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‘Will you see the higher path or not?’ Crop Circle discovered in Uffington, Oxfordshire, UK , 8 July 2006, with Crop Circle Translator, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel guided by the Galactic Federation of Light Society.

Namaste, I send much love and light to you always. Imagine if we could see the story of the universe being unfolded in front of us and we could discover our true purpose. Imagine that we are part of the greatest story in the universe and depending on how we listen at this time, and what we do at this time, will depend on whether we come out of this game with incredible love strength and love knowledge, or not. Imagine if our decision was so important at this time that if we choose not to see it, we will stay in this dense game, held in dense programmes for many more thousands more life-times to come.

Imagine if a way out was given to us and we could only see it if our spiritual eyes were open enough to see it, and if our heart was open enough to desire it.

Welcome to the Times of the Great Awakening when millions will see this and will want to yell it with all their hearts out to others, ‘Please wake up!!! Please see!!!'

We only have a short time, relatively, to see this and come into the Great Love of CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

This crop circle message is from the Star Beings who are yelling out with their heart of love from the higher dimensions to us because they desire us to awaken.

They know the game. They know the balance in the universe is so very important at this time and they are working hard to awaken us.

The first question is always; ‘Will we see it?’

And then the question is, ‘Will we actually do something about it?’

The action part is becoming activated by coming to the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON, who holds the keys to our greater evolution path, which is held within our Sacred Light Lemurian Codes, deep within the Crystalline Grid.

Please read this message from AMMORAH, who is a very High Priestess on the Pleiadian Council. She has enormous love for us. Together with many other Pleiadians of great love and Star Beings of love she is here to take us into our further spiritual wisdom:


A Komo Ha, Halima, Greetings, I AM AMMORAH, HIGH PRIESTESS on the PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL. (Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Why this message of love?

You are living in a time when you are discovering the power within you and the greatest choice within you. The choice is within you because you understand the pathways. You have travelled far to come here, and now the pathway upwards is clear. Well done on coming this far on your spiritual journey of discovery.

We would like to give you an explanation of this particular message, which is from the Great Star Beings of Love who want to awaken you to the greatness. Please understand there are many layers of information coming, as all messages relate to your growth at different times.

Later, when you work on a higher dimension of love and information, again you will revisit this message and you will see additional lessons in it.

All messages are messages to teach you and guide you to come out of this ‘maze’ you find yourself entangled in.

But how many are willing to listen and understand how to come out of the maze and the entanglement?

Finding the way to the greatest choice

Nothing upon your earth is what it seems, and this is what you are discovering more and more. We are happy you made it to this time, to understand the entanglement, your creation and your purpose.

Very few are finding the higher platform of spiritual stability at this time and we are inviting you to the higher information available upon this earth, but like all things, all things are there as a choice. You are also living in the greatest choice.

You are taken into a greater teaching now to help you understand the power of your one thought and what you are creating.

You are a multidimensional being. Depending on your growth at this time, depends on your growth as a multidimensional being also. You are part of a greater creation in the making and you are living in a time now of the greatest experiment ever. Will you desire to become a part of the greater creation?

The greater creation itself is asking the lower dimensions, and you are living on the lower dimensions and part of the lower thought dimensions: ‘Do you desire to awaken to the higher love frequencies which are happening at this time? Or will you stay resistant in your ways and refuse to listen?’

Here upon your earth you have many frequencies you can choose to listen to.

Why earth is a magnificent creation?

This message shows that all frequencies of thoughts are contained upon and within your earth (as shown in the small red circle). Your earth is a magnificent creation as it is the only planet in existence where all frequencies of thoughts are able to be held and created with.

Many other universes are in existence, but none as precious as your planet.

Most other universes are frequencies of particular choice. ‘What does its creation desire to grow with,’ and, ‘Will it grow with those particular frequencies?

Your earth however, consists of ALL frequencies, as ALL is decided upon your earth.

Why? Because you are the players of the game. You decide which pathway you go to next. This all depends on whether you find the highest way to the great universal love frequencies, or not.

You are able to climb up very high in this lifetime of the Great Alignment, or you are able to stay on a much denser frequency, which means your future life paths also stay on the denser frequency if you choose that path.

You are part of a multidimensional thought game. All of you are involved with our growth, as Star Beings of Love, also. We are waiting for you to respond to the love thoughts within you more and more, as this will expand the power of love within the universe to allow the higher creation of your beings to go to the higher universes.

You play in this game because all fell severely in the universal frequencies.

The great resistance did not want you to awaken to the love within you because it wanted to keep you prisoner to its own thoughts. In the prison of the lower frequencies it can feed off you.

However, now that the great prophecies of the Great CAEAYARON, the Light Frequency Creator and the High Light Dimension Builder, has come to your plane with the Light Grid Programmer (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), you are able to build your dimensions upwards, which means we are able to play higher along with those who choose to climb upwards.

But how many people will desire to listen? Will you desire to understand?

Will you awaken to your importance of your own game?

You are a frequency transmitter. Depending on which side you are playing on, the side of the thoughts of the love and the light, or the weaker thoughts; those of pain, fear and shadow, depends on how high or low those frequencies are building within you in the universe, which is why your love and light must awaken more as a collective so that all of creation in the universe is boosted upwards into the love.

You all connect to 12 star dimensions, upwards and downwards with your inner programmes, although in universal terms there is no upwards, or downwards, there simply is.

You are affecting those pathways. When you reach deep within the love of your being, you are growing into the higher dimensions, leaving the lower behind.

As a multidimensional being, you, on the higher levels, are able to build in those dimensions when you as a human builds on the love foundation within yourself. To rise into the higher love universes, you on an energetic level, must change, and hence we are sounding out the great trumpet to all who desire to understand this.

Why the call from Divine Love is so important at this time?

I, AMMORAH, AM raising higher awareness upon your earth now to show the importance of the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with the Great CAEAYARON, as this will be blessed not only by Divine Beings of Great Love, but also by the Galactic Federation of Light Society who desire the union, love and harmony to only exist in the love universes so that all Star Beings on the higher love dimensions can become part of that New Creation. They desire you to become part of all in the New Love Dimensions. This is open for all who seek to listen and work in the love, and bring love to your planet, and learn the higher ways of love and harmony.

On the higher levels, all know you are involved in this game. This is why I, AMMORAH, together with the high love beings, want you to play higher and dance higher, to allow the great ascension to happen. As on the higher levels, so on the lower levels. You hold the key to the ultimate growth within the universe to happen, as everything is linked to the human beings at this time.

This is because you are in a game, and because you are in a game, we on the higher love dimensions, are also playing our own game. We desire to help you understand the game, to help you leave your game, and allow you to join our love game so that your key within you, once you have been activated with CAEAYARON and receive those greater keys, can unlock the higher love games together with us.

On your earth the game the human consciousness is playing at this moment is the choice. What will you decide upon? The love and the light and then to work with the high love frequencies to bring more to your plane to create love with? Or will you create the pain and the fear more, and create that in the universal plays of denseness more?

What will you create, dear creators of your own play?

As all things are transmitted upwards, so it is coming through to your plane as you are living in a universe of freedom and mirrors. Whatever you play with must be magnified upwards at this time. What you play with is also reflected downwards to your plane more to affect mass consciousness.

The more the love and the light rises upon your plane, the greater the intensity of the love will affect your plane, which is when more people will awaken to truth within as it will reflect more and more back to you, the players of the game.

The circle on the outside of the image is a large mirror. It beams out the rays to whatever you are creating into the universe and back to you. This it has always done, however, now, because the Great Sun has returned, your plays become more magnified.

You affect much more with your consciousness than you realize.

All through time this has been the power of human consciousness. The darkness desired you to stay in the pain and in the fear as it ‘ate’ from your pain and fear frequencies to build more power within the universe on the lower dimensions, to bring greater destruction and fear for its own power games.

Now, in the time of the great awakening, you are able to see more of your own creation happening, and allow the love within you to build, to allow the love to come more within your thought programmes so that you can ascend upwards into a beautiful being, and celebrate your growth together with us; as your star brothers and star sisters in the true love and in the true harmony, united, together, serving the Great Divine Will of Great Love.

But will you desire that? Will you desire to grow into those flows?

Here, I AMMORAH wish to bring the explanation of our message to you in brief terms. The depth of the message is far greater than you can currently hold within your information banks and therefore greater depth will come in the future as all things must be examined by you to allow all thoughts within your arrangement to be examined.

Key to the Crop Circle Message


Ultimately you are deciding your own destiny in this game. What are you building on the higher planes? This is what is being discovered by you at this time.

Red Circle:

What you see here is the frequencies of thought. The circle in the middle, (red circle) is where all your thoughts are kept on planet earth.

Each person upon your earth sends out thought frequencies and decides on the programmes they desire to play with during their lifetime and future lifetimes. These thought systems build in each lifetime, up higher and higher, or more in the denseness, depending on the path you choose.


Unlimited thought frequencies are available to play with and investigate with upon your earth, which is held within the thought pool available upon planet earth (pictured in the blue.) You are able to play high and low.


The light thoughts (yellow) is your thought creation. What will you desire to transmit outwards to mirror back to your own plane, the thoughts of the higher love creation, or the shadow creation of the denser programmes.

Shades of lighter yellow and darker yellow:

You have light programmes and dark programmes within you. The darkness desired you to have 50% of each to allow you to make the choice between the two sides. They did not think you would ever return to the love and the light, but we as Star Beings of Love knew you would. Once your programmes come into the love and the light you will leave this earth planet and discover the higher thought rays to create higher creation with.

The 12 sides of each:

You all affect 12 dimensions with your thought systems and depending which you are growing into, and which you are linking into; high or low, are the frequencies you are building within you within and your personal game. (12 on each side).

The orange outside circle:

The prism (the orange outside circle) reflects all thought consciousness and creates all your reality with your thought consciousness. You are your own programmes, created with the thoughts available in the pool. You can choose for either the light programmes within you, or the darker programmes of fear, pain and anger within you.

The darker programmes will keep you into your limited selves, and encased within the earth dimensions, whereas the higher programmes allow you to escape the earth game with the activations happening at this time.

End message:

CAEAYARON is here to free you from your human consciousness, as the test of the light and the dark has been completed now. Now that the greatest test has been completed it is time for you to choose your ultimate destiny.

We desire all to return to the higher love dimensions to become freed. However, as all is a choice of freedom within your universal arrangement, we can never make the choice for you. You are your own ultimate decision maker.

Come back to the love our dear friends. Allow yourself to grow into the love dimensions.

I, AMMORAH, will say to you, A Komo Ha Halima, our everlasting warm love is with you, Greetings, I AM AMMORAH, HIGH PRIESTESS ON THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL.

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