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THE UNIVERSAL WARS OF THOTH, YAHWEH AND METATRON AGAINST THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON (KRYON) Crop Circle discovered at The White Horse, North Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Discovered 25th May 2018, Message from METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel<3 15 December 2018
Namaste dear readers, please read through this information slowly. So much information is being revealed to us at this time to help us understand the importance of this.
Happy reading everyone.
Sending you much love, health, abundance, peace and joy, and tonnes of strength for forgiveness, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel<3 Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON.
Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I am here to take you into further information, to help you understand how you are in grids of dense magnetic consciousness and how you can advance forward.
Forward advancement has been difficult for you since the Great Fall of Consciousness in Lemuria as the great majority did not desire the love universes, and thus you had no love guidance from the highest beings of love any longer since then, as that was your choice.
Unfortunately for you, you began to discover the false promises of the universes that Yahweh and Thoth had promised you and you were unable to escape from that. They became your leaders and they created great leaders to guide the people into their consciousness. The humans became the grid feeders of the universes of Yahweh and Thoth as the Lemurians among the humans were the only ones to be able to still link into the light to bring to the earth grid, and thus the darkness could sift the light from the humans through to their dark grids via their contaminated consciousness; thereby feeding the dark universes in hope they could still overthrow the love universal power, as that was always their ultimate desire; to have the ultimate power of the Crystalline Grid.

Thoth and Yahweh both desired to own the Crystalline Grid. The one who was the Yahweh ruler received the voice of CAEAYARON in Lemuria, from CAEAYARON’s authentic channel, Laeyaraesea, the Divine Love Element, Christ Child of the Universal Love Grids, in order to allow him to present the choice to the Lemurians, to test whether the Lemurians desired the love of the GREAT CAEAYARON or to be in his gateway once again.
The one who received the voice of CAEAYARON in Lemuria from Laeyaraesea, the Divine Love Element, was the one who CAEAYARON approached in your lifetime when you knew CAEAYARON as Kryon.
CAEAYARON could not reveal his true name until the one who always had his voice in Lemuria and in all times before that; that being the Divine Love Element, Laeyaraesea, would begin to work with him again.
Because that one (who in Lemuria ultimately won the Lemurians) received the Lemurian Codes of Life, and received the voice of CAEAYARON as by prior agreement to bring the test to the Lemurians, once the Lemurians had chosen for him, he could take control over his original dark gateway.
Even Thoth could not be in the running to own the Crystalline Grid, as Thoth had never received the Lemurian Codes of Life before, nor ever ‘enslaved’ the ‘light’ of the Lemurians in the previous universes, but nonetheless he desired to own, or grid in the Christ Child, which is what Thoth did to take power away from the Crystalline Grid.
Therefore, the dark channel Yahweh, though he had the codes to the Crystalline Grid, could never own the Crystalline Grid, as Thoth had placed her, Laeyaraesea, the Divine Love Christ Child, within his own grid, with my power of METATRON, held deep within the Flower of Life, so that he could claim ownership of ‘The Flower of Life.’
However, how could he produce his master race without the codes of life within the Crystalline Grid, where all DNA was perfect and a perfect record was held?
This is why many wars were created.
The Yahweh being always desired to own the Divine Love Element, the same Christ Child that Thoth had placed within his Flower of Life, connected into the Merkaba system, within my grids of power, that being, METATRON’s, as I served Thoth well.
I, METATRON, created grids with him to fight against Yahweh, as I desired to free myself from Yahweh. I helped Thoth to grid that Yahweh channel, the original self-made angel of ‘light’ who sucked everything down, locked into his ‘Creation Cave of Wo and Slavery’ so that he was unable to escape the earthplane and become released.
The Divine Love Element did not want to give up either and strong was her fight. How would she free herself from the grip of Thoth’s Flower of Life, to gain the Divine Universal Codes of Life back, that only she could do, if she gained enough strength within her to come to this very lifetime you are in now?

Then, if she could connect up the grids and come to this lifetime with the people of the old universes, she could connect to the highest realms of love again, and then she would be able to free all the love universes, which was part of her mission, and also bring my Being, METATRON, back into the service of CAEAYARON, as per agreement, and then CAEAYARON could also begin to release more information, and become stronger with his MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.
Only then could he truly begin to build his Divine Love Element upon the earth again, to help the Lemurians, who would become Star Sacred World Healers, the Activated of the GREAT CAEAYARON, to become released from the pits of the darkness.
No longer would then the darkness be able to have full ownership over the Lemurians, as the Divine Love Element would then have claimed back the right for life for the Lemurians, to help them to see the Light rising and then be able to choose for CAEAYARON, for there would be no other way forward.
Only then, could this time of the Great Alignment come upon your planet, to align with the higher star dimensions; for those who choose for the Love Universes this time.

