Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

‘Creating the Denser ‘Enlightened’ Universes of Thoth and METATRON,’ Crop Circle Discovered at Muncombe Hill, North Kingweston, Somerset, England, 14 July 2018.  Teaching and Translation with ARCHANGEL METATRON, and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, and Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON 10th September 2018.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC SERVICES, MAGNETIC FORCES.  I, METATRON, am here to guide you to the information as to how all the universal streams of frequencies and dimensions became a shadow, with nothing in existence except thoughts and memories.  Constantly you will need to forgive all as you awaken. 

I, METATRON, cannot stress enough at this time that it is beneficial for you to become activated into the love of the GREAT CAEAYARON, as now the shifts are happening, and your protection from the great shifts are needed.



Know, that I, METATRON can not protect you, as I do not have the power over the lower grids any longer.  I am not your Angel or pathway any longer.  Now you need the greater protection which CAEAYARON will only give to those who become activated back into the love with his Divine Activations.  I, METATRON will add here, CAEAYARON will only do with his Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, the Light Gateway HE created.  

He will never use another key, as Laeyaraesea has the Codes of the Sacred Heart Crystalline Grid within her which is what you need to go back to the higher love dimensions with, if you desire to go upwards. When you become activated back into the great love of CAEAYARON’s Universes, that is when you will receive a mantle of protection.

This is what I state as the GREAT METATRON.  Better it is you become activated with CAEAYARON sooner than later.


I, METATRON, am speaking through the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of THE GREAT CAEAYARON, who is the Universal Divine Love Judge. 



A long time ago, I, METATRON and THE GREAT CAEAYARON (as I, METATRON desired to have HIS great power of authority and rule the universes) discussed the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element. 


THE GREAT CAEAYARON and myself METATRON agreed, should the Lemurians and Atlanteans work against his Divine Self CAEAYARON, in the times of Lemuria, I, METATRON would have the right to imprison his beloved Divine Love Element, Archangel, Laeyaraesea, and then I would create shifts within the magnetic plates of Lemuria and Atlantis so that the Flower of Life could truly become mine. 

I, METATRON could state that to the Universal Judge, as the trillions in the higher universes had fallen previously in several cycles of universes.  Thus I, METATRON, could claim that the Lemurians were mine before coming to Lemuria. 

In the Divine Court System, I was able to claim them legally, should the Lemurians again opt for the lower, denser universes.  I desired to become the GREAT CAEAYARON with all his Great Rulership.  Once I had his Divine Love Element I had the opportunity to become that, should her love fizzle out for the Lemurians, which it did not, no matter how much pain I, METATRON placed within herself as the Divine Love Element, or within her Lemurian people.



Because the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, is created by Divine to bring the Codes of Creation and Life from the GREAT UNIVERSAL LIGHT REALMS, who is SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, into THE GREAT CAEAYARON, who then brings the Codes of Evolution to the Divine Love Element Pathway, who then brings it within the Crystalline Grid, and then the Lemurians could have those Living Codes which helped them to evolve.   These were the Living Lemurian Codes to allow them to go back to the higher love dimensions, if they succeeded with passing the Great Consciousness Test before the Great Alignment in Lemuria came. 

Because of the Living Lemurian Codes, all Lemurians carried a part of the Divine Love Element ray within them.  This is why the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, could legally state that the Lemurians were her people.  She would always desire to call them back, as long as it was possible, to bring them, those who desired to return, into the love dimensions. 

Know her love for the Lemurians and the Universe was stronger than for her own being.  That has been proven in the Universal Game.  That, even I, METATRON, can see. 



To build my own power against the GREAT CAEAYARON, I, METATRON, needed Thoth as he was part of the lower dimensions.  No Angelic Grid Master can work without connection into the dimensions. 

Much was at stake here, and so, Laeyaraesea’s light became imprisoned into the Flower of Life upon the Lemurians and Atlanteans falling greatly when they decided to go against the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, collectively. 

They, the Great Lemurians, opted for the authority of Master Thoth, and that one who let him, together with teams of dark leaders, into the heart of Lemuria.  He was the one who was given the voice of THE GREAT CAEAYARON in Lemuria for the Great Test of Consciousness.   You know that one on your plane to be the channel of Kryon. 

