Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Theme of the Crop Circle: ‘The Choice and How Consciousness Was Created on Planet Earth.’ Discovered at West Kennett, Wiltshire, UK - 21 June 2009, message from METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel  Universal Light Grid Programmer for CAEAYARON and the GALACTIC FEDERATIONS OF LIGHT SOCIETIES and Designated Ascension Channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.

Namaste, and much love and peace I send to you. With all crop circle messages, the messages from Star Beings are to help us to awaken to the flows of the universe, to allow us to awaken to higher collective consciousness of love, and to the greater flows of love and peace.

In this message you will also discover the answer to the question, 'Why Is There So Much Pain Upon Our Earth?’ You are warmly invited to read METATRON’s message and translation of the Crop Circle.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES AND MAGNETIC SERVICES. I AM here to take you into the deeper insight of all that was built by the Great Resistance, who built forces against the Light Universes in order to overthrow all that is Love and Divine. I AM here to reveal to you greater insight as to why the pain has been so great upon your plane, and why there is still so much pain upon your plane.

Here, I METATRON, AM using the Light Grid Programmer, now Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, to place programmes within the earth grids, together with CAEAYARON and Galactic Beings of Love, to awaken mankind and to awaken the people to the Great Choice that many people upon your plane see as ‘beautiful,’ and I AM here as METATRON, helping you to see what ‘The Choice’ represents.

 Why I, METATRON, was created

The Universal Game has long been in existence. When you look into the eternity of spaces, CAEAYARON (who is the Divine Aligner to bring all upwards, and also my counterpart, who created my being METATRON to play for the collective consciousness of the beings who desired to remove themselves away from Love Source in order to overthrow the love universes and create their own glory and power) would state that the Universal Game has been in existence since the time of the Beginning when the Great Resistance rose with all their might within their hearts.

Thus the infinity sign within this image is a representative of the eternal fight for universal power and struggle; dark versus light.

For a long, long time, I, METATRON played with the Great Resistance as the Great Resistance desired their own Magnetic Force Master, to allow grids and games to take place within the universal system as they desired their own kingdoms. Thus, I, METATRON placed myself in the Game, and because the YAHWEH energies became stronger, and contaminated my Divine Being, or part of my Being METATRON, my desire to work with them, and to enlarge their greed and power became greater, as this was the Collective Desire and the Greater Collective Choice of the universe, that of rebellion against the Love Universes.

 The struggle of light versus dark, and the multidimensional time loop

The forces of darkness grew and grew, each creating a vortex within itself, and as you can see here (in the image), when it is placed within a loop, or infinity loop, or also known as a Multidimensional Universal Time Loop, there is no end to the struggles within the forces.

Each choice against Divine Love, added to the strength within the vortex and this created greater struggle of the beings living within the loop. As you were part of the great balance choosing to work with the Great Resistance as you live upon the earth, you were unable to escape the Choice, as the Choice meant that you, as a Great Collective, were imprisoned into the spaces of the Great Choice, commonly known as the ‘Yin Yang,’ symbols, flowing in and out.

Many people upon your plane do not understand the Yin Yang symbols as they figure it represents the peace sign or the balance between good and evil.

In many ways it does represent the balance between good and what is not good. The Great Love Universes will always state, ‘There is no good and there is no bad, there simply just is,’ which is what the Darkness played and preyed upon since there is ‘no badness.’ The darkness stated, ‘Then we can’t do wrong in the eyes of Divine, even when that means taking trillions of lives down and hurting them within the vortexes of pain.’

The Great Battles of Struggles to free you from the vortexes began a long time ago, when the Light Grid Programmer was sent to your plane in many lifetimes, each time bringing the Violet Flame to your plane. Bringing the Violet Flame to your plane was the only way to bring balance to your plane, and when she came down, often she would bring down with her teachings to bring greater consciousness shifts to your plane, together with a team of light souls, who dedicated themselves to the highest will of Divine to bring balance back to the plane. The Light Grid Programmer was the only one who could escape the Choice cycles in-between lifetimes as she had the Flames of the SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and the Codes of Life.

