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‘The Great Universal Alignment Consciousness of Oneness.’
Crop circle discovered in Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, 1 August 2012, Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel heart emoticon♥♥ guided by the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY COMMANDER, HALISARIUS.
Namaste and I send you so much love and light and you have many blessings from the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT SOCIETY. HALISARIUS brought through this translation for you to help you understand the love, the unity and harmony that once existed. The Divine Plan is that all returns to the oneness, and there is a time coming when all universes will align back into the love and the light once again, to work in harmony with each other. Please listen to the teachings of CAEAYARON on You Tube and HALISARIUS (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) to understand more about the Alignment coming and how we can return to the higher spaces of the Star Dimensions also with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON.
 Please read the following words from HALISARIUS, CHIEF COMMANDER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION, as he speaks to you about this message.
Greetings, and welcome to the times of the great alignment coming when peace and love is restored within the universal arrangements, and for all things to become of love and harmonious thought once again. You are in a time of excitement, a time of expansion, and a time of knowledge and explanation.
You are here in a time when all things are becoming more explained to you, and we as Star Beings are eagerly seeing how your knowledge is growing and how you are grasping the understandings, for all things are already within you, as you already understand it to be.
In our messages, which you call crop circles, you connect to greater understanding of universal existence and universal arrangement and a greater knowledge as to how energetically all is connected.
All times and dimensions have always existed, and all times and dimensions are eternally connected to each other.
At the beginning, when all was in the love, all was energetically arranged in such a way that all could connect to the ultimate intelligence to become more highly evolved, to allow all to be greatly evolved.
Here you can see the connection of all dimensions being able to explore the love connection safely, without disturbance, to allow the highest dimensional growth aspects to happen in all creation.
All was connected, and there were bands of energies and dimensions which allowed the other dimensions to expand in their knowledge and awareness. All created a bond with each other. When one was created, it allowed that knowledge to be passed on to the greater dimensions and thus the greater dimensions expanded. This you are able to see in the wisdom and the light growing in the universes. All worked together in perfect love and harmony. As long as the perfection was there in the love and the light, the growth continued.
The stars reflected the eternal growth from Divine constantly, and carried all the living codes of information from the highest source, and all star beings on the higher love dimensions, were connected into the higher star codes of wisdom to allow them to stay aligned to the highest wisdom of intelligence in the universe, as shown in the circle in the centre.
The stars connected to all star beings by their pineal stars, as I as HALISARIUS, will call it here, and each star being who received the highest knowledge accelerated fast.
Nothing slowed down creation for all is eternal life expansion.
This lifecycle of love and perfection was always there until the great resistance in the universe came and the questions began to be asked.
At first, when the resistance was there, it worked with Divine Will and all still stayed connected. However, when the great resistance desired to work against Divine Order within the universal arrangements, all began to split apart as if earthquakes happened. The great centre split itself open. Once the harmony was no longer there all began to become confused and disharmony was created.
You are now in a time when all things are becoming aligned and the great blessings will be there for your people, as well as our people, as all questions have been answered. We, as Star Beings in the love, chose to stay with Divine Order.
You are able to be a part of the great star wisdom again by listening to the teachings of Divine and to step into the great healings of Divine, at this time, as the gates are open to be part of the great alignment coming when we as Star Beings of the Great Love will all unite together once more and step into a new universal arrangement of love and unity.
Explanation of the crop circle:
⭐The connection between all the universes and dimensions, and how all things were balanced in the ways of the love and harmony, is shown.
⭐Centre circle: Universal Love Intelligence, where all intelligence is. This has all the wisdom and power to bring the star beings up higher.
⭐Three bands of circles: Different paths were created, as shown by the different sizes and three bands where each could learn from each other. Growth always magnifies and expands. As one universe learned, so did another. The support and the love for all of creation was there. None was more important than another. The greater growth universes always linked their power and growth down to the smaller universes to support all and explore higher ways of growth.
⭐Three diamond stars on other side of the circles shows that all star beings were connected to the star wisdom. Each size of star, though it is one star in reality, allowed the growth to happen for all dimensions of life and all universes.
⭐The star wisdom communicated directly with the ‘pool’ of intelligence and power, which is the centre circle.
⭐Star Beings on the planets were aligned with their ‘pineal glands eyes’ as shown by the pineal gland eyes aligned to each other. These pineal gland eyes acted like antennas to receive information from the greater star wisdom via the stars, which connected straight into the universal power system.
⭐Diamond shapes within the pineal gland eyes show how the pineal glands directly linked to the stars to receive information from the universal intelligence pool. Star Beings could not directly connect into the centre but they could indirectly via stars in the universal systems when they became aligned.
⭐The different sizes of the stars and circles show how all growth happens in the universe. No growth can suddenly happen. When growth happens, it becomes magnified and thus the greater growth can happen from one phase to another. When all supports each other the growth can evolve to become exponential. It also shows multidimensionality as all dimensions connect to each other.
 Namaste, I send you much love, light, wisdom and healing,
 Angel Hugs, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel heart emoticon♥♥
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