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The Great Universal Struggles.Crop Circle discovered at Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK - 21 August 2005.

Translation and message given by METATRON (transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON, 9 March 2018)

Namaste, and welcome to the great teachings of the great awakening times. Please allow METATRON to help you understand the message of the Crop Circle.

METATRON gives much information into the background also, for your research and understanding purposes, to help your knowledge grow.

Sending you much love, peace and healing flows always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Message from METATRON

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I, METATRON, encourage all to read this information to help you understand more about the game of Magnetics and Density of THOTH, YAHWEH and the Dark Resistance, who desired their own power and all glory.

I, METATRON, would like to state here once again, to all readers who are seekers of spiritual knowledge, I have resigned as the Angel of Darkness from the Darkness. They called me the Beautiful Angel, the Powerful Angel, the Angel of Light, but I played the Angel of Light only for the ones who desired to own the Universe with all their might.

 METATRON has resigned from the Darkness to work with the Light

My task was to allow them to build resistance against the universe and to magnify pain upwards to bring universes down by creating density and denser universes.

I, METATRON, have now returned to the Light and AM cleansing in the Great Love Flame. This was the agreement the Dark and the Light made in the Cosmic Divine Courts. Should the Light win with the return of the Divine Universal Love Codes, with the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, I, METATRON would then give myself up to the Great DIVINE LIGHT GRID CREATOR, CAEAYARON, who is the Creator of all Consciousness and Thought and Light Grids.

Upon the great victory of the Light, I agreed to give the power that THOTH, YAHWEH and the Great Darkness built for the purpose to overthrow the love universes, to bring all the power into their control, to the Universal Light Grid Programmer in the Divine Love Realms, who would bring the power back to the Love Universes and the Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON upon your plane. I also agreed to prepare the ones who are activated upon your plane to become realigned to the higher love universes, as the activated of CAEAYARON, have received their living codes of the universe back.

To return to the higher dimensions was not possible for you since the Great Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, since THOTH (and his dark beings) created the fall and the people lost their Great Living codes. This is why you kept returning to your earth plane and looked forward to the times of your ‘Great Release.’

These Living Codes from CAEAYARON are needed to help you return to the higher dimensions, away from the density and control of the darker beings.

THOTH desired these living codes to build his own universes and his great power. However, the Lemurians lost their codes when they lost their collective love, and hence it can be stated, putting it in mild terms, that the Lemurians were a great disappointment and a great failure to THOTH, who was seen as MIGHTY and WONDERFUL within his universes before many turned against him as he caused severe weakness within his beings who saw him as the great god of his universes. They believed in him.

I, METATRON, agreed that if the Universal Game would be won by the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, I METATRON would build the knowledge upon your earth and explain the game, and reveal the Universal Game along with the GREAT CAEAYARON.

I, METATRON, have now cut myself off from the dark grids upon your plane, which means that the darkness have no Angel anymore to keep the grids together, and in their universes this imbalance is great.


THOTH and the Dark YAHWEH desired power beyond all things in the universe. The greater their power became, the greater I, METATRON magnified their power as I was their greatest MAGNIFIER with the Magnetic Force of existence.

Within the METATRON CUBE that was created, all things could be created within and magnified within. This was the power of the mirrors within the universes as the mirrors had a great magnetic field within to enlarge all that was created.

THOTH desired all of his creation to exist within him, which led to his great downfall, as he desired to be the God, though YAHWEH also had declared to be the God.

THOTH and YAHWEH, though they needed each other to build the power upwards, also fought against each other and desired to be separated from each other, though YAHWEH had the power to be the gateway for the darkness as he had discovered it, created it, and desired it, and THOTH had the power of magnification and illusion. Both had what the other required.

In order to build the universes upwards in their illusion, within the METATRON CUBE which became their great power vortex, THOTH, and YAHWEH needed to build the pathways to allow their creation to come into existence. All they could create was mirrors of themselves. Their creation was not truly creation but they took all things away from the True Creators who Created all in the universe.

To create their ‘greater’ universes, they needed an equal balance, though they did not like each other, for THOTH and YAHWEH were filled with great envy for the One who had all the power to Create, that being, the One who had all the Codes from ARCHANGEL CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, both being the forces of LOVE and LIGHT in the higher love universes.

That Being was the BLUE ARCHANGEL OF CREATION, the Divine Love Element Universal Light Grid Programmer, the One who always had the Great Love of the Universe to allow all to come into creation.

I, METATRON, state that their envy was greater than any human could possibly imagine. YAHWEH, when he found the great anger within the universe, used that to power up his creation, but because his creation mirrored his anger, he needed THOTH who worked with my Being, METATRON, to align those universes to allow control to come within, and an evolution process to allow them to become calmer.

The universes began to understand control and to be in submission, rather than fight each other, which led to large wars and destruction.

Slowly, they allowed themselves to come to greater reason, because THOTH programmed them with greater control of self, whereas YAHWEH was filled with rage and anger which THOTH needed as a power source, but he needed to control that also, which is why THOTH imprisoned YAHWEH in the dimensions of THOTH, allowing YAHWEH to come to other universes to fulfil certain roles for the greater purpose to building his universes while he was still bound by THOTH.

 The Great Test of the LEMURIANS

After all became destroyed in the game because of the wars, the Divine Courts, including myself as METATRON decided to bring LEMURIA into existence, as THOTH and YAHWEH had created the ultimate wars within the universes and destroyed incredible amounts of universes.

THOTH desired Lemuria to be tested, and if he should receive Lemuria, then he would win the opportunity to gain the Universal Divine Codes, to grid the Divine Love Element, or also known by THOTH, the Divine Eternal Love Child, and create a greater vortex of pain, which could only be won, if the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer would be strong enough to find her way out of the pain vortex.

This was agreed upon as the likeliness of Lemuria’s fall was great since they lost their battle to stay in the collective love in the higher love universes, and hence the test had to be brought in again when it was almost time to bring all things upwards.

All things within the multidimensional game was played time and time again. THOTH had great pleasure in the Eternity Vortexes which you know as the Infinity Symbol. To him that Vortex was about creating his power, magnificence and glory.

The only power that could destroy all his creation of magnificence was the love from the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, should she win the game.

THOTH needed the Sacred Heart, Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, for all his ‘creation,’ and vortexes, since the love is a universal creation power.

Nothing except the love can truly create since all the universes of true love existence was connected into the Sacred Heart, Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, as CAEAYARON, had placed the Great Evolution Codes of the Universal Existence within the Sacred Heart.

Thus THOTH imprisoned the Divine Love Element into his universes, and used her power to gain more power for self.

 Key and Explanation by METATRON of Crop Circle:

 Theme of this Crop Circle: I, METATRON, will give you the explanation of this image. I, METATRON, will call it ‘The Great Universal Struggles.’


Here you will see different parts, each part is important as you will see. First of all you are seeing a night insect. Usually the people upon your plane do not like night insects as they are not welcome within your hearts or your houses. This demonstrates well how this night insect would not be welcome within the hearts if the people understood what it was.

This night insect would take beings by surprise when the people are least aware.

THOTH, YAHWEH and the Great Darkness, are symbolized as the Night Insect, holding all things imprisoned within their power.

 In a great spiritual sense you could state that:

• THOTH built the body of the insect to bring irritation to the universe to bring the dimensions down, and to bring glory to himself.

• The YAHWEH anger and control energies were used to spread the disease, or plague of the energies.

• The SPIN DOCTOR created the agonizing sounds to keep the beings trapped within the insect so they could not escape the fangs and the stings of the insect of the darkness.

 Large yellow vortex in the claws of the insect:

The Light is captured, which symbolizes the higher Creation Planet with all the Secret Dimensional Codes within it.

 The red claws above the insect’s body:

The Creation Planet (yellow large vortex) is held in THOTH’S greedy thorny claws. If anyone did not recognize the beauty and power of THOTH, they would feel the mighty sting. He believed he owned all of creation by capturing the light planet.

THOTH’s game was to capture the universes. He could do this with YAHWEH as in the darker universes he discovered energy filled with control power. He could create anger, envy and great fear from that control power, and indeed YAHWEH, who desired to own the universes, was filled with much anger and envy of the Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON and became infected with this energy.

The red (within the legs) symbolizes the anger against the Great Love Universes, pure defiance and a need for recognition from the beings held in those grids of the darkness.

 The bottom legs of the insect:

The legs of the insect with the red, symbolizes how THOTH brought the dimensions downwards into his creation. By bringing the dimensions down, he could control the mind, the body and the spirit of a being within his grids, meaning that being could be controlled in many ways.

 Green triangle within the body of the insect:

In the great land of Lemuria, THOTH desired to become greater and taller, and realized how talented the Children of the Light were with the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.

THOTH desired all this knowledge and wisdom. He built a temple, dedicated to the Great Knowledge of his being, THOTH, as his GREAT LEGEND to be remembered; That was the Great Emerald Temple (Symbolized in the green triangle as green to THOTH meant wisdom and eternal life).

(Background information from METATRON)

In LEMURIA, CAEAYARON gifted YAHWEH the gift of the voice of CAEAYARON through the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer, LAEYARAESEA (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) as all universes were brought down many times by both THOTH and YAHWEH, and again the Lemurians would need to be tested as to which side they would desire.

As LEMURIA was the way to build the Universal Codes back upwards, as all in previous universes had been destroyed, THOTH desired the Codes, the Lemurians, and the Wisdom they had, though he did not enjoy their company very much. To him the learned ones of Atlantis and also of Egypt were more palatable to him.

Upon discovering that the Lemurians were connected into the Divine Love Element he desired to gain the control of the magnificence of the land of LEMURIA where he found great youth and power. THOTH desired the greater balance to go to him as he understood the game of balance.

When the greater number would bow to his command, he would have all of LEMURIA, the CRYSTALLINE GRID, the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT LOVE CHILD, LAEYARAESEA, and lock it into his dimensional perfection universes for eternity.

How marvellous this was for THOTH understanding that all he needed to do was use YAHWEH, who the Lemurians believed, as he had the Voice of CAEAYARON, to manipulate the teachings towards THOTH.

The promises of THOTH were grand, and YAHWEH, the one who had the voice of CAEAYARON, believed it with all his might.

Together they would rule the Lemurians and they would have eternal life forever, without needing to go to the darker spaces of death.

THOTH had created the underworld to gain more power and knowledge, so in all his might he tried to avoid that space as he did not desire to lose his power and then work to regain it back again.

I, METATRON, guided him to his great glory. Do forgive my Being, METATRON, for I played a large part in the Universal Game, as they desired to overthrow the universe, and in CAEAYARON’S wisdom, He desired all to be tested so that no one could challenge the Divine in the future, should the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER, LAEYARAESEA win against THOTH, YAHWEH and the Dark Federation Leaders.

They needed to bring all things down in frequencies. Hence, THOTH used YAHWEH, the one with the voice of CAEAYARON, to gather the people to him.

THOTH used the FAMOUS SPIN DOCTOR to bring the Lemurian frequencies down to link them with his own dark universes, while creating the merkaba for the Lemurians. The famous and well learned SPIN DOCTOR assisted THOTH with the correct tones linking the merkabas to the YAHWEH energies to bring the Lemurians into his control and his domain.

No longer were the Lemurians connected into the light universes. Now, the Lemurians, the people from the seven rays of perfection, the ones who THOTH hoped to become the MASTER RACE FOR HIS CREATION had fallen into his SNARES OF DENSITY, which is aptly illustrated with the claws of the night creature.

The Divine Love Element was captured as the people went against Divine Love Purpose. This is illustrated by the heart upside down. However, though THOTH did not desire the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, he needed her to be imprisoned as no life can exist without THE LOVE POWER.

 7 vortexes on each side within the wings:

In the image you are able to see how the universes from the seven rays were turned upside down, connected into alignment with his pyramid as you can see the light vortexes in line with the green pyramid of THOTH. These vortexes were denser vortexes to bring the dimensions down.

To create balance within his universe, THOTH worked with mirrors. Seven rays of shadows added to the seven rays, he believed would create the perfect balance between dark and light, hence 14 are illustrated here.

 Upside down heart:

The light was taken out of the Divine Love Element, as you can see by the light at each side of the upside down heart. The heart itself, is without much light as is illustrated with the emptiness within. THOTH created mirrors within the Divine Love Element Love Child, bringing her in enormous fear, to allow the Sacred Heart to be filled with just enough light to allow his creation to exist, but not enough for the people and herself to awaken.

 Pyramids within the wings:

The pyramids within the wings of the night insect, all connected into his creation. The power of three THOTH always built upon, as he believed the three were powerful. When he owned the mind, the body, the spirit, and built dimensions on those three, he was able to create strength into his dimension, as he was able to control the flows.

 Inside of the body:

The inside of the body of the insect is empty, and it is showing the emptiness of the pyramid of THOTH, though powerful in its time, and he could bring greater power into his pyramid until the year 2012 in your time, when all things began to fall apart from his pyramid of power.

 Line underneath the triangle and the body of the insect:

Constantly he needed to feed into the light of the people of his systems, which is why the line underneath the pyramid and of the body, as these were the magnetic fields of consciousness, yet far enough from the light as too much light would allow the people upon your plane to awaken and he did not desire it, though he desired to look like the ‘enlightened one.’

 Upside down heart and body of the insect:

I, METATRON, will state the following also, the upside down heart represents the sadness of the Divine Love Element, as the Child of the Light was deeply imprisoned, and this is why, because it is a multidimensional game, and the Universal Light Grid Programmer, was the only one who could escape the fangs of THOTH between her lifetimes, as she was not a part of his grid system, she could bring the Violet Flame into the body of THOTH’S creation, symbolized by the body of the insect, which was within my METATRON CUBE.

 Why the insect no longer applies now:

Know that all things have become won now, and no longer is this night insect applicable for your day. Now the upside heart is becoming whole and righted again, and more light is coming within your streams. Because the Divine Love Element Universal Light Grid Programmer is activating the people upon your plane from ANCIENT LEMURIA, his dark dimensions are receiving the Holy Violet Flame from the activated of CAEAYARON, and no longer do the pyramid structures of the insects wings hold strength any longer.

I wish you well on your journey of spiritual discovery. May you awaken. Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES.