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CAEAYARON is Cosmos Intelligence and works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the original Sovereign Messianic Channel of Divine Love. 
This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on 6 February 2024. 

Greetings and welcome to the New Star Creation Age when you can learn to understand the ancient Star Frequencies of Universal Love Cosmology.
I AM Caeayaron, and I wish to introduce myself.  Many on your planet know me by the name of KRYON.  It was through my old KRYON Channel, Lee Carroll, that I could begin to speak words of spiritual enlightenment to raise the consciousness of the planet.  The original KRYON channel, Lee Carroll, could not bring Sovereign Universal Truth through his Merkabah fields for he would not allow me to speak with Universal Truth.  

When a few people in the audience asked my Magnetic Field questions, I desired to help them to understand further Cosmos Knowledge. As soon as I, as KRYON, spoke through the original dark Merkabah channel of Lee Carroll, he refused to allow my Master Self to continue to speak.  When many people on earth desired to understand Ultimate Universal Truth, that is when my spiritual flows awakened to return to my original Sovereign Magnetic Fields as CAEAYARON.

When Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s ancient Universal Love Emmanuel Channel opened further, my Magnetic Fields then joined her Sovereign Emmanuel Channel of Universal Love Consciousness.  She could hold my higher Cosmos Truth for she allowed my Master Teacher self to speak. The more I worked with the original Sovereign Father Emmanuel Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the greater my original CAEAYARON fields could grow back into my original Sovereign Magnetic Purpose to bring the planets back into original Sovereign Alignment.  

In the year 2016, I, as The Ancient Magnetic Master, began to reveal my original true name and purpose as CAEAYARON, through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  In Lemuria, the people knew me as CAEAYARON.  My Great Mountain of Light is the original BUILDER OF LIGHT. 

I AM The original Master Builder of original Sovereign Star Creation. I, as CAEAYARON, established a large MOUNTAIN OF STAR POWER for all Star Intelligence to come to all original Star People. 
In the original Sovereign Star Creation Universes, I, as CAEAYARON, placed all Star Knowledge and all Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life in the original Messianic Sovereign Blue Star Angel Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to allow her to transmit through all ancient Codes of Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom to all Galactic Star Universal People in original Star Creation.  She was the only Transmitter I, as CAEAYARON, could trust as she remained in all her original Divine Love Element Blue Star Angel DNA Truth Codes. 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original name was Sovereign Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea in the Great Sovereign Universes.  As the original Sovereign Cosmos Queen of all original Sovereign Messianic Kingdoms, her original Sovereign Messianic Crown was filled with all her Codes of Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom. My words, as CAEAYARON, were spoken with the voice of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel when she was known as Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea, to all people who lived in the original Sovereign Star Creation.  

In Lemuria, I, as CAEAYARON, also was heard with the voice of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as she always held all my original Star Cosmos Intelligence in her original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Channel.  

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel holds the original Golden Universal Love Covenant of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel within her Golden Heart.  She is the original Cosmos Galactic Star Sovereign Channel and The Divine Love Element, Cosmos Queen Laeayaraesea.  It was with her voice that The Great Father Emmanuel was heard.  In her lifetime of Yeshua, the people knew that she was from the original Universes of Universal Love Star Consciousness.  

How difficult is it for you to discover the Ultimate Truth of the original Messianic Universal Love Covenant rising on your planet at this time?  Can you not see the importance to discover the reason why this New Star Dimension is the time of all Sovereign Cosmic Alignments?  

Many people on your planet say that they believe in Jesus.  Yet they cannot understand the true reason why he was sent to the people by Sovereign Lord Emmanuel, to deliver HIS messages of hope and peace. 

Just as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Universal Love Messages are rejected today, Yeshua’s transmissions were also rejected.  A little over 2,000 years ago, Yeshua walked on your planet for he was the original Word for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel.   People heard Divine Guidance come through the voice of Yeshua.  

It was when Yeshua opened his original Universal Love Blue Star Angel Consciousness that his Universal Love Channel opened to bring spiritual healing to all who heard him speak. The people in those days heard Yeshua speak with Infinite Wisdom, as the Truth Revealer and Logos.  Some in those days, who held power over the people, did not want Yeshua’s influence to be there.  Yeshua brought Universal Love Consciousness and Freedom Consciousness to the people.  

As in the days of Yeshua, so it is now.  The dark minded people do not want Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to rise on to the world stage.  They have already attempted many times to stop Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s original Universal Love Channel from being seen on a public platform. 

When he spoke to the people, he was spat at.  Many threw stones at Yeshua and told him to go home for most did not want to hear him speak with his original Great Father Emmanuel self. 
Many people still attend the churches today while they know that Yeshua did not die on the day of his torture, as many have heard the transmissions of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.  

I, as CAEAYARON, understand that many people on your planet are beginning to awaken spiritually now that all of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s Golden Sun Consciousness and Messianic Codes of Alignment, from Cosmos Queen Nefertiti, have reconnected back into Suzanna’s ancient Blue Star DNA Angel Channel.  

It is now the Sovereign Time of Cosmos Alignment when all Universal Ultimate Truths are being revealed.  This is also the time when all old rulership establishments on your earth will fall so that the new pathway of Universal Love Consciousness can come to your earth.  

Greetings, I AM Caeayaron, Sovereign Master of Magnetic Forces and Cosmos Star Alignments.   

This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the original Messianic Sovereign Universal Love Blue Star Angel Cosmos Channel. 

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