Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

 Meeting of the Universes, the Gateway & Divine Alignment. Crop Circle Discovered in Garsington, Oxfordshire, England, 29 June 2007. Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with the guidance of CAEAYARON & HALISARIUS who is the Great Leader of the Galactic Federations of Light Societies.

Namaste and welcome to the Great Awakening Sun Consciousness when the light upon our plane is becoming brighter and brighter and so many people will awaken more to the love within them and will desire to grow into the love so that we can bring much beauty, peace and love, not only to ourselves and our loved ones, but also to all of mankind and all life upon our planet. We are living in a time called, ‘The Great Alignment,’ when all things will awaken to greater knowledge, wisdom and above all, love.

For a long, long time, we became separated from the Great Divine Love Path when all of consciousness fell. Slowly, we are able to have glimpses of the greater love universes and slowly we are able to grow towards the greater knowledge, and above all, into the greater love.

At the beginning of the universal understanding only love and unity existed. Many beings lived in the love universe, and all was in the one purpose of the love. However, there were also beings who did not agree with the Oneness as they considered it imprisoned states and ‘limited,’ thinking. Hence, separation from the One Path of Love happened and Unity fell apart, allowing all to experiment and experience the separation and what that meant.

It was reasoned; ‘How can one understand true love, when one does not understand separation?’ Therefore all was permitted to be tested.

As you understand huge universal bodies fell lower into frequencies because of this separation, which the Great Resistance, and indeed the Great Darkness, called ‘beautiful,’ because the Great Darkness believed that in this separation it would find the true power it desired to have to rule all beings in the Universe, including the Archangelic Holy Realms of Love.

The battles between the light and the darkness have been enormous. Here it is important to understand that the Archangelic Love Realms do not call the darkness the ‘darkness,’ because in their eyes ‘there is no good and there is no bad; there simply is.’ Also, ‘there is no true light and there is no true dark, there simply is.’ Darkness is referred to as darkness because they removed themselves from Love Source, desiring separation instead of the Universal Love Unity and therefore they have no love within them. This is why they are called ‘dark’ or ‘dense.’

All things have been permitted to happen as we have been tested for lifetimes. Which programmes were stronger within us? Our dark programmes or our light programmes?

Everyone carries both of these programmes. We may not consider ourselves as ‘dark,’ but we carry our dense programmes to different degrees. Some of these dense programmes include loneliness, sadness, fear, anger, victim consciousness, feelings of abandonment, lack of trust, levels of over-confidence, low self-esteem, too much pride, caring too much about the outer appearance, caring too much about the material world, not caring for others, numbness from life, etc. As you see we all carry these to some level or another, though they may not show all the time but when we come across ‘tests’ in life it is interesting to observe our reactions.

This not only applies to us as individuals but also to our human race as we believe in ‘separation’ and the great majority of people on our planet cannot see how we live in an illusion, begging us to awaken.

Our Divine Path is to join together in the love harmony and to understand the Great Oneness within the Universe to help us grow upwards back into the love flows. However, how can we evolve upwards until all things have become healed within us? How can we ascend to love, when we do not have the right healings to become healed?

Here in this image it shows two energy universes coming together which happens every so many thousand years in the universe. Timing depends on universal cycles.

When this ‘meeting’ happens, universes connect to allow healing flows to happen to the lower flows, almost like a warm ‘invitation,’ to learn to become one with the higher states of being, that is, if both universes ‘talk’ to each other with the right frequencies. Only then can the higher universes pass through light information to reach the lower universes.

If there is no ‘connection,’ or 'right ‘talk’ frequencies, the universes are unable to communicate together. When they talk together, the higher universes collect huge amounts of data from the lower universes. Likewise, the lower universes are able to connect to the higher flows, allowing greater light to come within that lower universe, called ‘Awakening,’ flows.

If we personally reject that invitation to the Gateway, and we do not receive the right ‘frequencies’ to go through that Gate, then we become ‘rejected’ by the higher universes. That gate will close to us and we will have to wait for many more thousands and thousands of lifetimes, alone in the suffering states of our lower universal consciousness, waiting until that gateway opens again, praying that we will see the ‘Great Light’ and that there is a way upwards.

Next time the Gateway opens, according to the Divine Love Teachings of CAEAYARON, and also of HALISARIUS, it will be much more difficult to go through that Gateway than now, as it will be a tougher journey to find the right frequencies. There will be no Light Grid Programmer on earth at that time to help the people connect into the Gateway and to make the two universes ‘talk.’

At this time, according to the Divine Love Teachings of CAEAYARON, ‘The Great Mountain of Light,’ SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and HALISARIUS, Divine gave the Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, to the people. The Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, brings the Divine Pineal Gland Activations to the people with CAEAYARON to reactivate them back into their Sacred Light Lemurian Codes, to allow them to receive the right ‘codes’ to allow them to be received back in the higher love universes.

These Sacred Light Lemurian Codes are the codes to connect back into the Gateway to allow those people to ‘pass through’ the Gateway to become part of the higher love universes.

During the Great Fall of Lemuria, when the great balance desired the teachings of the Darkness, and they turned against the Light, their ‘codes’ were cut off, meaning, there was no way upwards through the Sacred Gateway. Therefore, the Great Divine Love calls the Divine Pineal Gland Activationsl a ‘privilege,’ as they were not ours as people to have any longer.

Next time, in many thousands of years when the Gateway opens once again, there will be no Light Grid Programmer, as no one from the Lemurian Class will be able to join the higher universes again, as their codes will be permanently taken and given to those who desired the Gateway and the Sacred Privileges. Thus no light can flow from the higher universes downwards as a Light Grid Programmer is needed to open Ascension Portals of Light to allow the Gateway to connect.

Jesus also worked with this Gateway greatly 2,000 years ago. He connected the Gateway in Glastonbury, at a place now called the Tor. If it wasn’t for the work of Jesus 2,000 years ago, then the greater gateway would have been unable to connect to us to allow the greater light to come through, as both universes need to ‘talk’ a language that recognizes each other before greater frequencies can come through. Therefore, next time, according to the Divine Love Teachings of CAEAYARON and HALISARIUS, to find the way back upwards will be incredibly difficult and at this time CAEAYARON has even stated in his Divine Teachings; ‘almost impossible.’

During the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, CAEAYARON, releases the people from their human karma, allowing the greater healing and release to happen from ‘human consciousness.’

This 'release,' allows the great connection to the higher universal flows to happen and also allows them to reconnect back into the Sacred Light Lemurian Codes which are held on a very deep level within the Sacred Crystalline Grid. The 'Sacred Codes,' allow them to connect to very high loving frequencies from the higher universes. These flows create changes within the activated. CAEAYARON brings the activated into the healing grid, which is the yellow top band of the lower universal consciousness (human consciousness) and each time the flows become stronger with more activations, the activated in the healing grid receive more light.

For many thousands and thousands of lifetimes we have grown from states of the very darkness to become ready to hold greater light.

In 2012 a Divine Portal in the universe opened to allow the Gateway to begin to open greater to the higher flows of CAEAYARON, as enough people upon the earth desired the return of the Sacred Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, and CAEAYARON, to bring through those sacred healings, even if they were unaware of it on a human level.

In 2014 CAEAYARON awoke his Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was already working with the Great Lord, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, as his Designated Channel since 2009.

In 2015, the first Divine Pineal Gland Activations began to happen in New Zealand, and the Collective Love Consciousness Gate, to allow many to rise into the healing grids, occurred during the first Third Divine Pineal Gland Activation, October 2015, ‘Embracing Angelic Love Consciousness Collectively.’

The greater the numbers of activated become, the more the light from the higher universes will be able to come through the Gateway, as the ‘holders’, or Star Sacred World Healers of CAEAYARON (the activated), will become stronger, holding it for all of mankind. This is why this band in the crop circle reaches out greatly, surrounding mankind’s consciousness and bringing through love for mankind and bringing through a New Consciousness of Healing, as was promised in very ancient times.

The centre circle is our Divine Healing Path, or the bridge between our lower consciousness and our higher consciousness. We are permitted to 'pass through' this gateway once we have the right codes.

In the higher universes we do not carry our heavy programmes for they cannot exist there. There we can live in the peace and the love and only learn to grow into the Greater Oneness. This also works with various frequencies. The more we grow into the love, the more we can grow into our Greater Selves, and ascend upwards.

As has been stated by Divine; ‘all has been tested by you. It is time to return home,’ that is, if we wish to, because we all have a choice.

This choice of freedom was given to us. ‘Do we desire to grow into a more evolved being and leave human consciousness behind and grow into the Great Love? Or not?'

 Key to this Image:

 Here we see two energy consciousness universes; both are opposite to each other. One is the lower, which is where we are (symbolized by the blue) and one is the higher (yellow), which we are able to connect into when we are awake and we listen to the Great Divine Love calling at this time.

 Higher yellow band joining to the higher universe: This is the healing grid where the activated can learn to ‘merge’ with the higher frequencies. This merging takes place very gently and at their own pace. Here on planet earth, they can learn to work with the higher star frequencies and bring greater love frequencies to our planet, to allow great healing to happen on our planet.

 We fell downwards in consciousness after the falling of the consciousness in the Universe and then again in Lemuria and Atlantis. We experienced ourselves on the lower dimension consciousness. The greater we desired to have the light return to our earth, the more light could shine upon our earth allowing us to become ready for the Universal Merging, or the Divine Love Alignment when we can learn to exist once again in the higher love dimensions and then learn to evolve upwards.

 The centre yellow part: Is the Gateway to allow us to travel to the higher universal states. This Gateway is what is needed for us to be able to travel upwards as we receive the right ‘codes,’ of healing (with CAEAYARON). To go through to the higher states of consciousness, our consciousness first needs healing and aligning so that we learn the higher ways of love before we can enter the higher consciousness grids of light.

 The only way to align upwards is by receiving the right ‘codes,’ to allow us to reconnect up higher. These are the Sacred Lemurian Light Codes, which are reactivated with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, which CAEAYARON does with his Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element.

 Once the Gateway releases, the ones with the right frequencies will rise. According to the Divine Love Teachings of CAEAYARON, next time the Gateway opens, there will be no Light Grid Programmer to connect the two universes together, hence it will be very difficult, if not impossible to find the way upwards through that Gateway.

 Interestingly enough, when you place one vortex upon another you see one image as the centre parts will then meet in the middle. This also symbolizes the great Oneness within ourselves when our lower, denser states of existence are healed so that we become love consciousness. On a spiritual level, this is the time we have been looking for always, since the Great Fall of Consciousness of Lemuria and Atlantis. We always knew that this Gateway would join our universe once again to allow us to go upwards, to become One with the Galactic Love once again.

Namaste, I send you much love, light, joy and happiness in living in the most exciting times, which were foretold by many ancient beings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Light Grid Programmer of the GREAT CAEAYARON, and the designated channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT