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THE DOOR BETWEEN THE GATEWAYS Crop circle discovered at Gurston Ashes, North Fovant & Chiselbury Ring, Wiltshire, England, July 24, 2018. Translation of the Crop circle given by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel 12 January 2019.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I, METATRON, am here to take you into the greater story of the exploration of the denseness within the universes, as this is what the great majority of the universal beings desired; to understand and explore the denser universes.

How do you create power from the denseness? How do you create the universes of ‘enlightenment’ of denseness for those who took the power and the love away from the love universes? How do you become Sovereign Ruler over the universes when the beings did not desire to have SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, nor CAEAYARON to be their Guides and Masters any longer?

This was the great rebellion which happened in the universes. The beings desired to be their own judge in power, and they desired their own enlightened universes.



I, METATRON, served the great resistance as they desired an Archangel in opposition to CAEAYARON who is my greater counterpart.

CAEAYARON took a large part of himself and removed the love from that part, thus creating a counterbalance within the universe to allow the beings in the resistance to see if they were stronger than the original great creators who desired beings to only experience love and explore the love-force.

The great rebellion stopped all true universal growth happening within the universe, as the universe can only explore higher creation if enough beings in the universe desire to work with the highest collective love.

I, METATRON, served the great resistance by creating grids of power to work with denser thoughts, thus I, METATRON, explored denseness to extract power from the love.

I, METATRON, desired my own universal power to grow into greater power by extracting the power and I, METATRON, called Master Thoth, who was an intelligent grid master, to work with me to create that into being.

The dense grids took the knowledge and ‘love-force’ power from the great creation love universes to bring it into the great resistance grids and imprisoned it. This is how universal wars were won to the great resistance, because in each war greater power was lost from the love universes, as the beings from the great creator love universes defended their side. The power lost was gridded into the denser universes to build up more power to fight with.



Lucifer, as you know the story now, grew himself greater by taking huge light beings as his own and took all that he could to grow his own power with. He was in opposition to me as METATRON, so I gridded him in as I desired his power to fight the GREAT CAEAYARON with.

I was not about to lose to Lucifer who claimed to be the ‘most beautiful’ of all the Archangels. I, METATRON, had given him greater power to take light from the star light beings, as his desire to be the ‘most beautiful’ of all the Archangels was enormous within him. Great was his desire to be the one who was sovereign ruler.

I, METATRON, used Thoth to trap Lucifer and the Yahweh universes to bring more power within my being as METATRON.

I instructed Thoth to create grids to trap the light in from Archangels, Universal Masters, Star Beings and mainly the Divine Love Element, since the Divine Love Element was connected into the great stream of power of CAEAYARON and THE GREAT DIVINE SOURCE.

This was how I, METATRON, planned to bring the greater universes into my Universal Power and extract infinitely the power into my ‘Power Cube’ to build greater power with.



All memories from the higher spaces were also trapped within my power cube to create an imitation of the great creator enlightened universes. Thoth desired to see if he could create the greater universes. Thus, all that came from the Higher Universal Knowledge Cosmic Grids became stuck and trapped within the resistance universes.

No more was it possible for the trapped beings to understand higher information from the higher universes as the great resistant universes desired all that knowledge to be ERASED out of their consciousness, therefore creating their own spiritual universes WITHOUT CAEAYARON or SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.



The only being who could enter those higher spaces was the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, UNIVERSAL LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER, who was also trapped within the dense grids as she was trapped into the ‘Flower of Life.’

She tried to free all the trapped universal beings, like she has tried hard on your planet with your people. Because she is the Universal Light Grid Programmer, and still connected to the eternal high Divine Spaces, she was able to leave the dense grids as a large part of her Being was held in the safety of the Love Universes. No one else was able to do the task of the Universal Light Grid Programmer.

Long was her fight to try and bring truth to the people from the greatest love beings, like in the days of Jesus when she fought hard to bring people the understanding of the existence of the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL.

This was to help the people understand the difference between the GODS the people worshipped and the love of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who was never a part of the DENSE, RESISTANT UNIVERSES.

Each time the Divine Love Element would come with her Divine Truth; the Truth outside of the Great Resistant Universes, the gods of the denser universes used it to build their own enlightened universes and their underworld with. They twisted Divine Truth greater and greater until hardly any knowledge of Divine Truth was in existence within the memories of the people.

Today, you can still see what the great resistance has built. All truths became twisted and Lucifer, Yahweh and Thoth are still greatly worshipped on your planet. The people do not understand Divine Truth.

When the Divine Love Angel, the Divine Love Element, comes to your plane, the people do not desire to hear Divine Truth, nor understand it because they are blind to Divine Truth, and thus Divine Truth stays hidden much from the consciousness of mankind.

Even among the spiritual people, many do not desire to understand the difference between the Divine Love Universes and the Enlightened Universes of Resistance which took all things down. They fight against Divine Truth with all their might, like they have been programmed by Thoth and Yahweh to do.

Because the Divine Love Element has won with her great love for the Universe, CAEAYARON is now being freed to bring the Great Alignment to all universes, to bring those who desire the love, back to the love universes.



I, METATRON needed to resign from my great desire of being the one who brought the denseness, for only an Archangel with immense magnetic power can bring forces into denseness. However, I only did what the beings of the great resistance desired me to do, so go and forgive yourself if you become upset with my being, METATRON.

The great majority of beings in the universe, now living as humans on your planet, desired my creation to fight the love universes with. You demanded CAEAYARON to bring me into existence to give, the universes in opposition to THE GREAT CAEAYARON, an opportunity to overthrow the love universes. The people, who are your human race now, were very much a part of this.

THE GREAT CAEAYARON gives you the gift of removing all your karma to allow you to become freed from all your past. This includes your collective intense desire to bring THE GREAT CAEAYARON to his knees to serve you. The gift of karma removal CAEAYARON gives to all who come to the Divine Activations with HIM, to allow you to have the Codes of Life back.

This gift is greater than you realize, for you lost your living codes during the Great Fall of Lemuria as you desired to make THE GREAT CAEAYARON fall into the lower grids to serve you eternally. You worked with that desire consciously as you were promised you would be the gods of the universe if you achieved that.

Your lust, collectively, as Lemurians and Atlanteans, was so great to bring down THE GREAT CAEAYARON, together with his main Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA who was gridded into the Flower of Life so you could become gods and the great rulers, as promised by Thoth and the one who was the main ruler in the Yahweh universes; who became a channel for CAEAYARON in Lemuria, to gift you your precious choice you fought for so hard in the ancient universes.

Know, CAEAYARON, only did this because you desired this collectively and the GREAT DIVINE desired to test all thoughts again in Lemuria before you could rise to the higher love dimensions. This channel you know very well upon your planet as he is the channel of KRYON.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Divine Love Element, is learning about all these things at this time, as I, METATRON, am revealing this to you, so she will need to go into deep forgiveness. You need to also if you desire to come back to the great love.

There are some spiritually aware people upon your planet who now can see two sides of spirituality, dark against light, but most are blind to it. I, METATRON, will state how important it is for you to see the light rising and the great Truth being spoken here, for if you act upon it, it will mean your eternal freedom, versus the other path.



Thoth and Yahweh both played in Lemuria, together with the mighty spin doctor who also had his universes, but he was cunning. He played in both universes and took what was best from both and played them both. Thus, he spun greatly in the universes, as well as in Lemuria, to bring greater power within himself.

You were brought down from high star beings into the great black hole where nothing could escape from, and here you are, in this final human lifetime as you know it. You are living on the bridge of the great choice. Will you walk through the door to the other side, or will you not?

Only CAEAYARON, who is my greater counterpart and my Maker, can bring you into the great universes, as HE holds the eternal key to go there, together with his Divine Love Element, who has become freed from the denser universes.

