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DISTORTION OF TIME Crop Circle Discovered, Sutton Hall, Rochford, Essex, UK, Discovered on 22 July 2018, Translation given from METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of the GREAT CAEAYARON, 4/8/18.
Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC SERVICES, MAGNETIC FORCES. I am here to share with you the universal story, though it is not easy for you to learn because the time dimensions have many secrets within it, waiting to be learned by you.
Each time you learn about a dimensional shift, I, METATRON, can help you to understand another layer. To you all things seem relatively simple within your linear history and time as you cannot understand the muIti-dimensional games and how all things in the universe works. You do not understand that time in the universal dimensions does not exist, or that the universal game has played out many times before coming to your time.
Each time, the light rose up greatly to help all evolve, the darkness rose up again, desiring to be the power and to gain the power. Each time the Great Light Creator, CAEAYARON, rose again with his might to bring the light into greater power to defeat the dark rulership, the darkness rose again and challenged the laws of the Cosmic Courts.
Each time the darkness took the universes, they took more of the light from the light universes, until nothing could become in creation any longer.
I, METATRON worked with the Great Resistance as they desired rulership over the Sovereign Temples, or Sovereign Mountains of the Great Divine Realms, as therein lies the Sovereign Power.
To gain that power was always the greatest wish of the Great Resistance Star Beings. In all there were 5 main beings who desired to own the Great Universe, each one of them began to fight each other also. There was also another with the 5 main beings, but he desired it all back for the light since all had been taken away from the light many times over.
Within those cycles of light being created again, I, METATRON devised a plan with the great darkness to capture the great light.
Know that everything has to do with the Flower of Life, and the Cube of Power which means infinite power, as the Cube of Power is not simply a cube, but many dimensional locks can be created within, to lock energy within so that greater power can be received by the receiver of the Cube of Power.
Originally, the Flower of Life was not Thoth’s to have, or mine as METATRON to take for the Great Darkness. I, METATRON, took the Flower of Life from high universal love beings, which was originally also gifted to the Lemurians in the time of Lemuria as it linked back upwards to the higher dimensions.
The original flower was an unlimited potential source of power for all universal love beings, and only the love beings would be able to harmonize with its power. Therefore, anything that could not harmonize with that love, could not tap into this.
The universal flower was totally unlimited, and the Divine Love Element was CAEAYARON’s Universal Flower. The Divine Love Element was placed within the UNIVERSAL FLOWER GRID, to create more power for the Light Beings, to evolve upwards.
Thoth desired this flower more than anything and began to trap the Flower, the Divine Love Element on many levels. Each time he would take more of the high loving universal beings, she rescued her creation, and then he would trap more of her energy.
I, METATRON, locked that energy in until I was able to create another flower. This flower was able to tap into the Universal Flower when enough energy was lost from the Divine Love Element, and thus all the energy became part of Thoth’s Flower of Life, to bring his universes into creation.
This created mighty wars in the greater spaces, as the Divine Light desired to have that energy back. This happened several times, and each time the darkness destroyed the light, more light was taken.
With this Flower of Life grid, Thoth was able to take over the blue planet and the red universes with ease as the frequencies first fell, and then he could take more energy.
One last opportunity would be given to the universe by GREAT DIVINE SOURCE to see if there was any love left in creation, and hence Lemuria came into existence.
Again, the Divine Love Element worked hard to bring life and light within the Lemurians, and again the Lemurians chose for the darkness, and Thoth took all her energy back into his Flower of Life grid, which he had connected to all his universes, and the grids below to build his underworld.
Understand, that when one cycle comes on one level, time continues on another as all is multidimensional. You cannot understand multi-universes and multi-time, but at the time of Lemuria’s fall, the whole cycle of destruction came about again in the universe.
This time, instead of the light being able to rescue its beings, like all other times, the light fell into the greatest misery of the lower dimensions, since this was the only way to rescue all the fallen ones for good, if they would ever be rescued.
Now, Thoth, with his new-found power, could bring more destruction to the underworld and the people he caught in his net, because they would be unable to escape his wrath and fury. Thoth used the fury of the Yahweh Being very well, including his Dark Leaders who were furious that Thoth had devised a plan without their knowing; that is bringing all the power into his being. This was not liked and wars broke out because of this, as another took the power over and locked Thoth into another time dimension.
Know the Great Darkness does not play fairly, and has not played fairly in the universe, and they betrayed much in the universe.
I, METATRON, wish to state that I have resigned from playing with the Great Darkness as now the Divine Love Element has proven that her love within her heart for all the universe was greater than all power of the darkness. This is why I can bring this message out to you.
