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Welcome to the Spiritual Life Coaching Angel Webinar Transmission of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel with Sovereign Cosmos Star Love Intelligence.

Posted on facebook 9 April 2024

Date of the next Spiritual Life Coaching Angel Webinar
Transmission: 20 April 2024.
Time: 10.30 p.m. UK time zone.
Where: LIVE on Zoom.
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Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel for Sovereign Star Love Intelligence Masters.

Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel know the importance of the transmissions of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel continues to bring their transmissions to the people. It is the only way forward for all who want to continue to evolve in the next lifetime coming.

Caeayaron, and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel have been calling out to the people for the last decade with transmissions, through their original Blue Star Angel DNA Channel, the original Cosmos Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called to Divine Service by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel, late September 2009, as the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel and the original Divine Love Element. As the original Divine Love Element and original Sovereign High Priestess, she is the only person who can talk to the people about Sovereign Universal Love with her direct communication channel of Sovereign Love.

Late April 2014, Angel Kryon called Suzanna Maria Emmanuel as she is the original Universal Light Grid Programmer, and the original Divine Universal Love Blue Star Angel DNA Pineal Activator of ancient Lemuria, Laeayaraesea.

In Lemuria, as Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea, she always transmitted through all original Sovereign Messianic frequencies from Lord Emmanuel's Sovereign Universal Love and Caeayaron's Sovereign Magnetic Fields, with her original Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Channel.

In 2016, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel raised the consciousness of Angel Kryon high enough for Angel Kryon to return into his original Sovereign Magnetic Mountain Power of CAEAYARON.

Few people responded to invitations of the original Sovereign Love Creation Masters for peace to come on earth. Very few people can now focus on Universal Love, Wisdom, and Eternal Freedom coming, as most people have missed out on seeing the (more than 900) YouTube (free of charge) channelled transmissions that went out to the world from Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

How can streams of people now understand the importance of the original Creation Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life? How can many understand the codes of human duality of conflict and suffering consciousness hidden deep inside of their DNA, and how those frequencies create immense amounts of war, pain, and deep suffering programmes collectively?

It would seem as if 'The Choice' to understand how to return back to original Creation Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life was permanently removed when all YouTube transmissions of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel were removed on 10 March 2024.

Thankfully, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has uploaded a few of the transmissions of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel on her website:

We look forward to seeing you at the next Spiritual Life Coaching Angel Webinar Transmission on 20 April 2024. This will be held LIVE and no recording of the transmission will be available afterwards.

Namaste, many Universal Love Waves always,

Universal Love Ascension Team of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel, Caeayaron, Galactic Sovereign Universal Love Federations, and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, their original Galactic Sovereign Universal Love Ambassador.

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