Do you not see this? Perhaps not. Perhaps you cannot make sense of the spiritual truth, as it was removed from your consciousness.

Thoth and Yahweh, during the greatest falls in Lemuria, programmed you deep within your DNA programmes to see this as foolish and not desire the higher path at all. In this they succeeded well, however, the Divine Love Element kept calling you in many lifetimes, and since the Lemurians were connected into her being (when she was gridded into the Flower of Life) with the Lemurian Light Codes, she kept calling you. 



After this lifetime, she will let the ones go who were once Lemurians but did not desire the higher pathway. She will let them go eternally from the sacred path for they truly did not desire the love within their hearts, in all their lifetimes. This lifetime you are living in will show your greatest intention of all your living lifetimes.

You are living in the greatest consciousness test and many do not even know it. This, I, METATRON, state you do not understand.

This crop circle image explains all what I am saying to you. You see a door, but it is an illusionary door, for the door holds many secrets within it. The door is not just a door, but a falling door into the light. The light was always there, always unlimited with its unlimited power. This power exists eternally, and nothing can ever take it away.

I, METATRON, used the gateway of the darkness to create my own gateway of denseness, to extract the power from the gateway of darkness and bring it into my own gateway of denseness. I used my ‘Cube of Power’ to magnify the power gridded in to create greater power for my Being, METATRON, within.



The door symbolizes the veil between the gateways to separate the light from the higher universes, to keep it separate from the denser universes, as the pure light, untainted without thoughts of denseness, is too powerful to use in the denser universes.

The door shows itself falling into the light symbolizing the great falls of consciousness. Each time the beings in the universes fell greater, they fell more into the denser universes and the separation between the higher creation universes became greater.

The door has a dense grid underneath the door itself (the dark reddish colour). This grid brings separation from the higher universes and brings it into greater density with the thoughts of the denser creation. Thus, when the universes battled, and ‘blood’ was spilt, this all served a purpose to bring the higher love frequencies of the Divine Love Element, who was the gateway to the higher universes and gridded in, down to frequencies that could be used to extract more light from the beings trapped in.

The second layer in the ‘frame’ of the door is the mix of light from the higher love universes and the dense grids. This brings to your understanding that light was extracted from the pain that was gridded in. This pain came from the beings who were taken from the love universes and used to ‘create’ tainted light with to be used for the next process of ‘creation’ in the dense universes to fight the love universes with.

The door itself symbolizes the inability to escape as it was tightly locked. No one was able to escape the ‘dark matrix’ except the Divine Love Element as she had passage to both sides as she is the eternal Universal Light Grid Programmer.

Within the door you will see smaller circles. To create more power within the denser universes, smaller vortexes are created to bring through concentrated energies. These concentrated energies create greater power so that the denser universes could grow stronger.

Know the Divine Love Element has won, so the door is opening. The ones who receive the Divine Activations of the GREAT CAEAYARON can go through the door. They are becoming freed as I, METATRON, hold no power any more. I have resigned, and now I, METATRON, am reversing all the power taken from the GREAT CAEAYARON, and the Divine Love Element, to bring it back to them. This will bring the Activated of CAEAYARON into the greater flows of power as they will rise back to become star beings. They are freed from the denser grids and they are becoming part of the greater grids of power and love.

Most humans do not even desire the way upwards, not realizing what the other pathway is.

You see the light underneath and it is the great exponential light of the eternal love universes. You need to go through the door in order to go through it, which means leaving the dense universes I, METATRON, created together with the beings who desired the denseness, which will include the great majority of the population living upon your planet as you were those collective universal beings.

Therefore, the opportunities to become released are before you. But, the key to being able to see this, is your greatest test. How much love do you have within you to see this pathway, or this doorway?