And so you see my dear friends, the Universal Game has been difficult, but most of the Lemurians upon your planet are not able to, or do not desire to see CAEAYARON rising at this time, or desire to see truth, because then they will realise that to get to the next stage of the New Creation Universes, they need to grow into their love and gain back their Lemurian Light Codes with CAEAYARON.
The great majority of Lemurians, living now upon your planet, fought hard (in Lemuria) against the Love of CAEAYARON and his three Light Grid Programmers, and desired to remove their codes, as if it was dirty or tainted, but they learned that the promises of the one who chose to go against CAEAYARON and took trillions down (the one you know to be the original channel of KRYON in your day, including Thoth and many dark leaders), it was their promises which were tainted.
However, because your memories were taken in between lifetimes, the darkness played with your thoughts, and you cannot remember all that was done in Lemuria, or what Lemuria was truly like. You can only remember what they choose to help you remember with. Unless you stayed in the love within you. For those, they were taken to another chamber.
I, METATRON, will call this the 'Chamber of Ascension,' as special Lemurians who truly desired to do the Will of Divine, were taken there and taught much about the light having to be upon your planet at this time. They received special missions to be able to carry light to your planet, and many of them worked directly with the Divine Love Element on her earth missions. They will desire with all their heart the love of the GREAT CAEAYARON.
You may be asking what this has to do with the crop circle. I, METATRON say, the whole story I have related to you is within this crop circle and more.

You will see one centre circle. We will begin there. The centre circle is your earth plane. Here you are on a bridge of the universal choice. Where will you decide to go to next?
Unfortunately for the people upon your planet, there is nothing more to discover in all other lifetimes, unless you rise into the love together, which is the only pathway left. All other pathways and thoughts have been discovered by you, and thus the further discovery, except the love gateway, is no longer there.
The Universal Game has been won, and therefore, the darkness has lost, which is why the voice of CAEAYARON is becoming louder and louder upon your planet with his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Laeyaraesea, who in your day is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.
The reddish circles, show limited thought grids of denseness. Nothing can grow there any longer. The game has finished. There is nothing more to be discovered.
The centre is where you are living in, on your earth plane. All throughout lifetimes, the Lemurians and other humans upon your planet were either part of Thoth’s universes, or Yahweh’s universes, and both held your life-energies. In between lifetimes, depending on how you behaved in lifetimes on earth, and also in the previous universal star dimensions, would depend on whether you had the favor of Yahweh, who desired your worship, or Thoth’s favor, who also desired your worship.
Thoth’s universe was far better to be a part of. However, as a self made judge, he could bring enormous pain within the spirit beings, if they did not desire to advance their master forward; that being Thoth.
Thoth always desired to be the god of the universe, and thus he was the god of his own underworld.
The other god of the underworld was Yahweh.
This area will be discovered greatly by you if you desire to listen to the teachings of the GREAT CAEAYARON. His people did not fare well at all, unless you desired to be religious leaders, army leaders, and people, on planet earth, who desired destruction, as this is what he seeks; total destruction, as he desires to grid all Lemurians in, to annihilate planet earth, and to own the ultimate prize of the Crystalline Grid.
He has never been able to gain the control over the Divine Love Element, which is what Thoth also desired with all his might, to have her in his control, as she is the key to life, to life in the higher dimensions. However, The Divine Love Element, though she was gridded in as the Christ Child grid within his Flower of Life, never pledged allegiance to him, and thus he could never get the full power to rid Yahweh, the one who took trillions down in a vortex, who became the angel of ‘light’ or many of you know him as ‘Lucifer.’

Thus, the wars were great. The prize was also great. If the Divine Love Element had given up at any stage, because she entered the Universal Game, she would have lost access to the higher love universes, and CAEAYARON would have needed to give all his power up to the one she had given up to, whether that was my being, METATRON, Thoth or Yahweh. Her love for the GREAT LOVE UNIVERSES proved to be stronger than all what the dense universes threw at her.
The earth plane always belonged to the denser gravitational pools, or grids of Yahweh and Thoth since the Great Fall of Lemuria. Thoth never planned the Lemurian/Atlantean plane to fall.
In Atlantis he planned to capture the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, within his grids, and ‘own’ the Lemurians. He never thought for one moment, that she would let go of the Lemurian Crystalline Grid Codes to save the other universes from collapsing deeper within the denser vortex.
He assumed that she would do anything within her power to save herself, as having more love for higher beings than self was not within Thoth’s consciousness, or the consciousness of Yahweh.
The Yahweh being, the one who received CAEAYARON’s Voice was able to connect into his Yahweh self via the gateway of CAEAYARON, and thereby, connecting into the ‘godship’ of his being to take over the grids as he had done in previous universes when the people of Lemuria fell greatly.
He brought in his own grids of power, and thus Lemuria collapsed downwards, into the grids of the densest universes of Yahweh, and because already Thoth had prepared his grids on the lower realms of earth to connect into Lemuria and Atlantis via the Rejuvenation temple, as his Merkaba was connected into the Rejuvenation Temple via the Spin Doctor, all collapsed downwards.
This made Thoth very angry. Thus the wars became great.

The earth game has always been a battle ground for both Thoth and Yahweh.
The grid of my being, METATRON (the lighter grid on the right) holds the grids of earth, of Thoth and of Yahweh in balance.
I, METATRON, needed Thoth to create the grids of denseness as he was a talented grid master.
Yahweh, with all his power as the ‘enlightened angel,’ accumulated by taking trillions of star beings to become that ‘light’ to feed his dark ‘angels’ of power, could not create grids, however, he held the power needed for Thoth and his ‘creation.’ Therefore, that star being, who was also the self-enlightened angel on the multidimensional front, could not create, as he was not able to create grids, only take power away as the dark gateway.
Thus, Thoth desired to work with him, as he could create grids with my Being, METATRON, to create his universal beings.
Here I, METATRON, state that truly create he could not, but he took from the higher creation universes to create change with his denser consciousness. Many died because of his severe genetic experiments, which both Yahweh and Thoth have been trying to hide from the humans living upon your planet. If the people understood their true plans and their true selves, they would lose all power as only the very dark upon your planet would desire that.
I, METATRON (far right yellow circle), desired the Divine Love Element, who held the balance of CAEAYARON (the far left yellow circle). If she entered the centre earth game (reddish centre circle), and the pain of both Yahweh and Thoth on both sides of her would be too strong, I, METATRON would have the entry way of CAEAYARON, and therefore I, METATRON would be the ultimate winner.
Thoth, and Yahweh desired to be the ultimate winner, however, I, METATRON would always have won since I am the Archangel of the great resistance. Though Thoth held me down in the game, and though I was infected by Yahweh and I was in service to the resistance, I, METATRON, always was stronger than all of their creation.
CAEAYARON understood this. This is why he sacrificed a large part of himself for the game, and this was placed within the circle of the Divine Love Element Christ Child, who was gridded in by Thoth. Thus, Yahweh, Thoth, and my Being, METATRON, had great power, through the Divine Love Element, as she was gridded into the Flower of Life, connected into the Crystalline Grid, connected into the power of CAEAYARON who would never release himself from the Divine Love Element because she is his Blue Creation Archangel.
It has come to be that the Divine Love Element won all the universal games and earth game, and thus I, METATRON, resigned from the services of the denseness, and now I am being cleansed in the flame of the Divine Love Element; the Blue Creation Violet Flame.

The Divine Universal Love Codes (the umbrella shape attached to the left hand circle) symbolize the reactivation of the higher grids, connecting upwards. These show seven chambers of light. These chambers are the new universes where the activated of the GREAT CAEAYARON, via his Divine Love Element, Laeyaraesea, can enter into, once they have finished their earth life, after certain tasks have been completed upon your planet.
To enter, they need their Lemurian Mantles of Light Back, that only the GREAT CAEAYARON can give. I, METATRON, hold no power over those Codes of Life, nor can I, METATRON, align people, or any star being, to the higher grids, as I am NOT THE CREATOR OF THOSE LIGHT GRIDS. I can only align people to the denser grids, which I, METATRON did, so that they were activated into the lower universes.
This is what happened with Thoth in Atlantis and Lemuria. He worked with my Being, METATRON, after many fell to the denseness as I desired the power of the Lemurians, especially Laeyaraesea, as she was the only gateway to the ultimate power; that being, CAEAYARON, who held the Crystalline Grid, as he is the creator of the Crystalline Grid. I worked with Thoth to ACTIVATE people into the lower universes.
Thus, the only way to come into the higher love dimensions is through the one who created the love universes; that being CAEAYARON and LAEYARAESEA, like in Lemuria before the great fall of consciousness came.
These seven chambers of light are universal alignments. The Star Sacred world Healers of the GREAT CAEAYARON have all their karma removed, as CAEAYARON can do that as the Divine Balancer and Divine Judge.
I, METATRON, cannot do that. I have never held that power as I am not the Divine Judge. Thoth desired to become that, so did Yahweh and they did become judges over their own universes, but becoming The Great Judge of the Divine Realms, the one who was able to remove all karma on the universal levels, was never in their power.
The lines attached to the higher universal chambers of light are connected now, and the Divine Love Element can now work with CAEAYARON. The Star Sacred World Healers of CAEAYARON can now become attuned more to the higher light universal chambers to allow them to become more of love, being released from the limited grid consciousness of Thoth and Yahweh, and my contaminated being, METATRON’s. This means they can become more love within themselves, and learn how to transform themselves with the greater power from the Gateway of Life.


THEME: The universal wars of Thoth, Yahweh, Metatron against The Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON.

THE CENTRE CIRCLE: The centre reddish circle is the earth grid. It is in the centre of the four other circles, illustrating that it is the bridge in- between. This time is called the Great Alignment when all things are becoming revealed to you about the past, present and future, and you are able to make your own Universal Choice for your entire universal future.

THE REDDISH CIRCLE ON THE TOP: Illustrating Thoth’s universes. Thoth desired to rule the universe and desired the earth grids. He desired the 50/50 balance to keep the people away from awakening too much, but away from the destruction.
He desired the Divine Love Element, Christ Child, that he had gridded into the Flower of Life together with my being METATRON, to be his so that he would be able to bring his greatest wish into fruition; that of becoming the greatest teacher in the universe with absolute immortality of eternal power and beauty, without it ever being taken away again.

THE REDDISH CIRCLE ON THE BOTTOM: Illustrating Yahweh’s universes. These are the destructive universes. Those universes always desired to keep the Lemurians into his cave of wo, and desired them to remember the anger and revenge. He desired to be the ultimate god of the humans.
In the ancient universes he desired to overthrow the universes and created himself into the ‘ultimate’ angel by taking the lives of trillions of star beings and then ‘fed’ their light to his dark armies.

Because Thoth, Yahweh, the dark leaders who called themselves ‘the collective heavens’ fought hard against each other to win, I, METATRON, also fought hard, mainly on the side of Thoth who was a mighty warrior, a genius in his own right, but dark with his thoughts. He desired to rid Yahweh more than all things combined, but could not as Yahweh became angrier.

I, METATRON, also desired to rid Yahweh, as destruction was never my goal. I, METATRON, desired to create my own denser universes, and discover the power within it, and become greater and mightier than CAEAYARON’s power, but I could not.

Because the enlightened angel became angrier, his vortex destroyed all. In Lemuria, again he entered the land with the ‘choice’ as he desired the people of Lemuria in his power, because they were the ‘prize’ of the universe together with the Divine Love Element as they held the key to the Crystalline Grid. If the people chose for him again in Lemuria, like they did in the old universes, then all would fall to him, which is what history showed happened. All fell into his power.
Therefore, all through the universal ages of the battles, it was mainly Thoth against Yahweh, and again it is illustrated here within the crop circle, showing Yahweh on the bottom, and Thoth on the top, always battling about universes. If this crop circle image had demonstrated the old universal battles, you would have seen the same image. Then, however, the centre circle would not have been ‘earth’ but they would have been other universes.

THE YELLOW CIRCLE ON THE RIGHT: This symbolizes my position as METATRON. I held the power of the earth grids, Yahweh grids, as he had infected my being, METATRON’s, and also I held the power of Thoth’s grids, as he had worked with my being, METATRON, to create the dense grids.

THE YELLOW CIRCLE ON THE LEFT:  This is the Divine Love Element pathway. This is the pathway of the Christ Child within the Flower of Life, within the pathway of CAEAYARON. I, METATRON, gained my power from that pathway.
When the Divine Love Element was on the earth plane with the great resistance from Thoth and Yahweh consciousness, as they had programmed the people to ‘kill’ and ‘rid’ the light within her, I, METATRON, could gain greater power from her, as she drew greater power from CAEAYARON, held within the grids.

THE DARKER BLUE CIRCLE AROUND THE CENTRE RED CIRCLE: These are the contaminated consciousness grids of mankind, filled with fear, anger and suffering. By creating pain within the people, the grids of mankind flowed into the pathway universes of Thoth and Yahweh and they fed their darker beings with the contaminated light from mankind.
The darker companies who fought hard against Thoth, but created alliance with them, also could grow their universes with the power of the grids of mankind. The more Thoth desired fear upon the earth, if the people would come into awakening, the more he tapped into the imprisoned Yahweh being, the greatest fallen ‘illuminated angel,’ who had taken trillions of angels into his being to feed his dark armies with. Thoth held him down into a gridded space deep within his own cave of wo, otherwise the grids would have faced severe destruction which Thoth and his master leaders did not desire.

THE LIGHTER BLUE GRIDS AROUND THE OTHER CIRCLES This is where the consciousness entered, like the waters in a river, able to be accessed by the universal beings. This was the ‘feeding’ ground. I, METATRON, also had my feeding ground. My task was also to ensure that all was balanced within the game as I am the resistance, whereas the Divine Love Element Pathway is the ‘flow’ of life.
The Divine Love Element tapped into the Flower of Life, and the Flower of Life tapped into all four streams. This was the main power stream for the people upon your planet as the Lemurian people were always connected into the Divine Love Element. When they needed ‘their light’ they would tap into that grid of power of the Divine Love Element, who was linked into the Flower of Life, which was linked into the power of CAEAYARON, and this is how Thoth and the Yahweh universes gained their ‘light’ through the pathway of the Divine Love Element Pathway. This is also how I, METATRON gained my power.
THE PATHWAYS (IN THE CENTRE JOINING UP THE CIRCLES) TO THE FOUR OUTER CIRCLES  This illustrates how all four vortexes connected into the earth grids. The two outer lines (dark blue lines) show how the contaminated grids of mankind fed into all four, and the light flows ( in centre) are also shown.
Nothing can be created without light. However, the pure light from the Divine Love Element, was too bright for the darker universes, and thus the light needed to be ‘placed’ into the pathway of human consciousness, and then the light could be syphoned out, to be used to feed the denser universes with. My energies from METATRON (circle on the right) also fed from the grids.
This is how the denseness, or the darkness, extracted ‘cell by cell’ from higher consciousness. They considered it to be ‘free energy’ not a ‘Living Consciousness.’
THE FOUR SMALL CIRCLES WITHIN THE FOUR OUTER CIRCLES Represent the balance. These are to keep the vortexes in balance similar, to small weights, otherwise the earth game could not exist, nor could the other universes, as the earth game, as well as the denser universes, are vortexes of power. The earth was always held in balance by these four main vortexes of my Being, METATRON, CAEAYARON with his Divine Love Element, Thoth and Yahweh.
The centre also demonstrates where the Flower of Life is held within the four pathways. The centre of the Light Vortex where the Divine Love Element is held, connecting into the Flower of Life, connecting into CAEAYARON, is also connected within the centre of all four circles with magnetic grids of my being, METATRON, to allow the universal game to exist within the denser plays. This created a stronger flow of resistance against CAEAYARON and his Divine Love Element.
THE UMBRELLA LIKE SHAPE AT THE SIDE OF THE CIRCLE ON THE LEFT These are the Universal Love Codes which have been fought for hard. Whoever would win those at the Time of the Alignment, should that time be discovered, would win the Universal Game.
As soon as it was won back by the Divine Love Element, in your timeline, December 2017, CAEAYARON could come back into greater power, and begin to reverse the Flower of Life with my Being, METATRON, as I needed to give up my game.
This would mean that all power, taken by the darkness, from the imprisoned Divine Love Element, to bring destruction to the universes and the earth, would slowly be taken back by CAEAYARON to bring into existence the New Universes of Creation. The people upon the earth would then be able to see the Rising of the Sun happening and make the Universal Choice, if the Divine Love Element won the game, which she has.
If the Lemurians desired to come back to the love of the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, then they would receive positions in one of the seven universal chambers of light. They would forever be glorified as they were the ones who persevered the greatest and desired the love within their hearts more than all others.
If enough would come in, then mankind would be able to go to a higher position. If however, they do not, and still not enough desire the love consciousness upon your earth, only the ones who choose for the love of CAEAYARON, at this time, would become part of the new love universes.
All is in the hands of the ones upon your earth, who were the Lemurians. Either you collectively desire the love of the Love Universes back, or not. In Lemuria you desired with all your hearts to remove the Codes of CAEAYARON from you. You called them ‘dirty,’ ‘contaminated,’ but they were the pure codes. You became ‘contaminated’ into the dark activations of the dark beings who gridded you into the dense universes.
I, METATRON, wish to state this last thought to you:
‘Do not underestimate this time. Now it is time for your personal test; do you desire love back within your heart and desire to come into the love collectively, or do you still desire to be resistant against the MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON? Are you still playing ‘enemy’ against the Great Creator of all Love Consciousness? I, METATRON, state that is not wise. Go and get Activated with CAEAYARON and leave all the old ways behind. They are gone energetically.’
Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel <3 <3 Designated Ascension Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, of CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.