wake up as the earth’s frequency increases.
People need this process to happen gently over time. That is why attending the Activations is so important.”
Jo Sims, UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Tina From Uk In UK Activations August 2017

“This weekend’s activations were once again filled with beautiful energies, revelations and peace. I received many confirmations to questions I’ve been asking which has brought me to a new understanding of how I desire to grow.
It was simply amazing. It is so hard to put into words the peace I felt within, except to say I was ‘blissed out’ more than once. 
If you are thinking about getting activated, please listen to your inner guidance. It’s so hard to put into words how beautiful and wonderful it is. No one else can experience this life-changing event except for you.
I am so blessed to have been present to receive the flames from Sovereign Lord Emmanuel. An absolutely golden experience. 
Thank you Suzanna.
Thank you Divine Love. Xxx 
Tina Kane, UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Julie From UK At UK Activations August 2017

“Caeayaron once again has me excited. New teachings with portals will be fun. I have also learned all about frequencies and I am starting to feel the difference between them. I am starting to see more with my spiritual eyes and have learned so much.
Caeayaron truly is a clever being and my love is growing stronger for him.
Adama, my beautiful Lemurian High Priest. At the fall of Lemuria I forgot everything. You have really pulled my heartstrings and here I vow to never forget you again. I love and appreciate you greatly. During one of the activations, while Caeayaron was toning, I had seen this entire group sitting together after the fall of Lemuria and we all made a sacred vow that together we would bring back Collective Love Consciousness and I was very aware of Adama.
I have seen Gaia as energy. I knew it was Gaia. Very soft, elegant, loving flows. This made my heart melt. I miss you so much Gaia, I miss being in Lemuria hearing your tones.
Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great came through, his energy was mighty and I don’t say that lightly, he is a power love force.
I now feel a great sense of urgency within me. Please Please Please people, run as fast as you can to Caeayaron and become activated. So many beautiful experiences and WOW factors await you.
Let the love and light grow forever.
Thank you Suzanna. Thank you Caeayaron.”
Julie Kane, UK - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Dale From USA In UK Activations August 2017

“The awakening is here! There is simply no way one can escape these dimensions of pain but to receive the activations.
The gateway is a magnetic one & can only be gone through as Caeayaron reopens the gate for you by attuning you to your higher codes.
That is Absolute Truth. It is not something you need to take on Faith but is a reality you can feel. Ohhhh what a feeling.
My whole life I have been plagued by schizophrenia with intense feelings of anxiety & confusion. The teachings alone helped to alleviate many of the severe symptoms. The manual & the activations I know will handle the rest. On top of that, I have been able to help my son through the teachings.
This program is of the Light.
Thank you, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, for being the Sacred Channel of Caeayaron.”
Dale Savage, USA - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Tomas From Lithuania In UK Activations August 2017

“If you want to look younger, have constant upgrades to your energy system, feel rejuvenated, energized, discover, remember your spiritual gifts, then just join us.
The Great Divine is fulfilling their promises and are giving people many tools to heal themselves that are way more powerful than current tools, modalities. If you’re the one who always wanted to bring more light to the world then why not have powerful assistance that will really boost your actions of love?
As you’re activated, healing flows start streaming, not only towards you but your relatives as well, in order for you to harmonize with them better. Your karma is released. You can manifest all that you desire as long as it is making you evolve greater and is from your heart.
The activations are also important because not only you receive them but your soul family up there as well. Many star beings who are related to you and are lost are able to be rescued.
So think about the importance. Don’t hold them back. All the teachings will be adjusted so that it fits the whole group. So you will definitely learn something that will help you evolve greater.
Cheers. Lots of joy, blessings to you.”

Tomas Bernotas, Lithuania - Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON


Beate From Germany In UK Activations August 2017

“What an empowering workshop!
Words cannot do justice to this super highway to Freedom!
If someone had said to me: “Go to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s workshop. She is the only channel for Caeayaron. And Caeayaron is fitting us with light codes, activates the pineal gland so that we can live in joy and peace” (just as it is said in the book of revelation) I would not have believed it if I hadn’t been there.
It really does feel like my brain & heart has been activated to receive greater love and wisdom. Much much greater love & wisdom!
I can honestly say I believed it. Also, if I hadn’t seen one of my best friends change drastically in front of my own eyes : Gone was the judgement, in came the love, gone was the unasked for advice, in came the deep wisdom : And that all within a short space of time.
And the best thing? Suzanna’s teaching through Caeayaron and Lord Emmanuel has smashed through many unhelpful myths for me! Instead, I have been given a practical toolkit to progress further and deeper into the one way road to real love and real peace.
You won’t need anything else. It is priceless!”
Beate Smirek, New Zealand/Germany - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON


Ramon From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

“This 3rd activation weekend has left me feeling happy and content and I am left with greater universal understanding and also I am more at peace with my own life path and knowing what I desire in life.
So much is clearer in my life now.
My mind is just blown after the teachings this weekend. The scale of what we have learnt is so big I can’t even comprehend!
The learning we have done and the information we have received is humanly not possible. Good thing once you’re activated you’re no longer actually a human. :-)
I am deeply grateful for the teachings from Caeayaron and Suzanna.
Namaste <3 :-)”
Ramon, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON

Mirriam From Zambia In UK Activations August 2017

“Third week was another level of experience, it’s LOVE expressed at a higher level. This is LOVE at a higher degree with our spiritual being elevated upwards affecting all the dimensions.
The activations are a must for every one if peace and love has to be a universal frequency. There would be no pain of any sort. No being would be suffering.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the light grid programmer has really been a great being to the advancement of our planet to be able to LOVE and forgive at a higher level.
I feel really privileged and words cannot express how great this awakening is. I am glad that the gate is opening and the clock is ticking for many more to come into the awakening. It’s a great celebration for me and however I am glad to be a part of this awakening and get the masses to get the call.
Thank you very much.”
Mirriam Maila, UK / Zambia - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON


Michelle From Ireland IN UK Activations August 2017

“During the 3rd Activation weekend, I experienced even greater energy than before. Really strong, knockout energy!
I felt really powerful healing and spiritually opening energies, some stage particularly working on opening my throat, an area I know needs so much healing due to blockages and stunting in my past (experiences of abuse, etc.)
I cannot wait to start my new life of daily (morning) practices from the Activation Course Manual we received, which is such a huge gift to bring much needed grounding to my growing spiritual, healing, and loving energies!
I know this course has changed me, and the gift I am asking for first is to finally know self love!
Thank you so much for this wonderful course Suzanna & Stephen & Caeayaron of course!
Michelle aka Shelly from Ireland ♥”
Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON


Edyta From Poland In UK Activations August 2017

“The 3rd Activation opened my eyes for Collective Love.
During the 3rd Activation I also had an amazing vision with my Mum, which I am very grateful for. I am blessed having her as my Spirit Guide, very thankful for that.
There were lots of gifts and energy given to me throughout this program. Feel very energised, cheerful, peaceful and blessed.
I appreciate every lesson I was given and all the teachings and love passed on to me. I have lots of heat flows within my body, which is an amazing experience.
It is beautiful being shown the path I have to go and learn the power of manifestation. I am grateful to have the tools to deal with everyday human :-) problems.
Thank you Suzanna. ♥”
Edyta P, Poland - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON


Karen From USA In UK Activations August 2017

“No one is more surprised than myself to feel the depth of the wisdom and love I felt during the activations.
I went from being skeptical, to running for my graduation certificate.
Listen with your heart, not your head, and you will be amazed where it will lead you.”
Karen Savage, USA - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON

Garry From New Zealand In UK Activations August 2017

“I thought it was amazing. I feel like a new person, full of so much peace and joy.
The teachings are so amazing and the gifts that we receive are so beautiful. Suzanna is so beautiful.
The activation is so important for the people to bring higher love flows to find that peace and wholeness people in this world are searching for.
Thank you so much!
Garry Jones, New Zealand - Star Sacred World Healer, Activated by CAEAYARON

Audrey Dobson In Bridlington Suzanna & The Angels Workshop December 2017

Thankyou Suzanna and Caeayaron you were amazing..
Caeayaron you rocked this morning. I so love to hear your teachings. I resonate so much with them. The healing is so great I am already after two workshops feeling less pain and walking normally again. My energy is so much greater now. I can't wait for the activations in January. Thankyou Stephen too, you’re all amazing. 
Namaste. Audrey Dobson Xx

Risa Vendittuoli After UK Activations Of June 2018

When I came to the activation in June 2018 my knees were badly injured, I even got further injuries on my first night at the hotel Bell.  Besides receiving a healing from Charles (who I later found out was in my activation class) my knees continued to heal throughout the activations.  This especially became evident after the last class where we all received healings to our knees while toning with Caeayaron and Suzanna.  I would like to keep it upbeat by saying when I left the activation my knees were healed.  What happened later at home counter-acted it, but they were healed at Driffield.


With an open heart, and much love,

Risa Vendittuoli

Richard Scuik After Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop of August 2017

I gave my first healing today with Caeayarons magnetic flows..what a rush!!!
I Am so greatful for this gift.
I could feel the Angelic flows so powerfully!!!
Holding back the tears of gratitude was not possible for me.
Thank you Suzanna for brining it on so fearlessly.
I love you!!!
Richard Scuik, Star Sacred World Healer Canada 11 12 17

Dale Savage From USA After Magnetic Attunement Healing Workshop Jan 2018

I received a truly Divine Angelic Healing this morning from a Star Sacred World Healer.  I awoke this morning with a migraine headache.  The type of headache that has plagued my mom, my dad and my two sisters.  This particular one was located behind my left eye.  The healing I received went far beyond relieving the physical pain it blessed me with a deep and powerful understanding.  As I lay there as the healing was taking place I became aware of a relief of pressure like a water hose slowly being unkinked.  The restriction was not located on a physical level but on an energetic level that no drug could ever get to.  The pressure slowly dissipated out as some type of energy seemed to be draining out my ears, nose and tear ducts.   I now understood my whole family and myself so much more as how I understood this as a restriction of Divine energy that led to all kinds of physical and emotional pain.  A deep forgiveness overwhelmed me.  A forgiveness for my family, my self and for the pain itself for without the pain I would never have become aware of the problem.  Thank you so much Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for Blessing us with this most Divine Gift of the Magnetic Attunements and the Divine Pineal Activations, for there is no true freedom until there is freedom from pain

