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The web of life, our deeper discovery of what it is, by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, crop circle translator for Galactic Federation of Light Society.
This Article was posted on Facebook Crop Circle Translator, 4 September 2016.
This crop circle was discovered in Kingston Lisle, Osfordshire, UK, 6 August 2006.

Namaste and I send love and light to you always. We are, individually and collectively, on a deeper discovery of learning, of journeying through the mazes and puzzles of life. Each puzzle we meet we have choices, which door will we take next? Each door we take takes us deeper into our puzzle and our web.

Throughout our journeying upon planet earth, we have become entangled in the web of life. We have encountered sticky situations and also safer situations. We have become wiser in many ways not to get entangled in many situations and we have become entangled in other situations.

We are asked to look within our web and see how much we would like to become free from the stickiness and travel towards the safer sides, for the web can keep us warm and safe. Not all is about danger as such, it is also about understanding our depth within ourselves and how we can stay in a loving and safe zone.

The web is reminding us that all is an illusion and that nothing truly exists, except in our belief system. We are our own manifestors constantly, depending on our belief systems within us.

The person who is deep into their own web games that they have created must ask at some stage, ‘At what point will I awaken to what I have created?’

All webs are created by self. All must be looked at, all points of view, before reaching another zone of understanding.

Here we are on this dimension in our web also as a collective being asked, how can we reach to safe zones collectively? Do we always want to stay in the deepest, most sticky situations, feeling vulnerable when something goes ‘wrong’ in our life? Do we desire to understand that way deeper, or are we ready to become stronger to climb towards a safer zone of security.

For we all spin our own webs of life. We all spin our webs together also. Here it is being asked to see all things from another perspective, from other angles. We are needing to learn not to get caught up in the stickiness of situations any longer but to learn to climb to higher dimensions of love and protection.

Our deeper blame games and our victim consciousness create the true sticky situations, for our pain emotions do not see the greater perspective. It is once we are able to stay out of our pain emotions we begin to see how we don’t need to be in the sticky situations of the web that we have created, and thus we begin to take responsibility for our own actions, not for the actions for others any longer.

When you go deeper into the web, you can see how there are different avenues of being able to study the web.

Because we are here on the earth learning about the universal plays, we are able to understand the deeper plays within us also. Each side leads to a higher understanding. There are those of the deeper conflict sides, which keep our viewpoint limited, and also the sides of the light, which lead to our freedom. It is up to us to discover the depth and the truth of what is within us.

The web, really, is another dimensional game. Will you be open enough to see the deeper perspectives within you, to see the illusion, and how one door leads to another and how you have the freedom to choose?

It is when you go into the depth of your web and truly understand what is within your heart and within your life, that you will be able to discover truth and the higher angles of life.

The web in the crop circle doesn’t touch the outer ring, which is the greater Divine universal flows. This is showing how we have been given the ultimate gift in the universe, the gift of freewill.

In our universe, our gift of Free will has given us ability to climb into different situations, examine angles and games, without receiving judgement. This greatest gift also keeps us free to examine the greater illusions in life.

However, it does not mean there are no consequences, for now, the web asks, ‘Are you ready to see the deeper dimensional games? For now you have the freedom to choose to get out of the sticky web, to go into your heart and to release yourself from the pain flows and go into the light flows, and discover the greater depth within you.’

It really is all just a game. Once we learn to see it, we can learn to embrace truth and freedom from all sticky situations.

Sending you always love, light and many healings, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Key to the web of life.

The grey blocks within the web: our own thoughts and belief systems, creating situations for healing.

The yellow points: Seeing the higher perspectives and learning to climb to the higher understanding of the web.

Blue points: Feelings of restriction, looking for a greater way out of the sticky situations.

Green shading within the web: Once we reach the greater stage of understanding that our greater key to seeing a higher perspective of our life is held within our heart, we begin the greater healing journey.

All situations within our web are healing situations, whether we are awake or not.

Brown edging of the web: Outlines the structure of our own creation. We are in a game that is an illusion, created by ourselves.

The green shading on the outside of the web: Shows we are supported always by higher flows. We are not left ‘hanging’ into nothing. Once we are able to go into our heart to begin our deeper healing, we are supported by the universe.

Yellow circle: Divine universal flows of love. The web does not touch the circle as we have been given freedom to decipher the web game for ourselves. This is done without judgement.

However, now we are awakening, we are becoming responsible for our actions, for ourselves and the greater collective because we have deeper knowing and we have received the keys of knowledge and understanding to heal ourselves, our planet and our race. No more are we in the ‘dark.’ We are now becoming more ‘en-lightened.’
❤ ❤ ❤