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Your Star Consciousness Expansion, explanation by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel of Crop Circle - Long man of Wilmington, Long Man, East Sussex, 3 July 2014
This article was posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 31 August 2016
Namaste and I send much love and light to you. After our last lesson of understanding more about the energy beauty of you as a human, especially when you awaken to your beauty within, the next lesson comes into play. The next lesson is held within this star, which is your consciousness expansion.

There are many ways of looking at this star and many lessons are held within this crop circle. Each dimension you look at is different and correct. It is for you to feel into the star and look deeper into the star.

All points have a different understanding and there really is no right or wrong, for there is only IS, in the universe. All ways have greater ways of seeing, because there are more than one way to look at all things.

This crop circle is also encouraging us to see ourselves from all angles, for all angles are correct for limitation does not exist, only in our minds.

All lessons are frequencies. Each frequency has a story to tell. There are many angles and all angles are absolute truth. What is your truth the star asks, for all truth affects many other points.

Here is a beautiful star which is awakening, which is the energy frequency body of a person upon the earth.

Now the thoughts are becoming greater and that person, because their energies are expanding, are reaching out to other dimensions and are affecting other dimensions of thought.

The awakening star has a great presence and here its presence is able to use its energies to bring good and not so good.

The greater it awakens to its inner power, the greater it will influence the thoughts of others. It becomes influential and depending upon the love versus the greed consciousness, it brings those energies through to many other people upon the plane to help them expand or to keep them limited.

Here, the shape of the consciousness lines shows a plane that is rather restricted in thought, which is our plane. The five sides show humanity consciousness, yet unawakened, and each of the other energies the star reaches out to has the potential to become its own rightful star.

Often however, the star who awakens to greater power, does not seek others to understand their greater power but keeps them in limited thought.

They know within themselves that when people believe in the power of the star, that the star rises into its own greater light because the other people, they give their power to the star by believing the greater star, thus the greater star feeds on the belief systems of the people who believe the greater star.

The star in the circle, knows the responsibility to create other stars but by limiting their viewpoints they cannot become their own stars. This is how they help the star in the middle to shine greater.

This is often shown in your society too. People give too much power to central figures and thus can never gain their own greater power.

Instead of finding their own power within, they stay in the belief they cannot have it, thus they keep giving their power to the star in the middle, creating this flow of insecurity and limitation, which is total illusion.

Here the lesson is self-responsibility and also collective responsibility.

You have here the greatest opportunity to open to the star of your being, to become that greater power and to have a great presence to bring all your desires into your own star realm, your life.

However, when you do not believe it, you will never become that power. You will be bound by the limited self-viewpoints of who you are, instead of exploring the greatness of yourself.

Here, this circle shows the constant inner battles we have. We believe that others have the answers, but the real answers are within you and it is for you to understand you are the star. Others may guide you to your inner star and then you can shine like the star in your life and help many others to become the star.

The greater we shine, the more people we will affect as is also shown in the star. We are all connected to each other. The more presence of the star we have, the greater our thoughts affect others, which is why we must grow with love and forgiveness in our heart, for the greater we become, the greater our star responsibility becomes.

If everyone learned to live in peace with their own star, we would have peace and love upon our plane, without the battles of who is greater than who because in reality, none of us is greater than another, especially so on this physical plane.

The circle on the outside also explains how we can reach the greater thoughts of the Divine and truly power up our thoughts and reach the greater thoughts to bring them back to us.

We are all here to raise the star consciousness within us and within each other and shine like stars, keeping in mind to stay in our humility, in our heart and linked to Divine Will, which is the greatest star, and when we plug into the Greatest Star, Divine source, our own stars will never run out of power.

Let’s learn to power up ourselves and each other and shine brilliantly upon our earth.

Namaste, love and light and many blessings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Key to the colours:

Yellow star: is you. How great you shine as your star depends upon your spiritual awareness.

Yellow arrows: Your expansion is forever. The greater your awareness is, the greater you affect other thought consciousness.

Yellow lines connecting to yellow arrows: Consciousness expansion and connection.

Shape of the lines surrounding the star shows inner battles of consciousness to expand, and limited understanding of who we truly are. Once we reach the understanding that we are one with the Great One, we become part of the circle consciousness, which is Divine.

Green shading: Heart opening to self love and love of others. It is only with love and forgiveness that we will be able to truly shine and affect many others and help them to become stars also and shine together as One, bringing greater love consciousness to the earth.