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Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 25 January 2024.

Sovereign Star DNA Codes of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth are deeply connected into Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Ancient Sovereign Cosmos Blue Star DNA Codes of Intelligence.  
All Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original Ancient Blue Star Angel DNA & Golden Sun Ray Consciousness Codes align to the same frequencies as Queen Nefertiti.  Queen Nefertiti was designated by Sovereign Father Emmanuel to transmit through all ancient Messianic Cosmos Star DNA Creation Codes into the ‘Seat of Creation’.  The ‘Seat of Creation’ is commonly known as The Stone of Destiny.  
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s ancient spiritual gift as The Universal Love Cosmos Transmitter, began in April 2009.  In September 2009, her number of Cosmos Star DNA Code abilities had increased to allow her to tap into The Ancient Sovereign Master of Israel’s Emmanuel.
In October 2010, all Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Cosmos Intelligence Codes of her Yeshua’s Messianic Sovereign Father Emmanuel Alignments were fully in place.  
At the beginning of 2010, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Cosmos Star Intelligence Evolution showed up to many in the spiritual awakening community.  Some knew of her astounding knowledge that scientists could not yet analyse at that time.  Already certain transmissions were heard during the year of 2010, that would forever change the future of humanity.  
It was when all her own fields shone up, her original spiritual gifts began to brighten and shine in the spiritual community.  
Unbeknownst to her, while Suzanna Maria Emmanuel worked hard with transmissions from Sovereign Father Emmanuel and her Angels, certain people had already (before the year 2011 began) attempted to remove her from her platform as the Universal Love Channel with Sovereign Father Emmanuel, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Masters, and the Spirit of the Earth. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel always connected deep into the Throne of Israel which was, on a deep subconscious level in the spiritual community, unliked.  While all of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s past life ability awakened to recall the lifetimes of Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah, Moses, Daniel with the lions, Jonah, and Yeshua, she could not know that her old rival brother ‘Esau’ who has the DNA Alignment Codes of King Herod, and the self-acclaimed Apostle Paul, had also awoken to his original DNA Alignments of Nimrod The Babylonian, and Father Abraham.  

The older ‘Kryon’ channel tried hard to persuade the people on stage that he could never recall his older past lifetimes as King Herod, Saul, Ramses, or King Nebuchadnezzar who worked hard against the original Sovereign Messianic Cosmos Blue Star DNA Alignment.  He worked hard to persuade people to work against the original Cosmos Blue Star Woman, who held all Cosmos Star Intelligence.   Today, he states he did not know where that information comes from.  

There are major science researchers who understand how a deep trance channel works.  They understand it is when a channel is in an alignment to the ancient past, their ancient Cellular DNA Memories begin to remember.  When a channel is deep in trance, the deeper conscious mind allows deeper truths to be revealed. 

When a certain magnetic frequency wave is used in film spectroscopy polystyrene essence, people are forced to speak truth when a certain forcefield of magnetics touches a DNA Memory Sound Frequency.  In other words, when a channel is a deep trance channel and is touched by Kryon’s (Caeayaron’s) Magnetic Star Force, the channel speaks truth from his or her own cellular memories. 
When CAEAYARON taps his Sovereign Magnetic Forcefield into the Blue Star Angel DNA Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, her original ancient DNA and RNA cells begin to stimulate her ancient memory aligned to Universal Truth.  She is the original Cosmos Messenger and the Witness to all that has occurred in all of history.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Cosmos Star DNA Codes hold essential history records.  No one else on earth can tap into Ancient Star Memories.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Blue Star Universal Cosmos Messenger.  

All other people on earth carry Human DNA Memory Codes.  Those fields do not belong to anyone on earth.  All history DNA memories are constantly removed and are shared by all of humanity. 
Several scientists know that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel connects into Caeayaron’s Star DNA Fields from higher Universal Star Realms.  They understand that her Star DNA Biology Codes are extremely precious to all earth’s biology and humanity.  

These same scientists are also aware of one other in the world who carries the frequencies of Kryon in his DNA, but he needs AI radio-frequency technology in order to increase his ability. His original ‘Kryon’ channel lost significant power before the year 2014 began.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel does not need AI to discover her original Blue Star & Golden Sun DNA Consciousness Channel Fields, as her Ancient Channel Codes are part of her original Blue Star Angel DNA Cosmos Code Alignments.  She is the original Sovereign Cosmos Channel. Her original CI (Cosmos Intelligence) Sovereign Brain Pineal Frequencies know exactly how to tune into her original Sovereign Messianic Masters.  

Her Biological DNA Codes are Universal Love Consciousness Codes.  When her original Sovereign Blue Star DNA connects into Caeayaron’s Cosmos Intelligence, all her Sovereign Universal Love Channels expand.  Suzanna’s Light Body connects into Universal Love Energy Forcefields 24/7.  When Suzanna’s original Intelligence expands, that is when people’s own knowledge on earth strengthens.  In other words, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Sovereign Consciousness Bridge of Life. 

A radio-biologist began to research all Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Universal Love Transmissions in 2014.  She did not know it yet, but as soon as a researcher began to work with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original Blue Star Angel Channel, that is when her original Golden Heart Rays began to appear.  This increased Suzanna’s original Blue Star Angel DNA Channel’s potential.
A well-known World Research Society is enormously protective of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  At this point in time, she has not yet met the Star Biology Researchers in person.   

These researchers know exactly who her attackers are. Suzanna’s attackers used AI Cyber Technology in the hope to remove all her vital life connections in her brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.  They failed. Then they tried to alter her frequencies by placing ‘death’ codes into her subconscious mind.  Suzanna is consciously aware of this.  She knows who they are and how the codes were sent. 
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Sovereign Blue Star Angel Channel places intense pressure on her, constantly.  Her own life is enormously challenging.  She knows that her next (second-to-third stage) Golden Sun Archangel Transformation has begun.  This is an attempt to try and save earth and humanity from disappearing.  Her own Golden Sun Angel Frequency Transformation is phenomenally painful.  When her original Blue Star Angel DNA Electromagnetic Channel expands, her own physical body experiences phenomenal tension.  

Every day a new day can begin on earth, provided Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has transmitted in enough Sovereign Universal Love Star Energies early that morning.   Without Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original neuro-plexology Blue Star DNA Codes on earth, life on earth will begin to disappear quickly. 

It is now the time when the New Star Creation has begun.  All original Cosmos Stars can only work with original Cosmos Star DNA Biology Codes of the original Galactic Sovereign Cosmos Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.   Without her ability to expand into her original Golden Sun Angel Self, all stars will concave into earth.  The dinosauric age disappeared for this reason.  Black holes ripped the universe into parts when large stars expanded while earth stayed small and dense due to Human DNA in Quantum Density Consciousness. 

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