Dale Savage DPGA Jan 2018

Denise Jewell June 2018

HEALING TESTIMONY:  When I came to Driffield in January, my brother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.  I began including healing for him in portals, sending him angelic frequency healings & let a very few select Star Sacred World Healers who know the situation.  In May he received an all clear scan!!!
My mother was traveling to help care for him & we were unable to meet to continue her universal love classes (only having done class 1).  As my brother received a clean bill of health, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time.  Again, I included her in healing portals, sent angelic frequency healings & called upon the few sswh I am closest with.  My mother’s tumor shrunk prior to surgery, to where she did not require pre-op chemo.  She had a lumpectomy & lymph node removal on June 12th...the day of/after I had taken part in 3 portal openings...calling in beautiful healing.  The day after surgery, she was in NO physical pain...without pain medication!  No cancer cells have spread & she may only need radiation treatments at this time. 
Her faith & love for Caeayaron, Suzanna & all of Divine has grown & we look forward to resuming her classes.  She sent me a video of Stonehenge the other day & called me in tears, saying she wants/needs to go there, that she knows she has been there before.  She strongly desires to attend the next set of activations, as do I once again. 
I thank you again for taking the time to read this update.  Much love, protection, & gratitude always & look forward to seeing you again.
NAMASTE Denise ♥
Denise Jewell Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer and Universal Love Teacher of CAEAYARON

Sharon, Weeks After Her June 2018 Activations and Courses 

Healing testimonial of CAEAYARON, described as A Miracle(19 July 2018) from Star Sacred World Healer, England, who attended the June 2018 Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON, and asked CAEAYARON for a friend of hers to heal.

We have some incredible healings happening with CAEAYARON's Love. Each healing we celebrate deep within our hearts.

Sharon, a Star Sacred World Healer from England, who attended the June 2018 Divine Pineal Gland Activations, placed a friend’s name in the healing bowl when CAEAYARON began to bring through a beautiful healing journey for all who were present, and for all names who had been placed in the healing bowl for close friends and family.

Sharon’s friend was told that she would never walk again four years ago. She said, ‘Previously (before the activations) she could move from her seat shuffling a few steps to her wheel chair.’

Her recovery, Sharon added, was so sudden it was, ‘Described by observers last night as a miracle!!’

Here is Sharon’s Testimonial:

Namaste dearest Caeayaron and Suzanna,

I wanted to say my deepest thank you for the healing sent to my friend Vicki after our activation weekend in June.

Her name was put into the healing box. She has been a wheelchair user for the last four years following a botched spinal operation.

Over the last 10 days she has decided to walk. Today she went on a bike. She is now planning to cancel her mobility car with top box for a wheelchair and have hand controls added to her own car and has bought Nordic poles after a visit to my osteopath told her she could.

Unbelievable changes in such a short time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Utterly amazing. Thank you Caeayaron, and thank you Suzanna xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hilary Van Veen and Linda Jensen 15th July 2018

I CAN WALK FREELY Healing Testimonial from a Star Sacred World Healer of the GREAT CAEAYARON, Tauranga, New Zealand, 15 July 2018.

Linda, who has been gifted the Magnetic Frequencies from CAEAYARON at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, has regular clients at her beautiful healing place and receives many wonderful experiences bringing through healing flows from the most beautiful Star Love Beings and Angels of Love.

Very recently, Linda visited Hilary, an 87-year-old lady. She said, ‘Hilary has had two hip replacements plus one had been done twice. She has at times struggled to walk and has had a lot of pain and became quite stooped.’

Linda continued, ‘I was so happy to be able to make a difference in someone’s life with a Magnetic Frequency Healing of CAEAYARON’s. I am so grateful to you Suzanna and CAEAYARON for making this all possible.’

Linda then said, ‘After a magnetic Frequency healing of CAEAYARON by me, this is what Hilary wrote.’

“I Can Walk Freely.” That was my experience the day following healing from Linda Jensen.

Linda and I had spent the day at the ‘Hamilton Gardens’ and it was not till driving home I suddenly realised I had had a free day from hip and back pain, plus not frequently looking for a seat to rest my body on.

A friend remarked later that my stooped posture had improved.

Linda, the healing has now allowed me to resume my hobbies and activities with ease.


Hilary VanVeen

Linda has added that since Hilary wrote her testimonial she has had her hospital check up. She has now got a clean bill of health as ever since her last hip operation she had an infection that had never ever cleared up.

She is one very happy lady and very grateful to have received “Caeayaron’s Magnetic Healing”

Stephen, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON 29 July 2018

Only CAEAYARON's grids are connected to, and evolving within, the Sacred Heart of love, for they are a greater part of the crystalline grid humans were disconnected from by Thoth and Yahweh and the spin doctor.


Are humans truly evolving into star beings? I regularly see miraculous healing going on around me as an activated person of CAEAYARON, through his only channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Like so many activated my body and skin is getting younger and I am getting stronger, while my mind and memories are growing greatly and DNA vibration is rocketing. My spiritual sight and insight is rising greatly. My Mum, who needed a knee replacement surgery, cancelled the operation 19 months ago after CAEAYARON taught her to heal. My Dad, who could not walk, started walking again. People arrive at the activations needing walking sticks and frames, and days later they no longer need them and even start running again in one case. We have accounts of cancers being healed and people are also manifesting that health, wealth, love and abundance which they desire in their beautiful lives.


Animals are happier around us Star Sacred World Healers and wild squirrels and others come to us to play, or even for protection from others walking by. It is so beautiful feeling the energies which are metamorphosing us back to Star Light Beings. To feel such beautiful power energies of love coursing through our bodies and to be growing into greater power of love is evolution. It is wonderful to be activated into these grids of harmony and collective love consciousness of CAEAYARON and away from the ones of devolution and entropy of the human world. The Ascension Programme of CAEAYARON is truly the only way to heal the world and yourself from the ever present breaking down of order to disorder, loneliness and disease which is ‘aging’, and the destruction of nature we see in the THOTH METATRON grids of entropy in which we fell.

You will find many testimonials in website and the facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel together with so much new knowledge of who we are, where we came from, and where we may go to after this life, brought through The Christ Child , Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the only channel of THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT; CAEAYARON.


Audrey Dobson, July 2018, six months after activation.

I was at the January 2018 activations. I was in great pain with my legs, and had very high blood pressure. Within a few months I began to feel stronger within myself, I had more energy, and I could feel the love flows getting stronger. Today the pain in my legs has virtually gone, and I no longer take my blood pressure tablets and I feel better than I have for years. Being Activated is the best decision I've made in years. Definatley the most beautiful experience ever. Thankyou Caeayaron, Suzanna Maria, Lord Emmanuel and light team. I'm so grateful for all I have received. Thankyou

Sherry Pagoria July 2018, 1 month after activation.

I was at the June 2018 activations and I have seen a change in the way I look at life. More love flows are coming in, life is More beautiful than ever, my arthritis is getting so much better that now I don't have the pain like I used to before activated! It used to be that I would know when it was going to rain three days before it rained, now the pain is not there any more!!!! I can not predict the rain any more and I'm so VERY, VERY, HAPPY!!! My fibromyalgia and lyphoma is also getting better!! FREE FROM PAIN!! Miracles do Happen!! Thank you Caeayaron! Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel , Divine and Soverign Loard Emmanuel the Great!! Love and Light to all !

Donna Richmond, Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer & Universal Love Teacher Of CAEAYARON June 2018

A HEART MIRACLE, Healing Testimonial from a Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON, Whakatane, New Zealand, June 2018.

Donna, from Whakatane New Zealand, works with many people in her community as a Specialized Kinesiologist. She is also a Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer and is a Teacher, helping many to feel the great love from Divine Love and Star Love Beings.

In June 2018, Donna taught a group of people who come to her each week, listening to the teachings of CAEAYARON, and gaining beautiful healing flows as they learn to become more of love and grounded into the greater love.

Donna said, ‘A student had an “only operable heart condition” when she first came to the classes. She had an appointment with the specialist the week prior to starting the classes and was waiting for results. After the second class she said she had to have an operation to fix her heart before she could fly anywhere. A following pre op appointment was had (after 6 weeks of classes) and the heart had corrected itself and they could find no problem at all. They said a miracle or something must have happened as they could not explain how a condition which could only be corrected with an operation had corrected itself.’

Donna Richmond – Whakatane NZ

Please see more testimonials of healings Star Sacred World Healers are experiencing with the flows of CAEAYARON at

Annette after healing through Giovanni, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON August 2018

I received a powerful healing from Giovanni Luijten, magnetic frequency healer of Caeayaron.

I have been suffering from daily headaches for months that were not responding to codeine.
Giovanni Luijten prepared the space in a room and invited me in.
I lay down on the mattress on the floor.
As soon as Giovanni walked into the room I lapsed into a deep sleep or unconsciousness. 
I came to after the healing and realized I was alone in the room.
I sunk back into a deep sleep or unconsciousness 
I woke again and went into my bedroom and slept well all night and into the morning.
I was so puzzled why the healing had such a strong effect on me and I even asked Giovanni if he had hypnotized me.
He chuckled and said no. 
He just facilitated the magnetic frequencies healing of Caeayaron.
I woke up free of the headache.
And today is another day without a headache.
I am so utterly astounded and pleased !
Annette in Tauranga, New Zealand.


Annette after healing through Giovanni, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON August 2018

I had been depressed for over a week.

I had given up,given in.
Everything was wrong.
I could only manage to watch cute video's of cats and dogs, all day long.
It usually takes weeks or months to float out of a depression.
Giovanni Luijen, magnetic frequency healer of Caeayan put an intention in for my healing at a portal on early Saturday morning.
I woke up and wondered where the depression had gone...
Where was the heavy darkness ?
Where was the grey cloud numbing me to any joy or fun?
It was gone.
I went on line to watch kittens.
I could of been an ordinary person again, smiling at cats.
I had a bath, walked the dog's, did the shopping, had a Saturday afternoon of joy and bliss, and am still going strong ( wow ) on Sunday afternoon.
I expect the lightness to last a long time now.
A grateful Annette from Tauranga, NZ.
Thank you Caeayaron !
Note: In September 2018 Annette emailed to say she is still clear of depression.

Karen Handley sent in this testimonial of her husband Gary after he received a healing through Barbara Derecourt, Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON August 2018

I highly recommend a full healing session with Barbara Derecourt. Star Sacred World Healer and Angelic Frequency Healer of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I have experienced many types of healing over the years, so have a good basis for comparison. As soon as Barbara touched my feet I felt waves of powerful energy flowing up my legs. This continued for several minutes and I then started to go into a very peaceful meditative state as the flows continued to wash over me. Then a beautiful musical sound woke me from my reverie as Barbara began singing tones that made my whole upper body tingle. The sensations were wonderful. The tones then changed and the sensations moved to my middle. It was amazing to observe the impact of sound on my energy centers. Then I became aware that Barbara was now sitting down on a chair to the right of me, but strangely I could still feel my feet being held and waves of energy continued to pour up my legs. After a few minutes, waves of what I can only describe as pure love washed over me and the session was completed. It was the most powerful healing session I have experienced. In the week that has passed since then, the biggest change I have noticed is that I can now regularly feel waves of energy flowing upwards from my feet and throughout my whole body. I feel very grateful and humbled by the experience. Thank you Barbara.

 Gary Handley

Risa Ruse House Cleansing Testimonial August 2018

I would like to share with you how wonderful the promises of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great and the Highest Arch Angel Caeayaron of Magnetic Forces are.  Before I became activated to Caeayaron’s University of Light in June 2018 my life had been one ash can full of mishaps, and neglectful, unloving relationships.


As of today, August 25, 2018 I can say that has turned around significantly.  I discovered through meditation and night rejuvenation that my house and land had been cursed by a witch before I had bought it 18 years ago!  Now the curse has been lifted through Caeayaron’s blessings for having been activated.  How do I know this?  Well, each tenant that I rented to in the other side of my duplex house had abused, destroyed, and tormented me in so many tumultuous ways.


Even the tree had bugs in it that were climbing into the upstairs windows.  I was able to afford the tree to be cut down yesterday, and got rid of the bugs after that was done! The new tenant is someone I actually went to High School with briefly, and is starting her life over like I did 18 years ago from a divorce.  She is the complete opposite of all the tenants I have ever had in being a good housekeeper, wanting to make the house a home, instead of a garbage can like the others did. 


The income I lost from not being able to rent the property in the beginning (from tenants not allowing me in to show it) and then waiting for the right people or person to rent is now quickly being restored.  All is well.  My family showed they cared, and became a little more acceptant of Caeayaron’s teachings that I absolutely adore!  I am so very grateful to them and the most beautiful, powerful Messenger they use to teach us from the heavens above, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Divine Love Light Grid Programmer, AKA: Jesus!


Namaste, Risa

Stephen Tooth healing testimoinal 4th September 2018

I am very grateful that I usually do not suffer any health problems and have not been to the doctors for many years. About a month ago a part of a tooth broke off and I was in much pain however, just before I needed to travel to do some important work. I was surprised how much pain may come from a tooth.

I spoke to my dentist who informed me it would be many weeks before they can see me to assess the situation, and long after that before they have the time to work on the tooth due to many other bookings.

The first night I woke regularly with the pain and had to forgive regularly to get back to sleep. Myself and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel asked CAEAYARON for a healing. CAEAYARON explained to Suzanna that it would be fixed and I would not have a problem sleeping any more. I was delighted that that is exactly what happened and my pain completely disappeared, allowing me to travel and do the work I needed. Weeks later my teeth are still pain free and I am so thankful to CAEAYARON for this and the speed at which he fixed it. Meanwhile I am still waiting for my dentist appointment.

Since becoming activated by CAEAYARON and Suzanna all areas of my life, mind, body and spirit, are building so greatly and my life took on a whole new purpose, clarity, beauty and love that deep down I know I have been awaiting for thousands upon thousands of life times.  

I am so grateful to see so also see so many others around me and other Star Sacred World Healers of CAEAYARON also healing and feeling the beautiful magnetic love flows coursing through their bodies.

Thank you CAEAYARON. Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 


Sherry Pagoria September 2018 on June 2018 Activations of CAEAYARON

Healing Testimonial of a Star Sacred World Healer of CAEAYARON - September 2018

Sherry from the USA came to the Divine Pineal Gland Activations in June 2018 (England) with CAEAYARON, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Star Beings of love and Star Sacred World Healers.

During the Activations a Divine Manifestation Gate for the powers of manifestation to become greater here on earth was opened up.

This is what Sherry said about her experience:

'While I was involved in opening up this vortex gate, I was feeling in my body flows, layers of very gentle vibrations, waves of energy, coming into my body that I have never encountered in my life before! Wow, such a beautiful loving feeling, this I will never forget! This gate opening, according to the star beings from above in the universe, had witnessed and heard such an explosive boom like never before coming from earth, the ringing from their ears lasted for days.

'The star beings were so happy the manifestation gate had opened, they celebrated for many days. I am so extremely happy to be a Star Sacred World Healer and can now manifest what we desire most in our lives now. So I manifested five things that I desired and of the five, three have come true!

'I am eternally grateful to be a Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer and a Universal Love Teacher! Thank you Caeayaron, Divine, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great!

'I was in a lot of pain before the activations suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, lipoma, three recent shoulder surgeries, elbow and wrist. My knees, especially the left one was bothering me for many years from a car accident when I was 21.

'During the activations I had rented a manual car to drive and was wondering how that would work out with my knees and shoulder pain, the healings that were given at that time helped me make it through all three weeks with no pain whatsoever! I love to hike in the mountains and was always suffering from knee pain and hearing clicking of the bones with each step.

'During the activations many healings were given to us and I can now say that the pain and the clicking I was experiencing before the activations, are now gone and much of the other pain I was experiencing is also gone. I can now enjoy my hiking so much more and experience nature like it should be. Eternally Grateful!!!

'During the activations many gifts were given. When I came back home and was reading Caeayarons’ Forgiveness Statement I remembered another Star Sacred World Healer saying to try and sing it. So I did and I was so amazed what came out of my mouth. My voice had such beautiful vibrations, that I never knew existed! I never had done any singing at all previously, not even in the shower or the car when I was alone.

'I thought earlier in my life that my voice was awful and I didn’t want to sing. I thought, wow is this really me? Singing? So I decided to record my voice singing Caeayaron’s Forgiveness Statement and shared it with my family, they said, “gee mom, I never knew you could sing!” I said, neither did I! It just came out of me and I am so very, very grateful for this beautiful singing gift and all the gifts I have received during the activations. THANK YOU!!!'

Sherry Pagoria Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer, Universal Love Teacher of CAEAYARON - USA

Michelle Kmieciak about Peggy and Tom, Star Sacred World Healers. 

Today I got to meet 2 Star Sacred World Healers of Caeayaron The Great Mountain of Light from New Zealand. Peggy Cayton and her husband Tom. their energy's were amazing!! Soo Loving and soo light. I'm Soo blessed to have gotten the chance to meet them. Upon their leaving the heart hugs I got from them were amazing. Peggy's hug in particular was fantastic. I totally felt like my heart was some how opened further. For I felt an overwhelming sensation of Love Energy you could say. It literally was like my heart got shocked with the defib. paddles but with Love energy flows instead. How truely miraclous these times are. Thank you for visiting us. You both are awesome. Much love and be light to you both!! Namaste!! Hope to meet again sometime!!

Audrey Dobson Star Sacred World Healer 26/7/18

This morning when I opened my back door, I had a baby seagull walking around my garden. I experience this every year as the babies fall learning to fly. But this morning as I was watching this beautiful bird walk around my garden.

I began the ask myself "What does this experience mean to me?". For, everything we experience is a reflection from within self. As I thought about it, I remembered what CAEAYARON had said to us at the Pineal Gland Activation's. "We are star babies, taking baby steps." I thought yeah, the baby seagull reflects the star baby within me, and reminding me that I am making progress with healing myself, and that I am growing in strength, and soon I will be able to fly and help others heal within themselves too. I must be patient and continue to work hard, and gain strength from within.

Everyday I am learning so much from my everyday experiences, I am seeing the mirrors, and sometimes it's really hard to see the truth in front of you. But, as you forgive all, and let it go. It's the most beautiful experience you can have. Because, you feel so good within, and the LOVE flows just grow stronger and stronger. When you feel this, it's exciting because you can feel the changes coming. When I say changes I mean the LIGHT growing within this universe and beyond. As the light grows, then we will experience more love, and peace within this world. To feel this, it is exciting.

It's now 7 months since I went to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON. Did I make the right decision? Was it worth the money? YES, YES, YES....100% YES. I can honestly say my life is slowly changing, gently. But, the biggest changes by far are within me. I feel healthier than I have done in years, I feel stronger and more myself. I feel more emotionally grounded and able to make decisions much easier.

My eye sight has improved, and I no longer need glasses for driving. I am no longer on my blood pressure tablets and I feel great. My connection to spirit is much clearer, and the readings I am doing are very different to the way I worked before the activation's. Things that used to wind me up no longer wind we up. Every day for the last month especially has been busy, but very peaceful happy days. The occasional blip, to remind me to be in the forgiveness. But, non the less beautiful.

I am so grateful to be awake, and join CAEAYARON'S light ship. I know when I leave this world I will be going home. I am so grateful for Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and all the light team.

So, all my beautiful friends do I recommend the Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON. YES, YES YES......This is the TRUTH, THE ONLY WAY, there is no other channel on this earth who can activate your pineal gland and return your lemurian codes back, and release you from your karma.

So dear friends do you desire to heal within, and become a part of the Star Sacred World Healers and hold the LOVE flows and bring a great healing to this beautiful planet....if so please visit.


Audrey Dobson Star Sacred World Healer 26/7/18

Daejah Te Pou soon to be Star Sacred World Healer November 2018

Please read this beautiful testimony given by Daejah Te Pou (18 years old) after experiencing the Teachers Frequency Attunements with CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 17th - 18th November 2018 

“Namaste. Ok, I would like to say…
Before I started the classes of CAEAYARON I was going through a lot. A lot to do with court cases.

10 weeks before the activations I was asking my grandfather, Koro Tutua, if he could do a prayer for me for I felt I couldn’t do it myself because I was in too much stress. He said he will see what he can do and he sent me the forgiveness statement.

I didn’t have much faith in it in the beginning but I kept saying it anyway. Not so long later my mother and grandmother mentioned that they were doing these CAEAYARON classes with Lisa Wetini. I jumped on board.

A lot of forgiveness had to be done, many tests rose to the surface, but I had to keep staying in the forgiveness and higher love energies. My faith was at about 60%.

My court case was scheduled for the 2nd November 2018, the first day of the Activations. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to this year’s November Activations.

With the help of Caeayaron and many others (my mother, grandmother, Koro Tutua, Donna, Jacqui & Lisa Wetini) I started manifesting greater and believing that I was going to the Activations this year, 2018.

I went to Flight Centre, booked my flights, and accommodations and paid my Activation fees. So I showed CAEAYARON I really wanted and needed this. I went to my lawyer and told him I was planning on going to England. He asked questions and I assured him of course lol.

He sent an email to the Police asking if they could allow me to go to England. I then got mail from my lawyer saying that I had court on the following Friday to see whether I can go to England.

I told my teacher, Lisa, she told Donna and Jacqui and them 3 opened portals for that day, Friday. I kept talking to CAEAYARON, staying in the forgiveness, grounding, claiming back my energies and all that.

Friday came, I was on the stand. I could see the humans on their chairs, the police, and the judge. I looked above and I saw a huge being behind the judge (I felt sorry for the judge lol) and I saw many other beings as if they were in their own court. It was interesting.

From there I knew I was going to England. I got granted my wish from the judge. He was shocked, he couldn’t believe he let me go to England for spiritual Caeayaron workshops for 3 weeks lol.

I was waiting in the cells for my bail papers and I was doing all my thankings to CAEAYARON and all the other beings that helped, grounding myself and I could hear people in their cells crying. They were all crying because they came all the way from Auckland to find out that they were all getting out of jail. Everyone that went on that stand got released. It was a Divine Miracle.

From there I thought, ok, I want to teach others about CAEAYARON. So yeah, come get Activated.

Naku Noa, Daejah Te Pou”

Daejah Te Pou - Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Teacher and Magnetically Attuned Healer by CAEAYARON, New Zealand


Norma Iles Experience Of CAEAYARON's Magnetic Healing From Donna Richmond

Namaste, I am writing this testimonial to share the beautiful healing I had from Caeayaron and the Angelic Angels through beautiful World Sacred Star Healer/Teacher, Donna Richmond.

During past healings I have seen angels moving around me, working on me, it was the most serene feeling, leaving me feeling peaceful and loved. However this time I felt the energy building in my solar plexus, it eventually moved up to my throat Chakra, it felt like intense pressure and that’s where it stayed for what seemed a long time. I then felt like I was going to rise above my physical body as I felt very light and floaty. This feeling settled after the toning and once again it left me feeling totally relaxed. This peacefulness stayed with me for a couple of days!

That is the only way of explaining what I experienced and sharing to all who are interested.



Norma Illes

Owen Mc Intyre's Magnetic Healing from Lance Brady, Universal Love Teacher of CAEAYARON

I have been on a self love journey to my heart. I have resonated with Caeayaron and Suzanna Emmnauel on this journey of forgiveness. 

I was living in Wellington and just recently moved up to Hamilton in New Zealand 
Became friends with Lance on Facebook trusting where Caeayaron was leading me.
Found out Lance was one of Caeayarons magnetic healers. 
Lance has the clinc set up in The Western Community Centre, Nawton, Hamilton
The healing that I have received with Caeayaron and the magnetic frequency through Lance Brady was magical, He explained what he was doing as I felt the energy of Caeayaron and the love spaces.  
The feeling of senseing the energy of Caeayaron throughout the body balancing on a cellular energetic level as Lance was removing the lower vibration energies/toxins.  The other experience for me was the flow of energy at the chakra's being restarted as if he was winding up a spinning top as I felt the energy then flow once they we're all unblocked feeling spikes of energy hitting every cell in my body with love.  
Lance is an amazing healer whom I would recommend if you come across on facebook to take the jump and book him in as it is meant to be, trusting in the journey with Ceaeyaron.
I'm very excited to also attend the Caeayaron Divine Pineal Activation coming up in April with Suzanna Emmanuel.

Sherry Pagoria, Universal Love Teacher Colorado, USA

I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for Caeayaron's University of Light, Divine, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and for Star Beings of love for all the very beautiful gifts I have received! To have my Lemurian Life Codes, Galactic Codes, given beautiful healings, while I was there in June 2018 and November 2018 has helped me so much in my life now.

Im no longer suffering from shoulder, knee pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and lymphoma!! Also during the Activations I was gifted with a beautiful singing voice. You can hear it at U Tube named Forgiveness Statement of Caeayaron 2018 Star Sacred World Healer Sherry Pagoria.

My life is so much better now and every day I have peace of mind, no pain and can do more of what I love to do! Thank You! Much love to All !!!  Sherry

Audrey Dobson Activated Universal Love Teacher of CAEAYARON

Since I have been activated in January 2018, Caeayaron has blessed me greatly. Before I became activated my health had been deteriorating quite rapidly. My blood pressure was dangerously high, had had severe pain in both my legs and knees. My osteopath who was working on my back and muscles, to help alleviate the pain said I had symptoms of Fibromialgia. My GP kept telling me I had arthritis and so on. I had strained my Achilles tendons on both my calf's and walking was excruciatingly painful and I would say I was very close to being in a wheelchair. My eye sight was also failing and I required glasses for both reading and driving. Every day was a struggle for me. 

However, since I have activated my blood pressure is no longer dangerously high, in fact I hardly need to take my medication now whoohoo!! There has been improvement with my eyesight, I no longer need glasses for driving. The pain in my body has virtually gone, although I still ache a little. But non the less I am not on any pain relief now and I am now walking normally without pain. In fact my general health is pretty good. I feel so good within me, I feel stronger than ever. My mediumship has become more flowing, my sense of knowing has increased, and I feel more alive than I did before I activated. I just feel so different, and more at peace with myself and my life. 
 Other changes in my life have to be having all 3 of my children back in my life, and treating me with the respect I deserve too. No anger is presenting to me anymore with my children. They are al very loving towards me now. This was a biggie for me. For my children have always been my life, and for then to cut me out of their life for nothing was very hard for me to deal with. But, I have them back and we are  now the close family we used to be. I am so grateful for this.
As you know I have issues with my husbands behaviour due to him having Bi-polar disorder. I struggled with this greatly. Caeayaron said "To love those who hurt you more." It hasn't been easy to do this, and it took me a while to realise what Caeayaron was actually saying. I realised that when we love are partners more, we are actually loving are selves more too. I finally got this. How this has changed the way I deal with my husband. He is so much more loving now. I do see the anger in him, and when he does something to bring me to anger or frustration I find I can forgive this quickly and just love him more. This really does work. 
My manifestation skills have greatly improved. Before I activated when I tried to manifest, I found that I would manifest loss rather than gain. So, manifesting was difficult for me to work with for fear of loosing. But, I began to do the exercises Caeayaron gave us. Every time I did then I manifested good things. It was amazing. Although I didn't always get what I wanted either. Last year a therapy room came up for let in Bridlington town centre. It had a shop front, and 2 small treatment rooms. I thought this would be perfect for me because it was very cheap to let. I tried to manifest this and I didn't get it. I was disappointed. But I carried on and kept looking. Maybe it wasn't the time for a room. However, in April this year I saw an add for a therapy room to let. I when to look at it. I took the lease straight away, he let me have the first month free because I was attending the activation's. I have no council tax or water rates. WOW, just regular gas, electric and phone bills. ouldn't have asked for more. It was bigger and more spacious, and more rooms. I have a treatment room and teaching room to accommodate up to 20 people. It was immaculate, new carpets and freshly decorated. I have so much more, and cheaper that the one I had wanted previously. I am totally in awe of Caeayaron. Then I think my, Caeayaron must be planning to keep me busy with a room as big as this one lol. It's a beautiful place. I love it. There's so much light in it.
Then came the income, I was worried about how I could pay my first months rent....well my husband went to Thailand left me with £ paid. Then I was stressing on how I was gonna live because that was my living money. So, I sold my husbands car that he didn't want, and was sat on his drive (with his permission) £550 living expenses within a day. Then the following day I had a flutter and won £2,500. I was totally in awe of Caeayaron. I have never had this kind of luck before. I was able to use the money to buy the things I needed for my therapy room, and enjoy the weekend with my family. So I have been greatly blessed by Caeayaron. The reason I have made a donation was to give something back to Caeayaron as a thank you. I am so grateful for all I have received. So grateful for all the blessings I have received. I know that the money will go to help many people in the future to the activation's. It is my intention to continue to help the ascension program in what ever way I can in the future also. 
Then everyday I am feeling blessed as I feel the love flows within me. I look at my garden and see how everything seems much more radiant than the previous year. Even the strawberries are huge compared to the year before. They taste so good. Everything just seems so much better. Problems sort quickly. Everything seems to flow, even when I drive through Bridlington town centre I hit green lights lol. I love it. 
Activating was the best thing I have done in my life time. It hasn't been easy, it has been very emotional but when you do as Caeayaron asks, you are truly blessed with amazing experiences. 
I am so grateful to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for helping us to rise back into the love. I am so grateful that you are strong and have the courage to do what you are doing. I feel so blessed to have know you on a personal level. What a beautiful person you are. All the pain and sacrifices you have made for us, so we can come back home to the love forever. I am totally and eternally in your debt. So, so grateful to you for bringing the love back into not just mine but to everyone's life. Thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 
Thank you too Stephen also for supporting and helping our beautiful light grid programmer. 

