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'Connecting to Divine Flows of Light,' Crop Circle discovered at Steeple Langford, Wiltshire, England, 16 May 2010, Translated by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ Translation and also a message from AMMORAH, PLEIADIAN HIGH PRIESTESS.
Posted to Facebook Crop Circle Translator 14 September 2016
Namaste and I send much love and light to you. The messages of the crop circles are for our learning and for our deeper understanding.

Here this message is describing Lemuria and its importance. Lemuria was an ancient land when people knew love and peace.

In the image you will see a triangle. The triangle in the light shows the focused energy in Lemuria, a dimension designated to bring the greater flows (the green) of healing from the higher realms into the people to allow all people in Lemuria, in all corners of the land, to become the Sacred Light Code Carriers (shown in the blue).

It is these codes which are awakening now within the people who receive the Divine Pineal Gland Activations at this time with CAEAYARON.

People received the transmissions through Divine Pineal Gland Activations, as illustrated by the eye in the image (shown in the yellow). This is how higher programs of love and abundance came to the people in the days of Lemuria. The Light Grid Programmers focused upwards to the higher flows and then the higher flows were transferred into the people via their pineal glands.

The Crystalline Grid is also shown in the image as the gold circle with the focused energies going upwards. The Universal Love Grid is shown at the top of the crystalline grid circle.

The higher flows of the greater spaces (shown in the circle) came into the people of Lemuria through the three light grid programmers (shown by three circles around the pineal gland eye).

These three always held the spaces from the higher flows for the people. There was Reuben, Harmonic Flows, Suzanna, Divine Love Element, and Ishmakael, Sacred Geometry Codes.

According to the teachings of CAEAYARON, these three were always seated in the great temple of Lemuria during the sacred transmissions.

The Divine Love Element, Suzanna, always sat in the centre, while Reuben was always seated on her left, and Ishmakael was always seated on her right.

The Divine Love Element was able to go into the Universal Love Grid, into the higher grid as shown at the top of the circle to bring down the flows from the higher spaces, through to the people with Divine Pineal Gland Activations to help them to grow strong and loving.

The orange circles show gates on higher dimensions, opening and closing to allow different transmissions to come to the people in Lemuria at the right time.

Energy transmissions were collected within the gates and they connected directly to the Crystalline Grid to allow the people to open to the transmissions at the right time.

The gates were on nine dimensions, one side of positive and one side of negative to keep all things centred and perfectly balanced to create a greater energetic charge.

The Crystalline Grid is intelligent and the Light Grid Programmers gifted individual codes for all people within Lemuria.

CAEAYARON holds all the codes and allowed this to take place.

The individual codes within the Crystalline Grid are where all lifetimes and all knowledge is stored.

With the gates opening and closing, these individual codes were able to open and close and it functioned as a healing process also. When the transmissions were too overwhelming for the people, the transmissions were held in a secure place and only when the people were ready, could the people receive them. This was a safety mechanism so that the people would not become overwhelmed.

These same codes are what people awaken to with CAEAYARON’s Divine Pineal Gland Activations today. It will bring them strength and power, but most of all great love.

Once a greater number of people who carry the Sacred Light Codes are activated these gates will open the codes to higher sequences to allow the higher gifts stored within the Crystalline Grid to come through to them for their greater star gifts to return to bring love and healing for mankind collectively.

After the fall of Lemuria, these gates were closed and the darkness overtook the majority of them, bringing the people into the ‘dark times,’ when Divine connection was lost.

However, once the plane was energetically cleansed the gates were opened once again, to allow the people to receive the holy transmissions to stand in the love collectively, to receive the greater flows and to rise together through the divine pineal gland activations which began in 2015 with CAEAYARON.

Namaste, love and light, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤

Opening to Divine Flows of Universal love and knowledge.

(Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ )


For a long time the earth was kept into the darkness of what it had within, what the secrets of the earth were. Within the earth, lie gates, lie keys to awaken the people to the higher gates of consciousness and of their awakening.

A long, long time ago, when your earth came into existence in your part of the universe, many keys and gifts were given by many Star Beings. You may understand them (being Star Beings) as ‘aliens.’

We truly exist and we are not so far away from you. You are playing in a universal game to see if you will awaken to the greatness within you, for all the plays of the universal games are within you. You hold the keys to your greater awakening. We are seeing if you desire it enough to go there.

Often the messages the ‘light’ Star Beings transmit to you are your own stories of your awakening flows, to help you remember who you are, to give you a gentle reminder to go deeper within.

As you go deeper within this particular message which we, as Star Beings, will say is a Star Gift from the higher universe, the more you will remember a time, a time of love and peace upon your earth.

At that time you constantly sought the higher dimensions for higher understanding and higher insight. You held it together collectively and you desired to dance to the higher tunes within that dimension.

The higher universal dimensions were fully connected to you and helped you to understand your deeper flows and brought through the higher flows from the higher spaces to you. Thus you became more greatly gifted from this.

For those who have been following the Divine teachings at this moment, being released upon your earth through this channel, you will know the dimensions and the spaces when love and peace were upon your plane. It is those spaces you need to awaken to, to understand love and truth, for all will become more powerful to you when you awaken to the power of the great love within you.

Constantly, in those days of peace and love, we sent our love to you, to help you to hold the love of the Star Beings, to allow you to ascend to the higher planes of flow.

You are now a reaching a critical time collectively, for we are asking you to look up and focus on the love from above and again rejoice in the gifts you hold within you and awaken to the love within you with the Great Awakening Healings upon your plane now.

It is then we can place our greater attention from our planetary beings upon your plane and guide you to the Great Alignment coming, when all of us in the greater spaces of love will reach to you and help you to become one with the Great Family of Light, to bring the greater gates, the higher universe into our greater ‘reality’ together with you collectively.