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Q & A with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron
Suzanna is the Sovereign Universal Love Channel (since June 2020), Blue Star Divine Love Element of Universal Love

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'Do I hear this right. People can be activated on line? So I don't need to travel to come and see Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for the Activations? 31 October 2020.

Answered by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (Since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, referring to a teaching from CAEAYARON on Youtube (from 28/10/20), answered 30 October 2020.

'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'

Please watch the surrounding context around the part you are referring to. You can also check the full transmission on Suzanna's Facebook page as then you can understand the true context to the part you are referring to.

(part referred to)

******* from the post THE SECRET OF THE GATEWAY OF LIFE, THE SOVEREIGN UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL AND THE KEY OF LIFE – Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, by the Galactic Federations of Universal Love Foundations, who desire all to come into peace, love and unity, 28 October 2020. which states the following:
• The ones who work as Universal Love Teachers on the advanced levels, with online training, they continue to receive guidance and can receive activations on line, because they are blessed by Divine Love. ******

(answer to the question)

It is ONLY the people who came to the Universal Love Alignments, who have their Codes of Life, who can continue their progress with Suzanna with online activations.


* The Activated are taught by Suzanna and Caeayaron how to live in the love.

* The people receive pineal gland transmissions which teaches their light bodies how to gain higher consciousness.

* These light body flows are connected, with the field of CAEAYARON'S magnetic field, into higher Universal Love consciousness streams. This is felt and many feel they connect into magical love fields.

* The people who come to the activations work hard (with meditations, learning how to work with new bodies of light, toning, holding healing fields, becoming Universal Love Teachers etc) at the Universal Love Activations for about 10 - 12 days in a row.

* The activated of CAEAYARON work through various stages, and with each stage they advance they receive further activations to allow their light bodies to expand. Each time their electromagnetic light fields expand they awaken and experience more true heart felt love.

* They learn how to hold higher flows.

* They gain more intelligence on a Universal Love level.

* They receive many teachings from CAEAYARON through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to work with their NEW Universal Fields of Love, to benefit not only themselves, but also many others.

* Many choose to become Magnetically Attuned to CAEAYARON's New Light frequencies.

* When Activated are Magnetically Attuned to higher fields of consciousness, they can then carry on to become Universal Love Teachers. Both courses run for two days, and the Universal Love Channel works until late at night to allow the activated to have the highest flows possible.

During those activations, she maintains the highest standard possible, and the energy flows keep rising greater and greater, right until the end.

Many wonder how she can still be standing on her feet at the end, as they know she is exhausted holding incredible fields of empowerment for the Activated. She helps them to align to higher consciousness flows, and ensures that each one receives the highest possible flow for the coming future.

* Once they are activated with her LIVE, each time she brings through other activations in the future, the already activated rise up further, as they form part of a Universal Love Collective Body. This Universal Love Collective Body also helps each activated with manifesting new creation flows to benefit their own lives.

* They learn how to manifest with New Light Empowered Fields.

*They also receive new earth consciousness fields so that they can assist with healing the earth.

* They learn to hold Universal Love Fields as a COLLECTIVE with other Universal Love Star Sacred World Healers. The more they work together, the more Universal Love Fields they feel streaming within.

* They receive incredible entertainment from the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, for when Suzanna begins her work she brings flows of love, laughter, joy and singing to the stage.


At the Universal Love Alignments, the grids align together.

There the grids come together as CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL bring a planetary alignment through for the group. This the group recognizes for the magnetic fields expansion is felt, which brings a Lemurian Field of consciousness within the room. A great dimension shift is experienced.

These grids then begin to form a bridge of life to allow the people to walk from one field (consciousness conflict fields) to a higher Universal Love Field.

It is within the Universal Love Fields that a New Creation Body of Light can be formed for the Activated of CAEAYARON.

In the human grids all suffering and human conflict is connected together. In order to build New Creation Fields, people need to be separated both consciously and unconsciously from the old dense grids, into a New Light Field, to slowly allow them to process new information.

This is why the activated can grow in their own field of Light, as the Universal Light Grid Programmer can bring them Universal Love Programmes, with Codes of Life to work within the higher Universal Love Grids of Life.

Coming into the New Creation Light Field cannot happen without the Codes of Light. Why not? Because the original Codes of Light were taken away from the Lemurians willingly. The great majority chose to sacrifice their Codes of Life to the darkness, and this is why the original channel of KRYON could connect into his abyss self because that is what he had formed in the greater universes, to stop the Messianic Alignment from forming.

By the people choosing for him, at the time of Lemuria, the people connected into his dark abyss and no more could they become free.

When the people come to the Universal Love Activations, WILLINGLY they prove, beyond a doubt, to the Galactic Federations of Light Society, that they CHOSE to return back to the Universal Love.

Once they are transferred into the higher healing transformational grid then Suzanna Maria Emmanuel can continue to work with them with higher processes because they have willingly CHOSEN for the Universal Love Path.

As activated they remember their greater purpose. Their Universal Love memories become restored, consciously and unconsciously, and then they can begin to anchor into their higher multidimensional coding system.

Slowly, within the healing transformational grid, they begin to transform into higher love consciously and unconsciously.

The Blue Archangel, which is the Universal Love Channel (now since June 2020 Sovereign Universal Love Channel) is growing, and her flows were always part of that same healing transformational grid, which is the Gateway of Life.

Within this Gateway of Life, the electromagnetic light bodies of the Activated feel her Universal Love flowing with guidance, a sense of protection, and beauty growing, as if her wings surround them with love and protection. Her strength is what lifts them up and they continue on with their healing processes, daily, after the activations, especially when they follow the guidance they received when they first became activated.

This 'miracle' of their FIRST TIME activations can only happen, while the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel is present, physically, with the people, because it is her physical body which aligns with the people. So the people need to be present with her during this alignment, as this represents the ' New Foundation Body' grids.

At the Activations, they begin to go into her 'spirit' Angelic Consciousness, with Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great aligning the people to come into the New Creation Transformation Healing Grid of Light. There they gain a new 'mind'.

Instead of being in the mind conflict of all other humankind, they slowly learn how to take on higher 'mind' personalities, as now they are learning to stand in a more beautiful light.

Yes, Suzanna can continue with Activations AFTER they have come to her, after physically coming to the Divine Activations. There they experience the Universal Light Grid Programmer for themselves. They SEE and FEEL and WITNESS how REAL this is. There they WITNESS DIVINE UNIVERSAL TRUTH being spoken that you cannot witness unless you are up close to her.

Once the Activated are within her own Blue Star Angelic Grid, of the Universal Love Grids, she can actively continue to work with them. Currently, she is working very hard with the Universal Love Teachers on line, which is a 6 month course, where by they do assignments and work hard to transform themselves into more beauty, love, and self-empowerment because they are working in those higher grids.

Yes, they CAN receive her activations on line, because they have acknowledged how REAL this was by COMING all the way to England, while they had the opportunity and now they can FLOURISH in their greater gifts.

As for other activations happening with all other people online, no, this cannot happen until the opportunity comes for her to go to other people.

This is why CAEAYARON explains that it is now a COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY whether more people become activated or not because she cannot do this large task coming on her own. Suzanna has worked hard since 2015 - 2020 to bring the Universal Love Alignments to all who desired it enough within their hearts, for many lifetimes coming.

This is why CAEAYARON states, it is those with the highest love vibrations who knew Divine Purpose, and who recognized the LGP DLE in the highest and true form who would come first. They came WITHOUT much evidence. Truth kept on being revealed during that time, but they came WITHOUT much evidence.

They were tested on their love vibration. Currently, she is working very hard with CAEAYARON to give more EVIDENCE, to prove that this is so. The time is coming when ABSOLUTE evidence is coming through, of the importance of consciousness, the electromagnetic frequencies and that it is so that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is indeed growing into stronger Universal Love Power.

The time will come when ABSOLUTE evidence will come when people begin to understand that the people who are activated through her Blue Star Angelic Light Body are indeed TRANSFORMING.

Then people will not hesitate to come from other parts of the continents to come to the Divine Universal Love Activations, Blue Star Show, as they will want to witness the Divine Miracle for themselves; Feeling the Universal Love Transmissions from The Woman, the ONE who always was spiritually with her Universal Light body, never spiritually part of the human consciousness grids, who came to see who still desired to be in the higher Universal Love Grids, at this time of the Great Alignment of 2020.

This is why CAEAYARON often says: 'Are you in, or are you out?'

We are definitely IN because we are recovering all our lost power. It was stolen from us a very long time ago, and slowly we are retrieving it back, and slowly our lost memories are returning.

We treasure this more than ANYTHING in the whole world, for those treasures are far more important than our physical life itself. Namaste, we trust this has answered your question. The Universal Love Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is now Sovereign Universal Aligner of the Planetary Grids.

Copyright © 2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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WHAT DOES THE RESTORATION TIME MEAN FOR US THAT JESUS FORETOLD, AND IS IT HERE?  By Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Sovereign Universal Love Channel of CAEAYARON and The Great Father EMMANUEL, 12 November 2020.
‘In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'
This message was an answer to a question which came through YouTube’s teachings when CAEAYARON spoke about the Jesus and how he foretold the Great Restoration would come.
About Suzanna Maria Emmanuel:
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is (now since June 2020) the Sovereign Universal Love Channel.  She was approached by Sovereign Father EMMANUEL in 2009 and ‘KRYON’ (who in 2016 identified himself as CAEAYARON) in the year 2014.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, and in the original Sovereign Universes (when all was at peace), the freedom of the universes became challenged. 
When ‘KRYON’ approached her in 2014, she was told by Divine Universal Love she was an essential key to humanity’s survival, as Divine needed her to transmit Ultimate Universal Truth through.  In the early years of her working as a channel for Divine, she would have no true understanding of what her true purpose was, nor of what Ultimate Universal Truth was. 
It would not be until the year 2020, upon the Creation Codes returning to her, that she reached her own original Blue Star Sovereign Messianic Alignment.  Upon her own memories returning to her, she would come to know her greater purpose which is much greater than Activating people alone with CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL. 
Currently (in the year 2021), her Sovereign Blue Star Electromagnetic Body is strengthening each moment, and she is gaining her own ancient knowledge back of what her greater purpose is, other than activating the people to bring their Codes of Life back, through CAEAYARON and her Ancient Blue Star, held within the Sovereign Gates of Universal Love. 
The greater universes are now aligning to return to its original state and purpose. Time is speeding up now and the universal flows are changing, as the dimensions are changing. Our earth has now come into a new pathway of the universe, to realign back to Cosmic Truth.
This time is much more important than what most can recognize. Now the Universal Gateway of the New Creation is opening further. This is the time many people have been praying for because it is now when the Universal Love can restore peace on planet earth, provided the way forward is created to allow the Universal Love to go ahead at this time.
This is the time when the Codes of Life can come back to millions of people, should they come to the Universal Love Alignments with CAEAYARON through the Gateway of The Living Bridge, the Gateway of Life. These Codes of Life are the Great Restoration Codes. Those codes bring in the dimensional shift within the activated bodies of light. The people receiving those codes can become ONE with the Great Sovereign Universe. They gain a whole new electromagnetic flow of light through the activation process with CAEAYARON through the Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Aligner.

The higher love realms can hold no destructive thoughts within the people, and this is why the Universal Love Aligner is here with CAEAYARON and the Great Father EMMANUEL, to allow the grids to change to take on New Creation Potential Energy that allows people to shift. This is the great star transformation that was foretold would happen a very long time ago.
The greater Love Realms (which Jesus also spoke about), belong to The Great Father EMMANUEL as HE is the Great Shepherd. This is why EMMANUEL created the Word as The Messenger, to allow the people to hear The Great Father EMMANUEL speak. The Great EMMANUEL desired ONE pathway to be made, and that pathway became ‘flesh’ and ‘dwelled with mankind’ to help the people to recognize the pathway of life upwards.
Jesus showed that the people in their states could not return to the Universal Creation Love Realms, because they needed to receive the ‘Treasures of Life’ first and to change their sacred bodies. He stated that in that moment, when the great treasures would come within them, that they would be set free forever and become part of the New Foundation of Truth and Life.
This is why Jesus always talked about the Gateway of Life as the New Creation Pathway.
When the people come into their Universal Love Alignments, their light bodies take on higher consciousness. Slowly they come into their original restored consciousness. Slowly their higher love consciousness can rise. The more they rise into Universal Love, the more the Activated of CAEAYARON, through the Universal Light Grid Programmer Gateway of Life, can support each other energetically and spiritually.
The Activated hold up their own Grids of Love because they have received the sacred Coding of Life for those grids. Without the Universal Light Grid Programmer, who always held the task of being the Sovereign Universal Love Channel in the original universes, no new grids can become created or restored back to the Universal Love Creation Path. Why?
Because this was the main purpose of The Messenger: to show the way forward with Divine Universal Love within her heart. Her Divine Universal Heart of Love was the ultimate Key of New Creation and Restoration because the Universal Light Grid Programmer holds the Key of Creation within her.
These are the Keys of Life and of all of creation which were always stored within the higher dimensional Blue Star Archangel. There, the GREAT CAEAYARON accesses those keys and opens the sacred library, held within the Blue Star Archangel of Creation. CAEAYARON brings through Creation Potential Energy through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, and passes this on, together with the ancient Codes of Life (or Keys of Life) to the people who become Activated at the Universal Love Alignments.
The Sacred Messenger holds the pineal gland of New Creation to bring the activations of CAEAYARON through. This is how the Codes of Life and Creation are passed on to the people, through the pathway of the Pineal Gland of the Sacred Messenger.
Those keys have sacred coding within to release and balance all existing karma. Once the karma has been removed, the Universal Love Channel can lift the people into the Grid of Restoration, or Universal Light Grid of Healing Transformation, to allow them to explore their freedom codes.
Slowly they feel more love coming within their hearts and bodies. This is the sacred alignment and the beginning of the new star transformation. Without these Codes of Life, the people cannot shift into Universal Love consciousness. Why? Because originally the darkness had taken those Codes of Life away.
This is why the people fell into denseness, or what many also known to be the dark matrix. The dark matrix was an area where millions and millions of cobwebs were. How could the people come out of the sticky situation unless someone was able to awaken the people held in trapped consciousness?
How could a way out of the stickiness be created unless a pathway of Universal Light was shown to them? How could the people become ‘unstuck’ unless they transformed into a higher flow of electromagnetic field of light?
In the times of Jesus, the people asked for this also: 'Please, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, show us the way to the pathway of everlasting life, so that peace can dwell upon earth and so that the message of you can become recognized. Teach us what it is you desire us to do; to be of peace within the heart and to show us how to follow the Laws of Love.'
This is why Jesus came to earth; to show the people a way forward. How else would The Great Father EMMANUEL show the pathway forward, other than by sending a messenger. Without a messenger how could the people analyse how a peaceful earth could happen?
In the times of Jesus, the people desired a peaceful earth. During those days, times were troubled, and the people faced heavy burdens. They did not have hope for a good future, and this is why the teachings Jesus transmitted through were especially important, because they did show a way out. Jesus was the Way Shower.
Jesus shone the light out to many and revealed truth, which was not liked by those of the clergy priesthood in those days because he showed they did not walk in truth. Jesus was the Truth Revealer and this is why he was sent to the planet, to reveal truth so that the people could understand why they were inflicted with pain. Unfortunately, the messages of Jesus were heavily altered. After his sentence he was heavily punished for being the Truth Revealer.
Many of the priest class and the political authorities claimed he was rebellious and that he worked, not for love, but for the other side. It was said that he was rebellious because he did not follow the laws or traditions of men but the laws of his Great Father EMMANUEL. The authorities in charge, during those days, claimed that they did not know the Great Father EMMANUEL. 'Who are you to speak with your Great Father EMMANUEL, they stated?'
They then said: 'Our God is not your Father, and yet is there not only one God? You speak as though you are not from our people, Jesus, and yet your Father says that all came from the ONE Realm originally.'
Jesus desired to assist all to higher knowledge. He desired the people to recognize that all were loved, and that The Great Father EMMANUEL all desired the people to live in Universal Truth of Love. He knew that the nations did not desire to hear from The Great Father EMMANUEL, because EMMANUEL did not suit their purpose.
Their purpose was not to bring the nations into love and shepherd them into freedom, but to bring them into further laws to keep them away from coming into freedom. The authorities called independence and freedom a 'sin'. They did not want the people to understand how they could come into forgiveness and love.

Jesus always taught the ways of forgiveness. Jesus brought through the following through his Universal Love Channel with The Great Father EMMANUEL: “When one forgives, one releases self to go onto the greater path of love. When one finds the heart of love, one will find the truth and the truth will always set one free. In the Realms of the Great Father EMMANUEL there are no laws of men burdening the people down. There is no judgment, no punishment for not keeping the laws of men. There, only two laws are found. These laws are the laws of all of creation.
This is how all was created, with the love of EMMANUEL. He loved creation so much that he gave a home of love to all. He desired the people to explore the love, and so he gave them a heart. The heart breathed and the stronger the love came from the people, the more The Great Father EMMANUEL could give life to them, through the pathway of the heart.
Therefore, know that you were once a free creation, a consciousness with Divine Love and Freedom within you. When you were free, the love of the Great Father EMMANUEL was felt within you. All life could then come from your hearts, and your hearts created the pathway of love with your thoughts.
Your thoughts, when they work with your heart of love, they create all life. This is how all of creation was in the Great Love. This is the purpose of all of creation, to be eternally held within the pathway of free creation.
The nation of EMMANUEL fell into the pits of darkness when the dark ones came to rule over the people. They desired the power of the hearts for there was no love within their hearts. The heart of the people used to beat as one flock, and after the darkness took the heart of the people the people lost their way.
The Great Father EMMANUEL sent the ONE messenger to guide them back to the Great Pasture of Love, where everlasting life can be found, within the pathway of love. Without the Messenger no greater pathway can be found, for what is life without The Great Father EMMANUEL? Without the Great Father EMMANUEL there is no love, and no promise of freedom.”
These were the sacred messages of Jesus. This is why the people desired to have Jesus and his close friends, who were Essenes in those days, in rulership to allow the way to come for the people. The Promise was part of the Great Messianic Alignment, and the people knew that Jesus held The Promise.
Always in all of history it was shown that ONE messenger would be sent from The Great Realms to show the way forward. Who would that be in later times?

When we study the teachings of Jesus, we can analyse truth within those teachings 2,000 years later. Jesus had incredible wisdom, and he showed that the power was held within the heart of truth and of love.
Now The Great Father EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON again have called their Messenger.
This time they are speaking through their ONE Messenger, who has aligned back to the Messianic Alignment during 2020, to allow the people to understand The Sacred Promise. Jesus was unable to bring the Universal Love Alignments to the people 2,000 years ago, because they crucified him.
The authorities did not want the people to come into freedom and become a mighty nation which could have changed all of history, should they have desired Universal Love to come in those days.
Should the people have desired the Universal Love in those days, instead of Paul (and some others Paul worked with) being able to twist and alter the teachings to create Jesus into the saviour (which Jesus knew he never was, nor did Jesus ever state that he was the saviour), the people would have always remained in Universal Truth.
  • No judgment would have come upon the people in the name of 'Christ and The Father.'
  • There would have been no need to call in the 'Holy Spirit.'
  • Nor would the Sainthood of Jesus and the ‘Saints’ be introduced.
  • Nor would the witch hunts and the global persecution have happened.
  • Nor would millions of people be killed in World War II for their faith for 'spiritual cleansing.' (please note that WWII was not the only time when the Jewish nation was heavily persecuted. (also please keep in mind other faiths became persecuted. There were also other times in history when similar events occurred.)
How could the pathway come back into Universal Purpose once more, after so much pain had come by altering the True teachings of Jesus with his Great Father EMMANUEL?
Jesus knew that the Divine Truth would be twisted as already plans were set in motion BEFORE the crucifixion took place. He spoke to his friends about these plans and how one person in particular would stand up, proclaiming to have Ultimate Truth, but did not for there was 'no love within his heart.'
He called that one the Great Betrayer. Soon after that Jesus was arrested and he no longer held the power to bring transmissions through with his Universal Love Channel. Now the people came into bondage through the teachings of EMMANUEL Jesus brought through because Paul heavily altered and twisted them by calling Jesus The Saviour and the Redeemer.
The officials cleansed the villages of the teachings of Jesus. They did not want the people to remember the 'truth' about Jesus. They tried hard to wipe the memories of Jesus, but this proved to not be possible, as his friends were determined to keep the teachings alive.
In the times of Jesus, The Great Father EMMANUEL promised that HE would return with The Messenger, the Word, who always held the Truth within him. This is why The Messenger was called The Logos.

What does Logos spiritually mean? When we look in ancient history, Logos would mean a scroll of knowledge where all information is written within it. It is the book of knowledge where all information is recorded within it and it cannot be altered. Only the ONE who held The Logos, could allow Universal Truth to become revealed. Therefore, The Promise of Freedom would come through The Logos, for truth could not possibly come through the churches.
Why would The Logos, The Scroll of all Ancient Secrets, come through the Church, when it was the Church who invented the stories of Jesus, 'The Christ (or Messiah)?’
The Sainthood of Jesus was therefore not true, for the church themselves claimed it not to be legal that anyone could bring through teachings greater than themselves. Therefore, how could they 'legally' claim that Jesus had been officially 'chosen' by the church to be The Saint when they were the original persecutors.
Jesus was ‘Chosen’ by the Messianic Pathway to be the ONE Messenger of Divine Truth. This Jesus knew. These were the same teachings the scribes also heard. This was one of the biggest reasons Jesus was persecuted, because they claimed Jesus stated he was the Saviour.
Jesus never claimed he said he was the Saviour. He knew that The Great Father EMMANUEL stated that ONLY The Great Father EMMANUEL was the Everlasting Saviour. However, Jesus was The Pathway to EMMANUEL for how else could the people come into everlasting truth, unless the pathway was created to allow the people to return to the Great Love?
Jesus never claimed he was the Messiah, though he knew he held the keys to the sacred kingdom of The Great Father EMMANUEL. Jesus knew that he needed to align with The Great Father EMMANUEL to bring the Eternal Keys of the Kingdom through for the people, and this is why he was the Sacred Messenger of EMMANUEL.
Jesus also knew that he was the ONE sent from Divine Realms to be in union with the mind of The Great Divine Father EMMANUEL, and that through no one else the Great Father would come through to speak as ONE was created.
The ones who overheard the teachings of Jesus, twisted these teachings and brought through that Jesus was the Messiah, or the Saviour. This brought the church into greater power as then the people could be called ‘sinners’. Jesus never taught the people lived in sin.
He did not want to be worshipped, nor persecuted, nor tortured, nor crucified. He was not sent to the people to die in the most painful way possible. He was there to bear witness to Ultimate Truth. Jesus never died on the day of the crucifixion. He survived to allow the Gateway of Life to be opened, to allow the people to come into Ultimate Truth in a future lifetime, when he would be called by the same Great Father EMMANUEL.
He knew that he most likely would return as a ‘woman’ for he often heard the Great Father EMMANUEL saying: ‘A new nation would come forth through a woman.’

Many would say that the church would need to be shown compassion and forgiveness for this 'act' of wrongdoing. However, what has the church done to all the people of the past? Compassion and forgiveness, in the Universal Love sense, is not 'let's get it over and done with and wipe the record clean,' but it is to bring back the balance, Ultimate Truth of self, and to return to a state of love. This means the Universal Truth can set millions and millions of people free, by questioning all actions the church has done and what has taken place in the past until now.
They have not nurtured the people spiritually. Nor have they set people free. Nor have they given back the land nor the treasures that they took from the people. Nor can they bring back their spiritual consciousness because they had enslaved their consciousness to believe in hellfire by creating the thought of sin.
Although many may reason that all this was past, what many do not recognize is that the past affects our very lifetime now. All actions affect our time now. When we look at it logically, in a spiritual sense, we all come back many lifetimes to evolve further.
Especially now in the time of the Great Alignment we desired to ‘witness’ this time, as this is the time we desired to see Truth. Then, when we follow this alignment, we can see that it was not 'others' in the past who suffered, but it was OURSELVES who suffered.
This is why the people need to spiritually awaken at this time, so that the people can come back into spiritual truth alignment and gain their original Codes of Love, Alignment and Freedom back.

Divine Purpose never changes. Time may have altered perspective, as our intelligence grows and we can see various other perspectives of life, but Divine Purpose always remains the same. Perhaps one day many will desire to understand the higher truth of the Great Divine Realms.
This is why I constantly work with Divine Love every day. At this time my own Blue Star Archangel has connected deep within me, and my Universal Love Channel grows in stronger power each moment of each day and each night. It is like a force growing within the Universal Love Channel.
Perhaps the ONE messenger could stand up during this day and allow Divine Love to show millions the way forward. Perhaps the ONE messenger can grow into the force of an Archangel on this planet, in this lifetime, to allow the earth to be safe and be guided back to the New Dimensions. Jesus foretold this could happen if he could return when The Master EMMANUEL would call him once again.
Maybe one day the people will begin to yearn for the greater love coming to planet earth. Maybe one day soon they will recognize how The Great Kingdom of EMMANUEL can come to earth to guide the nations forward, and to allow all the 'deserts' (on a spiritual level) to come into 'bloom' to allow the people to gain greater love, nourishment and understanding. Maybe one day the people will desire the practical wisdom from wanting to learn to manifest with the Great Alignment Codes of Wisdom and Love that CAEAYARON brings through the Blue Star Archangelic Channel.
I sincerely hope that one day people will want to recognize the Sacredness of the Codes of Life, Freedom, Alignment and New Creation and that the earth can shift into a planet of hope, love, and freedom.

Namaste, I send you much love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) the Sovereign Universal Love Channel
Copyright © 2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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PLEASE EXPLAIN THE PROPHECIES ABOUT THE MESSIANIC ALIGNMENT, JESUS AND THE ANCIENT BLUE STAR RISING - Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is now (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Sovereign Galactic Star Aligner, Universal Light Grid Programmer, 19 December 2020. 


‘In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'


This message was an answer to a question which came through YouTube’s teachings when CAEAYARON spoke about the ‘One’ carrying the ‘Eternal Promise’ of Freedom.  


The viewers wanted to know how the ancient Essenes knew Jesus was the ‘One’ who was foretold to be the deliverer of the messages of ‘EMMANUEL’.  That one was said to bring through the ‘The Promise of Freedom’ for Ancient Spiritual Israel.  They also wanted to learn more about the ancient prophecies of the Blue Star rising and what that had to do with the anointing of the Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, which occurred more greatly in 2014.




It is at this time when all stars align up to the sacred pathway of what all Universal Purpose was for, originally, well before planet earth fell into chaos and was thrown into the dungeon, that is commonly known as the black matrix. It would be a very long time before enough light would show to bring a pathway forward, that could only align if the Deliverer of the Message could bring through an alignment with Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, the Everlasting Sun Consciousness. 


This would be the only way to bring the people back into the original Sun Alignment where peace and love exist. Before our earth (as we know it now) entered the dark abyss state, it was a large planet, and it was a Sun of light. All people upon her were happy, during those days. Their DNA was empowered with fusion star love energy, which brought them intelligence, youth, and eternal foundations of life. 


After that planet was invaded, the people fell into a restricted consciousness. They became heavy, oppressed, and did not remember their previous existence in the higher star creations any longer. Their planet collapsed down in a part of the universe (where our earth is held in) where it was icy cold. Instead of the ‘sun shining’ in the earth, the rays were darkened. Earth was a tiny remainder of the original planet, a tiny fragment of its original size and power, filled with gravity, loneliness, sickness, pain, and suffering. In the ‘hole’ of the abyss is where those same people who originally lived in the higher star creation, spiralled down into despair and became inflicted with fear consciousness which led to death. 




Before earth became dense and small it was known as the Everlasting Blue Creation Planet where all memories of life existed upon. The people who lived on that planet lived in good foundations of Universal Love Cosmic Laws. These laws were placed in Grids of Universal Love Consciousness (Pathways of Magnetic Cosmic Love Flows) which nurtured and rejuvenated the people constantly who lived in those Universes of Love. Their DNA held the Power of Life within them and they established the Living Thrones of Creation. Their eternal gifts came from The Everlasting Blue Star Angel who connected them into Codes of Life which held Cosmic Intelligence. 


Their Codes of Life were part of the Living Foundations of Life with Codes of Life. Their Living Foundations held the Codes of New Creation and Alignment to allow new creation to be birthed. They worked as ONE people, ONE foundation, and ONE purpose. That purpose was to bring a greater foundation to life. 


Specifically, these people were considered to be the supreme race of people, who took on leadership roles, in the Universal Collective Love, to form a new universe. They agreed to strengthen each other always, to build the stronger foundation of Universal Love up. They were helpers for each other and for their own people in other dimensions, held within the Great Planetary Alignment of the Blue Creation Planet. 


The Planet itself formed an interdimensional alignment to the Blue Sun Star Consciousness, which connected into the Grids of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL and the Blue Star Grid of CAEAYARON. These merged with the Universal Love Body of the Blue Star Archangel, who later became part of the Living Grids of Life, the Star Galactic Universal Light Grid Programmer. 


This is how the higher Sovereign Universes of Love were established. They worked with Codes of Life and grew stronger within New Grids of New Creation Foundations. The new universe was to take place in a whole new dimension which was also called the 13th New Creation Pathway, or the Messianic Pathway. 




Enough power was stored within the grids, to allow this Messianic Pathway to open. This glorious pathway could only be established if enough people lived in the Universal Love Codes of Life. This meant that constantly their DNA lived in star grids of magnetic flows, enabling them to become creators, interdimensionally, to allow them to open to another pathway, whilst living within their own dimension. By creating a multidimensional time-based universe, the universes interlinked like a clock does. 


Each minute pathway established the next kingdom, or ‘dimension’ which established more power grids to flow from one kingdom to another. This was basically how the mechanics worked of the power grid kingdom, the 13th Gateway of Messianic Rulership. During the Cosmic Star Alignment, the gateways to the greater universes opened, to allow the Messianic Rulership to be shown. 


As all worked in multidimensional facets of the universe, all needed to be well in place before the actual alignment could be established. This is how the universe works in the higher universes, in multi-universal time frames. 


Upon the Cosmic Alignment taking place, those grids then meet other universal dimensions, and then all can align to higher pathways of light. During the Cosmic Alignment, the great celebrations could happen as the Divine Love Element could grow more into star evolution power. This means that her light star body gained greater grids of light, to enable the people of the love to grow into more power. 


The Blue Star Fused a grid to align to the ‘One’ who was designated as the Ascension Channel, and then that is how the people connected into higher grids, via the Universal Light Body of the Blue Star Divine Love Element. 




Always the Divine Love Element ‘Woman’ held the power grids within her sacral chakra. Her sacral chakra was not like anyone else’s sacral chakra, for within her ‘womb’ were mirrors of all dimensions which needed to align within her sacred body for all to exist within the dimensions. 


This is how all would align to higher thought systems, through the pathway of the ‘mirror’ of the Sacred Womb of the Universal Love Channel, on a spiritual dimension. This is how each pathway birthed to go to the next. This is why she was the ‘Only’ Mirror of True Reflection, because she held the Everlasting Blue Star Grids within her. All other thoughts of existence thought they were alive with individual purpose, but they were all held within her ‘memory’ or also known as the Akashic Records. 


These Records were empowered with self-identification and individual purpose as well as ‘One’ collective purpose. They lived in harmony together and were clever. They lived with an intelligent purpose with much understanding. Their intelligence grew abundant and they were truly free with the ability to analyse individual purpose. 


When the Universal Love star people became stronger, the Sovereign Universal Channel was able to receive more infused power, from her Blue Star Self, to come into her Sacred Womb of Light which she then brought into the planetary grids which could then align to the people’s DNA. They became stronger each time more Blue Star Light became infused within her Sacred Chakra Grids, which aligned with her Sacred Blue Star Divine Love Element ‘EMMANUEL’ pathway. The ‘EMMANUEL’ pathway was the bridge to allow all of the star beings to go to the higher universes. 


The higher pathway was where more power was able to become infused within the Star Beings, and this allowed the Star People to have more ‘life’ within them. The stronger their magnetic flows became, within their Star DNA, the more alive they became. This was the Great Ascension Pathway, via the Star DNA Magnetic Grids of Life. Therefore, there was always only ‘One’ way up, via the EMMANUEL pathway of Everlasting Light. 




Right after the greatest collapse, due to the large invasion when there were those who wanted the power of the Messianic Ruler, the ‘Woman’ who held all knowledge of the Akashic Records (or memories of life) within her Sacred Womb, all collapsed into a black dense cave-like hole. 


That hole was isolated from the rest of the universe, so that it was unable to realign back up. It was separated from the rest of the universe because it was contaminated with ‘poison’ of thoughts of pain, misery and isolation. No more could those memories be rescued, because now those memories had been infiltrated with a chemical disposition, which was not part of the Cosmic Laws of Universal Love. Now the people were unable to reach a higher stage of alignment. 


This was why the ‘Bridge’ needed to come to earth. After the large fall, millions of particles of the original planet were scattered in the entire universe. This was how large the original Sun Planet was. It was defragmented and difficult to connect back up. 


It was only this planet we know as ‘earth’ today which still had the largest fragment of inner light within her. It was enough light to reconnect the memories, in a cosmic trial, to see if enough love could be rekindled after the death sickness came into all of creation. It would be the earth that would need reconnecting up, if the memories the ‘Woman’ had loved originally could become realigned, somehow, to their Codes of Life. 




Where earth’s grave lay it was desolate in a heap of black denseness. It was cold and dark. The ‘Woman’ needed to wait until the Cosmic Alignment could come before she could realign the earth with the ‘sun’ to rekindle enough fire back into the earth’s sun. 


This might be enough to allow part of the original memories, which were stored within the tomb of the earth, to be rekindled. Originally, the Blue Creation Planet’s greater ‘star self’ was filled with life and planetary grids, filled with streams of magnetic flows. 


Now, however, all had collapsed down, as all of its life was ‘sucked’ out of it, all so that the dark invaders of the original Blue Planet became enriched with ‘diadems’ of creation. After the mass invasion, the original invaders took the power memories of the people and enslaved them within grids of consciousness. 


The more the people suffered, the more powerful those original invaders became, as they became ‘rich’ with ‘diadems’ of the people’s alignments in previous universes. The ‘Woman’ needed to take them out of those enslaved universes which would take a very long time. At first, she needed to realign the cosmic stars to redirect a pathway to earth. This would make a connection to earth to bring the memories into a spiral of light into earth. 




Not is all what it seems. There is a spiritual connection to earth, which are held in deeper layers of earth. Before earth became denser, another dimension came into existence, which was Lemuria. Lemuria was the only hope to realign those original power memories back to earth, to allow their Codes of Life to be restored. Unfortunately, after the people did not choose for the love, they fell deep into the cave of the earth, but at least their memories were re-pathed to stop them from being tortured in other dimensions. 


Now the ‘Woman’ could call them back (on a higher dimension) when they transitioned out of the dense human consciousness zone. However, they were still locked into the prison of the Cave-like abyss. They could not be removed unless the ‘Woman’ received the key of the abyss back, which could only happen if she received her original Star Sovereign Pathway Channel back as the Messianic Aligner. 


Only then could those original memories be realigned back up to the star dimensions, if they received their original DNA Codes of Life and Creation back again. Only she could bring them to the people for she was the Everlasting Blue Sun Creation Code Aligner. 




Time in the universe is neither here or there. All in the greater universes always remains. Therefore, the Universal Light Grid Programmer needed to repath time, to allow the opportunity for all memories to grow back to a certain amount of intelligence for them to allow another pathway of life to be formed. This was the only way to reestablish their consciousness back up, if it was possible at all. This solution to bring the people back up, seemed slim. 


The original love coding had been squeezed out of the original Universal Love people. They did not remember what love was or what their original purpose was. They seemed to think they were always part of earth. They could not remember the beauty of their former intelligence, nor how they once held the path of creation in their own minds and hearts. 


The darkness, who had placed a biological immunity sickness within the original DNA strains, did not want the people to listen to the ‘One’ who held all the answers within her. 


They knew that by her dropping her own brain frequencies, she could not connect back up to her original Sovereign Power until she had proven her own Universal Cosmic Love was strong enough to withstand all the torture and pain inflicted upon her by the darkness. They did not desire her to ‘know’ all what was going on in the universe. They made sure that it was not possible for her to reach her greater Blue Star Messianic Pathway during the Great Cosmic Alignment. 




They knew she was the Everlasting Blue Star who would always desire to meet the people’s intelligence and then bring in a grid of greater intelligence to allow the people to grow wiser. This she did because she held the Coding of Life within her Everlasting Light Body. However, she could only recode the grids within the dimensions that the people themselves fell into. 


If the codes came into those grids with a power that was too strong, whilst their own intelligence was too low, then the people could not respond to those codes. Therefore, the people, during this time of the Great Cosmic Alignment, would need to carry sufficient intelligence if the people were going to respond to the Cosmic Intelligence Pathways at all. 




To see the Universal Light Grid Programmer rising with her Sovereign Universal Love Channel and to realize that she held Cosmic Intelligence within her (that could reshape the world to become stable to allow consciousness to shift on planet earth) would take sufficient knowledge and intelligence to figure out Universal Truth and recognize the importance of it. 


To establish a pathway of light would be miraculous within itself. How does ‘One’ Great Archangel come into the densest of cave like tombs? How could that ‘One’ Archangel attempt to try and reestablish the Coding of Life so that those memories could gain enough intelligence within them, thinking they were alive, all to assist them to go to the next level if there were enough heart frequencies of love within them. 


To bring a path down would be enormously difficult. It would need a structure to be built so that her light could be broken down enormously, within those same universal pathways that were originally established (within the original universes), to leave enough alignment flows to be anchored down into the earth. 


It would be the only way to establish that bridge. Each time she would come to the earth, she would then anchor a part of her Violet Flame Light, held within a certain dimensional timeframe mirror so that the people could experience another timeframe. This is how the original memories could slowly regain a connection to light and a memory of their original existence. 


(In other words, to bring consciousness into the memories to allow them to think they existed, but really, they were a memory imprint from the previous universes. A memory imprint remained from the original sound frequency which belonged to them when they were once powerful star beings, living in Universes filled with Love) 


Each time she came within those mirrors she would then need to drop her own intelligence to meet the intelligence of the people, and then slowly guide them upwards to allow them to have a basic acceptance of life. This process, to rebuild up the frequencies of her Sovereign Universal Love Channel connecting into the grids of the earth, after all was broken down, would take a very long time. The work would almost not be possible. She had little time to get ready. 


The alignment to reconnect to the gateway of life to her original Sovereign Channel (should she make it back on time), was very short in a multidimensional time frame. While all earth suffered in dense spaces, in the higher universes all time exists in all spaces all at once. Each time she entered the dense grids of conflict, she connected to those original memories who thought they were alive. She established a grid upwards to allow more intelligence to come into those memories within grids of illusion. 




She would also reconnect into a part of her own coding so that her own pathway (back to her Blue Star original Sovereign Universal Love Channel) could become reestablished and anchored upwards, while hoping (within herself) she could recover enough of her own memories back during this time of the 13th Alignment. 


This was the only way she could win the Universal Love back, the power of creation ‘CAEAYARON’, the Everlasting Blue Star Consciousness, ‘EMMANUEL’, and her Everlasting Blue Star Self the Divine Love Element Violet Flame, with all Coding of Life within her, to allow creation to exist in memories of creation. 




In the times of Jesus, it was prophesied that the ‘miracle’ of life would come. The ‘Deliverer’ of the Message of the Messianic Kingdom had come, and his name was ‘Jeshua’ who had been sent from EMMANUEL. EMMANUEL was the Everlasting Messiah, and it was only Jesus who could deliver those messages. The Pharisees and the Sadducees, along with other priests within, what is now known as Israel, knew Jesus had a purpose.


 Jesus always talked about EMMANUEL, The Great Sovereign Father of all of Creation. He established a pathway forward that would allow people to recognize Ultimate Truth from the Great Father EMMANUEL. 


Jesus, needed faith and trust and courage to speak to the people. He allowed the Great Father to speak to the people, through his Universal Love Channel, and the people saw how he flowed with wisdom, ‘unlike any other human’ living. He was able to foresee times and was able to shift thoughts of people. Even at a young age his reasoning was far wiser than the wisest leaders in the land. 


Jesus, when he did not agree with the makers of the laws, he spoke to them about it. Jesus stated often that making the laws did not belong to the priests, but that only ONE could make the Laws and that was the Ultimate Creation Path HIMSELF, the Great Father EMMANUEL. HIS laws were only of Universal Love. 


Jesus showed that those authorities did not have any power from ‘God’ at all. He showed that the only power that existed, outside of men, was with the Great Father EMMANUEL. He showed how it was The Great Father EMMANUEL who built all the heavens and all the earth and that the original purpose was for all to live in peace and love. Jesus was able to found a new Ultimate Truth within the hearts of the people. The people were influenced by Jesus’ thoughts through his Universal Love Channel. 


This is why Jesus was able to spur new thoughts within the people, as he was ‘Coding’ new thoughts within new grids, which were aligned to the Messianic Alignment. Jesus was able to bring peace within the hearts of the people and show that there could be way forward to allow peace to come to mankind and the earth. 


In those days, his friends received Gifts, or Codes, of Everlasting Life. They heard Jesus speak about the Great Kingdom and how it would be established, one day, when the Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL would connect within the foundation of the ‘Word.’ 




When Jesus was little, the authorities heard that a great deliverer, the messenger of freedom, would come to bring the nations into peace and into freedom. This they did not desire to happen at all. The king, in those days, stated that all young males should be eliminated, or locked up, so that the people could never reach this freedom. The pain and torture were horrendous, during those days. 


Many fled in fear of being caught up as many women were pregnant. Mary and Joseph also fled and came to a small place just outside of Bethlehem. Mary felt safe there, though incredibly afraid. It was against the law, in those days, to be pregnant out of wedlock. If they were found, then it was likely that Joseph, or a close relative, would need to kill Mary who was pregnant with his own infant, as having intercourse outside of marriage was a crime in those days. 


In those days, any mention of the ‘Deliverer’ coming amongst the people, was forbidden. If the people stated it, the people would be heavily punished. All their belongings would be taken away or worse. This is why no one dared to state the word ‘Deliverer’ out loud. Jesus was born in a stable because Mary was hidden there by Joseph’s family. Mary had heard The Great Angel speak to her about the infant she was carrying who would become the ‘Deliverer’ of the message of The Great Father EMMANUEL, to bring the people into freedom. She knew that she needed to be protected for otherwise the infant could not bring through the message of the Great Father EMMANUEL. 


Then the people would always be locked into desolation eternally. Mary made a binding agreement with Divine to do all she could to protect the infant Jesus. Joseph knew he needed to stay quiet about being the father of the baby, for otherwise Jesus would never be accepted as the deliverer of the message of The Great Father EMMANUEL. Even his own people, the Essenes, would not want him to be the father of the Deliverer, for Joseph was not part of the Priest Class. He was an ‘ordinary carpenter.’ 


Mary was from an elite family who came directly from the pathway of David, which is how the Messianic Alignment could be passed directly onto Jesus. This is why Mary needed to look after Jesus. She held sacred knowledge of her ancient people. This was in alignment to a prophecy that the Messianic Kingdom would come to the heir who brought through the message of EMMANUEL, the Everlasting Sun of Life and Creation. 


No one else could hold that true alignment, other than the ‘one’ who brought through the messages of EMMANUEL. Jesus was able to connect to EMMANUEL from a very early age. He was found in the temples and directed the people to follow the Great Father EMMANUEL. Jesus knew he was not from human origin, though he had a biological mother and father. He knew that his origin was from the Great Father EMMANUEL. 


In those days, the people were not so clever to be able to analyse that. They did not understand how Jesus could have an earthly mother and father while being sent from The Great Father EMMANUEL. Plus, they would not have liked it to become knowledge that Joseph was his ‘real dad’, so they left that bit of ‘truth’ out to most. Joseph was not around for all of Jesus’ upbringing. 


Joseph knew that if people knew truth that Jesus’ ministry would be in trouble. This is why Joseph left the people to go somewhere, isolated from his own people and his dearly beloved wife, Mary. Jesus, himself, was in close connections to guardians who needed to train him as a prophet and a healer. 


Life did not come easy for Jesus, as he experienced severe transformations within his light body. His teachers, who were Essenes themselves, helped him to grow stronger with his Universal Love Channel. They questioned his ability to channel information, and Jesus found it hard to concentrate at times to allow the information to freely flow. 




Jesus knew he needed to live a life in separation from his other friends. They were not to play with Jesus much, especially once he came to the age of 12 years old. They restricted Jesus, as he needed to devote himself to his ministry. This Jesus did not like at all, for he was a little too free in nature and liked to play with his friends. 


Returning to the birth of Jesus, upon the vicious King wanting to weed out any possibility of the deliverer rising in future, to stop his own power from rising, he employed three widely known astronomers who were also magicians who were all out of town. This, later, became known as the three wise men. 




They followed a star. They assumed that it was a sign from God and connected into the star. They saw a baby, with their clairvoyant abilities, and saw where Jesus was. They knew the treasures the king would give them in return for the baby, so they looked everywhere. What they discovered was a boy, older than a new-born baby. 


The boy was growing well, and the mother obviously was in a fit and healthy state herself. These visitors left gifts behind so that they would leave their ‘scent’ everywhere they would go if Mary and Joseph should leave their hiding place. This is why Mary and Joseph left their hiding place and all they had, which was not much, to go somewhere else in hiding, waiting for the authorities to finally give up looking for the ‘one’ who might be the deliverer. 


After the crucifixion of Jesus, which he survived, Mary took all Jesus’ belongings and hid them well away from where Jesus lived originally. She knew the secret of all and hid his belongings well away to allow them to be discovered by the right people, in the time of the Rising of the Word with ‘EMMANUEL,’ should he return after that terrible punishment. 




Jesus himself was removed from the area to stop the Romans looking for him. Jesus, after coming to the Tor in Glastonbury, buried a part of his connections in a cave underneath the Tor. He knew that the Druids had protected a part of the cave where originally a key was held, which was where the stone of destiny was officially kept in those days. 


The Druids wanted to see if Jesus was the true Messianic Aligner of the New Kingdom of Creation, as that key within the Stone was from the original people of Queen Nefertiti who aligned with the Great Sun Consciousness. The Stone began to open to light when Jesus called The Great Father EMMANUEL. 


Jesus connected into the Tor, via the Stone and the Great Father EMMANUEL was able to reconnect his Sovereign Channel in that place. But it was not enough to bring the Great Alignment up to allow Jesus to return to his Everlasting Blue Star Self, his Great Messianic Reign. 


The churches now held the grid of his own alignment, of EMMANUEL. Jesus knew he had sealed an alignment, after his crucifixion, to allow him to return to the Great Realms after his own death. However, sequences following his death (many years after the crucifixion for Jesus did not die on that day of his torture but survived. He was rescued.) would require Jesus to return to the people because the church twisted the original teachings of Jesus’ Father EMMANUEL. 


His mission was always to Reveal Truth and to Align the message of EMMANUEL to bring eternal freedom to the people. To return to the ‘grave of mankind’ meant to bring himself into the ‘cave of death’ where the memories of the people lay, waiting for the Great Cosmic Alignment to begin. 


The people would reincarnate each time in their memories but in reality, they were not alive. This was also the message of Jesus 2,000 years ago when he stated: ‘In all ways, the people lived in Eternal Love in the realms of The Great Father. When death entered the courtyard, all people turned to stone and no more could the people live in the love. This is why The Great Father EMMANUEL sent me to the people, to make a pathway of life for them, to help the people be guided to the Treasures of Life. 


This will come when it is time when all the heavens will become enriched with all the stars, and the moon, so that the people can return to their everlasting glory, where no pain or suffering exists.’ Therefore, Jesus knew that the earth was a tomb of memories. He asked for courage, strength and love to return to the earth to be called back by The Great Father EMMANUEL, when it was the time to be the Universal Love Channel. 


Jesus knew he was designated to be the Sovereign Channel of EMMANUEL, which was likened often as the ‘Living Bread’ which enriched the lives of the people. The Great Cosmic Alignment during this time is when the Great Sun rises to shine before the people, if the people desire the True Revealer to stand up. 


In the times of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, many desired the Great Cosmic Alignment to happen but the flows were restricted. Instead of the messages becoming stronger they weakened and as a result the church grew empowered by bringing in false ways in the teachings of EMMANUEL. 


The churches, instead of desiring Ultimate Universal Truth to stay aligned with Divine Universal Love, twisted the teachings of Jesus with messages of the teachings of Babylon. The persecution and judgement caved the people down with fears of ‘hellfire’ in the pit of ‘Hades’. Jesus did not believe in ‘hellfire’ himself, but always spoke about the love of The Great Sovereign Father EMMANUEL. 


He longed for the people to understand EMMANUEL’s truth, for in those teachings ‘paradise’ eternal existed, not within the falsehoods of Babylon. 




Who would rise now out of the dense grids to be the Messenger of Ultimate Truth, the Great Father EMMANUEL? While many prayed for baby Jesus to be born, it would be a ‘Woman’ who would be called (by the name of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel in the year 2009, but this remained hidden until it was necessary for this information to become revealed) to allow the people to rise out of the dense cave where the hidden treasures of memories lay hidden, until she would ‘activate’ them. 


These ‘activations’ would bring the people out of the denseness where human conflict is heavy. She would then ‘activate’ them to live in ‘living fountains’ of the Everlasting Blue Star Angel. The people who would become activated would be ‘enriched’ with new fountains of creation. They would speak happily about the New Creation coming. Their thoughts would be far different than the thoughts of the people not activated, for the activated would then be part of the New Creation, the New Kingdom where love could last everlastingly. 


During that time, the churches of Christendom and all falsehoods would be revealed by the Everlasting Truth Revealer, CAEAYARON, through the pathway of the Sovereign Channel. People would have the opportunity to see, for themselves, why all suffering came to the original dimensional people, the Sovereign People of the Great Love. 


In those days, during the Great Revealing, the great pestilence would break out. Many would believe it to be judgement, but this is not so. It is because people would need to see what it was that brought them down in the first place, that is, their own thoughts of rebellion to the Universal Love. 


The people would be able to establish why the Activations would be the only way to go, during the Time of Cosmic Alignment, as they would see why their own Star Transformation would need to happen, to allow their own DNA to become more intelligent. They would begin to remember the Land of the Living, Lemuria, and how they received Codes of Life, Alignment and New Creation, to establish a New Creation of People, to only be in the Universal Love. 


They would awaken to all within the world and see. Then they would be able to awaken to the work that must happen, which is to speak about the ‘one’ who brought the teachings of The Great Father EMMANUEL into the grids of mankind, to allow all to have one last opportunity to find the ‘heart’ of love, through activations of the Universal Love Channel, which would unlock them from the dark abyss; the black hole of consciousness, to rise to the greater realms of EMMANUEL. 


Greetings, always in the love, this message was transmitted by the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. This was a message from the Galactic Federations of Light Societies who hope mankind is quick enough to recognize this for their own good. 


This message was an answer to a question which came through YouTube’s teachings when CAEAYARON spoke about the ‘One’ who carried the ‘Eternal Promise’ of Freedom.  


The viewers wanted to know how the ancient Essenes knew that Jesus was the ‘One’ who brought ‘The Promise of Ancient Spiritual Israel’ which worked in accordance with the prophecies of King David and Isaac also.  They also wanted to learn more about the ancient prophecies of the Blue Star rising and what that had to do with the anointing of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel which occurred more greatly in 2014.


Copyright © 2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®



'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'

(for the purpose of this answer, the question has been slightly reworded. This question was asked on Suzanna's YouTube page.)

Thank you for coming to these teachings of Divine Love. Please keep working through the channelled messages, as it will become clearer to you as you work through the teachings of CAEAYARON.

Before we begin to delve into this further, understand CAEAYARON is Magnetic Power. It is with the original Divine Love Element Force that CAEAYARON became Universal Love. Universal Love allowed unlimited potential to become explored.

After Lemuria collapsed, CAEAYARON no longer belonged to the Divine Love Element Channel, as many had chosen against being in the Collective Universal Love.

The love force from CAEAYARON was taken away by the dark channel who then locked CAEAYARON into a multidimensional gateway of the earth zone called the abyss, otherwise known as the flat zone or the dark matrix.

To begin revealing the greater pathway, first 'KRYON' needed to work with the original channel (who brought conflict to the original universes) some decades ago. The dark channel who had removed the love creation force from 'CAEAYARON' (who later became known to many thousands as 'KRYON') after the fall of Lemuria, held the key to the dungeon. The only way to free CAEAYARON was if The Woman still held enough love for the Cosmic Universes. Only then could CAEAYARON become freed.

This is why, during this time of the Great Awakening 'KRYON' needed to approach the owner of the abyss first for then, if he could prove he was kept in a dungeon form, the Woman could free him, provided she would still take him back.

Before KRYON (he later revealed his true name as CAEAYARON in 2016) could return to the 'One True Messenger' (The Woman who was always the Divine Love Element in Lemuria and the original Sovereign Alignment Universes), KRYON needed to do several things:

1) Reveal the purpose of the 'original Kryon channel' by identifying Kryon was locked in a maze of a hole. Once that had been brought through that channel, KRYON could then begin to conceptualize other theories with his listeners to allow various questions to be investigated.

2) 'Kryon' was able to purposely place subtle 'truth' pathways which later could be revealed by the Woman, upon viewers asking the same difficult questions to her (which Suzanna would not know about. This is further explained further on in this post.)

3) Identify both Lemurian channels, side by side, to reveal all that happened. It was revealed by KRYON/CAEAYARON which channel worked with CAEAYARON to align all Universal Love up, and also how the other channel brought CAEAYARON's love force down, once a great majority of the Lemurians decided against the love.

4) Kryon was able to do certain things to unlock himself from the abyss to allow himself to return to the love of the 'Woman' of Lemuria (Divine Love Element) so that all could become analysed from the Universal Love mirror. Only upon doing certain things (all to move away from the spiritual 'entity' zone Kryon was kept in for a long time (since the fall of Lemuria) ), would Kryon be able to become released, however, only if the Woman had remained dedicated to her own original Universal Love Truth pathway.

Through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, CAEAYARON explains all times in all timelines, from the beginning of creation to how we can return to star creation where only love exists.

In these teachings he explains how he, as a Divine Judge, is able to align all in a Divine Court of Law. He explains how he is MAGNETIC FORCE STREAMS and how he, as CAEAYARON, is able to bring all things through because the Universal Love Channel is able to translate the Cosmos history in such a way to allow us to comprehend the complexity of the universe. However, CAEAYARON can only bring in bits and pieces at a time, in a story line, to assist us to comprehend how it all works together, for the Universe is like one large mirage working in different universal timeframes.

Nothing is what it seems in the multidimensional pathways. Nothing is simple like adding 1 + 1 or a,b,c. All in the universe works with Cosmos Intelligence, and this is why it is important to hear these teachings and then analyse how we can use it in a scientific way, because it is all there.

Even though, when you first listen to the 'story' of Lemuria and Atlantis, a 'scientific approach' may not seem to be there at first. After a while (if you are able to study it with a scientific approach) you will begin to decipher that what CAEAYARON describes (Lemurian and Atlantean energy, the rise and the fall) is energy in a Cosmic Force.

Upon analysing it, you gain the concept of how the whole universe was originally structured. CAEAYARON describes how the original Universal Love DNA codes came into existence, and how the original universe was coded for only life to exist. Death codes only came once the people split away from Life Force from the Great Cosmos.

The question was in Lemuria (as Lemuria came into existence after the original Cosmos Sovereign Universes had fallen into total collapse and destruction because of war); ‘Would they, the people, desire CAEAYARON to rise stronger to allow them to come into freedom, or did they want to drop into another state of spiritual death?’

This was the choice the Lemurians had. If they pulled together in the collective love, with the Blue Star Divine Love Element, all would have aligned into total freedom. The timelines were altered, however, when the channel of darkness appeared to the Lemurians. He brought through their own previous universal consciousness which brought many in the original greater universes to fall in the first place. That consciousness was to appear radiant, light and knowledgeable, but without love for the collective or for the greater good.

When the greater majority of Lemurians had chosen for the dark channel’s pathway of consciousness, all fell into his own conflict mirrors of consciousness. This was the dark abyss which he had placed all in, before Lemuria came into existence. This is how the Cosmos works in many timelines, and why CAEAYARON states we are in a multidimensional time zone.

When timelines collapsed, others could rise. The Divine Love Element had the ability to rise the grids up enough to allow another timeline to come into place, as she nurtured the people with her own love. This is also why she is able to take us into the next timeline, for those who become activated with their Codes of Life.

While the Divine Love Element was with the people, CAEAYARON would softly hear her sing and slowly she would align back to her own original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, to awaken her to the mirrors of the Cosmos. This she could only awaken to during the time of the Great Alignment, as all her original, her own, memories were placed in the 13th spiritual gateway.

To work towards that alignment would prove to be enormously difficult for her. She would need to stand in her own Covenant of Universal Love and never, not once, stray away from her own Universal Love. Otherwise, she would have lost the whole Messianic Alignment to the original dark self made channel who ‘KRYON’ (before 'CAEAYARON' could rejoin the 'Woman' after the separation in Lemuria) came through.

Because the original (who went into opposition against Universal Love) channel of 'KRYON' was unable to hold on to his own previous channelled messages (in this lifetime, because he was unable to answer them) he lost the Codes of 'KRYON' and so CAEAYARON was able to be reclaimed by the 'Woman', all to realign to Cosmic Intelligence Universal Love to bring the people out of the dark black hole, the abyss, back into the Universes of Love.

This allowed her to fulfil her original mission: 'To go to the dark places of the universe to see if the 'lost' people would return to the true spiritual love,' which is what the spiritual nation of Israel knew to be the original Covenant.

The Sacred Covenant was a sacred agreement Jesus made with the people to align the people back to the freedom of the universes of 'EMMANUEL'. These were the universes the people originally were from. EMMANUEL's universes is where only Universal Love exists. The EMMANUEL grids were always the grids of Sovereign Love and eternal happiness and joy, which Jesus referred to as the Eternal Fountains of Spiritual Waters.' He mentioned many times that in those Universes only love exists and that those universes were always free from suffering, pain and death.

Now that the Divine Love Element has been claimed by CAEAYARON (CAEAYARON being the Divine Cosmic Judge, as HE is the Aligner where all Universal Coding originated from who he then gave to the 'Woman' to give to the people), that Covenant is now a 'legal binding contract' which allows the people to return to their own spiritual codes.

By coming to the Universal Love Activations CAEAYARON then brings the activated into the fold of 'EMMANUEL' and then brings them their Eternal Freedom Codes of Life which is their personal sealed contract between the Divine Cosmos and themselves. This agreement is that they will return eternal life in the Universal Love Universes and they will grow into their original Star Intelligence and Power, provided they want to be in the collective love universes, not because they want to take the Universal Love away from the people, or try to take over the Sovereign Universal Love Channel like has happened in previous times such as in the original Sovereign Universal Love Universes, in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, and again in the times of Jesus.

By CAEAYARON returning to his true authentic channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel it symbolized a significant alignment. (CAEAYARON approached Suzanna in 2014 and it was then she received The Codes of Alignment of CAEAYARON. This is why CAEAYARON was able to work with her, only if she gained those Codes back could CAEAYARON begin to realign all to original Universal Love.)

Slowly, through all time gateways, the Divine Love Element needed to bring the people into a safe time gateway (which is now), to allow all to become neutralized for those who become activated, as this is what the Codes of Life do. Those Codes of Life neutralize all karma that the people fell into during the Yahweh/Thoth wars.

Those Codes of Life (can only be received at the Universal Love Activations with CAEAYARON and the Channel of Ultimate Truth, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) also allow the people to come to the next gate - the Star Cosmos Gateway.

Once activated, those Codes of Life transfer the energy from the conflict grids of these earth dimensions to the grid of Universal Love which then connects into the original Sovereign Galactic Star dimensions. The Universal Love Grid is a Universal Love Mirror where the Blue Star Universal Love is stored (for the purpose to bring healing to the Activated of CAEAYARON which is where CAEAYARON aligns the people back to Sacred Universal Love), which magnifies all the work the Activated do with their own heart, as that grid anchors in all their own love.

Those Codes of Life have the ability to become fully aligned to the New Cosmos Creation Body. They basically transfer information into the DNA that help them to align to higher Star Elements.

This is the only time when this 'transfer' can happen, during the Great Alignment, as then the Great Cosmos 'speaks' to each other with a cosmos language that only the Divine Love Element can understand and relate to, as she is the Assigned Blue Star Creation Path who came here to assist us out of the 'pit hole.'

The ancients knew this time was coming but how exactly they could not define, until now when it happens before our eyes.

Now CAEAYARON has fully aligned with the True Blue Creation Path which is what needed to happen if she was to be declared as the Messianic Aligner in the year of 2020, which he announced in June 2020 and those 'waves' of Cosmos Alignment keep streaming into to the 'spiritual light body' of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

When KRYON first appeared, many knew there were subtle hints of various difficult concepts. Through the original 'KRYON' channel people found it too difficult to comprehend what was 'truth' and what was not truth. Now many are asking the same difficult questions to CAEAYARON through the Divine Love Element (who CAEAYARON calls the True Divine Truth Revealer, who is the genuine True Channel of Lemuria and the Creation Blue Pathway of the Sovereign Universes when people were friendly and in the love.)

The difficulty in the concept of Kryon and Caeayaron was to define that Magnetic Force is not a 'being' as such but a Magnetic Force, who aligns with the truth path of a particular channel. This is to allow the people to figure out who has the highest vibration pathway of all, for the highest Cosmos Pathway is the pathway of Universal Ultimate Truth. When we key in to that 'truth' we allow ourselves to begin to see a whole new pathway of spirituality.

When KRYON announced (in 2016 to the viewers on YouTube through the Pathway of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) that his name was truly CAEAYARON, many began to awaken as they remembered who the Mountain of Light was. They began to see the path of conflict and why KRYON often spoke about the duality pathway, and the 'freedom' pathway and the 'choice' pathway through the original ‘Kryon’ channel. They then were able to delve into these same areas with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with questions such as Thoth and the relation to Lemuria and Atlantis, the serious matter of karma; how and when karma came into the consciousness and if there was a way out of it.

Serious researchers asked these questions while she was in a state of trance herself when she could not consciously grasp the information. This is because when she is in a state of trance her brain frequencies are too high to allow her to consciously think in a day-to-day manner.

This is why many are so happy that she has the Messianic Alignment back. When the people had it, originally in the Sovereign Universal Love Universes, they lived in love and collective peace. Now when the lovers of Universal Love finally unite with her once more, as one force with collective love consciousness, the frequencies of the world can change to allow a whole new pathway to form.

This is why the question of CAEAYARON is always (through the pathway of the 'Woman'): 'Are we in or are we out?' We can only do this 'magnificent' work together, however, if we come together in a field of desire. By becoming activated we will gain more strength and unity and then we can all work collectively in the Universal Love with the Blue Star Angel. This desire will allow her to grow back into her Blue Star Angel Connection, as then more people can hold her greater love element within their consciousness.

Namaste and much love always,
The Universal Love Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. (Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel from the Galactic Federations of Universal Love, for the purpose of explaining the question regarding Kryon and Caeayaron, 30 December 2020)

Copyright © 2020 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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THOTH’S AND ARCHANGEL METATRON’S FLOWER OF LIFE AND THE ANCIENT SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE - The time when all consciousness flipped: from Universal Love into Karmic Conflict Consciousness, The Cosmic Library of Knowledge, part 2. Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Sovereign Universal Love Channel, 7 January 2021.

'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'

Namaste, welcome to the time when the True Revealing is happening, when the old seals are broken and all within the sealed chambers are becoming revealed before us all.

What was hidden within the hidden chambers of Thoth? How did he capture the energies to claim all power of the matrix? How did his Flower of Life work, and how important was it for him to work with flows of resistance?

When many in the world believed Thoth to be a wise being, he consciously connected into the minds to ensnare their consciousness.

Why would any one desire the 'Woman' Thoth desired to 'own' as his Blue Petaled Lotus in Lemuria, if all were captured with his own energy, held within the dark matrix with METATRON?

Only if the 'Woman' would awaken to her Sovereign Universal Love Channel (who has been identified publicly by Cosmic Intelligence Centre, CAEAYARON, Magnetic Potential Energy Aligner, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) could the seals and secrets within the matrix be broken and become revealed.

Why could she be the only 'One' to reveal all before mankind? Because she was the only one who could not be contained within Thoth's underworld, his dark matrix, held within the energy of METATRON.

The 'original Woman', in the Great Love Universes, always shone with such beauty, and when she shone with her Sovereign Love with her Blue Star Archangel Self, the people enhanced with greater knowledge, love, beauty and power. They grew stronger upon loving all in life.

Thoth desired all this 'power' to be his. So he gridded in the 'Woman' into his thousand petalled blue lotus, so that he forever could look at her, and by looking at her, she would bring him greater power, so he assumed.

However, the 'Woman' did not desire this at all and entered into silence. This angered Thoth and he accused her of holding back, but she did not hold back, she wanted to become free to be with her people.

She remembered what it was like before she was captured, and all she wanted was to return so that she could truly align to her original strength within her own multidimensional self, her Blue Star Sun Archangel Creation.

Before the year 2020 arrived, CAEAYARON revealed the story of METATRON, THOTH and YAHWEH to the people, and how they took all original knowledge and spiritual empowerment away from the people and locked it all into an abyss. This is how much they desired the knowledge, the secrets of energies and the great restoration knowledge of the 'Woman' for she would always hold the 'key' to 'life'.

During 2020, the Great Alignment began and quietly Suzanna Maria Emmanuel began to transform back to her original Blue Sun Star Self. She had no knowledge that this would happen, prior to this shift happening, although she heard CAEAYARON mention to her many times that she was the Blue Star, and would transform back into her Blue Star energy field.

