Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

THE GREAT UNIVERSAL ALIGNMENT, THE 13TH GATEWAY OF POWER, THE 12 SOVEREIGN UNIVERSES Crop Circle discovered in Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, England, 20 August 2019. Message by METATRON, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 11 September 2019.

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I, METATRON am here to reveal all that has happened, with the story of your Universe as all has been won by the love now, and all grids are to be aligned to the higher universes, giving you a choice, or an ‘option,’ whether you desire to evolve in the higher grids coming, and are already being established, or not.

This has always been the Universal Question, and it is not a new one. In the beginning there was only light and love, and the GREAT MAKERS, the ones who you know to be CAEAYARON, MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & STREAMS OF ALIGNMENT, and the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, who Jesus, Divine Love Element, also worked with, created all the higher heavens.

At first it was established that only love could exist, for there was nothing else within the consciousness of the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, who desires only love to exist. How could there be other thoughts, then in the universe.

All that was created, in the beginning, served for the purpose of building a strong foundation to allow greater creation to come in the universe. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL loved creation and desired to create more life, to experience life and to allow life to exist in perfect peace and love. Thus, the higher heavens were established first, and the ones in the higher heavens were given as ‘Creation Earth.’

This Creation Earth was the Blue Creation Planet that CAEAYARON often discusses in his lessons. That earth was the foundation for all life to come into existence, and the GREAT CREATORS called it ‘fine,’ as it was ‘fine,’ and all creation ‘created’ upon that planet, by the creators the GREAT CREATORS had ‘created’, was ‘born’ as magnificent in the eyes of the GREAT CREATORS.

Not one of those beings suffered in all those high universes, and they were to produce more goodness. The more creation understood goodness, the greater the goodness came.

However, there were also others, because it was a pure freedom universe, who desired the greatness and to become the great creators, when they were not. Because they desired to create the pain in the universe, to battle for the great positions, all tumbled down in frequencies.

I, METATRON, am a result of those battles, as I, METATRON was created to prove the great resistance was stronger than the love force, as this is what the resistance desired to understand. The resistance was adamant their forces were stronger than the love, which they considered ‘weak.’ Thus, because they saw ‘love’ as weak, they did all within their power to remove love from within them. No longer did they desire to understand the GREAT LOVE of the Universes, and they became denser, as a result, for life without love creates density.

You are in a dense universe because all tests in the universe are here upon your planet. All beings, who were involved in the greatest war in the heavens possible, are upon your planet, to see what is stronger within you, the desire to be resistant to the universe, or to be in the great love of the universe?

This is why CAEAYARON is here with HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer, to give that option to the people, to shift away from the denseness back into the ‘perfect’ love creation, which are HIS universes, with the Divine Alignments he presents and offers to the people upon your planet, or to stay in the denseness.

Know the Divine Alignments of CAEAYARON allow you to have HIS Universal Assistance with your Ascension, and it aligns you back to the higher universes. Your alignment to HIS universes was lost during the Battle of Lemuria. Like the Universes of old, there in Lemuria the people lost all the Codes of the higher universes, and thus it was not possible to return to the Greatness of the Universes.

CAEAYARON has sent HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, to show you the way back to the love, as HE has over many lifetimes, and now it is the CLIMAX to all your lifetimes. What will you do in your CLIMAX time? Will you desire to ascend upwards, so that your greater evolution begins again? Or will not desire the love universes, and go down even further?

Because in all future lifetimes, I, METATRON cannot support the old human template the darkness had created for you to live in your dense earth dimensions, I, METATRON, cannot assist you with your evolution in the future. Thus, the only way for you to understand true evolution in your future is to opt for the higher option and choice.

You are wondering perhaps what this crop circle has to do with my story that I am giving you at this time? All things are explained within the crop circle. You are living in a dimension called the ‘Living Bridge.’

You can opt to go to the higher love dimensions, during the Great Cosmic Alignment, when the gates to the higher universes are opening, (8) as CAEAYARON will align HIMSELF to HIS Greater Self to assist you up, if you have the Divine Coding Systems of HIS universes. HE will also assist all in the universe who desired the Divine Coding Systems, so this is not only about your universe.

Understand there are many levels of growth happening at this time, and this is the very first time when creation can become set free from denseness and darkness.