Here in this image you see the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life was Thoth’s work of art as it brought light energy in from the human dimensions and brought the power to the darkness to always build the darker dimensions upwards.
Now however, the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON has placed his LIGHT PYRAMID in the centre, and has changed the rotation of the flower grid, to allow the flower to become of light and bring the light to the ones in the Healing Grid of the Activated of CAEAYARON, and also bring more light within the universal planes.
I will begin to help you understand the main message of the crop circle. Note, that there are deeper meanings within as there is light language on a multidimensional timeframe placed within, with high frequencies. However, I, METATRON, can only work with your current information, and then built it up slowly to help you understand more.
Know that this has been part of a multidimensional time loop, and it is not as linear as what you may think it to be, as each time, more destruction could come within another part of the diagrams. I, METATRON, need to help you to understand this in your terms and work with the least confusion possible.
Know that the Flower of Life was connected to other universes. When another universe has been previously in existence and then destroyed, and then another way comes into existence, then the previous universal powers can be linked back up to play again, as nothing truly can be destroyed. All things can only be renewed, remolded, or left until it can be accessed again.
Hence, when the Lemurians fell, Thoth could play much again in the universe, going backwards in time. However, when all came crashing to planet earth, he became locked into planet earth together with all his universal creation. This stopped Thoth’s universes from growing, but while the Lemurians fell, he worked at connecting his universes back upwards once again, and time in Lemuria was not the same as in his universes, or in the greater dimensions.
This is the value of time in the universes. One day to you, could mean a thousand years in the greater universes and one is able to achieve much if that time is given to one to play with.
Know that this is great knowledge within itself, as Thoth knew the importance of time, as he was a time traveller.
Once he had the Flower of Life, he rotated the grid to allow all power to be his. This is shown in the circle with the rotational hand (figure 2) He desired to take it over, thinking that the Lemurians would forever be connected within the Crystalline Grid and bring him the great power. In this he was greatly mistaken. They fell into his trap, as shown by the figures by the circle with the hook. (figure 4)
Here you see an image falling apart. (figure 3) The symbol underneath the manlike picture, looks like a sled like image, but it isn’t a sled at all. It is the splitting of the DNA, between the dark programmes and the light programmes (yin and yang) as the Lemurians were already becoming created into a battery for Thoth’s Power. The brain was spliced within the Lemurians and changed direction. Instead of the Lemurians listening to the Light, now they needed to listen to Thoth and Yahweh as their gods. They were programmed to listen to their authority.
At this time, already there was a splitting as Thoth split the Lemurians both in masculine and feminine to see who was the strongest, to play out both sides, as he knew the power of the masculine and the feminine, as he desired to understand how to create his master race. He knew the power of the feminine was always the strongest, but he desired to also build the masculine as that was power and authority over all.
With this power, he could begin to design his underworld greater as now he had the greater power to build his power of three and rule over the mind, body and spirit. This is also symbolized by the three mirrors showing by the vortex, and the hook shows that no one could leave his fallen dimensions. (figure 4)
We now move to the next part. Once the rotation was completed, and the people of Lemuria and Atlantis were caught into Thoth’s Merkaba programme, and reprogramming programme, the pathway changed in his universes, and he could again take control over the blue planet, (figure 5) that was once the planet of the Great Light (this was taken over by the great darkness to work with their own experiments as the Great Blue Creation Planet has all secrets of creation within it) until the Great Light Divine Love Element created an explosion of her star and went into the Blue Planet to take it back for the Light Beings. This created a great explosion, which is why your earth came into existence. The earth is symbolized by the smaller circle below this greater planet. On earth Thoth would be able to recreate and create all his thoughts and desires.
With the Divine Love Element caught back into his Flower Grid, and the Lemurians fallen away, he could re-path the way to the Blue Planet and took as much energy out of it as he could, thereby taking again the red universes, (figure 6) and creating an extraction force within the next phase upwards.
At this stage, Thoth desired the power of the universe even more. Know Thoth’s mind. He would stop at nothing and he desired to be the Great Ruler over all. To get more power, he needed to go back into time, and take more power away to create more denseness within his universes, as the more denseness he could create, the greater the power could flow within him.
To you, on the human plane, you may not fully understand it, though you have opened your mind to Science Fiction and war games within the universe, as those are ancient memories of what the war games were like.
Once the Lemurians were caught, Thoth had the codes of the Lemurians and the power of the Divine Love Element as the Lemurians had much power from the Divine Love Element. They were becoming ready for the Great Alignment Shift, which meant that they needed an incredible amount of power together to rise upwards, back to the higher love universes.
If they had stayed in the love collectively together, they would have easily done so as the Divine Love Element gave this power to them in order to help them go to the higher love dimensions. However, they instead decided for Thoth and the Channel for the Great Darkness, the Yahweh Being, and so all they had received from the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer, together with Reuben, the Harmonic Light Grid Programmer, and Ishmakael the Sacred Geometry Light Grid Programmer, was given to Thoth.
Thoth had already gridded in the gateway to the Great Darkness in his lower dimensions and after Thoth had played, another being took the power of Thoth away.
Thoth was so angry and so great within his might. He brought his technical experience in the universes, by way of an extraction machine to build force with. This created an incredible wave within the universe to destroy universes. (Figure 8)
Know that before this can be created, an enormous energy field must be built up first. This created the greatest magnetic wave distortion, which also brought all of the Lemurians downwards, as many of the underworld of Thoth’s worlds joined Lemurians and Atlanteans and a great disaster for Thoth happened on that day.
This wave distortion created much pain within the Divine Love Element’s power as all codes are within her and hence on that level she feels all the pain of creation. The result was she became part of a void crashing downwards (figure 9). This is exactly where Thoth desired her to be so that she could not be rescued, and she fell into the grids of Thoth below. If the Light Beings attempted to rescue her then they would also be caught into the underworld earth grids.
This caused rather an interesting process within the universe, as now the question was, would the Divine Love Element be trapped into the grids of Thoth’s mirrors without a means of escape, and the answer was no, because of the power she had outside of the grids of Thoth. However, the darkness desired her to be there, to create more of the test. How much could they do to the Divine Love Element in the lower grids, knowing that Thoth and the Dark Leaders were able to grid her in and the Lemurians, as the great majority, desired to give her power to Thoth.
The Light Team saw this differently, as they saw the opportunity to be able to build a gateway upwards to help the Fallen Lemurians to come back to the Light Dimensions, should they not reject THE GREAT CAEAYARON during your time now. Know, each side saw their own point of view.
The great darkness forced the fall of the Divine Element so much, that she was the one hated the most by the darkness. Whenever she tried to help her people, she would be the one that was hunted and killed. Again, as Jesus, she became hunted and crucified. (figure 10)
This gave Thoth and Yahweh even more power as now the people had truly rejected the Light within the Divine Love Element in the times of Jesus. Again, they could claim that the people did not desire the Light of her Being and that they would not desire the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON or SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.
The greater the agony within the Christ Child, according to Thoth, the greater the opportunities would be for him, to be able to become the SOVEREIGN RULER over all. This was the agreement made in the Divine Courts, that should Thoth and the Great Darkness take all of the love out of the Divine Love Element, and should the people not desire the Great Love, then all power would be given to the darkness.
When the people were given a choice to either choose for Jesus or a murderer to be crucified, they, including many of Jesus’ followers, chose for Jesus crucifixion, as they desired him to ‘die,’ on that day, in terrible pain, and they allowed that crucifixion to happen with their pleasure, with their full agreement, cheering with excitement at seeing the pain and the blood of Jesus. (Know, that Jesus did not die that day.)
This (choice of the people) pleased the Great Darkness greatly, because now the Great Darkness could build upon the people’s choice. All the power that Jesus still had was now for the darkness to take. The churches began to place Jesus on a cross in the churches and created the thought of hellfire greater. The fear of a God of Judgement became greater, and Thoth was able to build his underworld with more power because of the beliefs reinforced within the people.
As a result, more light was captured from the Divine Love Element as shown by the vortex underneath the feet of the symbol of the Divine Love Element, creating another gateway, which became darker and sombre (figure 11).
Had the people chosen for the light during those days, the path would have been different, and the people would have been in the peace greater as the strength within them would have become stronger. This is symbolized with the path going downwards, but because of the hate against the Divine Love Element, it turned. Now more time would be needed to see if the people would be able to discover love within them collectively.
It is the time to forgive all in the Universal Game. It is time to reflect more within also, as it too easy to accuse others of what has happened.
I, METATRON, only did my assignment because the great collective of the beings desired another path, so I created it. If the love had stayed within the people, these realms would not have existed. There is a lesson in there to learn my friends. If you desire as a great collective to come back into the love and come back into the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT with the GREAT CAEAYARON, then you can create a greater path of love for all of mankind. After all, it has always been in your hands. This is what you desired the most: THE CHOICE.
Now you have seen both sides of the coin, which is a good phrase, as coins are dense. Which side will you choose now?
Key to the crop circle:
Theme: Creating time Distortion
Figure 1: Flower of Life: Symbolizes Thoth’s Power Flow of energies to create life within his universal plane. It was used to take light away from people, giving it to the darkness to build up their greater power.
