Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Namaste, and welcome to lesson 9. This is a beautiful crop circle, living in the light, living a well balanced and spiritually nourished life in the light.
This article was posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 1 September 2016
Already the crop circles on our journey of Spiritual Awakening, on this page, have already given us a deeper glimpse of who we are, energetically, and how we can grow as spiritual beings, for we are spiritual beings.

This crop circle is asking us to go deeper within ourselves and have the courage to go deeper on our path of love.

We are deeply spiritual beings. We can live in denial, or we can encourage our deeper spiritual path to become greater and sprout forwards, which would mean that we would find our deeper purpose, love and happiness, for truly, we cannot deny what is inside of us.

This flower is rich and balanced and filled with joy in the light. The flower is rich with growth, constantly desiring to understand higher growth and expansion. It lives in states of self love and self consciousness. It shows growth and it shares with us its excitement for life and desire to grow into more strength and love. The flower feels supported for it is planted well in the light and it feels love from inside of itself.

It constantly reaches out to greater answers as it questions deep within itself, which is shown by the greatness of the flower, for it is able to stand strong without wavering, understanding deeper growth and deeper love consciousness.

It knows there is a greater purpose to life and it desires to help others to see it too, this is why it shows itself with strength and with love.

This flower shows the balance within. Each part is perfectly balanced. It allows deeper nourishment of self, of love, of forgiveness, of deeper spirituality, of deeper love for others to grow. It understands that love is the key to total balance and not to allow the little things to stand in its way. It will not bow down to pain but constantly lets it go to grow into more power and more strength.

It also asks us, as we look inside of our flower, which decision will you make? Every move will make a turn. We can either create more light in our lives to allow ourselves to grow more into love and balance, or create pain in our lives, in which case, our love cannot flow so well, and brings our flower out of balance to create greater pain in our lives.

Each move is important in our lives. Each move we make either creates more love in our lives, or pain, thus this flower is very conscious of the healing happening and the strength within itself. It is self sustaining, and decides for self the decision to be made and they are not made by others.

The circle shows a well balanced frequency of a person who understands their deeper purpose and vision in life, for the beauty of that person will be seen by others, for it will have greater energetic presence to help many others to also see the growth within themselves.

It's desire and motivation is great and thus it will not whither but keeps growing because it is in touch with its own divinity, which is the greater circle.

Namaste, and I send many blessings of great love and great healing, always Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