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The 'Enlightening Story of the Pineal Gland,' crop circle translation,(16 August 2014, Combe Fields,Warwick Shire, UK ), translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤
Posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator 11 September 2016
One of the most beautiful spiritual beautiful gifts we have been given is our spiritual centre, the pineal gland, which speaks of wisdom and is able to understand our greater dimensional flows.

When we understand the gift we hold within us, it gives us greater freedom because with it we see greater possibilities and we realize we are not actually here as we think we are, but that we are very much greater and we are able to see in the deeper dimensional spaces.

It gives us deeper power as it aligns our deeper energy centres with our greater truth.

Here the spiritual eye speaks of our story. The story of a time when the spiritually enlightened eye became entrapped and imprisoned, and fought to escape the 'prison.'

Fear and suffering closed our spiritual eyes down greatly, as the eye does not want to see the ways of suffering. It is only with our deep forgiveness that we can go to the very high spaces.

The spiritual eye saw the pain and the ‘darkness,’ which is the greatest fear and pain. It always stayed in the knowing, however, that one day it would awaken to greatness and to true freedom once again to allow itself to feel the glory within itself again.

The spiritual eye connects us to our deeper purpose, to our deeper spiritual soul path, continually guiding us to our greatness and our depth, allowing us to understand the higher path of love. It is far from a simple part of our body, for the spiritual eye is the divine connection between us, our physical spaces and our deeper spirituality.

When we were fully connected with our pineal gland, it was free to do as we pleased. We could see in the beyond and base many of our decisions based on what we could see within.

Now, during the times of the Great Awakening, we are being asked to go back into the spiritual eye and begin to see that all what was is not anymore and now we are free to go back within it.

Now is the time to see the light again and to rejoice in the light and not be afraid to allow it to shine to others, to share the joy with others and to be in the love.

We can truly connect to our greater path by receiving the Divine Pineal Gland Activations with CAEAYARON to awaken our greater gifts within, to lift up our whole vibration and truly become one with universal purpose and alignment.

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Namaste, love and light, always, Suzanna ❤ ❤

Key to the crop circle:

❤ Crop circle shows, the inner eye, the pineal gland

❤ The spiritual eye became trapped, shown by the brown barriers, showing our trapped light, not truly daring to go beyond the barriers of our limitation feelings, even though the light always still shone and we were never disconnected from the light.

❤ The blue around the eye shows how we became infected with pain and suffering and did not see the great light of our own greater journeys anymore. It also shows how our light became limited by the limited spaces of light around the eye.

The blue around the barriers shows how we came to many lifetimes, seeking to find our own healing power, seeking to find our own wisdom and reflecting deep within what is we truly desire for our lifetimes. We learned how to heal with forgiveness and love.

❤ The greater light, as in the yellow sun, will show once we have gained that greater understanding and knowing that we are no longer barricaded in and we have nothing to be fearful of anymore. It is when we begin to trust self once again, and trust the Divine. It is a journey of inward reflection, nourished by the spiritual heart, knowing we are safe, as shown by the green.

❤ The greater we heal, the more we flow with the universal Divine light and then we are able to reach within it, stepping into our greater Divine purpose, as shown by being able to touch the outer circle. We are able to become one with Divine universal purpose.

❤ ❤ ❤