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All Sovereign Cosmos Intelligence was given to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron.
Transmission from Caeayaron by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on 27 February 2024. This article was posted on the Facebook Page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

Greetings and welcome. I AM CAEAYARON, Sovereign Magnetic Master of Sovereign Cosmos Alignments. I, CAEAYARON, transmit this message with my original Sovereign Universal Love Transmitter, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, in the original Sovereign Cosmos Primary Creation Universes, was created directly by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel to be The Original Primary Cosmos Sovereign Star Revealer. She is the original Sovereign Universal Love WORD and LOGOS.

Our WORD, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is The Sovereign Transmitter of the original Cosmos Star Codes of Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom.

The original meaning of WORD is The COSMOS TRANSMITTER. The original meaning of LOGOS is the original Golden Sun Consciousness TRUTH REVEALER.

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original First-Born SUN of all original Sovereign Primary Cosmos Creation.


Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s brain neurology waves understand Sovereign Consciousness. All Interdimensions, in original Sovereign Star Creation, were directly created with her original Blue Star Angel & Golden Sun Consciousness Channel. Her original Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness Channel is the original Golden Sun Consciousness Bridge of Life.

No life can exist without the original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star & Golden Sun Consciousness Angel Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. She is connected directly into our Sovereign Universal MIND CONSCIOUSNESS.

Suzanna’s Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel was our gift to all original creation. She was sent to the people on the planets to activate and align all Interdimensional Star Creation to Sovereign Creation Power. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel always brought gifts of Love, Life, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Happiness to all people in all original Sovereign Star Creation.

In the days of original Sovereign Star Universal Love Consciousness Creation, all her transmissions were Life Giving and they were filled with Universal Life Consciousness and Intelligence. She is the original Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel of Life, Knowledge, and Star Creation with her original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star & Golden Sun Angel Consciousness Channel. It was from within her Sovereign Emmanuel Heart that she guided all Sovereign Creation to come into higher Sovereign Interdimensional Multi-Universes.

All ancient Sovereign Star Universal Knowledge of all original Star Creation and Multi-Universes is directly connected into Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. All original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life formed within her Golden Sun Consciousness Heart, and with her original Blue Star Consciousness Pineal Fields she gave them to all original Star People through Activation Alignments.

She was the First-born Blue Sun Consciousness of all Sovereign Star Creation. She was given Interdimensional and Cosmos Intellect.


Why is it so difficult for many in the spiritual community to accept that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the original Messianic Sovereign Cosmos Queen of all original Sovereign Star Creation?

It was the self-acclaimed Apostle Paul who wrote in his letters to the congregations, in the days when King Herod ruled over the land of Israel, that Jesus no longer could connect to Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.

Sadly, many people in the days of Jesus, believed in the self-acclaimed Apostle Paul who was appointed as a wise Theologian of the Sanhedrin in the ancient days of Jerusalem.

I, as CAEAYARON, ask the following question: “Have the people on earth not had enough time to recognize that Paul brought immense suffering?”

The same messenger, Paul, rose back up again on your earth today. Like in the days of Paul, he also claimed to be ‘The Chosen One’.

I, as KRYON, gave Lee Carroll the stage to prove all his own theories. First, I, as KRYON, began to investigate certain questions with Lee Carroll and then I, as KRYON, waited to see if Lee Carroll wanted to go deeper. But he refused. Like in the ancient days, Lee Carroll made a fortune from people believing that he was like Paul.

Maybe people are now wise enough to be able to investigate the reason as to why Paul, deliberately, handed Jesus over to King Herod. Paul knew he would be asked by the King to get rid of Jesus. King Herod did not want the people to rise up and claim Jesus as their King. Paul knew that The Stone of Destiny had chosen Jesus to be the King of Israel.

Paul knew the texts of the Sanhedrin inside and out and knew exactly how to get rid of Jesus. He worked alongside the theologians to make laws to control the consciousness of the people. Paul’s task was to ensure that the people could never gain enough intelligence for themselves to begin to question the theologians.

For Paul it was not at all difficult to remove Jesus from the scene. All Paul said was, in front of the theologians who belonged to the Elite Sanhedrin Council, that Jesus had betrayed the laws of the Sanhedrin by saying that freedom consciousness could come to the people.

Paul altered and twisted the original transmissions of Jesus and made it sound as if Jesus was the Son of God, and the Messiah.

Jesus, or Yeshua, never claimed to be the Son of God. Jesus’ transmission to the people said: “God does not exist. The Father in the Great Heavens exists. HIS name is EMMANUEL. I, Yeshua, walk WITH Emmanuel. It is HIM who has sent me to speak to the people, in the hope that enough people can begin to listen and recognize original purpose of creation.

All creation was born in the upper creation realms, in the place where The Great Father Emmanuel lives. When a great war came, the great fury of the beast rose. The dark dragon like creature took all people down into his own dark abyss with his own thoughts filled with war, pain, and suffering.

A hope for a New Kingdom of Peace can exist. Come, let us learn how to ask The Great Father for spiritual love and peace to come to the people, so that the people are no longer kept in poverty.”

Soon I, Caeayaron, will ask Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to transmit further information for you.

Greetings, I am CAEAYARON, Sovereign Cosmos Aligner and Sovereign Magnetic Master.
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