Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

 Theme: ‘Pyramid of Consciousness.’ Crop circle discovered in Niedernjesa, Lower Saxony, Germany, 23 June 2008, Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, with the Guidance of CAEAYARON, and HALISARIUS, CHIEF LEADER OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATIONS OF LIGHT SOCIETIES.

Namaste, and a warm welcome to the most incredible times when we can truly discover our greater gifts within ourselves. For the translation of this Crop Circle, I have been asked by CAEAYARON to allow him to give you the message of this pyramid. The message is important to all of us as it involves our greater life journeys into the future.

Greetings, I AM CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & ALIGNMENT. You may also know me as KRYON, though KRYON was never my true name. In the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean times you knew me as THE GREAT CAEAYARON, the One who held all the Keys to the Greater Realms of Life. My name means Light Frequency Builder. I, CAEAYARON, AM the Divine Love Judge, the Great Aligner, the Great Balancer, and I created all grids of light for all consciousness to exist.

The Universal Game has been going for a very long time, and now it is the time where all things must align upwards. I AM transmitting these words through my faithful and dedicated channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Divine Love Element, Light Grid Programmer. In Lemuria you knew her as Laeyaraesea, which means, ‘Rising Sun Consciousness.’ She worked along with two other Light Grid Programmers; Reuben, Harmonic Flows and Ishmakael, Sacred Light Geometry Codes.

If you have been following my teachings (on facebook, and you tube) you will understand that in the times of Lemuria the people were truly in the Light Consciousness and in the Love Collective Power. Their task was to receive the Divine Sacred Codes back to rebuild the universe back upwards again. They received these codes through the three Sacred Light Grid Programmers, and I, CAEAYARON, gifted these codes to the Lemurians through my three Light Grid Programmers. This is the way Lemuria flowed for a very long time.

The Lemurians were very close to reaching the Sacred Alignment so that they could leave their dimension together as a collective and return to the higher star love dimensions, as higher star beings had also received the codes, through the Lemurians, to rebuild the love universes back. All worked together in collective power.

However, as you know, the Great Darkness entered the land of Lemuria. Thoth being the Great Leader who desired the power more than all things. First he had worked in Atlantis, who had already split itself off from the Collective Love from Lemuria as they desired their own path of separation away from the love. They desired to understand how to evolve themselves.

Thus, when Thoth entered the land of Atlantis, Thoth admired the knowledge the Atlanteans had. He stated, ‘Oh how fine these men are. I worship them. Together we can create a greater empire.’

Thoth’s ultimate desire in all the universe was to rule all universes as he desired all to be his. In other civilizations on the lower planes he had worked hard to create the worship for himself, but he always desired greater power, greater wisdom, and greater worship.

Thoth was a very clever being indeed. He knew power of the mind, and he knew that if he owned the mind, the spirit and the body of a person, he could create control within that one.

This was the way he controlled all beings who longed to listen to him. He called it, ‘The power of three.’ He discovered that by owning these three states of being he could bring more power within his great pyramid. The beings would then do all things Thoth required them to do.

Thoth desired to understand how to gain the power of the Great Ones, those being in the Higher Realms of Existence and Sovereignty. He discovered the power of Lemuria.

He was permitted into the sacred land of Lemuria because the one who received the voice of my Divine Being, CAEAYARON, the one who you know as the channel of KRYON, let Thoth into the lands because he desired worship for himself also.

Previously before entering the land of Lemuria many plans went on as to taking over the Children of the Light, so do not think this happened in one day and one night. What was time in a dimension such as Lemuria and Atlantis? Those dimensions were high, and the people could live a very long time.

Thoth desired the power. He wanted to understand what power they had and found that the Lemurians worked with sacred codes of life which were held within the Crystalline Grid.

He saw the power they had and what they could gift to each other. Slowly, and patiently he studied them. He studied how they were, how they received the flows, he studied their energetic selves. He desired it. He admired it. This was greater power than he had seen in all his memories, and his memories were great.

In the ancient times, Thoth had already brought down many of the dimensions in the higher spaces with his Dark Team.

