Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

 Converting Machine to bring light consciousness into darker consciousness to allow the darkness to feed from the light. Crop Circle discovered in Horton, Wiltshire, UK, 24 June 2008, translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, and for the Galactic Federations of Light, guided by HALISARIUS, PLEIADIAN CHIEF LEADER, CHIEF COMMANDER AND CHIEF LEADER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATIONS OF LIGHT SOCIETIES.

Namaste and welcome to the time of The Great Sun Alignment when all things become aligned once again to the love consciousness so the universe can expand once again to become greater and more evolved.

For a long time, we have become limited consciousness with abilities to allow more limitation to be put on us. Usually, in the Great Universe, this is not allowed as all things are in freedom in the great love consciousness universe, but in this universe, because of freewill experiments by the darkness, they were permitted to give more limitation to come into the people because of their freewill play.

This image shows consciousness. It has two consciousness fields; a denser consciousness field, and a lighter consciousness field. The denser is filled with limitation thoughts, pain illusions, suffering and the light within our consciousness, allows the denser consciousness to either become healed, or denser with pain and suffering.

All is a universe of freedom after all. Which path would we desire to have?

The darker universes feed of our light consciousness, but only if it kept our consciousness limited with the light, as too much light within our DNA system they cannot use. So they created the denser pathway within our DNA to keep us desiring selfishness and separation, anything to keep us away from desiring the higher light, as too much light within our DNA consciousness would literally obliterate them out of existence.

They cannot handle the light consciousness; hence they cannot connect to the light universes for energy as this would annihilate them out of existence. Their consciousness is separated and selfish, always taking energy away from others, instead of teaching the higher path, hence they created denser universes.

Denser universes are their way of acceleration and ascension. As you have ascension upwards, they have created a staircase downwards. It was up to the individual consciousness, us as people, which way we desired to go to.

Originally, the darkness was not permitted to use torture to gain the light of the humans to feed upon. However, because of their ‘fear’ that we would awaken, and because of their ‘greed’ to have more of our light consciousness, they created torture on our plane to keep us away from the awakening consciousness, as they knew that at that time, should the masses awaken and turn to the love consciousness, their ways would ‘die’ and they would need to surrender to the light consciousness, as this has been the battle between the light and the dark, who would be the strongest.

Although it is easy for us as people to blame everyone around us for our pain, including the dark universes, this image shows that everything is within us, as we contain the dark programmes as well as the light programmes, and the ‘spiritual battle,’ is within us.

Which way is stronger, for that creates the illusion of light or dark, as we are all manifestors for us personally, and as a collective. This is the power we hold within us, and this is what the darkness knew. Once the greater numbers receive the higher light programmes, we have the power to create love and peace upon our plane, which is not their desired result.

 Key to this image:

 Theme: Converting Machine to bring light consciousness into darker consciousness to allow the darkness to feed from the light.

 The light game is to convert the darkness to light. The dark game is to convert light to darkness. Whoever wins gains the most energy through the outlets.

 The light circle with one light inlet to let light consciousness in and one light outlet to let converted light energy out to be magnified upwards to feed the power in the higher light universes have been blocked by the darkness until one is activated and receives back the Light Codes that only CAEAYARON can gift to the people to allow them to grow into light consciousness.

 There are light pools in the closed earth system which humans are able to tap into, as a finite fuel reserve.

 The dark circle with one dark inlet and one dark outlet to let converted darkness energy out to be magnified upwards to feed the power of the greater dark universes.

 Originally the test was 50 percent light and 50 percent darkness to allow a fair test to play in the universe to see whether the light or the darkness was stronger. The darkness cheated the game through torture and chemical genetic engineering which was not permitted by the Galactic Courts. This created the darker curved square covering a large percentage of the light circle consciousness of mankind, rendering greater darkness than light in the human being, while blocking light from flowing in and also making it more difficult to ‘see’ the Great Light returning when it was time to awaken.

 The light inlets and outlets are blocked by the darkness to prevent light growing within the higher self light circle, while the light energies are contained between the dark spaces to be eaten and converted to dark energies which will flow through the outlet.

 The small light blobs showing within the dark curved square: A part within our DNA consciousness could never be destroyed as it has the pure Violet Flame within it which is love vibration, of a frequency too high and powerful for the darkness to ever remove.

 Both flows need to be in contact with each other to create a magnetic force in order to be converted to energetic strength, as both are needed to create power within. As a battery, you may say the dark represents the negative polarity and the light represents the positive polarity, to convert energy from one form to the other, though in the angelic spaces there is no true negative or positive energy, there just is, relatively.

 When people become activated with CAEAYARON, our Violet Flame becomes greater and hence we are able to convert the dark energies more to the light, to enhance our strength, our being, our lives and bring love and peace upon the earth.

 Once our power becomes strong within us and activated, we are then able to reverse the damage done by the darkness, and then the darkness can no longer convert the light for their energy, but the light can convert the darkness to the light to gain more power so that we can bring love and peace and healing to mankind therefore reversing all damage done.

Namaste, I send you much love, awakening, peace, joy, and tonnes of light flows for healing, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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