In the middle shows a pyramid: (better seen on some of the other views of the crop circle) The Great Light has now won the game, so CAEAYARON has placed his Pyramid of Light in the centre and changed its rotational flow to bring light back to the ones who are going upwards within the Healing Grid of the GREAT CAEAYARON, to help them come back to the Love dimensions, as the GREAT PYRAMID is also referred to as CAEAYARON’s Light Ship. It also brings light back to the Love Universes as the Divine Love has won the Universal Divine Love Codes back, so they are rebuilding the dimensions upwards.
Figure 2: In Lemuria, once Thoth had the Flower of life in his grips once again, he rotated the grid to allow all power to be his. He thought the Lemurians would forever be connected into the Crystalline Grid to bring him the greater power.
Figure 3:
Images falling apart: The symbol underneath the manlike picture, looks like a sled like image, but it isn’t a sled at all. It is the splitting of the DNA, between the dark programmes and the light programmes (yin and yang) as the Lemurians were already becoming created into a battery for Thoth’s Power. The brain was spliced within the Lemurians and changed direction. Instead of the Lemurians listening to the Light, now they needed to listen to Thoth and Yahweh as their gods. They were programmed to listen to their authority. The Lemurians fell apart (as shown by the brown figures) supporting the mind, body and spirit connections for Thoth’s dimensions.
Figure 4: The Vortex: Shows Thoth’s greater power growing as the Lemurians had given over their power freely (this power was given to them by the three Light Grid Programmers to align all things upwards so that they, the Lemurians, could return to the higher love dimensions and not know any of the suffering on planet earth) to him via the Merkaba system and their willingness to serve him as their God, together with the Yahweh Being, together with dark leaders from other dimensions.
The three red stripes: Three mirrors to build his power of three over the mind, body and spirit.
The red hook: Showing that all who were in his fallen dimensions could have no escape out. (However, a Gateway was created by the Light to allow the rising to happen)
Figure 5: After the pathway had changed in the universe (shown by the pathway between figure 2 and 5) Thoth could take control again of the Blue Creation Planet.
The smaller circle underneath the blue planet symbolizes planet earth, as planet earth originally comes from the large blue creation planet.
Figure 6: Once the blue planet was back under Thoth's control, the red universes were once again stabilized under Thoth's control.
Figure 7: An Extraction Force came into existence by Thoth creating a force field, built up with his great power, to bring the Divine Love Element downwards in the higher dimensions.
Figure 8: Shows her being hit by the forcefield and taken down.
Figure 9: The Divine Love Element fell downwards, into the next stage where Thoth and the darkness desired her to be; in the dense grids.
Figure 10: Displaying the crucifixion of Jesus.
Figure 11: Because the people desired the agony of Jesus with his crucifixion, and chose for his death with great agony, rather than a murderer, the people still showed the hate against the Divine Love Element and the Great Divine. This gave Thoth and the Dark leaders more power as they took the power from the Divine Love Element in great suffering away and placed it within their own vortexes of power. (vortex circle below the feet of the symbol).
The two stripes linking from the red universes into the vortex of energy taken from the Divine Love Element: With this power from the Christ Element Consciousness, Thoth and the Darkness brought in the resistance energy from the red universes and use it against Divine, by twisting the teachings that Jesus brought to earth, and creating agony for the people living on the earth with beliefs of hellfire, judgement, and causing many deaths with the ‘God,’ of Judgement.
The red paths below the vortex: These were the two paths of choice. One was to stand in the love collectively and not have Jesus crucified, in which case the people would have chosen for the Love and it would have created greater strength within them. Also it would have changed the course for the many generations following, as the churches would not have been able to become that strong with their judgement and hellfire.
However, the people collectively chose for the side of desiring Jesus in agony and death. This changed the course on planet earth, which caused much more pain that could have been avoided.
Jesus also knew the times of the great darkness would come upon the earth because of the choice the people had made. The mission to bring people back to the love became much more difficult because of that very day of the judgement upon the man Jesus, who was the Divine Love Element, sent to the people to bring a way upwards back into the love.
Please stay in the forgiveness of all, and know that during these days, we are remembering the greatest Universal Game because now we have reached a time of the Great Choice. Do we desire to rise upwards, back to the great love, or not?
Sending you much love, healing flows, always and forever, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, I am the Divine Love Element and the Universal Light Grid Programmer of the GREAT CAEAYARON, and Designated Ascension Channel by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. I was sent here for a mission and that is to allow people to see for themselves what the Universal Game is, to allow them to choose their lifetimes forever more, and to allow them to see a greater way in the love. Greetings