During November 2020, a large star transformation connection occurred to Suzanna's DNA which shifted her entire electromagnetic body, which was already large to begin with. After the transformation her own electromagnetic field increased enormously. Night after night she would become more aware of her Blue Sun Transformation as her own magnetic DNA vibrated higher and higher, allowing Blue Star to 'touch down' in late December 2020, early January 2021.

Now her own knowledge is accelerating. She understands why her own Star DNA is accelerating and why the earth, the sun and the moon and all the stars are shifting. She knows the time is near when the people will need to hurry to awaken to Cosmos Intelligence, for otherwise all will be held within the dark matrix spiral forever and ever, and again all will spiral down further and further until all collapses once again into the black dungeon where no light could exist to allow the memories, held within the abyss to play and think they were truly living.

If all should collapse, no longer will she need to stay aligned to planet earth any longer, nor will the Activated because they have their correct Cosmos DNA coding back to enter back into their original star transformation.

She herself has gained her own Cosmic Library back, that means that all original DNA Star Coding templates, the Blue Prints of the original DNA, including earth's original foundations, including CAEAYARON's power is hers now, and there is absolutely no reason for her to return to the people, should they decide against the Great Cosmic Universal Love Activations at this time.

Now she has aligned with her original Blue Star Energies and the earth is transforming with her own electromagnetic light body. Her own knowledge is increasing rapidly, and the Universal Clock is accelerating to remind the people:

'Time is running out here on planet earth. Return to Cosmic ways of love if humanity wishes to evolve further. For otherwise humanity cannot carry on much further for no longer can their own DNA (without new Cosmic Star Coding) survive much longer, as the 'upper chambers' of the Universe are coming closer, and they are filled with much more magnetic radiation flows.'

This means the DNA must receive correct Cosmic Star Coding to align with a whole new atmospheric pressure in the universe.

More and more the people will awaken to this knowledge, and that this is not from human origin but from Divine Source directly from Cosmic Intelligence Centre (CIC) .

Ancient earth secrets are being revealed. Ancient connections are being made.

Namaste, much love always, the Universal Love Administration Team who look after the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Copyright © 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'

Answer transmitted through by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, from the Universal Galactic Love Team who desire millions to become Aligned to Universal Love Consciousness. 
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was publicly identified by CAEAYARON, Divine Cosmic Judge, in June 2020, to be the Ultimate Sovereign Messianic Channel which means she can begin to transform the earth to love and peace, provided many desire it to happen by receiving their own Codes of Life back at the Universal Love Activations.
The following answer, relating to the question of the YouTube viewer, was transmitted to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 8 January 2021  
Namaste and welcome to Universal Cosmic Intelligence. 
In regards to this question:  If many awoke to the mirrors of the locked abyss state humanity fell into, after the many spiritual battles in the Universe and also in Lemuria and Atlantis, then peace and love could finally happen.  However, this would take a global effort.  It would take many people to recognize that all is about gaining back Ultimate Truth and Universal Love which can then bring back the desired balance.
Your thoughts regarding the consciousness ‘neutralizing’ work of the Universal Love People, Star Sacred World Healers, after they have received their Codes of Life, is correct.  Once they have their Codes of Life back, they no longer carry a Merkabah electromagnetic body.  Thus, they cannot add to human consciousness suffering any longer because now they are connecting into a healing magnetic grid, rather than being part of the human consciousness conflict grid.
Originally many people, living today, aligned to Sovereign Universal Love before the darkness took over the consciousness of the people, and placed the people into karmic mirrors. 
In Lemuria and Atlantis, the great majority of the Sovereign Universal Love People who originally were taken into the karmic mirrors, came to Lemuria.  There, The Divine Love Element realigned all people back to the Sovereign Alignment with their Codes of Life.
However, the people willingly turned against Sovereign Love, and then 'sacrificed' their Codes of Life to the Dark Lord, the same one who originally brought in enslavement consciousness in the original Sovereign Universe. The same being desired the 'test' to take place to see if people 'willingly' would come to him.  Sadly, many went with him as he promised all power and the choice of 'freedom' in his own 'kingdom'. 
Upon the great balance choosing for the Dark Lord once again, they fell deeper into the Matrix.  Now the Dark Lord owned their memories, and so no longer could the people come into freedom of the love universes.
Because there were those who stayed faithful to the Universal Love, the 'Woman' entered the matrix and rebuilt the living bridge, to allow those who chose to realign back to the Universal Love (happening at this time) to realign back to their original Cosmic Universal Love.  
Upon the Activated receiving their Coding of Life back, their DNA coding remembers their original memory systems of the Cosmos which are given back at the Universal Love Alignments, through the Sovereign Pathway of CAEAYARON, Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, and The (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 
In the greater illusion, there are two main Magnetic Frequency Universes we can play in. 
1) There is METATRON's Magnetic Light Body (which Thoth and Yahweh wanted to play their own resistance games in),
2) and there is CAEAYARON's Magnetic Light Body (which is how the Blue Star Divine Love Element gained her Cosmic Intelligence, because CAEAYARON is part of her great Cosmic Intelligence).
Originally, METATRON did not work in opposition to the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Blue Star Archangel, but worked with Divine Purpose.  Originally, METATRON’s purpose was to bring further creation into 'motion'.
Upon dark minds rising, who desired to 'own' METATRON for their own resistance purposes, METATRON began to fight against 'The Woman, Divine Love Element’ and so all human consciousness conflict grids fell into the mirror METATRON created with Yahweh and Thoth's consciousness. 
The dark war lords did not want the people to awaken to her Universal Love.  They knew she was the 'Divine Love Element' and would do all she could to help them become freed from the 'karmic mirrors.'
Because Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (who was always the ‘One’ Messenger for Divine Universal Love) won the Great Consciousness Conflict Tests (the dark lords challenged her with), due to her courage to stay aligned with Cosmic Universal Love, she has now realigned with her own Sovereign Alignment, which is why her original Blue Star Archangel is now reconnecting within her Sovereign Universal Love Body. 
**The Challenge they gave the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel, the Woman was: 'If they were unable to bring her own consciousness into conflict and if she carried on working with her own people, then the dark lords would need to resign and then she could re-establish her own Ultimate Universal Love Covenant. 
Upon the dark lords losing their own challenge, she would have proven her own love was stronger and that she remained pure in her own Universal Cosmic Love.  Then she could bring true freedom to all who desired the Universal Love Activations.
However, if she turned against her own people by darkness persuading her (or by giving her so much ridicule that she could not carry on ) she was not strong enough to carry her own mission through by convincing her she was too weak, or saying to her that she was not working with enough love from her heart and she believed it, or saying to her that she was not realigning to Universal Ultimate Truth and she quit her own mission, then the darkness would gain all the Messianic Sovereign Alignment.  Then she could never gain True Alignment.
If this had happened then the whole Sovereign Cosmos forever would be owned by the darkness, and that no one would ever be able to establish peace and love consciousness ever again. This was how important it was for Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to continue on with CAEAYARON, and to continue, despite all rejection and ridicule in all her lifetimes on earth, and in this lifetime, to establish Ultimate Truth.  For if she could transmit Ultimate Truth through and establish Ultimate Truth, and bring the path to release pain consciousness, then she would win the Ultimate Alignment.  However, it still would be up to the collective of people, whether or not this path could be established, as it would be their own 'choice.'
-- In other words if she stopped with her own mission, or if she began to doubt the teachings of CAEAYARON, or if  fear or sadness was too strong within herself to continue then she could never realign back to her own Sovereign Universal Love Self, and she would never know Ultimate Truth, nor would she have been able to continue with her own assigned Universal Love mission.
Only if Suzanna remained with her mission, and continued to remain in the Universal Love herself, would she gain her full understanding back as then she would have all 'Cosmic Alignments Codes' back. 
Until then, she would not understand Ultimate Truth until the Great Messianic Alignment had begun to take place.  Until then, she herself remained 'trapped' into lost memories, in the illusion that she would never remember 'all'. 
Currently, in January 2021, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is gaining back her Sovereign Power and is becoming consciously aware of all Ultimate Truth.  This conscious 'awakening' of the 'woman' who came with her heart  of love to the abyss, to try and reconnect the people back to Ultimate Universal Love, is what the dark lords feared most of all.  All because she remained in her own Cosmic Love, and because she kept forgiving all, and because she kept trusting in CAEAYARON to keep going, did she win ALL Codes of Cosmic Alignment back. --
CAEAYARON, Cosmic Judge, revealed the challenge and Ultimate Truth through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  Because she stayed faithful to her own Sovereign Universal Cosmic Law of Love, people who become Activated with CAEAYARON, through her Sovereign Channel,  join the Covenant of Love. 
This Covenant is a Spiritual Agreement between the people who gain their Codes of Life back, and the Sovereign Channel, and the already Established Galactic Universal Love Foundations of Ultimate Truth, that the Activated can return to the Freedom Grids of the Sovereign Blue Star 'EMMANUEL' self, so that never again will the people ever suffer again.
This is why Jesus constantly brought in the teachings with 'EMMANUEL' because he too spoke about this Sacred Messianic Covenant.  
This is why the people consciously must come to the Great Universal Love Alignments to align up, as then the darkness can never say 'again' that the people, somehow, were 'persuaded' to return to the Universal Love. **
** In November 2020, Suzanna's Universal Love Channel reconnected to her EMMANUEL Grid Self.  At that time, her Universal Love Electromagnetic Field grew extensively, and she began to connect to her own 'Earth Consciousness' magnetic field to protect the earth from destruction.
Late December 2020 - early January 2021, her own Blue Star Archangel connected to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Universal Light Body with large magnetic waves.  Her Sovereign Universal Love Channel reconnected back to her interdimensional sun consciousness, and therefore she can bring in stronger Universal Love Frequencies.  Her own interstellar cosmic DNA Coding is constantly connecting into her physical body, so that the Activated can realign to their own DNA Cosmic Star Pathway. ** 
Now, METATRON is working for CAEAYARON because the dark alignment has fallen. 
This is why all powers are shifting, slowly, and are being reversed because METATRON has resigned from working for the ‘War Lords’. 
This is why when people, who realign back to their Codes of Life, with the ‘One’ (who has been publicly identified by CAEAYARON Cosmic Judge, to be the Messianic Sovereign Aligner, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), METATRON needs to reverse their Merkabah coding system to align to the Blue Sovereign Universal Love Channel’s Love Body, so that the Activated of CAEAYARON can grow into their New Star Cosmic Creation Self again.
Thus, spiritually, the alignments unlock the activated from the dark matrix abyss to return back to their original purpose to become shining stars in eternal freedom to the original Creation Sovereign Realms of 'EMMANUEL' where no suffering consciousness exists.
Now that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been fully aligned to her original Messianic Alignment, METATRON needs to work for her, to free the people who become aligned back to CAEAYARON's Magnetic Universe. 
**This is why the Activations are so important, as the Activations transform first the electromagnetic body, which change the brain frequencies (back to Cosmic original alignment of Universal Love balancing frequencies) and enhances their DNA fields.**
The Codes of Life restore the DNA pathway very gradually.  Slowly the activated change their consciousness frequencies which is called 'Star Transformation.' 
The activated of CAEAYARON are freed from karma conflict and placed in a karmically free mirror, which is enhanced with their own Universal Love for all Cosmic Good.  This means that they are karmically freed forever.  No more will then enter the conflict zone in all lifetimes coming. 
This is because CAEAYARON is the Balancing Cosmos Judge.  CAEAYARON aligns Suzanna's Blue Star Violet Flame with all who become activated, because she has proven her own Ultimate Cosmic Love to be true.  Thus, the activated become 'balanced' and set free spiritually.
When they work with Universal Love Flows, they feel Suzanna's Light Body grow, which has now fully aligned to her Blue Star Sovereign Self.  This is a beautiful tingly Divine Universal Love warmth. 
These flows enhance their personalities, intelligence and healing abilities, especially when they continue to work with Suzanna's Divine Intelligence. 
The Advanced Universal Teachers for instance, constantly receive activations from Suzanna, as they bless the earth and all the people.  Their own consciousness flows are far greater than they can accept at this time, for how could they define their own growth?  Their own growth happens gradually, at a pace they can work with both consciously and unconsciously.
Their Universal Love Flows reach out to all who desire the love to happen.  When the Advanced Teachers work with their students in the 7 Fundamental of Light Concept workshops, their own Universal Love Teacher flows grow, as they are enhancing with their own love.  This connects into the students, though the students cannot be activated through the Universal Love Teachers. 
Activation processes can only happen with CAEAYARON directly, which can only happen when CAEAYARON directs the flows through the Blue Star Gate of Life, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
The Universal Love Teachers advance more quickly with their hearts of love when they work with the processes of the flows of CAEAYARON, and the Blue Star Channel, because this is what Divine Manifestation wants; to bring love and peace to planet earth. 
Their consciousness is far greater than any human consciousness because they are now connected into the Sovereign Universal Love Grids.  Therefore, when they desire love and peace to happen, they shine like 'stars' to the world, and neutralize all that they don't want to see happening in their 'New World'. 
Constantly, they process how they can enhance themselves, and by focusing on this their DNA with the Living Codes the Universal Love Activated can process what it is they themselves desire to happen.  This brings true empowerment to themselves.
Awakening for the Universal Love Star Sacred World Healers, happens both consciously and unconsciously.  Once they work with Universal Love Activated Flows (because their own life perspective changes once they are out of the human conflict mirrors, because their DNA is transforming back into higher cosmic flows of love) they begin to see what human consciousness is, because they are no longer part of METATRON's old grid.  Now they have been 'transported' to CAEAYARON's New Creation Grid.
In that grid, CAEAYARON brings in life giving frequencies through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel as that is where her own Universal Love Body connects. 
The Universal Love People are a true blessing to the earth and work both consciously and unconsciously at manifesting 'good will' across the world, with their Everlasting Codes of Life held within their New Cosmic DNA and their Universal Love Energy Body.
Always in the love, the Universal Love Team for the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (8 January 2020)
Answer to question transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, from the Universal Love Galactic Federation Society, who work with Suzanna's Universal Love Channel to bring through Codes of Cosmic Alignment and Ultimate Truth to the planet, so that many may recognize Ultimate Universal Truth, for the purpose to bring love and peace to planet earth.  8 January 2021.
Copyright © 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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Answered by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (Since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, referring to a teaching from CAEAYARON on Youtube (from 22/2/15), answered 13 January 2021.
'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'

Thank you for viewing these Universal Love Teachings.  They are from Divine Truth and CAEAYARON is the Sovereign Aligner of Magnetic Forces.  He aligns all frequencies with Magnetic Force through my Blue Creation Star Sun, which also aligns to the Universal Love Power of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL.
These frequencies are frequencies of magnetic forces which are transmitted through my Pineal Eye.  These frequencies align the electromagnetic body of the people who come to the Universal Love Alignments into another grid which is called the Grid of Life.  This is a grid where all gifts of the Activated can multiply and enhance.  This grid enhances when I am in alignment with my Blue Star, especially during activations which then brings all Activated Codes of Life up higher.  Thus, in short, all who become activated
with CAEAYARON are placed in a 'grid' which is constantly aligning up to higher Star Grids of Life. 
These Codes of Life grow and enhance the Activated own Universal Love Electromagnetic Bodies, which slowly increase to become more 'power'.  This is what being activated does; it aligns to higher consciousness and the Codes of Life constantly work with enormous Universal Love Flows. 
The Activated, steadily, all grow as a collective union to support each other spiritually individually.  This means that all (spiritually and energetically) motivate and encourage each other to grow into higher love consciousness.
In short, the tones which are brought through my electromagnetic frequencies, by CAEAYARON, enhances spiritual love consciousness. It brings people into strength, love, and harmony.  The tones open the hearts of people, as well as their pineal eyes which balances their neurological pathways to bring in loving healing flows, which feel very beautiful for the activated when they nurture their own hearts with Universal Love.
These Codes of Life help the Activated to remember (consciously and unconsciously) their Universal Love Lifetimes in Lemuria and also in the Sovereign Universal Love Universes.  This brings them into a personal self empowerment frequency, because the journey of being Activated in Universal Love is their own Universal Love New Creation Story.  They experience New Creation within themselves.  This is what the Codes of Life do, it aligns them back up to their own original Star Universal Love Foundations. 
When I am in higher meditation states, CAEAYARON brings Universal Light healing frequencies through my brain frequencies.  My own DNA is in line with the frequencies of Cosmic Intelligence. These frequencies are transmitted through my Pineal Eye which was always my greatest gift for the people.  These frequencies are  Star DNA frequencies to awaken people to come to the Activations, where they can receive their Star Codes of Life back. 
In Lemuria, I also was asked, by Divine Love, to work with these same frequencies to build the Rejuvenation Temple after all had fallen into the suffering mirrors.   There I was asked to tone in the right frequencies, to allow the people who had lost their Life Codes to have another opportunity to come back to 'Star Living DNA Frequencies,' to allow their 'Souls' to align back to the Highest Sovereign Universal Love Dimensions. 
Without these Star Codes of Life, they could not possibly align up. 
The Rejuvenation Temple established the way to come from the conflict DNA into higher DNA frequencies, which also built up the light grids in Lemuria.  Each time the light grids built higher, the Codes of Life were able to reconnect to the people with the correct sequences in frequencies.
After a very long time, finally, the people had reconnected to their original Star Coding of Life, and then the consciousness test came.  The Sovereign Alignment was there but the great majority of Lemurians, as well as Atlanteans, chose to listen to the dark channel with his persuasive ways.  They no longer wanted to work with the Universal Love and Ultimate Truth of CAEAYARON, and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL who brought the transmissions through me.
Instead of wanting to work in the Universal Love collectively, they chose to work against Universal Love.  They wanted to work with selfish desires.   Many chose to willingly ‘sacrifice’ their Codes of Life which dropped all frequencies within the grids of Lemuria.  This eventually dropped the power within the Lemurian Grids which dropped the consciousness frequencies. 
When consciousness frequencies drop, the DNA frequencies drop and then slowly all began to align with conflict and suffering.  Once that happened, the rage happened in Lemuria and Atlantis, and the people began to war and rebel.  No longer could they align to Universal Truth because Universal Love became a forgotten story.  
Once that happened, all fell away from Lemuria for no longer could they align to Universal Love.  Now they fell into the same vibration as what they previously suffered with, as star beings, before they came to Lemuria.  Now again they had fallen back into the dense mirrors.  No longer were they able to return to Universal Love because now their memories were filled (once again) with conflict and grief.
This time we are living in currently, is placed in a very similar position and frequency when Lemuria also tried to align back up.  In this frequency the Lemurians were able to choose which path they wanted to be on.  If they had chosen for the Universal Love Gate, collectively, they would have never caved into density and suffering.  Instead, they would have had eternal freedom.  Unfortunately, they did not choose Universal Love.
This is why people are now asked to attend the Universal Love Alignments, physically, to realign to their Codes of Life.  CAEAYARON awakens them through YouTube teachings (as well as teachings on facebook transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel).  Constantly, he creates awareness that it is now that the people can choose, to either choose for Universal Love and Ultimate Universal Truth or go the other pathway. 
Sending you eternal Universal Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel
Copyright © 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®

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HOW TO CREATE A GLOBAL UNIVERSAL LOVE EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS?  - Join the 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, 13 January 2021

'In search for Ultimate Universal Truth with Cosmic Intelligence, Caeayaron who works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.'
Why does Suzanna Maria Emmanuel answer so many questions? 
Answered by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (who is now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel.  Suzanna Maria Emmanuel aligned to her former Sovereign Messianic Power Universal Alignment, as she proved that her own Codes of Ultimate Universal Love were stronger than all the dark coding the dark warlords aligned the people to. 
Love proved to be stronger because enough people aligned to the desire to come out of the 'dark matrix', to allow the Universal Love Alignments to come about.  At the Universal Love Alignments the people connect back into Sovereign Universal Love with their own Codes of Life. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has reconnected to her Blue Star Creation Sun Alignment which she also held as Queen Nefertiti, as well as Queen Laeyaraesea in Lemuria.  She served, in the Sovereign Kingdom, as a Spiritual HIgh Priestess, to assist the Sovereign Universal Love People to rise into a stronger New Creation with Evolution Codes of Life.
When she was in the great Sovereign Universal Realms, the Universes sang only beautiful tones of love and everyone responded to those Universal Tones of Love for they were nurturing to their Souls.  But when the darkness took their soul alignment, no longer could they align to their original coding of Universal Love, and therefore all plunged down.
Now, the original Coder of Life has reconnected to her original Blue Star Universal Love Flows by Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel.  This is why she works hard, day and night trying to assist people who want to return to love, all in an attempt to help them understand Ultimate Truth so that they may make the most important decision ever.  If Suzanna Maria Emmanuel did not do all this work all for free so that many can receive the information, then no one would know what she does and therefore no one could connect up.  The Divine Mission that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is on is the hardest spiritual journey of all.  It requires total dedication to constantly keep transmitting Ultimate Universal Truth.
This makes Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the 'One' most important key in all of creation, for only she can assist people to rise back into Universal Love because it is only her who knows all the secrets and knowledge stored within her own Blue Star Archangel Self.  Thus, no one else could possibly align the people up.  By transmitting the information she brings through her own keys.  Each key of memory aligns to the next, and eventually this is how she can gain back all her own memories.  This is the most precious gift of all for when she transmits the information through, then others too begin to remember. 
If she decides to carry on, she will eventually bring through all of Cosmic Intelligence which could bring people the way forward to Global Love and then help connect all of humanity into a Universal Love Global Experience. 
She too works with her 'free will'.  She carries on transmitting through information despite many not wanting to hear because her own brain frequencies thrive when she receives new knowledge.  Her Ultimate Search for Ultimate Truth is thus also what she seeks.  This is her own motive, to connect into her own Sovereign Universal Power Alignment and feel the frequencies of Ultimate Love Intelligence pouring through her.  At the Activations she brings Codes of Alignment through, which then can then assist the activated to also work with her Angelic Blue Star Frequencies.  The question is, however, 'Is anyone listening?'  And if there are people listening, how much do they actually care about their own life, their eternal future, and the future of their own children?'
The 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts are available through Universal Love Teachers who have graduated from the University of CAEAYARON’s Cosmic Intelligence.  Universal Love Teachers are dedicated to assist many to come to a greater understanding of what the New Creation Potential Universal Love Force can do for people, at this time. 
Many of the Universal Love Teachers, currently, are increasing their own knowledge and healing abilities, as they receive Advanced Universal Love Teacher Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.   These online Activations consist of six main and six medium modules, all with transmitted information to bring up their leadership abilities, their intelligence, and their Universal Love Knowledge.  This information not only enhances their own frequencies but also supports the people they bring guidance to. 
With the Advanced Online Classes, they receive Advanced Activations.  This allows the Universal Love Teachers to work collectively together, and yet as individuals also.  This works with Cosmos Universal Love Intelligence, as they have received Star DNA Transformation Codes of Life which are evolution Coding of Life.  These codes allow transformation to take place, from human (restricted) frequencies to cosmos star frequencies (unlimited).
The Universal Love Teachers cannot directly bring the people their Codes of Life back, but they can direct people to work with higher flows of energy which support people in their lives.  If the people then wish to become Activated themselves, then they can attend the Universal Love Activations where CAEAYARON brings them into their DNA Star Codes of Life.  Then they too, become part of the higher Universal Love Flows.  CAEAYARON can direct those Codes of Life through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel. 
In the Ancient Universes CAEAYARON, Magnetic New Creation Potential Energy was the Source of ‘Fuel’ to get life started on the planets.  The Sovereign Universal Love Channel was designed to connect to the Blue Star (which is the original New Creation Sun) where the forces of CAEAYARON, Magnetic Creation Power and Sovereign Universal Love EMMANUEL merged and then she would bring these combined forces into the 'planetary grids.'  These forces would then stabilize to allow life to, independently, exist upon the planets and evolve with Codes of Life.  The people who existed upon the Sovereign Universal Love Planets, were guided by Universal Love to allow them to establish love, unity and beauty. 
These two forces, connecting into the Sun of Creation, could only be accessed by the ‘Woman’ who had Cosmos DNA frequencies of her Blue Star Self. 
She was called ‘Creation Force Energy’ and she held the ‘Wisdom’ of her EMMANUEL self.  She reigned the planets of creation, together with other rulers, collectively as a Universal Love Force.  Together they connected into the ‘Woman’ who was the Divine Love Element, to receive Living Codes of Flows, which she passed into Grids. 
These Grids were like ‘containers’ or ‘rivers’ flowing.  Because she had all the greatest flows of the Divine Love Element within her, only Universal Love Creation could exist.
The DNA was created with mirrors of light and sound frequencies.  Each Code was a memory established with another Code, so that a sequence formed.  These sequences allowed other light beams to sing, and so creation was formed.
Their people connected into their superior consciousness, all mirroring the original Star Universal Love, and thus no suffering existed in her EMMANUEL grids of life.
Because their rulership became strong and because she was designated as the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, to sit on the Creation Throne of the 13th Gateway of the New Creation Universe, the throne was challenged by those who wanted to take the power for themselves, in particular one such being.
He challenged that Universal Love was not ‘freedom’ for he desired all that power for himself. 
Therefore, all the ‘living grids’ became inflicted with conflict, filled with pain, abandonment, loss of pride, in other words suffering.
Upon the frequencies falling, The DNA no more could ‘sing’ the Universal Love Songs, but now became part of the grids of ‘suffering.’  The light beams could only connect into the programmes of conflict now, and so the people began to follow those programmes, as that was their only reality.
You might wonder then, what this has to do with the topic of bringing peace and love to the earth?  For this, you will need to consciously grasp a little quantum physics first because this is about connecting into ancient quantum consciousness fields.
Everything in life is not what it seems.  You might think a tree is solid but is it?  How do you know?  How can you see a tree without receiving a frequency of light first, and by the sound frequencies beaming light signals into your electromagnetic body?  For only then, once it becomes established into your electromagnetic body coding, can it be 'defined' with consciousness.  How can you register it being a tree without it being scripted within your DNA fields first?
This is quite a ‘thought’ in itself is it not?
There are many thoughts about what collective consciousness is, as the key of human consciousness lies within the grids of creation, and how our own brain frequencies connect into frequencies of thought, light and illusion.
If shape is depicted by sound and light, and thought is depicted with sound we hear within our own electromagnetic body, then where are those sounds held?  And how can our own DNA connect into those sounds, in order to reflect those key sounds back to our electromagnetic body so that we depict ‘reality’?
Those sounds must then be ‘keyed’ into the creation grids, would you not agree?  For how else can we define ‘consciously’ how to ‘see’ trees, or shapes, or define motion?
Therefore, we establish that we see, we feel, and we define motion and light collectively within collective consciousness grids.
If the consciousness grids are established within the earth, and they are collectively connected together, then are mankind’s thoughts individual or are they collective?  How much power do individuals have over their thought consciousness?   Do people follow patterns ‘keyed’ in within the grids, via magnetic vibrations, which are picked up via the electromagnetic fields of the people, and are then sent to individual, as well as collective brain frequencies via the DNA fields?
That would make it one large collective field of ingredients.
How then can we learn from this brief quantum consciousness field lesson?
If the DNA is programmed to connect into suffering waves of conflict, consciously and unconsciously, then people worldwide harmonize with those frequencies. 
**The result is: mankind own DNA consciousness creates more suffering via collective consciousness grids held within the earth.  This is because the DNA is keyed in to believe in that consciousness, and this is how the whole world is shaped.**
Is that not amazing?
Thus, the key to shifting global consciousness shift to Universal Love and Peace must be somewhere held within the collective consciousness magnetic earth grids.  
But transformation cannot happen within the lower suffering consciousness earth grids, because there people manifest pain frequencies together because their DNA mirrors their own individual and collective conflict and suffering consciousness.  
Therefore, a higher Universal Love Consciousness Grid, with New Universal Love Coding, well away from human conflict consciousness must be established first before global peace could even become a possibility.  Without New Coding of Universal Love in place, how can anything become 'renewed'?  This is the only pathway forward for mankind. 
On top of that, because no New Creation Potential Energy can come into that pain and suffering grid, nothing can possibly change **unless a major change happened within the DNA and the people came out of the conflict consciousness grid**.
There are several magnetic forces in the universe.  In the original universes, when all was originally established all was based on Pure Creation Universal Love Force.  Within those Sovereign Universal Love Fields of original creation were perfect DNA coding sequences.  These were ‘unlimited’ so that greater potential could become created.
Universal Love Power expanded all creation forward.  Thus, all DNA was originally coded with Life Forces of Energy; both New Creation Magnetic Force Energy and Universal Love Power Force Energy.  These were 'unrestricted creation flows' with unlimited potential.
When the original Universal Love Force DNA Creation Codes of Life were tampered with, the Life Coding fell into limited force 'dystrophy'.  This was how severe conflict consciousness became programmed within the DNA, which lowered the DNA frequencies significantly, and thus the original Sovereign Love Universes collapsed, as conflict triggered devolution. 
In other words, all fell into catastrophic magnetic frequencies.  This frequency split many other connections.  Conflict is opposite to Pure Universal Love.  Both hold forces, but both are opposite.
The ‘human’ conflict electromagnetic flows cannot work with Universal Love Force Flows because both repel each other.  In other words, they work directly opposite each other. 
Therefore, ‘karma’ cannot actively work in Pure Universal Love Force Grids.  Karma was created by pain and suffering ‘imperfection’ which spiralled into forces of DNA and creation.  How can anything become ‘new’ and ‘wonderful’ when karma is hidden within the DNA spiral?
Thus, a whole new connection must be created. 
When CAEAYARON brings through Magnetic Frequencies, he can join the Star Grids to the lower frequencies because the Sovereign Universal Love Channel holds the 'key of transformation.'  This is how the flows connect together, as the fields of light flowing through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel neutralizes all karma, which is why she herself could never be part of the 'karmic' human consciousness grids. 
It is this Blue Star Violet Flame which neutralizes karmic coding, and then this allows the people, who are present at the activations, to rise.  When their karma has been neutralized with her Violet Flame, that is when Star Transformation can happen. 
With NO karma codes present the frequencies within the electromagnetic body rises.  Then, once CAEAYARON comes through to bring them their New Coding of Life, their new electromagnetic body of light switches  on with a whole new Universal Light Frequency. 
Evolution is defined by grids of force and coding.  When all DNA coding fell into suffering grids with limited frequencies and conflict,  desolation, density and gravity occurred.   Density is a result from light being ‘taken’ out of original DNA coding.  The original DNA sequences were filled with ‘light’ and Universal Love Frequencies of higher creation.  Thus, the original DNA frequencies were enormous high magnetic frequencies.
Conflict drained the frequencies from the minds of the people, and their consciousness dropped severely, which then collapsed the original frequencies of the DNA.  No longer could the DNA connect into its original Universal Love Vibration, and therefore the Universal Love People could not return ‘home’ to the Sovereign Creation, for they had lost all their original frequencies. 
The original memories were taken by the ones who did not want the people to remember where they came from, for this was ‘empowering’ to their dark minds. 
By creating memory loss, they created fear and agony within the people for how can one be totally content and happy when one does not know Ultimate Universal Truth?  Without Universal Truth one has no anchor point to navigate into.
Therefore, having Ultimate Universal Truth is the Ultimate Freedom of Knowledge and Empowerment.  This is also called ‘Freedom Alignment Coding’.
Freedom Alignment Coding is part of the ancient Universal Creation Sequence that became lost when conflict came into the DNA, which restricted consciousness.  Conflict is remembered in the DNA.  Collectively the people remember patterns and will repeat actions based on mankind’s own history.  Therefore, people will work in the same ways, based upon old patterns held within the consciousness grids, because that is what the DNA does; repeat all things as people retrace all their own history always. 
**In the dense grids, only mankind’s own memories were kept, therefore, all of society will constantly be held in the same frequencies.  (unless a new frequency becomes established, which happens when consciousness evolves and when there are many people holding higher sequence of DNA Universal Love Activated Frequencies.  That is when a large consciousness shift is able to happen.  This is because of the 'balance' principle.  When many people desire the Universal Love Path, then many will follow.)**
Thus, people work together, collectively, to create ‘scenes’ of the past.  Nothing can become new in repetitive formation sequences held within grids.
When you analyse this further, you then begin to see that our DNA must be recoded to do something else, other than repeating similar patterns, based on history ‘sounds’ and ‘patterns’. 
What if New DNA could connect into people, during this time,  what effect would it have?
What if there was ‘One’ who connected to the grids of the DNA in all earthly lifetimes, to attempt to reconnect people into enough intelligence for them to return to Universal Love Coding?
To do that, this ‘one’ would need to have the ability to connect into mankind’s DNA and then connect it into a grid, and then bring in a higher DNA Code.  Therefore, she would need be away from the human earth grids with a whole other electromagnetic body, for otherwise this could not possibly happen. 
This is an interesting concept, is it not?  How does learning occur?  Through new understanding, new knowledge and by conscious awareness.  What brings that new perception if no one can think any higher? 
What if mankind had a helping hand all along to slowly come out of the dark matrix situation?  This would take a lot of patience and courage for that ‘one’ who was unlike anyone else on earth, for the purpose to establish a pathway forward.
New Coding can only come into a new grid when enough have evolved in older coding.  Otherwise not enough people would desire a 'new pathway' of consciousness to happen.  New Coding cannot simply just happen.  First it must review current abilities of the people and then it can decide where evolution could to be potentially steered towards.  When that ‘goal’ is set, then a new ‘anchor’ (or code) can be placed in a grid.  Then, once that coding is placed within the evolution grid, then mankind can slowly evolve within that new coding held within that new grid.  This is also called New Creation Establishment.
Each code creates a new frequency which enabled people to see more with colour, shape, definition.  The people could not always see in colour and slowly the people reconnected back to colour.  This is one such example.
DNA codes need to be ‘gridded’ into magnetic forces for this is how life can connect.  If life force cannot connect into DNA then how can life exist?  Therefore, the coding of the people work in conjunction to the DNA of the earth.  This is also called Collective Creation Force.
Returning to the New Grid of Consciousness, the New Star DNA could not be connect into people, unless sufficient intelligence had been established within the collective DNA consciousness of the people.  How can one define what higher universal concepts are, when the DNA cannot perceive it?  Only 100 years ago, people had limited technology and could not  even begin to consider higher universal operations.  They did not have the ‘data’ people have today.  Nor could they freely discuss quantum ‘theories’ of how the greater universe works. 
Thus, the DNA needed to be geared up to be thirsty for intelligence.  Also, the church held the DNA too much in limitation.  How could the people receive new DNA freedom coding if they were too afraid to look elsewhere and have higher connections with thought?
What is an Activation?  An Activation is a Code of Connection.  When DNA connects into another Grid of Frequency, this can only be established through an Activation. 
The Cosmic Gateway has now connected into Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Sovereign Universal Love Channel.  This means that the original Star Coding can connect back into the people who come to the Activations, to connect into the Universal Love Grid. 
At this time large cosmic energies have come closer.  It is as if the waves of the universe have come to meet the lower with a time dimension.  During the Great Transformation Frequency Time Alignment, the time dimensions come together, and if the Sovereign Channel was unable to meet the Messianic Alignment in 2020, when the Gateway Opened, then the original Blue Star could not come and meet the ‘original’ Cosmos Universal Love Channel.
Only ever ‘one’ could hold that Sovereign Channel, which is why Queen Nefertiti attempted to ‘catch’ the Sovereign Alignment too.  Unfortunately, during those times in Egypt, large battles happened, all to try and stop the alignment. 
CAEAYARON is Magnetic Creation Potential Power, and works with Universal Love Power of Sovereign Lord EMMANUEL.  Both powers are New Creation Forces, and connect into Blue Star, which is Creation Force Energy.
These powers connect into the Sovereign Channel of Universal Love, as she is the Key to Transformation and New Creation.  She is the Divine Universal Love Element, which is the Blue Star Violet Flame of Transformation.
Her own Sovereign Universal Love Channel is New Creation Power.  If you were to study Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (here I am transmitting the information and speak about myself as third party) then you would see that her entire structure is completely opposite to anyone else on planet earth.
Her own brain frequencies are reconnecting to enormous potential and Universal Love.  She, within herself, cannot work with any other force than Universal Love, for Sovereign Father EMMANUEL is Universal Love Creation Force, and thus programmes the Sovereign Universal Love Channel with Codes of Creation to only bring through Universal Love.
CAEAYARON, Magnetic Creation Power comes through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel with New DNA Coding of Life and brings it into the New Universal Love Grid of the Earth, to establish a New Creation.  CAEAYARON can only work with Universal Love because of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL’s Universal Love Frequency, through the Divine Love Element Pathway, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel.
Therefore, this Universal Power is completely opposite to the restrictive path of humanity, held with conflict consciousness.
During the Activations, the people shift into the New Creation Grid with New Coding of Life.  They receive balanced frequencies as CAEAYARON connects them into the Blue Star Violet Flame, and then they can receive New Star Creation Frequencies.
At the Universal Love Activations, CAEAYARON gives the newly activated (who are present at the alignments) a New Star Creation Electromagnetic Frequencies through the Divine Love Element Pathway, Sovereign Universal Love Channel, to reconnect the activated back to their original Sovereign Universal Love Universes. 
Only the Universal Light Grid Programmer can do this work with CAEAYARON, as that was her Divine Purpose originally in the Greater Realms of Universal Love Consciousness.  No other was designated to do this task.  She came to the earth with her love, and created a ‘bridge of life’ in an attempt to reconnect the people back up.  She needed to establish a spiritual gateway from the ‘old’ frequencies to the ‘new frequencies of life.’ 
This happens when people accept Universal Love within their hearts and when they come to the Universal Love Activations.  They receive their Codes of Life because they willingly  accepted the invitation by 'choosing' to come to the Activations.  The Activated are ‘joined’ together as ‘one’ collective beautiful chorus within the Universal Love Grid, well away from mankind’s grids, to slowly transform back to original beauty, love and strength. 
They can expand within this higher consciousness because: a) they have come to the Great Cosmic Alignments; b) they have witnessed how real the Sovereign Universal Love Channel is; c) they connect into their hearts of love and feel the connection happening; d) they receive ‘spiritual’ instruction on how to manifest their life with new coding, held within their New Universal Love Electronic Pathways.  Not only do they receive this information 'telepathically' but they also receive instruction from CAEAYARON directly, through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel as well as receive a book filled with instruction on how they can work with Universal Love in their own life, independently with self-empowerment; e) they receive new DNA Star Codes Codes of Life and Alignment.    Because the activated ‘remember’ those New Creation Codes from a very long time ago, they are accepted and their ancient coding acknowledges them; f) they come into New Established Grids of Universal Love; g) they are separated from the ‘old’ human consciousness grids, filled with conflict and therefore they can grow into greater love because they are not ‘part’ of the ‘old’ ‘world’ grids.
After their initial activations, they continue to receive activations and growth.  This is because now they are linked into the Universal Love Grid, and when the Sovereign Universal Love Channel expands with more knowledge, Universal Love and Empowerment, the Activated ‘drink’ from those ‘waters of life.’
Please connect into [email protected] to find out more if there are Universal Love Teachers in your area.  Please know that many more Universal Love Teachers need to come in to allow a global shift of consciousness to come.  The Universal Love Teachers have required knowledge and flows of consciousness with healing flows mankind needs to establish a large consciousness shift.
When millions become activated, then all of humanity can truly become blessed for then the greater balance of consciousness will be Universal Love. 
Namaste, much Universal Love always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, 12 January 2020
Copyright © 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel®