Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Who is Caeayaron?

Great Divine Love Aligner
Great Divine Balancer
Great Divine Love Judge
Highest Archangel in all of creation
The Creator of all of life consciousness
The Creator of all Evolution Creation Codes
The Creator of all Light Grids in Creation
The Great Teacher of Life Force, Evolution & Creation.
The Creator of all Archangelic Realms
Magnetic Force Power
The Builder of Light Frequencies
The Creator of the Divine Love Element, created to bring all beings, who desire love, upwards.

Caeayaron is a Divine Master of Divine Love and Divine Truth.  Many also know him as KRYON, though this was never his name and he would only disclose his true name to his Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who can harmonise with his higher love and light frequencies, and who taught all other Caeayaron channels in Lemuria.  His great purpose is to bring alignment to all universes to bring them into balance and love.

Caeayaron's name means 'Builder of light flows.'  He has created the light grid spaces for our existence and also has created all our evolution codes. 

Caeayaron explains himself as Master of Magnetic Forces, Flows & Alignment.  He is also the Great Awakener of our deeper gifts and also the Divine Judge in the Great Divine Courts to allow all things to come to the greater love.

Caeayaron works with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great to bring all existence into greater evolved spaces so that all existence, in all the unvierses can grow together and expand into greater love and empowerment.

Caeayaron's role in Ancient Lemuria

In Ancient Lemuria Caeayaron worked hard with the Lemurians to bring them many gifts of greater love and strength.  Lemuria came into existence to bring love and peace into all universes spaces.  If the Lemurians had succeeded with their greatest gifts of love to ascend the whole plane to a greater state, it was agreed that all Universes would rise into greatness.  However, they did not desire the greater love flows collectively, and thus it did not go well for them.

Now, Caeayaron is calling the people who were in Lemuria once again, as the Lemurians were gifted with Sacred Codes to ascend this whole plane into greater love during the times of Lemuria.  This is why Caeayaron often refers to the Lemurians as the Sacred Light Code Carriers.

Caeayaron and his Light Grid Programmers

In Ancient Lemuria, all was well planned by Divine, and all had systems.  The Lemurians received all the greatness and the blessings and were people of the great love within their heart.  They received all things that were good for them.  Their DNA vibrational level was very high, and thus they never suffered from aging and sickness.  They knew how important it was to be in the loving flows for their love was a great blessing to all of existence in Lemuria.

Caeayaron worked with three Light Grid Programmers to bring his Divine Love through to the people.  Reuben always had Harmonic Frequencies, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (Laeayarasea, meaning Rising Sun Consciousness) always had the Divine Love Element Frequencies, and Ishmakael always had the Sacred Geometry Light Codes.

Together these three Light Grid Programmers sat in the great temple, working hard with Caeayaron to bring the greatest love transmissions through to the people.  Suzanna was able to go into the Universal Love Grid to bring through the greatest codes for the people, while Reuben harmonized the codes, and Ishmakael allowed all things to be placed in the perfect spaces.

Together the Lemurians grew and grew into the love.  Each transmissions built on the next, and collectively they gained much power.  Their gifts grew in their power.  The more they received these highest transmissions, the greater their gifts became.

The three Light Grid Programmers had teams of people helping with this great work.  Each Light Grid Programmer had two builders.  The builders allowed the greater frequencies to be integrated so that the people could receive it gently and beautifully.  The holders of the Light Grid Programmers, held the frequencies in place so that the frequencies could be integrated by the people.  The High Priests and High Priestesses around the Great Temple of the Light Grid Programmers also allowed these frequencies to go to the people, passing it on to them gently and beautifully.  Their task also was  to find out what the people needed so that these transmissions could be brought through.

All was a beautiful collective love work.

The Activations and Caeayaron now

Caeayaron is now calling the people who choose to go up higher into the love flows.  He brings the great Divine Pineal Gland Activations through to the people, using his Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in the same way he used the Light Grid Programmers in Ancient Lemuria.

Caeayaron is reactivating those same codes, bringing those who choose to become activated back to the greater healing grid spaces of the Lemurians, allowing their greater strength to come back slowly and gently, but very beautifully.  The more the people desire these activations and become activated, the greater the collective strength of the activated will become.

Recently the gates of unlimitation were opened, thus our potential at this time is beyond anything we understand at this time and have experienced in the past.  

By 2032 Caeayaron is calling 400 million to the activations to be placed into the healing grid to bring love consciousness to mankind, and also to be able to go back to the higher star spaces.  Since the greatest fall of consciousness came to us at the time of the fall of Lemuria, we have not been able to return to the greater star realms.  Now, we are permitted, by the Galactic Federation of Light Society, to return, once we have received the Divine Pineal Gland Activations. Only the activated of CAEAYARON, through his Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel may ascend up into the greater realms of guided collective love consciousness. Those activated before the highest Teacher Gates close in 2020, who demostrate a desire for guided collective love consciousness and work hard as teahers and healers to bring the people to THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT may ascend up to the Higher Teacher realms and grow free of restriction for ever more.

Those who have already received the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, are growing in their strength and love.  They are receiving their stronger spiritual gifts, and growing into love consciousness, knowing that this is beautiful and Divine. 

The work began in April 2015 in New Zealand with the first Divine Pineal Gland Activation.  The first third Divine Pineal Gland Activation in October 2015 opened the Collective Love Gate to call many other people to the Activations.

In November 2016, the Divine Pineal Gland Activations opened in Colchester, England.  Our friends who were activated witnessed the great strength of love coming through and magnificent teachings from Divine.  Two great gates were opened.  The Heart Gate and the Wisdom Gate.  These brought through great gifts, including being able to open a Star Gate, allowing the ones who received the title from Divine, 'Star Sacred World Healers,' now the opportunity, when it is time to return to spirit, to go to the greater spaces to become Universal Teachers for the greater, more evolved spaces of love as they are able to teach much about earth games. 

At this particular activation they received gifts to be able to work closer to Star Beings with very sacred work.

Each activation will push the strength of all who are activated upwards.  The true number of activations, for all who are placed in the healing grid, will be in the many tens of thousands during the next years alone.  A true blessing for all who are true love and light seekers. 

We wish you much love and joy in your beautiful lives. heart