Do you understand what the term ‘free’ even means? Most think you live in a free will universe, but how can you? You have amnesia, you suffer, you have wars, storms, death, disease? Do you really call that being free? Your earth does not have a future if you do not opt for Divine Help, so you cannot call that free either. You had better wake up fast if you desire your survival to happen. Your time, in your dense time, is running out.

All has always been held in the balance. All questions, all options, all knowledge has always been held in the balance. Now you are able to see all things, because the REVEALER, CAEAYARON, is revealing all, and because the Divine Love Element has won the Universal Game by freeing CAEAYARON, and by winning back the Life Codes for you, and the Creation Universal Codes, that means that I, METATRON, also needed to resign more, and this is why I am here speaking the story of the universe also.

Know that I, METATRON, desired those higher 12 universes. (2) Those are the creation universes, and the beings in those creation universes held all the power and creation. They had the higher earth, the earth that CAEAYARON often talks about. It is that planet that held all the perfection and all things created upon that planet were seen as good, and in the image of the creators who created all things upon it.

They held the positions of the ‘thrones,’ (3) and when the darkness desired their positions, all fell down, including the planet and your planet earth is a result of that planet, as the memories were held upon your planet. Understand the great war happened in the universe over your planet. If you wish to discover more, look more into the teachings of CAEAYARON and you will find how important that planet was originally.

After the great falls it belonged to the darkness. The darkness desired all of creation not to reach this timeline of the 13th gateway when a gateway will open to allow you to rise, if you have that desire at all. If you have that desire, then you had better get your Life Codes back, because these are the ‘sequences’ of the higher star dimensions. You do not have those anymore.

You ‘own’ the sequences of the dense and dark star dimensions, hence you are dense, and hence the darkness could gain your energies to gain more power. I would suggest you consider all these points. Know that Thoth, the grid master of the denser dimensions who worked with my Being, METATRON, was absolutely brilliant at devising ideas and systems to take energy away from planets, and beings upon planets, all to grow his own ascension plan, since he desired those positions of the thrones also.

Thus, those thrones are a desired position and CAEAYARON is here calling those ones, who were from those universes. This is the promise that HE always gave to HIS people, including in Lemuria with HIS light grid programmer, Divine Love Element, Laeyaraesea. Do you know that she came back to the same people in many lifetimes, including the lifetime of Moses and Jesus, all because of the Sacred Codes and Alignment, to help those ones rise back to the desired highest positions? Those people are spread wide and far upon your planet now.

In the higher universes there were 12 universes and those ones seated upon the higher creation thrones (3) are symbolized within the crop circle on the outer circle. Why on the outer circle? Because they had ‘dominion’ over creation. They desired, as a collective, to understand the higher creation pathway, and they were in the love collectively. As long as they stayed in the love collectively, they could ‘rule’ their universes and they could grow in their greater power.

They were in the higher universes of CAEAYARON. CAEAYARON is symbolized as the light crescent just below the outer circle. (1) Constantly they worked together with the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON, to gift the Life Codes, to allow higher creation to carry on.

This is what I, METATRON, always desired to have HIS Divine Love Element working for me. Then I, METATRON, would have owned the higher thrones and given them to my ‘creation’ in my denser universes. This is why I worked with Thoth, to try to ‘beat’ the Divine Love Element at her game of ‘love’, but this was not possible because she would not give up on the love of CAEAYARON and the ones in the highest 12 universes.

I, METATRON, say, ‘blessed you are she did not give up, like most did in the creation universes. Most did not desire CAEAYARON and turned their back on the Divine Love Element too. You are very blessed at this time for having the option to return.’

I, METATRON, am symbolized on the denser crescent level, (4) below the light crescent of CAEAYARON. That level represents the opposition to CAEAYARON. I, METATRON, created as MAGNETIC FORCE of the resistance universes, fought CAEAYARON hard, as I, METATRON desired to be the CREATOR POWER.

After the fall of Lemuria, I, METATRON, held CAEAYARON in the dark abyss where all my beings were held (5). CAEAYARON was ‘turned’ as he became part of the denseness after the people decided for the darkness at the Great Fall of Lemuria.

There, in Lemuria, HE proved what the love was, and had given much, but because the great collective desired the other side, CAEAYARON was cut off from HIS higher being and fell into the dark abyss. This is why KRYON, as many people know him, could go to the KRYON CHANNEL, as it was he who ‘won’ the battle of Lemuria, and thus won the voice of CAEAYARON.

In order to free CAEAYARON, HIS Divine love Element needed to prove her ultimate love for HIM, for otherwise HE would be lost in the dark abyss and then I, METATRON, would have won all of creation power.

The darker circle around the smallest light circle (6) symbolizes how the light was held within the darkness and it was not able to rise upwards. It was held until the battle was won by the Divine Love Element. The darkness ‘used’ the light from the love universes, held in the dark abyss, to grow their universes with, as nothing can grow without the light from the love universes.

I, METATRON, certainly cannot produce light to create creation. The only Being in the Universe who created light to create the Universal Light Grids with was CAEAYARON, as HE was given that task by THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL.

HE was given the task of Being the Universal Grid Creator, and the Universal Aligner, to help all of creation to grow. Hence, because of HIS task, HE created Universal Evolution Codes to help all of creation in the higher love flows to EXIST. Those Codes were Codes of Power and Growth, and without those DNA Codes of Power, nothing could evolve.

The darkness took what was HIS. They created the FLOWER OF LIFE with HIS most precious gift; that being the Divine love Element, as they used the FLOWER OF LIFE to draw power FROM Universal Creation, whereas the original plan was for the Divine Love Element to be part of the UNIVERSAL FLOWER OF EXISTENCE AND LIFE FORCE. That Universal Flower was to give all the Codes of Creation to creation, and to connect the planets to the HIGHER UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE.

Thus, because she, the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, had the task to connect all to the ETERNAL LOVE FLOWS OF THE HIGHER LOVE UNIVERSAL GRIDS, the darkness took the gridded in Divine Love Element, and reversed the flow.

Instead of the ETERNAL LOVE FLOWS OF THE HIGHER LOVE GRIDS being used to bring all things upwards, to grow into the love, they used the FLOWER OF LIFE, which is the gridded in UNIVERSAL FLOWER OF EXISTENCE, to ‘take’ life source away from LOVE SOURCE, to grow the darkness with.

Thus, everything in the higher love universes, purposed to evolve life with, was taken away from the high love universes and was used to DESTROY all things with, because creating DENSITY means DESTRUCTION in the eyes of the GREAT CREATORS. All things outside of the love forces are not considered true life anymore, as they cannot evolve upwards without the ETERNAL LIFE SOURCE OF THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL.

Know that the Universal Light Grid Programmer needed to disconnect many streams of the higher love dimensions, to stop all from falling downwards. Hence, after the Great Falls, upon the FLOWER OF LIFE connecting in all of life, taking life source away instead of giving, via the Merkaba system connected into the FLOWER OF LIFE, nothing could come back to the love universes, ever again.

This was why LEMURIA was created to re-establish those sacred LIVING CODES. Unfortunately, the great collective of Lemuria turned AGAINST the love of CAEAYARON, and thus they lost their LIVING CODES. The only way to return to CAEAYARON’s universes is through those LIVING CODES.

When are the people going to awaken to this? You need your greater DNA strands back in order to live there. I, METATRON, cannot give those to you. Your human template has been cut off from your higher DNA. No longer can you return if you do not have those DNA LIFE CODES back.

The inner small circle is the earth plane at this time, as now you are living in the 13th gateway. (7) CAEAYARON is building a LIVING BRIDGE greater and greater, as HE is building HIS Mountain of Light. (5) The Mountain of Light consists of higher grids, including the NEW POWER GRIDS HE is establishing because HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer was assigned by HIM to connect the earth grids upwards, back to the UNIVERSAL GRIDS OF POWER, to allow the GRIDS OF THE EARTH to rise upwards.

This means that the Activated of HIS Being can become more beautiful and enriched with power and ‘glory’ in the greater sense, as they transform from the human self back into their Lemurian Star Self, like they were in Lemuria, before the Great Fall of Consciousness.

The 13th gateway is the gateway of the Rejuvenation Temple, when the ones who do not carry their human template any longer, can grow within their higher DNA Coding for greater gifts to come within them. The Rejuvenation Temple in Lemuria and Atlantis was used to grow the DNA of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, to help them gain greater gifts for growth.

Know that Atlanteans, once they had turned against CAEAYARON, were part of my Being, METATRON, and thus their evolution became halted very much, however, they also grew, but much slower than the love side.

Once the one who held the KRYON voice upon your planet, won the CAEAYARON (KRYON) Codes of Power, he could open his former dark gateway, the Lucifer gateway, and begin to create his famous Human Template, so that the Lemurians needed to listen and obey him, because he desired them to understand what humility was like.

Why did he desire this? Because he feared their awakening. He knew the power they once held in the higher sovereign universes, on the 12 thrones of power, (3) and if they would ever awaken to what he had done, with creating the human template and sending them to their death, then he would certainly understand what they thought about his ‘lesson’ plan.

I, METATRON, state awaken and see how CAEAYARON has been guiding you through this timeline. Many of you have heard HIM speak as KRYON, through the KRYON channel, because of the great love he has for the people. HE desired to help you understand certain things and thus he ‘worked’ with the KRYON channel, to gift you evidence of what he had done to the people, to help you understand, for those who are ‘bothered’ about doing research and further discovery.

Many of the people upon your planet became angry with KRYON, through the KRYON Channel, for saying certain things, but know that HE needed to do this, as HE needed you to understand all things of the past.

CAEAYARON, is a very clever master indeed and HE is a chess master. HE needed to undo certain gateways within your thinking, within the Crystalline Grid, within the DNA of the humans, within the DNA of the earth grids as well, through the KRYON Channel, because of the ‘tragedy’ which happened in the down-fall of the Lemurians.

Even I, METATRON, will state, the human template was not my design. However, it all worked in my favour also.

Why is the earth, the inner circle within the crop circle in the light? (7) Because the Cosmic Gateway is opening, and the light is shining upon the earth, as a symbol of who has won the game. Would the higher heavens accept that the universal battle was won by the love, and if so, would the Cosmic Gateway open to re-establishing the 12 universes, as it all hangs in the balance of the Great Choice. Know that the clock is ticking in the Universe. All is upon your planet to be looked at, researched and studied. Awaken people.


Key to the crop circle:

Theme: The Great Universal Alignment, the 13th Gateway of Power and the 12 Sovereign Universes

1: Yellow Crescent: Represents the light of CAEAYARON’s Universes in the Sovereign Universes. Before the Great Universes fell, the Blue Universes lived in CAEAYARON’s Grids of Light.

2. Blue open rectangles: Symbolizes the 12 main universes before the Great Universal Falls. These were 12 pure universes. The purpose was to create creation in beauty, love and perfection.

The Star Beings who lived on these 12 original Universal Streams had knowledge from CAEAYARON to build greater power.

CAEAYARON used his Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer to pass CODES of LIFE on to the highest Supreme Universal Creators, to allow them to rise into greater creation.

3. The blue lines within the blue open rectangles: Symbolize the ones seated on the 12 thrones of creation of the 12 main universes.

They received the greatest power and always stayed in the love and in the unity. They worked in the GREAT ONENESS together with the GREAT CAEAYARON, who always built up their power and rays.

The ones who were on the 12 thrones looked after their own 12 dimensional streams. They worked on various frequencies of creation, always in the GREAT ONENESS to build up the GREAT LOVE of the UNIVERSE.

4. The grey area: The dark abyss state, within METATRON, where all became separated.

After the Great Falls of the Universes, nothing could become recreated and CAEAYARON brought Lemuria into existence to bring back the CODES OF LIFE, to allow the people to return to the highest love dimensions once again.

The people collectively chose AGAINST DIVINE COLLECTIVE LOVE, and therefore fell deep into the state of spiritual separation away from the highest love universes. CAEAYARON also speaks of this state as the Cave of Wo.

5. The yellow crescent: Represents THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT RISING. For a long time CAEAYARON was cut off from his Greater Self.

ow that the Great Universal Test has finished, and the KRYON CODES have been claimed back, CAEAYARON can join his Greater Self again, to bring power into the Grids of the Earth, to help those who desire the higher ways to become of love again and to claim back all that was theirs originally.

CAEAYARON’s Alignment will bring more power for the ones who work with HIM, as CAEAYARON is bringing greater power within the LIVING GRIDS.

These LIVING GRIDS are part of the Divine Alignment to bring the power back to those who originally had the power within the higher universes, to allow a whole new earth to begin. CAEAYARON will give that to those who become Divinely Activated in the love, as then they are seen as HIS PEOPLE.

Always the battles were about the power in the Universe. The darkness, Lucifer and his people, desired to have the Universal Sovereign Universes; the 12 thrones of power to rule the universe with (2 & 3).

Now, because the Divine Love Element has proven that love is stronger than all the darkness could throw at her, she has been able to free the Codes of Life, the KRYON CODES (as KRYON, whose true name is CAEAYARON) was claimed by the one who took down the original universes (THE KRYON CHANNEL).

Now she has claimed HIS Codes back. This means that the people can become freed and can rise back into the love universes of CAEAYARON, should they desire to do so. CAEAYARON is making the way forward for those who CHOOSE to return to the love through the Divine Activations, where they can have their CODES OF LIFE back to become part of the 12 Universal Sovereign Universes.

6. The dark blue shading: This represents the denseness (separation from the higher universes) the earth has been in for a very long time. During the Great Fall, the Lemurians fell into the pit of darkness without a way of escape.

This happened when the Lemurians fell into the human consciousness; as they received the human template. This brought the Lemurians into limitation, and persecution. The darkness ‘used’ the light from the love universes, held in the dark abyss, to grow their universes with, as nothing can grow without the light from the love universes.

Now, because the battle between the dark and the light has been won by the love, CAEAYARON can build his MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT within the denseness, to allow the people to see all things.

HE is revealing Divine Truth upon the earth with his channel and Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, to allow the people to understand all that has happened in the Universe.

HE is bringing through Divine Revelations to allow us to make the choice; do we desire to rise back into HIS Great Love Universes? If we do, then the time to become Divinely Activated is relatively short, as the Cosmic Gateway to the higher universes shuts in 2032.

Millions of people are being invited to the Divine Activations to allow them to rise with more beauty, love, joy and power. The greater the numbers become Activated, the more CAEAYARON will do for HIS people.

7. The inner circle with yellow and blue shading: This represents the 13th gateway which is open now. This is happening on our planet as the NEW GRIDS OF LIGHT are rising within our earth to allow the Divinely Activated to gain more power and love, to bring more light to our planet.

The 13th gateway is the gateway where CAEAYARON gives back the power to the people who choose to work with Divine. HE is inviting people to step into Divine Partnership to allow HIM to help the people who desire to rise as ONE NATION.

Why can CAEAYARON gift this to the people? Because the love has won the Universal Test, and now HE can align his lower being to his HIGHER CAEAYARON Self. This brings more power within HIM to gift to the people.

Always, it has been prophesied that the people would find the way to this gateway to allow Divine to rise with them, if they desired to choose.

This is why Jesus, The Divine Love Element, also needed to speak about this with the people. He stated: ‘In the day when the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL returns, HE will call out to the people, to become ONE together. When those ones desire to rise with the GREAT FATHER, then HE will extend his hand to them to help them rise back into the love and the oneness. Then the people will see what goodness is. Those ones will inherit all things new, and those ones will inherit the earth and the heavens.’

Jesus was the Divine Channel of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT called the one, who lived the lifetime of Jesus,

The Word, the Divine Channel of THE GREAT FATHER, in 2009. In this lifetime she is known as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. In 2014 she was approached by KRYON whose true name is CAEAYARON.

CAEAYARON always promised the faithful Lemurians that another way upwards would come, and that they would be able to choose for the Great Power to return back to the love, but they would need to stay awake and in their hearts to see it.

Now the Great Call is on to come back to the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON, through the Divine Activations, where the Codes of Life are given. The Codes of Life are the Keys of Life. These Keys are the ‘ticket’ back into the eternal love universes; the same universes Jesus also spoke about.

8. Yellow between the blue open boxes: Represent the gateways to the higher love universes. The Keys of Life are necessary to come back into the Blue Universal Systems. Without these Keys of Life, one cannot enter the higher states of love.

This is the choice we have at this time; do we desire to return back to the eternal love universes, or do we not? This is why CAEAYARON calls this time the Living Bridge.

The ‘bridge’ is the realm in between the darkness and the light so that we can see with open spiritual eyes the choice at this time. We can still see the darkness on our planet, and we can begin to see there is another pathway opening.

Note the position of 4 (the grey area), representing the abyss states we are held in (or the large void) and 1 (the yellow area) representing the higher universal light, at the bottom of the crop circle.

During this time of the Great Alignment, the Greater Universes are opening and the gap is closing, allowing us to align upwards during this time if we desire to.

Transmitted through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel
Designated Ascension Channel, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, The Word, P/A of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & THE GREAT CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.