Luke Quazar Tighe Activated Universal Love Teachers Of CAEAYARON.

I've been searching for truth for many many years now! I searched through religions and other beliefs to try and find the truth. An explanation to all that is. Also an understanding of what is happening. I spoke to many people. Now I understand why I was searching and what I was looking for!

I found Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on YouTube and I felt the love flows from the toning in the videos! My heart opened like it was in a box and started singing love to me!! It was the greatest loving experience I've had at that time! So I looked into more videos and started learning more and more. Then I realised the importance of all of this time!!!
I rushed and did all I could to go to the activations! I sold my possessions. I did all I could and thankfully, with help I managed to go.
At first I was afraid because I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I started meeting some of the activated and the love and energy was building up from them even before starting. I thought to myself "wow these people are the most loving people I've ever met". We all went in and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel greeted us and brought through the GREAT CAEAYARON who was SOOO funny and loving! We felt the love flows bonding us as a group. It was beautiful!
CAEAYARON answered all our questions in so many ways! Teaching us to become more loving to ourselves and to each other! I felt like I was finally where I belonged and I wanted to stay there forever. Every person there and each person who is activated by the GREAT CAEAYARON I recognise and I love as my brothers and sisters. 
Becoming activated at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations is a unique experience and Its changed my life in more ways than I can explain. There is so much more I can say about it. But people need to experience it for themselves. You seriously cannot get activated from a sofa!
My gratitude for life and so many things has increased more than I ever imagined and the love in my life has grown more than I know at this time! Being able to forgive and work with Divine is more beautiful than words!!! Please please please come to the activations of the GREAT CAEAYARON!!! 

Sue Carr, Teachers Healer of CAEAYARON

I have two beautiful kittens called Mitzie and Bitzie. Upon first seeing them we could see that at 4 weeks old Bitzie was being rejected by her mother and siblings. later that morning Mitzie had got trapped  and accidently hung herself which resulted in a massive fit and she stopped breathing for a few minutes. I took hold of her and closed my eyes and asked Caeayaron and the highest archangels to help her live and said that i would look after her if she was given the chance to survive. she eventually started breathing again so we decided to take her home with us which was a 7 hour drive as we were on holiday. It was a long journey home as she needed bottle feeding every couple of hours. Upon returning home she was having ten large fits daily over the weekend so we took her to the vets who advised us to send her to the rainbow bridge as her life was not going to be good and that she was severly brain damaged. Over the following two weeks the fits  got worse and were lasting 15/20 seconds per fit so we took her to the vets again. over a period of 4 weeks 4 vets all said the same.

I had already started giving her Caeayaron's Magnetic Frequency Healing and was not about to give up now on her.

Each week we began seeing improvements with her, very slowly but we could see them.

she is now 4 months old and for 7 weeks she has not had a large fit at all. Her whiskers became frazzled due to the fits and now they too had evened out apart from the odd few. She has started to jump across instead of just upwards and one day i have hopes that she may be able to jump onto the furniture. i had toilet trained her but due to a large fit she lost that ability so now its back to training again constantly. Daily the healing continued as well as healing myself as i had recently had a full hip replacement, within weeks i was up and about and getting back to normal, everyone was saying how well i looked. Three weeks ago she started to play with her toys after nearly 4 months of being unable to play, run, or jump.  Mitzie is still very tiny for her age but is still receiving the healing most days. Caeayaron’s Magnetic Frequency Healing has worked miracles on both myself and my beautiful kitten and a big thank you goes out to Caeayaron for giving me the opportunity to learn and teach this new modality in healing.

Namaste, Sue Carr, Star Sacred World Healer, Angelic Frequency Healer, Universal Love Teacher by Caeayaron