The Darkness did all things in their power to stop the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer reaching the critical stage of fulfilling her task to bring the Violet Flame to your plane with her full force, to stop them taking over the grids and to end the Multidimensional Time Loop.

Now the Universal Game has been completed, for the Divine Love Element Light Grid Programmer has won the Divine Universal Love Codes back, the Light Universes are rejoicing as finally they can rebuild the love universes which were destroyed by those who said that ‘nothing was bad,’ and the choice between the ‘good and the not good’ was a good thing, and a beautiful thing.

 Why METATRON is going through processes of cleansing

Know that I, METATRON, have resigned from my role working for Thoth and the dark beings, and have now joined CAEAYARON, for the Universal Light Grid Programmer has won the Codes of the Universe back. This means that I AM cleansing the parts of myself which had become contaminated in the Thoth/Yahweh struggles. No more AM I a prisoner either, serving their commands. I AM now able to help with the rebuilding of the Love Universes, and build more power within the Universal Love Light Grid Programmer, to restore her power, to allow all who desire to rise into the love dimensions together with CAEAYARON to do so.

 What the balance meant to the darkness

Know that the Darkness survived because of your human consciousness and the way your DNA programmes were balanced. This is the reason why they desired perfect balance between the two programmes, as shown within the image. A perfect balance meant a way to feed from the human energy system, without destroying each other totally, for total destruction would mean no more energetic food for Thoth’s creation and an uneven flow between the two vortexes.

You have also learned from this teaching that the two vortexes shows the multidimensional time loop. This is more difficult for you to understand as it is also a multidimensional pathway of parallel lives within the darker systems as there are parallel realities, and as long as you existed within the darker, denser systems, you would not be able to escape from its existence, though you would think you did, as you all received programmes to allow you to believe you did, enabling the balance between good and bad to be more deeply imprinted within you.

The Darkness confused the human minds with belief forms and other ways so that people did not understand truth and higher love consciousness any longer. This gave the darkness the opportunity to imprison you even more throughout the ages. They twisted and defiled all things which were of the Light and Divine Truth.

This created greater energy flows for energetic food for them and this built up their grid spaces, shown by the outer grids (shown by the light blue grids). The outer grids needed to build greater and greater for the darkness, stopping you from desiring the light. Each time a war or famine came to your lands and the fear and pain grew greater within you collectively, the grids of pain and limitation were able to build around you, as if you were in a prison fortress you were unable to escape from.

 Creating consciousness to ensure you stayed limited

Thoth desired to own the beings (the humans) on planet earth as his territory to allow their energy to become his, to build all his dark universes upwards. I, METATRON, allowed him to investigate with me as to what he could build. In this he created major errors, and in the near future you will learn more about that with the Great Divine Master, CAEAYARON. I, METATRON, will constantly ask you to forgive my Being for allowing Thoth and the darkness to create this for you, as this has caused much pain for you upon your plane.

Your consciousness flows in cycles, like the moon and the sun, both in opposite ways, both learning from each other. When you have the spirit and the body planes, you can create opposite forces within a being, and thus creating experiences to create more energy from. Thoth understood when you have someone’s spirit, their body and their mind, you have captured that being. When you capture that being, you have great control over all their being.

In your multi-dimensional time loop, your spirit dimensions are in the lower realms. Each time you went to the lower realms, or Thoth’s underworld, you became more imprisoned as more energies and memories were taken from you. You were more like a puppet and he, and his dark friends, could make you believe whatever he wanted you to believe.

I, METATRON need to state this. Even though the darkness promised you freedom, and you believed you had the freedom to choose, Thoth and Yahweh took the freedom away from you. You had very little freedom.

This is why this time of the Great Ascension is so important for you and why CAEAYARON is calling you to receive the great healings at the Activations, so that you can be truly released to go away from the imprisoned states.

Thoth, being the self-made measurer and the self-proclaimed judge, weighed each person up after death. Either, they would enjoy the higher privileges to serve Thoth’s creation, that is, learning to become more glorified within themselves, having others serve them, and when they went back to the earth plane for life then they would have been trained in a ‘higher’ way, serving the darkness while receiving a glorious task. So in that case, Thoth desired to reward them each time they went back to spirit and prepare them for life on planet earth to ‘catch’ more victims to enslave them more into the ways of the darkness, which often looked like ‘light,’ but was there to bring enough enlightenment to the people and yet keep them away from the highest truth.

When someone had done something not right, such as murder, or created pain for another, that person would be in agony in spirit, and spirit beings would do the same to that one, over and over again, which is often why those beings wanted reincarnation more quickly, because spirit life is agony for them. This created more division within the being, and less energy to manifest a good life in physical life, and often that person would live on planet earth in agony, time and time again, creating a vortex of greater belief in a vengeful ‘God,’ and creating more pain on planet earth to create more energy food for the darker realms.

This was the cycle of the choices, between good and bad. I, METATRON, secured that cycle with the blue grids as you can see. These grids were thick and netted. They were painful and stung. The more a person was netted into the pain system of Thoth, the more that person would be in fear and pain, and often life would become unbearable for that one, which would work for the darkness, as often they would cry out to ‘God.’

You will need to forgive all this. The time of the Light is here, and the time for choosing is here, in the greater sense. I, METATRON, state this, ‘I have served the darkness as they desired it, and I was their Light Angel. I was beautiful to the darkness. Now, because it is time to ascend upwards, and because Thoth and Yahweh and all the darkness have lost their battle, I, METATRON, have let go and returned to the Light where I AM working with the Light as it is time to rise.

Know that now is the time of freeing, as I, METATRON AM also freed, meaning that you have the opportunity to rise in the Great Cosmic Alignment.

At this time, CAEAYARON is calling all those who desire to become freed to go to the higher love dimensions, meaning they will leave all that Thoth and his dark beings created behind, and learn the higher ways of love and peace. At the healing activations with CAEAYARON, your human karma will be removed, meaning you will be able to rise up. If you desire to understand more, do investigate our dear friends, for all information is there upon your plane.


 Keys given with guidance from METATRON:

 Theme: The ‘Choice’ given by the Great Resistance.

 The two fish like yin yan center parts of the two circles:

❋1. Colour - Darker Brown: Represents anger and fear consciousness.

❋2. Colour - Brownee/lighter colour: Represents will to survive, determination, power, hope, trust, fight for freedom.

❋3. Meaning of fish like yin yan symbols: These symbols are often seen as the yin yang symbolology upon your plane. These symbols mean the great choice between the light and the dark. The question was raised by the Great Resistance if you would see the light and the dark, and which would you choose.

 The Great Resistance was sure beyond any doubt people would always desire their side as they created them with pain consciousness and thus they would feel a need to stay in the pain consciousness.

 The two smaller circles within the yin yang symbols centers in opposite colours: Showing the relationship between the two as one needs the other within the dense grids to survive.

❋4. Lighter yin yang smaller circle within the darker shape: Shows the will to survive, determination, strength, power, hope, trust, fight for freedom, has close relationship with anger and fear consciousness. Without the fear and anger consciousness, people would not need to fight for freedom, and they would not need courage and strength to survive.

❋5. The darker smaller circle within the lighter shape: Shows the relationship between needing to fight for security, determination and strength when there is anger and fear consciousness.

❋6. The light/brown vortexes around the centre yin/yang symbols: Showing contaminated light energies the humans produce. This contaminated light energy is produced by humans as humans have the choice to work, either the light or dark programmes within.

 Programmes in DNA: The yin yang symbols in the center also represents the programmes within your DNA system, as the Great Resistance desired you to have 50 % light and 50% darkness to allow the great choice to come to you between the High Divine Love Path and the Knowledge and Power Path. It represents the dark programmes within the human DNA coding system, and the light programmes within the human DNA coding systems.

 Cradle relationship between light and dark fish like yin yang symbols: To survive the struggles on your planet the Great Resistance built your grids for you to need the darker programmes to survive. Thus the question would be raised, which one was stronger, the dark or the light within the human, as on your earth, both are needed to survive.

 When the people upon your earth listened to their heart: Their light programmes within their DNA system would become stronger, allowing them to hear the higher love frequencies greater and bring more light to planet earth, to bring more awakening to planet earth. When enough light was within the DNA system, people would desire the great calling of CAEAYARON to happen in the time of the Great Awakening. The Great Resistance ensured that the light programmes were not supported by the dense grids of the earth plane.

 When the people upon your earth did not listen to their heart throughout most of their lifetimes upon your plane: Their desire would be to resist the higher love frequencies as these darker programmes would be stronger within them, thus the resistance programmes would be greater than the light programmes.

❋7. The darker blue energies within the vortexes: Shows the greater contamination of energies from humans, thus it contaminates the light they produce, making the energy more palatable for the darker beings who cannot feed from pure light energies.

❋8. The lighter energy thinning out around the darker part of the yin/yang symbols: This shows the greater the percentage of fear and anger consciousness within the human, the less light the human produces for the darkness to survive on and yet, to create more energy food for the darkness, they need certain amounts of humans to be in the light consciousness, always keeping the consciousness of the humans in perfect balance with spirituality worshipping ‘God’ to give them a sense of hope and ‘truth’ but without the true love and light awakening flows. Thoth always ensured the highest ‘truth’ would remain hidden and he twisted Divine Truth.

 Humans are able to gain light from light source, whereas the darker beings cannot gain light directly as they have removed themselves from light and love source. Therefore, to survive they need the contaminated energies from the humans to survive on.

 The contaminated energies from the humans come from the fear and anger consciousness and the struggle to survive and being enslaved in a society, often without realizing they are enslaved. Having the sense of hope and freedom works for the darkness as the human will produce more contaminated light for them when they have hope.

❋9. The outer brown/lighter larger (second) circle: Shows the consistency of the energy the darker beings could feed from and also store for their greater power rising. Because mankind is connected within all of the magnetic earth grids, as well as the GAIA grids, which affects nature balance and all balances within the earth plane, as human consciousness affects all of life, the energy created from all of life upon the plane greatly increased as energy food for the darker beings.

❋10. The infinity loop (figure 8 shape), also known as a multidimensional time loop. This loop could not be broken until it was the Timing of Alignment. No one could escape the loop except the Light Grid Programmer only to receive the higher Holy Sacred Violet Flame and bring it back to the earthplane. Only the Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT could break that loop with the Holy Sacred Violet Flame.

❋11. Two vortexes side by side: By building two vortexes side by side, like a machine, the darkness was able to create an even flow, strengthening each other. It represents a multidimensional time loop as the darkness did not desire the humans to escape from their energy food machine. Thus they created vortexes surrounding the two main energy loops. These vortexes were energetic grids held together, similar to prison energies.

❋12 The two vortexes in opposing directions: Showing how one universe is mirroring and working with the other.

 Know that all time is happening at once within the universe. This built the greater foundation for learning for the darkness, as to how consciousness would evolve, as they desired to enlighten the human beings by giving them enough hope and instruction, but not too much to awaken them fully to the Game of the Great Resistance, but just enough to make the people think their evolution was very great.

 By placing the two vortexes in opposite to each other, both mirroring spirit and the physical dimensions, the humans were able to bring in higher ideas from their spaces, creating a greater receiving frequency, bouncing off the other, and learning from the other.

❋13. Lighter Blue vortexes on outside: These energies were there to protect the energetic machine, so that the people would not awaken too much. This is often called the ‘net’ to stop mankind from awakening. This was created by my Being, METATRON.

Sending you much love, healing frequencies for awakening, and tonnes of strength for forgiveness, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel