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Our life discoveries are like a maze filled with many paths and dimensions for us to discover, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, explanation of a crop circle, It is Redlynch Somerset, UK, 22 June 2015.

Posted on Facebook 25 August 2016

Namaste and I send much love and peace to you.  Earlier this morning, I was directed by Halisarius to a maze, though I did not know which crop circle maze it was at the time.  
I haven’t found a photo of the crop circle as yet of the maze that is not copyrite material.  However, if you do find one on your travels, please attach it to the comments.  That would be wonderful.  Thank you for your help and kind consideration.  

Hence, please excuse the colours of the copy I have attached for you.  I encourage you to research the circle.  

Again, this is beautifully following on to what we have discovered in the previous posts, going into our multidimensional journey, discovering life from all angles.

We are all in this incredible game.  A game of illusions and finding our deepest truth, and our deepest truth is within us.  No one can truly stray off the path and if we do we are guided back to the higher path.  

One door opens to another door, but nothing is truly as real as what we believe it to be, but all our paths are important to the greater discovery of life existence.

On our maze journey of our many lifetimes, on the earth and on the star dimensions also, we are faced with many obstacles and it is for us to discover our greater path, our greater journey.

Our greater journey is to find the greatest light, and what light is.  We are here discovering love, and what love is, for how can we evolve to love and light when we do not even know what it means.  
We are discovering our greatest path and in this game it is impossible to lose our way because the game is all a part of us.  

On the higher levels, we are always focusing on the greatest path.  If in our many human lifetimes we cannot remember them because of our ‘human amnesia,’ we are remembering them when we go to the higher dimensions, only to return to the game of our maze and discovering our deeper paths of life once again.

Each game we play in our lives is like a maze, bringing us to many doors.  Those doors bring many life experiences, and this is what we want as a multidimensional player, is to gather all these experiences.  

Each door opens to another door of experiences.  The maze reminds us it is all a game, and that we are the creators of our own ‘maze’ and we create life as we walk the maze, for the maze really doesn’t exist at all.  It is all an illusional game.

To us, on our higher levels, we gather these experiences to begin the greater healing work to bring many souls to see the  greater  light, so everything is to bring all into the light.  

Up there on our higher levels, we work as a collective, not singular as here upon the earth, and at times in our own maze of life we feel all alone and even like we are suffocating.

However, remember that all is an illusion and as we look at our own maze from far away, we discover the higher path, which is easy to see when we look from above, but not so easy to see when we are in our own maze.

The path to true love and light is what we all seek for in all our lifetimes.  

Though at times we are blinded with the many doorways and obstacles we experience, we can still find the greater path, depending on our deeper desire.  

At times we think we are on the right path and find blocks in our ways, closing one door which always guides us to our next door.

Even when we can see it, we may still struggle to stick to the path, for the other sideways may seem more attractive, as all illusions do look attractive, until we experience it.

On the higher levels no experience is seen as right or wrong, as divine often says, for  it just is.  The star beings also see this.  They also have their mazes, however they are more evolved in the higher spaces and thus they open to higher dimensional experiences constantly.
The more evolved we are on our path, the more possibilities we see, and this creates deeper mystery within our maze.  We open our own pathway up also, because it is our decision to go further.

Here, the maze also shows the understanding that we cannot blame another for our circumstances in our lives, for we create our own paths of ‘reality,’ and it is for us to decide which doors to open to the greater path.

All paths lead to the higher path, however, the path straight ahead is the greatest path of all, for it is the path that is easy to see.  We are being asked to see the greater path ahead now instead of taking all the side roads, and truly go to the light.
At this time, the pathway to the light is very defined, as the person in the middle can go straight to the highest path, which is the Ascension Path.  The greater the ears begin to listen and the greater the heart desires it, the easier it is to see.

At the end of the maze points there are mirrors.  These mirrors reflect back our greater lessons, helping us to remember we are our own creators in our game of the maze.  Each door we open leads to another door for it is the maze of illusions.

When we are in the maze we have a whole other perspective than when we are above it.  Within the maze we struggle with our lower selves.  When we are above it we have a whole new perspective with higher direction as how to open the higher door, encouraging us to step out of our lower selves into our higher selves, for our higher selves always sees the higher path.

In this lifetime, the light is becoming brighter and brighter upon our plane, as also shown by the outer circle, and your multidimensional self also wants to leave this maze to go to a higher multidimensional maze to discover higher dimensions of love and peace with different journeys and different experiences.

Again, it is for us to discover and for us to understand.  If we do not seek the higher path that is available for our healing journey at this time, we will stay in the maze, until we discover the greatest love path, and at that point our life becomes more defined, and instead of going to all the side paths of life, we become more solid, well grounded beings, which we all desire on our path of life.
Namaste, I send you much love, light and healing, always,  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