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THOTH’S ‘ASCENSION’ UNIVERSAL PLAN  - Crop Circle Discovered at Barton Stacy, Hants, 28 July 2019

Message by METATRON, Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element and The Word of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & THE GREAT CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, 19 August 2019.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I come to you to help you grasp how all the universes became in the greater density.

I, METATRON served the great resistance to work against the great love universes, for this is why the darkness desired to have their own creation archangel, to work against the great love universes.

You did not understand this information until recently because now is the time of the Great Truth to become revealed upon your planet.

Understand that in this density of earth you are living in, no greater understanding could come, unless the way for the Great Alignment was created, and the GREAT CAEAYARON would rise with his might upon your planet, together with the one who was the Divine Love Element, who was always the way upwards.

I, METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES, served the great resistance to create this planet of resistance, to allow all to become imprisoned into a net, into a ‘pit’ without you being able to escape.

Like CAEAYARON serves the Great Love Universes, and allows ‘his’ services to be of greatness, I, METATRON, served the resistance, therefore I, METATRON worked along with Thoth, who desired my being to be with him the greatest, to allow your earth grids to fall into ever greater density.

Because of the Flower of Life that he had ‘created’ by taking away what was precious within the higher universes, Thoth owned much power within the universes, and desired to build up his universes, as he believed his power and his magic was able to create much power. Thoth desired his own ascension universes, and his knowledge was great. He tapped deep into my knowledge also, and knew how to build the ‘dark matrix,’ which stopped any true ascension from happening, except his own.

Thoth, himself, constantly worked for his own might. He was good at displaying other qualities to others, such as building up their greatness, if they saw him as great. He believed that by stating others were great, that others would see him as being even greater, and thus his own greatness became stronger.

He was able to build much as he constantly promised the greatness and power to others and giving others kingdoms to rule within. He gave those to his enlightened masters, and by being able to pass on the knowledge to them, he established an agreement between him and them, to keep the teachings of Thoth alive, during the times you are living in.

By deeply embedding the teachings of Thoth within the people upon your planet, he was able to build the spirit connections also, as he knew well how the grids worked. By establishing the ‘reality’ within your grids, and the belief systems within your grids, then the power of the spirit dimensions could grow also. By deeply establishing the spirit dimensions and bringing in further thoughts of reality within them, then this would ‘syphon’ back to your earth reality, and thus both planes would affect each other.

This created much upheaval between the ‘kingdoms’ of Yahweh and Thoth, as Yahweh desired the underworld to be of pain and torture, whereas Thoth desired his underworld to serve as a bridge between the living and the dead, but not of torture, but of enlightenment, though keeping the DNA upon your planet at 50/50 to keep the people from awakening for otherwise the love would grow back within their hearts.

The 50/50 was always seen as the ‘perfect’ alignment to keep the wisdom flowing, and yet the density also there, to allow the grids of the humans to feed to the kingdoms of Thoth, to allow further growth to happen within those universes.

This is what the underworld was truly about for Thoth, to allow his own universes to grow. In his own universes, he built his own rulers, and they were well rewarded, depending on what they did on your planet. Thoth sees your human existence as ‘spirit’ on more levels than you care to understand. You see yourself as living on the living dimensions, but to him, he sees your world as the underworld, living in many ‘rivers’ and many ‘ways’ of understanding.

The more his rulers were sent to your planet, to establish his teachings on your planet, the more they would be rewarded in the ‘higher’ kingdoms, to create a higher thought form with. Great wisdom was ‘bestowed’ if they chose to listen, and great ‘punishment’ was given to those who dared to reject Thoth. This was pushed into their thought form, so the ones Thoth kept within his thought system, greatly feared going against him.

Thoth, being the great magician in his time, built the mirrors with many curses and rituals. All those following the rituals, were said to be rewarded, and all who tried to fight them would suffer. This Yahweh did not desire, as he knew who ever caused the greatest fear upon your planet, would own the ones in the spirit dimensions. If he could create fear upon your planet, then he would have them within those same belief systems within the spirit dimensions.

This is why Yahweh desired so much to create pain and slavery, especially for the ones who could come back into the living universes of CAEAYARON. He created misery for them and demanded their worship greatly.

He also knew that they held the greatest thought forms. By them believing in the pain and suffering, they would create it for the others, thereby taking the power away from Thoth. Thoth wanted to maintain the 50/50, but Yahweh desired the power for himself, and desired more destruction to come upon the ‘living’ spirit plane of your world, so that Thoth would not win this war.

The war between the two forces, the Yahweh Forces, and the Thoth forces grew extensively upon your planet, as both fought for the rulership of the universes.

I, METATRON, AM revealing the story to you, so that you have an understanding of why much suffering took place upon your planet. I, METATRON, promised to reveal all upon the Divine Love Element winning the Universal Test and at that time I, METATRON would need to resign my services from the darkness, and then I, METATRON, would stand in the Divine Court room revealing all.

In this time, the time of the Alignment, you are in a Divine Courtroom where all is being revealed before you, and the GREAT CAEAYARON, DIVINE UNIVERSAL JUDGE is speaking through the Divine Love Element HIS ways of Divine Alignment Truth, and has asked me, METATRON, also to reveal how the density came within the universe.

Originally, the Codes of Life were pure, and the memories of the highest universes were pure. In Lemuria, after the ones who destroyed the original universes came back to play, again all began to be seen, as Lemuria was also a Divine Courtroom; the time of the choice.

Thoth, who had already worked in Atlantis, desired the heart of the universe, which was the Sacred Heart, where all the power flowed from. This woman was the original woman in the higher universes, the Divine Love Element, and he knew how he gained the flower of life in the higher universes, to allow his own universes to come into power.

I, METATRON, connected with Thoth on the lower kingdoms of Egypt where Thoth had a flame. This flame of knowledge allowed Thoth to ask questions, and this is how he connected with me, METATRON. I, METATRON would guide him to where he desired to flow into. He desired to regain all his kingdoms and his magic, because he had the great magic in his own kingdoms. This was because he had the Flower of Life, and also my being, METATRON.

I am great power, well I was great power, until the Divine Love Element won me back, and now, I, METATRON need to reverse the flows within the grids so that the darkness loses the power, and it is streamed back to the Divine Love Element, who gives it back to the GREAT CAEAYARON, and HE brings it into the Living Grids of the Earth, so that the darkness no longer had the power it once had.

While CAEAYARON worked with the KRYON CHANNEL, I, METATRON already lost much power, because the KRYON CHANNEL also worked with my being METATRON, as I served the darkness, and there is no darker being than him in the universe. His great power, Lucifer, was stored within my ‘living’ grids, and therefore, I, METATRON, could tap into his power to bring it to Thoth and to the darkness.

Now, however, because the darkest self-gateway has lost the Voice and the Codes of KRYON or his real name being, CAEAYARON, I, METATRON have also lost the game. No longer is Thoth able to reconnect to his ‘universes,’ and no longer can Yahweh build his universes. All the other dark leaders, who connected into Thoth and Yahweh have also lost the ‘lines’ and the ‘grids’ and the connections.

Therefore, nothing that the darkness has built over many universal ‘ages’ can become re-established, and so the light and love has won, and the Divine Love Element has won back the:

• Creation Codes,
• The Living Life Codes,
• The KRYON codes,
• The METATRON codes,
• The codes of the power grids.

Therefore, what you see happening in your world with the great rebellions rising, know this is because the dark leaders no longer have control over the people. Gone is their stability within their governments, all power is shifting. Your world will go into chaos now, until the people begin to desire to tap into the greater power. This is what the ‘connection,’ between the old grids and the living grids are about. Which way will you choose to go.

I, METATRON am not a being of love, though I am being cleansed of the darkness and resistance, because of the constant Violet Flame that CAEAYARON is placing within me.

I am needing to surrender to the love, though part of my being enjoyed very greatly the plays of the Great Resistance. I, METATRON, will say that those games were exciting to me. Gone those memories will be, but now it is time for the new games to become established.

Your original DNA was absolutely perfect, and the darkness desired to own this DNA to allow their own kingdoms to come into place. This was one of the reasons why Thoth desired the Merkaba, to grid the people in and to grid their DNA in, and then with his ‘magic’ and ways, their DNA would become his DNA.

This angered many people within the universes. They realized too late. Thoth always desired his own people to believe they were free, free to think, free to do. He made them think that he was ‘just’ and ‘fair,’ but instead he created with his magic thoughts of needing to serve him, in all his ways within them.

Upon his own people realizing this, they became very angry.

In Atlantis this also was realized within the mystery schools, when Thoth desired to reconstruct his own universes, and create pathways. At first all seemed fun and innocent, and then they realized they were trapped in his universes, without a way out.

Many beings of his own universes felt the Atlanteans rising, and their power, and they came into Atlantis because they had been promised original rulership of Thoth’s universes, and now it was to be given to the Atlantic Leaders who had graduated from his mystery schools.

Thoth was in big trouble upon this happening, and needed to find gateways to his own universes, and closed many off, leading the ones in his own universes in trapped, in undernourished conditions. They desired to come to earth later, to discover Thoth and to pay back what he had done but once they were on earth, they discovered they were trapped within the earth grids without a way out.

Great was their anger, and they desired to trap Thoth in. Thoth hid deep within his cave within his own underworld, so that he could be with the flame of my being, METATRON, being guided slowly back into power. But because the Divine Love Element was after the Codes of Life, which he had placed within the Ark of the Covenant this would be a race against time for Thoth.

The tensions between the leaders of the old universes rose and rose, and the battles grew and grew. Yahweh took over the ground of your planet and made sure the people believed in hellfire and torture, to keep the people away from Thoth and to keep Thoth away from ruling the earth plane.

This is why the earth plane was so important to the dark leaders, as it was their means to rule their own kingdoms. Your earth is connected to many planes and ways of universes, and the Divine Love Element was placed in the middle, trying to free the ones who were from CAEAYARON’s Loving Universes.

Who would win the Great Universe? Would it be Yahweh who was placing torture and pain within the people upon your planet, keeping the people away from the desire of the love? Would it be Thoth who cleverly placed the Merkabah within the earth grids, within the flower of life, within the Lemurians, and had placed his own curses within the human template to keep the people from awakening?

Or would it be the Divine Love Element, who would quietly be sent to your earth, to awaken the Lemurians, very slowly, often not even seen by the great darkness. Upon the darkness seeing her, they would certainly want to get rid of her.

As you see, I, METATRON thoroughly enjoyed watching this whole game. You enjoy your television films, well watching this play out, was more fascinating to me than the greatest film ever coming into creation. You had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and I am an Archangel.

Pity that the darkness lost I, say. I, METATRON, could have had the greatest power in the universe, if only the Divine Love Element had come to her knees, but she did not, and she was able to reconnect with CAEAYARON in 2014, and alas, my games have become lost now.

Here in this crop circle image, you will find everything I have described, in many forms or ways, though you may not see it. At first there was one perfect pyramid of light, which shone out the love in all ways. It was held in the highest love grids, and all the power constantly flowed from all spaces of that pyramid. The GREAT CAEAYARON was able to place HIS thoughts and HIS ways within HIS grids of life, and the beings had all the power.

Then the darkness took all, and they created mirrors of illusions, trapping the beings from the love in, and created an upside-down mirror, or pyramid. By turning all things upside down, you create a large spiral downwards. This spiral downwards creates density, and upon finding density you are unable to find the way out any longer.

The mirrors live within the mirrors, and because all became trapped within a Merkaba system, the mirrors within the upside-down pyramid trapped the power of pain in, feeding it to the dark universes of darkness and resistance.

If you desire to understand who created that plan, then understand that I, METATRON, guided Thoth to do so. Simply by being in his own cave, and by having me as his Archangel, I allowed him to visualize certain things, and give him certain flows, and then all became manifest because the light was not strong enough with the love universes, as at that time they had no understanding of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’

For Thoth, it was easy to persuade the beings of power to come to him, because of all the ‘knowledge’ he possessed. It was not until Yahweh rose, however, that the greater density rose in the universes.

These mirrors constantly reflected back to each other, and this is why the reflection universes were created. Reflection universes are impossible to get out of, because constantly the pain is reflected back to another. How can pain become free, unless there is a pathway upwards.

As long as all reflects pain to each other, it creates more density within consciousness, because it is not possible to only see good, until all see good, and how will that happen, when all is dense around you? This is how all consciousness became greatly entrapped within the original universes, as all began to see pain within themselves and with each other.

The mirrors, instead of bringing more power to the ones who were in CAEAYARON’s universes, which is why the mirrors originally were created, now became part of the ‘upside’ down cycle; it trapped in any light they brought in, and because they believed in the pain consciousness, this brought their energy to the dark universes, and they began to believe in needing to obey their masters and commanders.

If they did not, more pain came within them. This is how the large rulership of the darkness was created and established, by gaining the power over the people.

This is why the Merkaba system was important to Thoth as he had reversed the mirrors of light to mirrors of density, and all within the systems of the universal beings became his now. He created a pathway to allow his own universes to grow. He demanded their worship as he fought against other commanders such as Yahweh, and he desired to be the ‘ruler’ over all the kingdoms.

Having me, METATRON, as his own ‘genie in the bottle,’ this seemed all very easy when he had the power. He lost it upon the Divine Love Element claiming back the Codes of Life. Upon that time, Thoth became much in pain, because already he knew he had lost all the games. Still he attempted to find his way back again to re-establish his connection to his old kingdoms and to find his way back again as the Ruler.

In the centre you will see a ‘light’ pyramid. This is Thoth’s pyramid. He always desired to be the centre of attention and wisdom. He desired to be the light and the way upwards. He created himself in the image of being just and a ‘fair’ ruler, and that all would kneel before him and create worship to him.

He designed and created many images of himself, and built many kingdoms, and on your planet also, he came time and time again, building his great kingdoms, and his great kingships. Many feared him, but he did not mind, as often, he claimed, fear brought more respect to him, and the more the people respected him, the more power he gained.

This is the story of Thoth and how he gained his greater power. Maybe next time, if you tune in, I METATRON will give you more secrets of how Thoth gained greater power.

Until then, I, METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES, will say goodbye to you for now, and do awaken to the times you are living in. Make the end story a very good story, one I, METATRON, will treasure in my series of films of ‘earth’. Greetings.

Key to the Crop Circle of Crop Circle Discovered at Barton Stacy, Hants, 28 July 2019

Theme: Thoth’s ‘Ascension’ Universal Plan

1. Blue circle:  Trapped human consciousness to build the enlightened universes of Thoth. Thoth desired to trap the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. Together with the one who had the voice of CAEAYARON, who was the self-made gateway of darkness (KRYON channel) they created the human template in Lemuria.

They took the DNA of the perfect Lemurians and the Atlanteans and created a vortex downwards. Thoth connected his own universal beings into his own DNA together with the DNA of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans as he believed that this was the way to ‘ascend’ upwards.

They gridded in the Divine Love Element, who was the ‘woman’ with the Codes, who was known as Laeyaraesea in those days, and brought her into the ‘Flower of Life.’

Thoth believed, that by creating the Flower of Life system once again in Lemuria, it would connect him into his original Flower of Life system within his old systems, and then it would create the spiral upwards, to bring his own universes into the Sovereign Universal Rulership system.

He knew the Universal Light Grid Programmer was linked into CAEAYARON’s Power, and he believed this would create the perfect ascension plan. Understand Thoth’s reasoning, he feared being gridded into the lower dimensions, and he desired immortality and to find his eternal freedom.

With the Merkaba system of Thoth they brought the Atlanteans and the Lemurians into mirrors. He took the Lemurian light systems and began to place his own rituals within it, together with the pathways of the old universes. Because the Great Collective had chosen at that time, Thoth had gained back the Codes for his own Universes, as this was part of the DNA of the Lemurians.

This was the original agreement in the Universal Courts. The Lemurians would be given back their Codes of Life, or their Keys of Life. Because they had originally come from the Blue Universes, they had the original blue universal coding within them, however, because of the test, because they had ‘fallen’ into the dark universes, those of the ‘red’ universes, they also gained those Codes within their DNA system.

Therefore, the Lemurians were able to choose between going back to the eternal love systems of CAEAYARON or fall into the old systems of Yahweh and Thoth. Upon the Lemurians choosing to ‘sacrifice’ CAEAYARON’s Codes of Life, the darkness gained their ‘Codes’ back, this is why the darkness could state that the Lemurians were again their own ‘property,’ and that they could do with them what they ‘liked.’

To bring back their own dark systems, they needed power. This is why they needed the Lemurians to fall into the human template, to allow the power from the ‘light received’ by the Lemurians, to power up their old universes.

Thoth’s original plan was to give all rulership to the Atlanteans for his own enlightened universes. However, once the greater disputes came, and the large wars, the Atlanteans also were caught into the Human Template. Thoth desired his teachers to come back to the human realms, to keep Thoth’s teachings alive.

**Note: The one who gained the voice of CAEAYARON in Lemuria from the Divine Love Element, Universal light Grid Programmer, was given the voice to allow The Choice to happen in Lemuria.

He was the ORIGINAL CHALLENGER IN THE OLD UNIVERSES who had created that path, and because Lemuria was the ‘resurrection’ plane, before the Lemurians were aligned upwards to the higher love universes, he was permitted to present ‘the choice’ to the Lemurians, to ‘test’ whether they desired the Collective Love of CAEAYARON’s universes or not. If they had chosen for the Collective Love, the Lemurians would have been free in the higher, eternal love dimensions and not understood human consciousness.

However, upon them choosing for the pathway of the ‘darkness,’ the Lemurians fell into the human consciousness and the dark matrix; the dark abyss without means of escape.**

2. Red/brown hexagram:  These were the energies collected from the trapped human consciousness to feed the existence of the dark universes.

The old universes of ‘density’ originally cut themselves from love source and needed a feeding system. Because they were unable to feed from the highest love source, the human template was ‘perfect’ for them, as the Lemurians, who became the humans, were able to take light and then their fear and suffering created the denser energies, as their energies were then contaminated. The denser universes were able to take the contaminated energies and feed their own darker universes with.

During the time of the Great Fall, Thoth and the Spin Doctor together with the one who had received the voice of CAEAYARON (the KRYON channel) for the great choice to happen, they created the human template for the Lemurians within the Rejuvenation Temple.

The Rejuvenation Temple originally was built to bring the DNA frequencies of the Lemurians upwards into more purity, but the three ‘friends’, the self-made dark gateway, Thoth and the Spin Doctor, brought the DNA vibration of the Lemurians downwards to build their own power for their own kingdoms.

They brought ‘programmes’ within the perfect DNA system to fall into the lower systems. Because Thoth had connected his own DNA to the Lemurians, the Atlanteans and to his own kingdoms via the Merkaba system and the Flower of Life, all connected into his grids.

This angered the one who received CAEAYARON’s voice, because he believed he should be the ruler over the ‘power grids’ via this system. He believed this because he gained the Lucifer power in the old universes and received the ‘choice’ pathway.

Because he was the one who led Thoth into Atlantis and Lemuria, he believed he should be the Supreme Ruler over the Grids.

This led to many wars. Meanwhile the Spin Doctor brought in his own tones, to allow the Lemurians to be gridded into a whole other play. Both the one who had the voice of CAEAYARON, and Thoth believed that the Spin Doctor was loyal to them, but in this he was not.

3. Yellow pyramid:  These were the original pure energies from CAEAYARON given through the three Light Grid Programmers in Lemuria, to help bring the Lemurians into a state of purity and love, to allow them to rise back to the high love dimensions.

Upon the Great Collective of the Lemurians desiring for the ‘other’ pathway, Thoth was able to create the downward flow together with the one who gained the voice of CAEAYARON to allow the choice to happen (the KRYON channel).

With the voice of CAEAYARON, he was able to gain the Codes of the Lemurians and trap them into their lower selves and into the lower abyss of the earth grids.

Thoth ensured these were gridded in tightly within the Merkaba system, to allow the fear and pain energies of the Lemurians to be brought into the grid (see 2) where the pain energies flowed into, to ‘stream’ through to the ‘enlightened’ universes of Thoth and the darker universes of Yahweh.

4. The green border of the top layer pyramid:  Because Thoth claimed he was the ‘owner’ of the original Flower of Life (as he had originally claimed the Universal Love Flower from the highest realms in the previous universal battles, trapping in the Divine Love Element to bring the frequencies of love downwards) he claimed this pyramid as his own. He called it the pyramid of wisdom and knowledge.

Within his pyramid he placed his own thoughts, and desired his own ‘teachers’, the ones from Atlantis, to bring to the earth plane his wisdom and thoughts, keeping the people away from THE MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, who was always the GREAT CAEAYARON.

Thoth promised the ones, who were his ‘enlightened’ teachers, that by keeping the humans ‘enlightened’ with his knowledge and his ‘truth’ that they would receive all his kingdoms in the ‘ascended’ states of his own universes.

5. The blue shapes:  These are the mirrors where the consciousness of pain and fear constantly reflects within, to keep humankind imprisoned, so they would be unable to escape their ‘reality.’ These mirrors created the platform for Thoth to create his ‘perfect’ balanced ‘Yin Yang’ system of 50% light and 50% dark, necessary to feed his own kingdoms and ‘magnificence’ with.

‘Human consciousness’ trapped in the illusion of ‘pain’ would be unable to see the Great Light rising or desire the true love from Divine Love.

Trapped ‘human consciousness’ was programmed to see the True Light from Divine as ‘foolish.’

Within these mirrors the dark rulers could bring mankind into restricted consciousness and ‘mind’ control to see the ‘gods’ and honour and bring worship to the ‘gods,’ to keep the humans limited with their thoughts. Upon ‘human consciousness’ believing in ‘God’ and bringing worship to him, especially from fear consciousness, Thoth was able to create his underworld system. Yahweh created the thought of hellfire, and when the people on the earth believed in hellfire, they could create it within the ‘spirit’ thoughts, though it was always an illusion, however, the humans on the physical plane, were strong enough, collectively, to bring this into manifestation.

Thoth did not desire the Great Awakening upon the earth plane to happen. He desired to be the pyramid to shine out his great thoughts to mankind.

In the mirrors, you will see two types of mirrors.

 6. The outer blue mirrors:  Were to keep the people in place to keep them away from the true enlightenment. Thoth desired to keep the 50/50 balance. The mirrors on the edges of the ‘green’ pyramid border kept all the mirrors intact and human consciousness intact.

 7. The inner mirrors:  You will see 6 ‘inner’ mirrors held in the three corners. This was to keep the mind/body/spirit planes of consciousness connected and to keep the 50/50 balance. Each of these planes connected to each other and this is how the people became trapped within the grids, through these planes of the mind/body/spirit.

 8. The centre orange pyramid:  This is where Thoth desired to grow and ‘shine’ his greater wisdom upon the earth. The more the human consciousness desired Thoth, the stronger he would become, as then the human ‘consciousness’ would give him their energy, if they desired him as God.

The intensity ‘light’ from Thoth’s consciousness, within the pyramid in the centre, is shown with more intense colour as it is not trapped in the mirrors.

9. Light is less intense than centre orange pyramid (8)  However, as this ‘light’ from the centre filters through in between the mirrors, it becomes less intense.

Thoth desired to keep the people into his own space of enlightenment. He needed to keep it balanced, for if the people became too enlightened, Thoth knew the people would desire the love within their hearts. Too much enlightenment would ‘switch’ on the love ray within the DNA of the people who held the strongest DNA on the human consciousness plane; the Lemurians who fell into the human consciousness.

If the Lemurians, as a great collective, desired the Great Love of the GREAT CAEAYARON, then the Divine Love Element would be able to awaken the DNA consciousness and bring light into the Grids. This would bring the Divine Activations of Lemuria back on the human plane, and allow the original Lemurians, from the Sovereign Universes, to gain power over the human planet, as well as Thoth’s and Yahweh’s universes. This would mean complete victory for the light universes, and complete failure for the darkness.

This Thoth did not desire. He was unable to keep the 50/50 balance because the darkness of Yahweh fought against the humans as Yahweh desired to be the ‘God of the System’ of the ‘human consciousness.’

If Yahweh was seen as the ‘God’ and if they people brought honor to him and to his Self-Made Lucifer pathway, then Yahweh and Lucifer would have eternal reign in the Sovereign Universes. Thus, Yahweh fought hard to gain ‘ownership’ over the consciousness of humans.

**Note: In the original universal battles, Lucifer was created to take the power away from the love universes. By taking away the power from the beings of the love, the darkness rose and brought pain and torture within the beings who originally were part of the highest love universes. Lucifer ‘sucked’ their power from them. Because the power was strong from the Beings of the Love, Lucifer gained incredible power and was able to have his own ‘rule’ together with Yahweh to build the kingdoms of the darkness. This created large destruction in the universes.**

Yahweh brought too much anger and fear within the human consciousness to keep the people in the 50/50 balance and thus humanity devolved. This caused issues for Thoth as his own consciousness and power could not rise to a level of strength needed to create the way forward for humans. Therefore, he suffered greatly and collapsed. His own kingdoms collapsed also, creating much anger within the beings from Thoth’s denser universes against Thoth.

As a result of these battles, the Sacred Violet Flame from the Divine Love Element was able to rise within the grids, allowing the Divine Love Element the right to ‘win’ the Creation Universal Codes back, to allow the people to come to the Time of the Enlightenment of Divine.

This is also how the Divine Love Element was able to claim the ‘right’ of the KRYON codes back, and connect back into the power of METATRON, to connect him up to the gateway of CAEAYARON. Therefore, she has claimed both METATRON, CAEAYARON, and connected the power grids upwards, to allow the True Divine Light to shine upon the earth.

Transmitted through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Designated Ascension Channel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, The Word, P/A of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & THE GREAT CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.