True darkness does not exist in the eyes of Divine Love, as I say, as the Great Divine Love Judge, ‘There is no true light, and no true darkness, for all is.’ However, because they had rebelled against the Divine Love and took themselves away from Divine Love, they were considered dark, and in their darkness, they forgot about the love.

So to see the Lemurians being collective in the love was truly amazing to Thoth. He saw how they manifested and he desired more than anything to have their powers of magic. He was an illusionist, so by creating illusions and showing the people what he created they began to admire him greatly.

This admiration created more power for Thoth. Thoth brought in large amounts of his teachers from Atlantis and other civilizations into Lemuria and took over the dimensions by changing their energetic systems, thus creating a true feeding system for himself and for his lower realms.

Thoth was after the key of immortality. His greed for power grew stronger and stronger, and in this he created many mistakes which cost him his true power for no longer does he hold the power, despite what many believe upon your plane at this time.

Lemuria fell because the greater collective desired Thoth, or here I, CAEAYARON, will state, 'Thoth’s Consciousness.' No longer did they desire love collectively, thus Lemuria did not achieve their greatest goal of rebuilding the love universes and returning to the love universes.

You as a collective were cut off and became Thoth’s play things.

In Egypt, Thoth was seen to be a God and he desired to be seen as that more than all things. He believed that he was the owner of the underworld, or the dead, the living plane, or the conscious plane, and the spiritual world.

He believed he was stronger than all forces in the Universe, and because METATRON, the Archangel who had become contaminated with the dimensional play, was working along with Thoth, Thoth saw himself as unbeatable.

He played on the lower levels, creating fear in the people who had passed over. The more fear he created on the spirit levels, the more control he had on the upper levels of the living levels. The more fear he created within the people on the living levels, the more the people were cut off from returning to the higher love dimensions, as it is impossible to return to the love dimensions when one is trapped within his grids; the grids he created with METATRON.

This was all part of the Universal Game, to see who was the strongest.

Planet earth was gifted to you as all other universes in the game had become destroyed, so Thoth desired to play.

His challenge to the Universal Love Realms was, that if he won the greater balance of the consciousness, that he and his dark team would become the ultimate rulers of the Universe and that they could ‘own’ all Archangels, as he believed he owned METATRON.

This was his ultimate desire and hence when he saw the power of the Lemurians he desired to have that, as he knew that the Crystalline Grid was the answer to owning all in the universal realms.

For the game he and his dark team desired the balance challenge. Fifty percent of the dimensions and consciousness play.

Hence he was able to play the balance game of consciousness, which you call the yin yang.

To the darkness this is beautiful as they know the power of the lower self conditioning. To create stronger lower self conditioning, they added torture on your plane after you collectively desired their consciousness, which I, CAEAYARON will call, 'Thoth Consciousness.'

Thoth knew the power of the 'Sun Consciousness,' and he knew a time would come when I as CAEAYARON would return with my Light Grid Programmer to call back the Children of the Light.

Once the light would return, this would be the time of the Great Test, as the Codes of Eternal Dimensions of Light would return.

Who would receive it? Thoth? Or my Sacred Light Grid Programmer?

In order for my Light Grid Programmer to be strong enough to receive the Divine Codes back, she would be tested over and over again in the grids of Thoth’s creation. The Light she carried would be rejected in many, many lifetimes, and in each lifetime she would need to prove herself faithful to the Light, if she would win the game.

Thoth knew the game would be difficult for the Light Grid Programmer, as he had gridded her in also in Lemuria to be able to control part of her consciousness, and also the Lemurians who were part of the Light System within the Divine Love Element.

Thus he created torture for her, time and time again, and for her to work with Divine at the time of the Great Calling would mean that she had forgiven Thoth and all his armies. She would only then be gifted back the Divine Codes, to allow the Lemurians to rise, which has now happened.

A Divine Call has come to your plane, and I, CAEAYARON, DIVINE LOVE JUDGE, say to the Great Darkness, ‘You have had your day. Now let the people come back to the Light and the Love. Let the people rejoice. Allow the people to come into the healing flows of love now, and begin to remember the power they had in the ancient lands collectively. No more will they learn darkness any longer in their future lifetimes when they begin to grow within themselves and receive the Divine Codes back. The light has won, oh Thoth. You will mourn the great times of Atlantis forever more in your spaces of pain and suffering. You too will return to the love some time, in your own choosing.’

All things must become balanced now in the love. I, CAEAYARON, made a promise to the Children of the Light in Lemuria, the ones who are able to receive their Light Codes back. I, CAEAYARON stated that all things would return to the love one day, and that they would be able to go through that sacred gate one day.

Now, I, CAEAYARON, THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, have returned with my Divine Messenger, the same one as in ancient times. ‘Return to your Divine Love. Come back to the Great Collective. Learn to heal in the flows of Divine Glory. Forgive all that has been. See the greater purpose. Accept the gift to return to the higher love dimensions.’

The battle has been great. The battle has been long. I, CAEAYARON AM building my Pyramid of Light now, stronger than all pyramids ever built upon your plane, to bring the people back up to the higher love dimensions, those who receive back the Divine Love Codes. My Pyramid is The Ship of Light. It is now time to help you become aligned to receive the Great Alignment Codes.

The lotus is rising into the light. No longer is it held within the consciousness of the planes of Thoth. It is rising, showing the New Consciousness of Light. It no longer belongs to the darkness.

The Great Sun Consciousness has returned with the Great Lord, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, like was always promised. He is the giver of the Great Keys of Life.

Jesus, when he was on your plane, constantly brought through the teachings about the Keys within the Heart of Love. Those are the very keys which you will receive at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations. I, CAEAYARON will only work with my Sacred Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who has stayed faithful and true to her service to the Great Love Universe.

‘Rise Lemurian children. Rise within your hearts of love, collectively. Rejoice in this time.’


 Key to the crop circle:

 Theme: The Pyramid of Consciousness; The Game of Light and Dark

 The outer edge: The game is contained and restricted. What happens within the game is not to be flowing outside of the game to keep other universes safe. It also strengthens the prism in which the energies contain and magnifies the consciousness systems within the game. Should the darkness become greater, it will magnify. Should the light become greater, it will magnify.

Having said that, only a small amount of light is needed to shine to overcome the darker, denser energies, as light is always stronger than the denser energies.

 Why the pyramid: Because the darkness had destroyed all the universes, this game was created as a last chance to save the universes. First Lemuria was created as a platform to recreate the codes lost in the universe. When the darkness came into Atlantis and Lemuria, all was pulled down, and we fell from the high love dimensions, to become more entrapped within the lower grids.

 Top part of the pyramid: This is also symbolized in the pyramid as the top part of the pyramid is the higher love dimensions where no darkness existed, and then it was pulled down. If you look carefully you will see a line coming into the top, showing the contamination.

 The lower parts of the pyramid: shows the light always existing within the earth plane as no life consciousness can exist without the light.

 The pyramid shows 6 light and 6 dark dimensions: showing the perfection of the 50/50 challenge. Who ever would be the strongest at the time when the Great Light Codes would return, would receive the greatness of the Universe. If the Light was not strong enough, the darkness would win and rule over all the universes. If the Light won, then the Gate would open to allow the people to rise back to the love dimensions.

 The circle above: shows the consciousness gate, the perfect balance. It shows the yin yang, the balance of the light and the darkness within us. Which force would be stronger within us? Would our light within us be strong enough to desire to reach within our hearts to reach into the light to allow us to bring more light to our plane?

Only when our desire was strong enough would we be able to draw light from those higher spaces into the earth plane to allow the consciousness to rise.

 The four legged symbol outside of the pyramid: Shows the blue lotus. In ancient Egypt it was said that the blue lotus represented rebirth, recreation, wisdom, knowledge, purity and a promise of everlasting life.

According to the ancient Egyptians, when the sun went down into the Nile, it went into the underworld, symbolizing death, and then when the sun rose, it symbolized the resurrection. This is mirrored in the behaviour of the lotus which sinks into the water at night.

 Rising Blue Lotus: Here it is rising above the game, showing that the blue lotus is free from the denser spaces and a symbol of the Light Rising. No longer is it held down. Its arms upwards show how it no longer closes, but now it is truly living in the light.

With much love, light, healing flows of joy, wisdom, joy and great blessings from the Great Love, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Light Grid Programmer of CAEAYARON.♥♥