The channel of Kryon, in your days, was called by the GREAT CAEAYARON, DIVINE JUDGE, to open certain gates to free the Divine Love Element, thereby allowing the gates within the DNA frequencies to open within the Lemurians.  This was to help the Lemurians to awaken and to help them to see the Great Test and Choice in your life time, now. 

Otherwise, you would not be able to see ‘The Choice’, or see the Great Test of Consciousness, in your day now, and you would not understand the Great Alignment Gateway opening in the universe at this time.


In Atlantis and Lemuria, Thoth desired to find his ‘Key of Life.’  This was always the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, as she was connected within the Crystalline Grid as the Sacred Heart.  The Divine Love Element pathway connected into the GREAT CAEAYARON, and SOURCE OF ALL POWER, who you know as SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.   No other being held this power within them.  No other being can connect to THE GREAT CAEAYARON, or the GREAT SOURCE OF ALL POWER like the Divine Love Element who has a ‘direct,’ power link.

Thoth believed the ‘Key of Life’ would gain him the power of immortality and become ruler over all the universal authority.



Know, that is how the Great Darkness connected into the power source of the GREAT CAEAYARON, who is connected into the UNIVERSAL FLOWS OF SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT; that is via the Divine Love Element gridded in deeply into the Flower of Life.  This allowed the Great Darkness to ‘extract’ the power from SOURCE.

The darkness syphoned the energy source of CAEAYARON and the GREAT SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL for their own universes with the Flower of Life, which was originally part of the Great Universal Love System, but became part of my system, my METATRON UNIVERSAL SYSTEM. 

This is how the darkness created a power system for their own universes, by creating cycles and shifts, they were able to take energy away from the Crystalline Grid, via the Flower of Life, to fuel their own resources.

Thoth, and the one who was the gateway to the dark energy who turned millions of Lemurians against CAEAYARON (who you know upon your planet very well as the channel of Kryon), desired with all their might to gain the Lemurians.


They knew, that in order to gain power of the Crystalline Grid completely, which meant gaining all of the Access Universal Codes of the GREAT CAEAYARON, was to gain all the Lemurians within their grids; that would include having the Divine Love Element fall into their grids completely.  She would always remain the balancer.  If she gave up, the game would go to the darkness, and I, METATRON would have declared ‘Victory.’  However, she did not give up.

To do this, they needed to grid the Divine Love Element in tightly into the Flower of Life and create enormous pain within the Lemurians, as each of the Lemurians was linked into her being.  The more they suffered as a people, the more the Divine Love Element would seek to help them, to free them, as she would always desire to help her people. 

The more pain she felt from the Lemurians, the more power Thoth and the Dark Gateway could extract from the Flower of Life, as the Divine Love Element would seek the Light from the GREAT CAEAYARON, thereby giving them more power for their universes.

However, I, METATRON, together with Master Thoth, and the Yahweh Gateway, together with the Dark Teams could not foresee the strength within Laeyaraesea, CAEAYARON’s Divine Love Element, nor did we see how strong her guidance was.  Even though we stripped all her power and knowledge away, over many lifetimes, we did not see how strong her guidance was, and how valuable her guidance was.  This was miscalculated.



CAEAYARON’s Divine Love Element has won the game and received the Universal Divine Keys back and so I, METATRON gave up my authority as the Angel of the Great Resistance to help the Great Resistance to overthrow the universal love grids. 

My task now is to work with the GREAT CAEAYARON, and to bring the greater knowledge I, METATRON gained, to THE GREAT CAEAYARON, who is DIVINE JUDGE, and to the Galactic Federations so that they can learn from the data within me, my being, METATRON.

Here in this crop circle, all is explained which I have just explained to you.  You may not see it yet, but as I, METATRON explain it to you, you will see how detailed all crop circles are.  Know, crop circles are messages from star beings, as an aid to help you become released from the vicious cycle you have played in many universes. 


In the centre is what all the resistance desired, and this was the authority of the great love universes.  It is not possible to bring the GREAT CAEYAYARON into a grid form, as such, to bring life to planets, as his power far exceeds your understanding.  However, when you bring the Divine Love Element, his beloved Archangel of creation, into a grid form, you can grid that Being in, though, not completely as the Divine Love is far greater than all other power within the universes apart from Divine Creator Source.  However, because of her love for creation, it was not difficult to keep her contained.

This containment was needed for structures of lower, denser universes to occur.  Know this crop circle shows a diagram how all things were created and built and organized.  To create a universal system, all needs to be planned first, otherwise the universal structure, or matrix, collapses downwards even further.

I, METATRON could not afford the universes of the denseness to go spiralling downwards more, as it had already gone down too far, because of the Great Fall of Consciousness in Lemuria.  Structures can only be built upon the consciousness of the beings within it, which were not very high after the Great Fall of Consciousness, however, because of the Divine Love Element gridded into the Flower of Life, this balanced all things, as the Divine Love Element was created as a balancer with the Violet Flame.



The Violet Flame was needed in the higher universes to create a structure with balance, and so it was also needed in the lower, denser dimensions. 

The Violet Flame allows living beings to think they are living within grid forms, balancing the flows and the rays. 


I, METATRON allowed Thoth and the channel of the Great Darkness, together with Dark Leaders who had powerful connections to their own gateways within the resistance universes, to take over the Violet Flame of the Divine Love Element.  I, METATRON, then created a structure to contaminate the Violet Flame of CAEAYARON’s Divine Love Element.

Understand that the Divine Love Element has a ray of the Violet Flame from the highest source of love within her being. 

Understand also that the Violet Flame works on frequencies, depending on the source.  When it is placed within a consciousness grid of desire for authority, it will take on those rays. 

In Lemuria, this is how the Codes of Life became part of the Lemurians.  The Divine Love Element transferred the Codes of Life within her Violet Flame, creating a pathway within the Crystalline Grid, through to the Sacred Heart of the Divine Love Element, to Reuben, Harmonic Pathway Light Grid Programmer, through to Ishmakael, Sacred Light Geometry Pathway Light Grid Programmer, through to the Lemurians. 

Without the Violet Flame, the Sacred Codes of Life would have been unbalanced, and the Lemurians would not have been able to harmonize with the frequencies, as then it went from higher to lower frequencies, allowing the DNA of the Lemurians to rise along with the Violet Flame.

This strand of the Violet Flame within the DNA structure of the Lemurians could never be removed.  Thus, upon the Divine Love Element rising together with the GREAT CAEAYARON, this DNA strand is rising with the Violet Flame, awakening the choice within the Lemurians, as they will feel a higher purpose calling at this time, and this will become more extensive as your timeline continues.

I, METATRON, also needed her Violet Flame, from the Divine Love Element Ray, for the people in the denser earth planes, as without the Violet Flame no consciousness, or illusions can exist. 

In order to harmonize the rays together, the Violet Flame is needed.  However, I, METATRON used Thoth and the Dark Gateway to contaminate the pureness of the Violet Flame, to continue the evolution programme, though it was not true evolution, as in the love universes of CAEAYARON, but it seemed like evolution.  In reality it was descension, as you had come from the high star paths into the human consciousness, which is fallen consciousness.


As long as the people continued to believe in their reality of existence, and continued to have hope for the future, and believed they were evolving upon your planet; they continued to syphon light from the Divine Love Element, Christ Element, Flower of Life Grid, through to the grids to feed the darker universes.

This would also cause significant issues for the Divine Love Element, as upon her leaving the grid matrix that I, METATRON, had created in between her lifetimes, each time she would need a greater significant Violet Flame flow from the higher realms to come to planet earth, to help free the Lemurians, and then I, METATRON, programmed the denser grids, along with Thoth and the dark gateway, to create resistance for her Violet Flame to stop the awakening from happening. 

The more she fought with her Violet Flame, the stronger the darkness became within the Violet Flame of the darker universes to work against the love rising upon your planet.  This continued until finally there was enough Violet Flame within the mirrors.

When the balance of the Violet Flame of the Divine Love Element became stronger than the resistant Violet Flame, the Divine Love Element Violet Flame won.  As a result, the DNA of the people rose, causing awakening shifts to happen.  No longer were the programmes 50% dark and 50% light.  Even I, METATRON, could not stop this shift from happening. 

This is why the battle against the darkness has been great and extensive.  I, METATRON state to the Divine Love Element, how well she did, continuing on with her love and her fight to bring more Violet Flame to the earth-plane to help the Lemurians to become free, even though I, METATRON, along with Thoth and the Dark Gateway channel used all we could against her.   She kept returning.



By gridding in CAEAYARON’s Divine Love Element, creating a prison state for her, the Lemurians were able to be placed in mirrors.  12 mirrors were placed around the Flower of Life, to allow 12 denser planes of existence to come into being.  Each of those planes was divided into 4 separate units to bring 4 separate identities within each universal structure.

A universal structure is then gridded in with consciousness of the beings who desire to rule them.  However, before the grids can be created, already beings must be gridded into those grids, otherwise consciousness cannot exist. 

First you must have beings linked into a grid, before consciousness programmes can be placed within that particular grid.  Four creates a spiral motion, which is a complex area.  All things in the denser universes, with four sides, creates an illusion of strength and motion with greater definition.



From those 12 mirrors, dimensions could come into existence.  Before dimensions came into existence, again beings needed to be linked into this, and this Thoth and his leaders did via a large Merkaba system, which the Lemurians were placed within, in Lemuria. 

This created the vortex of a large feeding system.  The Lemurians would always be connected into the Divine Love Element, who was gridded within the Flower of Life, who was connected into the GREAT CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. 

The weaker the Divine Love Element was, the less the GREAT CAEAYARON, or SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT could come through.

This is why they, the great darkness, desired her not to rise. 


The 12 dimensions were created, and the 12 illusion dimensions were created from the 12 dimensions. 

In spirit you also had a dimension, and the more you believed in the dimensions on earth, the more the spirit dimensions became your reality.  In all of reality, nothing truly existed except your own thoughts, as your memories of who you truly were, were taken in the dark cave of the dark gateway. 


The dark gateway was the entry way between the ‘living,’ and the ‘dead.’  You may think you live on a certain dimension in your lifetime, but I, METATRON say, ‘How can you be so sure?  Everyone who lives in your ‘thought system,’ lives on another dimension than you think.  No one is around you, as all are vague memories, thoughts and mirrors.  How can you tell truth from not truth?

This is why many people upon your plane have trouble discovering their true identity, for you have not only one self, but many.  How can you tell whether it is someone different who is living within you, or not?



This game of confusion gave Thoth and Yahweh and the dark leaders many advantages as they created time warp illusions.  By placing you in spirit within several dimensions, usually four different dimensions, you could not find yourself any longer.  How could you find yourself if you had become separated from yourself?  

This left you in all planes, as when you are in pain, unable to find yourself, you leave thoughts and ‘memories,’ behind.  Each time you left a thought behind, you became a weaker self.



This was how you became denser, with denser bodies and thoughts.   Do forgive all things.  Be grateful you are able to escape the dense grids now, when you begin to listen to the GREAT CAEAYARON.  He is the tester of all hearts, and if you could understand that, then you would not hesitate to go and get yourself out of the denseness by receiving the Codes of Life back again with HIM.

At your Divine Activation time, with the GREAT CAEAYARON, CAEAYARON brings your greater self to you, and then takes your shadow selves and heals them, to allow you to become free.  This is all ‘Alignment’ for your greater soul path to come, to allow you to become a Star Being in the Love Universes of CAEAYARON once again. 

Only the strong spiritually minded ones will find the higher path ‘logical’ at this time, and will find their ‘desire,’ within them to receive the Activations with CAEAYARON building.  He will only use his Divine Love Element, because it was the Divine Love Element who was always connected to his Divine Being, CAEAYARON, and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. No other Being is connected into CAEAYARON, directly. 

All are connected within CAEAYARON via the Divine Love Element Pathway. 

Each time CAEAYARON comes through with the Divine Love Element and brings activations to the people upon your earth at the Divine Activations, HE gains more power, because the people, who become activated with the Divine Love Element Pathway, have been in the dense grids, and then he transfers more of the lost power within HIMSELF and within the EARTH GRIDS to help those rise who desire to rise.   Know CAEAYARON is LOVE, whereas I, METATRON, never created my universes with flows of love.  This is because the Great Resistance did not desire universes of love.  They desired knowledge and power.


Key to Crop Circle and further deeper spiritual information:

Theme: ‘Creating the Denser ‘Enlightened’ Universes.’

1:  CENTRE CIRCLE:  Vortex of Flower of Life, where the Divine Love Element was gridded in.  The Ray of the Divine Love Element would always be connected into the Power Flows of the GREAT CAEAYARON, and THE UNIVERSAL DIVINE FLOW of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, giving the denser universes eternal light from Divine Source, as long as the Divine Love Element was gridded in. 


2. The 12 ray-like lines extending from centre are MIRRORS OF ILLUSIONS:  Lemurians held the grids together, as they held the streams of the Divine Love Element within them.  No grids can happen for the darkness without the Lemurians, or the Divine Love Element who is connected into the Lemurians, as the Divine Love Element Rays are within the Lemurians. 


3. The 12 cog, or coffin-like fields below the blue inner circle represent LOVE FLOWING FROM THE DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT HELD WITHIN THE FLOWER OF LIFE GRID TO THE DENSER GRIDS:  This love was reduced with pain and fear flows contaminated by the fear and pain energies of the people on planet earth, and the Divine Love Element, while she was on the earth-plane fighting to free the Lemurians from their imprisoned states. 

This contaminated the light the Lemurians brought within themselves, and the darkness took it; creating a constant feeding ground that maintained the Lemurians within the human illusions.

The Divine Love Element was the only being able to escape the dark grids, or dark matrix between life times.  She was the only Being created to tap into the power of THE GREAT CAEAYARON, and UNIVERSAL DIVINE POWER who is SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.  No one else was created for the Divine Love Pathway to bring SOURCE LIGHT to all other existence.  No one else could escape the limited grids.  All people on your planet had fallen into the grids of limitation.


4. THE GRID OF LIFE represented by the blue circle:  The Grid of Life was created to grid in the consciousness of beings.  Once beings are gridded into the Grid of Life, their rulers, who desire to rule them, can bring in programmes with their thought systems. 

The Lemurians were gridded into the Grid of Life during the Fall of Lemuria.  This was when the Lemurians and Atlanteans freely gave their power to Thoth and the Dark Gateway via the Merkaba system.  This connected into the Grid of Life where the thoughts of the Lemurians could then be placed within limited grids.  No more could they escape these grids unless the Divine Love Element could release them.


5.  THE MEMORY BANKS OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS GRID, represented by orange fields:  The Dark Gateway and Thoth placed all MEMORIES OF THE LEMURIANS AND ATLANTEANS within the Grid Of Life, which was a Consciousness Gate Grid (4), to allow them to access these memories. 

This created limitation within the Lemurians to become humans, with the 50% dark programmes and 50% light programmes, to keep the denser universes in balance.

This left the human consciousness weak and filled with amnesia. No longer did the Lemurians have the memories of the love universes within them, and now they could feed the dark star systems with their light from their Beloved Divine Love Element who they had gridded into the Flower of Life. 

It was the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, who would attempt to free them time and time again.  The Lemurians were programmed by the darkness to resist the light of the Divine Love Element.  They were programmed, to call the teachings from Divine Love ‘foolish,’ and they were told to ‘kill, kill, kill’ those teachings, and the Divine Love Element, when she rose to be a ‘prophet,’ ‘healer,’ or ‘channel’ upon planet earth.

The Lemurians always were the beings who could connect into the light of the Divine Love Element pathway to gather more light for the dark, dense dimensions because of the Codes of Lemuria. 

Thoth could not do this, as he was not connected into the Divine Love Element Pathway. 

The Yahweh gateway, though he had the Lemurian Light Codes, was removed from the Divine Love Element Pathway, and thus he too could not connect in.  He needed to discover himself within the memories of the Lemurians, time and time again, to not forget his own magnificence and god-glory, as he desired his lifetimes to be celebrated, knowing he won the game in Lemuria and caused the great falls in the higher love dimensions.  Thus, he considered himself to be a ‘god-hero,’ which he also demonstrated in many of his lives upon planet earth.  He needed to keep coming to the surface to fight off the Violet Flame from the Divine Love Element.  He became the ‘hunter,’ of the Divine Love Element, while keeping the Lemurians in pain, to keep them from awakening to ‘Truth Alignment.’


In Lemuria and Atlantis the great resistance, who was the great darkness, turned against many high star beings, and tortured them. 

During their torture the darkness took their precious memories, star gateways and knowledge away from them.  They placed them into the Memory Banks of Consciousness Grids (5), to bring the denser universal system into the 12 star systems.  This connected the dimensions created within the denser universal systems to 12 star systems of Thoth and the Dark Channel Gateway.  This allowed the path of ‘enlightenment’ to come within the 12 star systems of Thoth and the Dark Yahweh Gateway to feed the Masters of Enlightenment in the lower dimensions, opposed to the love universes.

 The denser universes also needed those energies, as their star energies retained the information of the old universes.  The old universes were ‘records’ of how previous universes came into existence.  The old universes also linked into the Divine Love Element, so that the Flower of Life could be used to extract power flows to allow life to think these universes still existed, and were part of the beings consciousness.

 6.  THE CONTAMINATED VIOLET FLAME represented as 12 dirty violet diamond shapes:  The Divine Love Element had the Sacred Violet Flame.  She could leave the grids between her many earthly lifetimes as a human, as most of her power was held outside of the grids.  No one else had the power to leave the grids, except the Divine Love Element Pathway.   Constantly, during her many lifetimes, she was able to receive the Greater, pure, Violet Flame from the Holy Archangels and CAEAYARON, to bring the rays back to the earth plane, into the mirrors (2) where the Lemurians were held within, which was deep within the ‘belly’ of the earth plane.

This allowed my being, METATRON, together with Master Thoth and the darkness, to take the pure Violet Flame, and ‘stream’ it within the denser rays, to contaminate it and bring it down in frequency, to keep the Lemurians in the tight illusion of human lower frequency reality. 

This also created the 50% dark programmes, and 50% light programmes within the DNA of the people, to stop awakening flows happening on the earth’s surface, and to keep the people programmed to keep extracting the light for the darkness. 

The Lemurians were needed in this way, as they create human reality together with their collective consciousness; as they were created to work collectively with their minds.

7. THE ‘GRID OF LIGHT’ yellow circle around the centre.  This is a moat of tainted light the fallen Lemurians had gathered from the Divine Love Element Gateway Rays. 

The denseness desired this grid to be firm and in place to stop the great awakening from happening, yet also allowing the flow of ‘light,’ to come from the contained, hidden areas, without the Violet Flame from the Divine Love Element becoming too strong to allow healing and awakening to happen on the earth surface. 

Because the Lemurians suffered much pain from earth lives, these rays from the Divine Love Element were heavily contaminated.  These contaminated energies were perfect to feed the darker universal rays with. 

The only way the Divine Love Element was able to break through those grids was if she won the Universal Game.   Would her love be strong enough to conquer all the tests the great darkness gave her?


8. THE DARK GATEWAY GRID BETWEEN THE ‘LIVING,’ DIMENSIONS AND THE ‘SPIRIT’ DIMENSIONS, represented by the straight brown lines extending from the centre of the crop circle, which also extend underneath the circular yellow vortexes:  These connected the mind, body and spirit connection gateway. 

Know that everything in your dimensions is an illusion, but owning the mind, body and spirit of the beings in the illusionary world brings more power. 

When one Lemurian experiences pain, others also experience pain, as collectively they hold thought grids together.  When one Lemurian is on planet earth in the ‘living’ world, and that same being is on the ‘spirit’ dimensions in another illusion, pain can be created by believing in suffering.  The other part of ‘self’ can then reflect the pain happening within the mirrored spirit dimensions, and vice versa. 

When Thoth spliced up the souls, he created more ‘realities’ to create suffering within.  How can you understand your self-identity?  How can one understand their own authentic self if they do not understand how much of a shadow they are within themselves?   The web of life was created like this. 


9.  THE FEEDING SYSTEM TO THE ‘LIVING’, FROM THE GRID OF LIGHT (7), represented as the curved yellow lines:  Because the grids were firmly in place, 12 dimensions could become created and a feeding system was connected into them, as demonstrated by the two arms holding each vortex.  The two streams into the vortexes would need to continuously feed the darker, denser, dimensions connected into earth plane, and the 12 star systems of dense universal planes.


10:  THE FEEDING SYSTEM TO THE ‘LIVING’ FROM THE ‘SPIRIT, SHADOW’ DIMENSIONS, represented as the curved brown lines:   The flows from the outer spirit dimensions (12) feed into the ‘living’ dimensions (11) to keep the living connected to the ‘mind, body and spirit,’ dimensions, which were Master Thoth’s power of three.

Depending on the pathway of the spirit-self and the living-self, would depend on the suffering within, or the enlightenment within.  Both pathways would work together, depending on one’s ‘progress’ within the evolution system of the denser universes.

Often Thoth would select his Atlantean Masters for the relevant Spirit Realms, to prepare them for the Enlightenment programmes in the ‘living’ world to ‘guide’ the people on the living plane to ‘greater knowledge’ of Thoth and the ‘Companies of the Darkness’ who desired the ‘living’ people not to become awakened to the love of CAEAYARON via the Divine Love Element, while instead ‘enlightening’ them into the teachings of Master Thoth.

11:  THE 12 ‘LIVING’ ILLUSION DIMENSIONS WHERE HUMAN EXIST WITHIN (11):  The DNA on the living plane needed to stay balanced, within the 50/50% dark and light programmes, to stop the awakening from happening, and yet be able to take enough light from the Flower of Life Grid, where the Divine Love Element was placed within, to feed the darker planes of existence.

These 12 were connected into the 12 star systems of the denser universes.  Six were more enlightened than the other six, always seeking to maintain balance and unity between the dimensions.

Because of the tortured star beings in Lemuria and Atlantis, with their consciousness, memories and knowledge held in the memory banks, the 12 dimensions of ‘living’ illusions and 12 dimensions of ‘spirit’ illusions were connected into the 12 dense universal star systems.

12:  THE 12 ‘SPIRIT,’ ILLUSION DIMENSIONS (12):  The humans connected to their spirit selves, constantly in a limited cycle.  These 12 were also connected to the 12 star systems.  The cycle also contains the ‘mind’ illusion, to keep the ‘living’ in programmes of thoughts of evolution, but not truly evolving to a state of being able to leave the limited grids, or to stop feeding the darkness. 

If more pain needed to come upon the ‘living’ plane, to keep the DNA in balance, then the spirit dimensions would suffer more, which affected the living. 

To create this illusion, the darkness greatly used the torture of Jesus, and the ‘knowledge’ of hell and heaven, and sin to the living.  This created the illusion of suffering in the spirit dimensions, thereby following the rule that the fallen Lemurians created collectively the illusion on the earth plane also, in Thoth’s ‘circle of life’. 

By believing in the suffering, collectively the fallen Lemurians gridded in the Divine Love Element Pathway more, by taking more light from the Divine Love Element, who was gridded into the Flower of Life to keep her weaker, and:

-        create strength within the darker universes and darker programmes.

-        to keep the people in your system weak.

These 12 vortexes of dimensions in spirit, and for the ‘living,’ served as a learning and a balancing tool for Thoth, the Dark gateway, and the Dark Masters of ‘enlightenment.’  Each dimension served various timelines and brought the people into great confusion. 


I, METATRON could assign the spirit beings of the lower dimensions, to certain pathways of existence together with Master Thoth. 

It was always the plan to build more enlightened dimensions, and less denser dimensions, depending on the balance of the souls kept in the mirrored prism prison.  However, to do that, more of the Divine Love Element would then be needed to be gridded in, as the Divine Love Element was the ‘balancer.’ 

Had the Divine Love Element lost the Universal Game, we, the Great Resistance, would have achieved that collectively with our dark teams, and thus we, the Great Resistance to CAEAYARON’s LOVE UNIVERSES, would have been able to build a greater power structure to fight against the Universal Streams of Love of CAEAYARON’s Universes, which was greatly desired by Thoth and the Dark Gateway Yahweh Channel, and here I, METATRON, will state, desired by my fallen being greatly.

13.  THE EMERALD FLOWS OF WISDOM, represented by the four emerald green shark-fin shapes associated with the (11) and (12) yellow vortexes:  These are the flows of guided ‘Wisdom,’ from the ‘Gods,’ of the denser universes flowing into the earth planes of human consciousness, and the spirit planes, affecting, the ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ dimensions. 


Constantly Master Thoth and the Yahweh Being desired worship from the living and the spirit selves.  Thus, on all those dimensions they created structure of worship and guidance to bring more glory and power to themselves.

When people believed in a God, or religion on your earth plane they, the people, brought their consciousness in line with the denser thoughts, allowing the Divine Love Element, Christ Element, to be gridded in greatly and deeper. 

They, the great darkness, desired the people upon your planet, and the people in spirit, to have the same thought pathway to create their, the thoughts of the darkness ‘reality,’ which was to create their wishes.  The great darkness always knew that it was the collective mind who would bring them the greater god power.  If only the people could unite together.  However, they could not. 

Despite the pain on your planet, and the pain caused to the Divine Love Element, she kept returning.  Each time she returned she brought Divine Love Alignment to your planet.  As a result, despite the great darkness placing their beliefs deeply within your consciousness, you found your way again to questions. 

These questions the darkness did not desire, and I, METATRON will state; ‘does not’ desire you to have. 

Again, you are awakening.  Now however, the GREAT CAEAYARON is rising within the Divine Love Element Pathway, and hence, I, METATRON have lost my game. 

Thoth has lost his game, his people have lost the game, the channel of the great darkness who took millions away from Lemuria and trillions away from the love universes, who you know to be the channel of Kryon, together with all his people, have lost the game.



From exploring the information with my being, METATRON, you can understand why it is significant for your learning at this time to understand that linear time does not exist.

Any dimension could play within you in the denser evolution game, as you are a vortex within yourself.  Each dimension would give you greater lessons, and when you did not fit certain dimensions any longer, because you outgrew them, another dimension would be given for you to find your way in. 

You would call this ‘evolution.’  I, METATRON, would call this ‘progress’ to help the denser universes to become more ‘fixed and solid.’  Thoth, the dark gateway and the dark leaders certainly did not desire you to escape this, though they helped you to think you were exploring evolution.  But how do you know into which lifetime I, METATRON, would put you into in the next game of life?

At times, I, METATRON, would place the more evolved path beings in the lower dimensions in lifetimes coming to help the lower, less evolved path, to become more enlightened (The more evolving beings may see this as descension).

To create a dense universe (to create greater power for Thoth and the Darkness, as I, METATRON only could create universes according to their universal consciousness) I, METATRON, needed to create an equalization system; if the lower universes were not evolving enough, or they were in too much pain, then the more enlightened information could not come through for the teachers of Thoth.  As a result all of evolution would have stopped progressing in the denser universes, without the more evolved beings being placed into the lower dimensions. 

Progression in all universal systems is always needed.  It was needed in the denser universal system to bring more light in from the Divine Love Element. 

This was the game of the denseness, to keep everything in order, synchronized, in harmony with each other, otherwise the people on those dimensions were not able to bring in enough light from the Divine Love Element to feed Thoth’s enlightened dimensions with. If there was not enough light, then Thoth’s ‘Masters’ would not live a very long life, as they could only feed on the light captured from the lower dimensions, which was from the people on the earth plane.  If they did not live long on the ‘surface,’ then the people could not be guided or ‘structured’ sufficiently, which may strengthen the play of the Divine Love Element by allowing the people to become awakened, should she be stronger at the time of her play on the surface of the ‘living.’