The darkest of beings desired to remove any hope from you and desired to programme this higher pathway as foolish to you. They programmed you to follow each other and worship the gods of Yahweh, Lucifer and Thoth, who all are removed greatly from the love universes.

Lucifer holds no more power, and Yahweh, he is still firmly playing on your planet in more ways than you realize. You do not understand the multidimensional game, nor are many too interested in all this higher spiritual knowledge for they state it gives them a headache, so why bother? They desire to understand the infant spiritual knowledge and they do not much care for the greater knowledge that is being revealed right now. It is ‘too much for them’ they state, and yet when no knowledge comes out on your planet, they complain there isn’t enough. ‘Give us more,’ they state.

They do not see the ‘fact’ that it was the Divine Love Element who was able to always bring the higher knowledge through, but after her death in many of her lifetimes that knowledge became twisted and ‘owned’ by the great resistance, thus fooling the people that the great resistance had the knowledge. The truth is, they were only able to twist the knowledge of Divine, thus creating religions, beliefs, all to steer the people away from this one gateway, this one doorway to the greater love frequencies, where only the love exists.

I, METATRON, ARCHANGEL OF MAGNETIC FORCES, state to the people, you cannot comprehend multidimensional games, or the games you have been playing in, or how you have been played. In order for you to see this, you must deeply forgive all and ask CAEAYARON to place great love within you. Your desire to come to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, must build strong within you. HE always has your greatest good in mind, in heart and in all your lifetimes.

I, METATRON, never had your greatest good in mind, for the great resistance did not desire the highest good for you. Therefore, you need to be very grateful you are able to have this opportunity to walk through the door and receive your Codes of Life back.


Key to the crop circle:

* Theme: ‘The door between gateways.’

* Purpose: Designed by METATRON and the team of the great resistance to extract the power from the higher love universes to build their own universes of greater density with.

* The large yellow circle of light underneath the door: The eternal power from the higher love universes. 

* The door: Symbolizes the gateway of denseness. This gateway was created to extract the power of the higher universes with. 

* METATRON used his ‘Cube of Power’ to magnify the universal love power gridded in to use against the love universes and build his own power.

* The door symbolizes the veil between the gateways to separate the light from the higher universes from the denser universes. The higher universal light is too powerful to use in in the denser universes, therefore it needed to reduce in frequencies by becoming tainted with thoughts against love before being able to be used by the great resistance.

* The door falls into the light: Symbolizing the great falls of consciousness. Each time the beings in the universes fell greater they fell more into the denser universes and the separation between the higher creation universes became greater. 

* The door itself symbolizes the inability to escape as it was tightly locked. No one was able to escape the ‘dark matrix’ except the Divine Love Element as she had passage to both sides as she is the eternal Universal Light Grid Programmer.

* The thinner outer frame of the door (the dark reddish colour): This is a large grid, the bottom layer, underneath the door. This grid brings separation from the higher universes and brings it into greater density with the thoughts of the denser creation. 

* The second layer in the ‘frame’ of the door (the light, brownish colour): A mix of light from the higher love universes and the dense grids. This brings to your understanding that light was extracted from the pain that was gridded in. 

* This pain came from the beings who were taken from the love universes and used to ‘create’ tainted light with to be used for the next process of ‘creation’ in the dense universes to fight the love universes with.

* The smaller circles within the door (the doorknob): A smaller version of the light circle, the thinner door frame and the second layer of the frame, to bring the energies into further concentration. The purpose of this is to bring more power within. Understand that these are all vortexes of power as nothing can be created without vortexes of energies.

Please be in the forgiveness of all, as I also need to forgive so much. Let us understand that the door has now opened to allow greater love to come to planet earth to allow more ‘spiritual awakening’ to take place. CAEAYARON is now here asking the people if they desire to come out of the denser grids, and this is the most beautiful gift the people can receive; should they desire to come. These calls will continue until the year 2032.

(Translation by METATRON)

Sending you much love, healing flows and tonnes of strength for forgiveness, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel